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There it went, my mind wandering again. Scanning the patrons at our favorite seafood joint. Not crazy about the place but everyone else seemed to like it, and I was here more for the social aspect than the food. Was kind of in my haze. Everyone else was in a conversation on a topic I was not big on so as they talked, I daydreamed. The talk receded into the distance. I did some people watching and yeah, I looked at women.

My eyes would inevitably come back to our table and Megan. Sweet Megan. She and her husband Jim became friends with us through mutual friends. Isn’t that how everyone meets? I thought she was cute and funny from the beginning, but as time passed I was surprised at how deeply I felt for her.

Looking at her, unaware, caught up in the conversation and laughing with everyone, I had to smile. I thought she was so beautiful. She did not have the face or body of a Playboy foldout. That is what I loved about her. Whatever it was that she would tell you she didn’t like about her body or her looks is exactly what I would think made her sexy.

She was tall, nice curves and long legs, and was the only redhead I had ever known that could actually get a deep tan in the summer. Her skin was luminescent. Her skin. I stared at it. It was smooth and brown. I imagined what it must feel like. Christ! I was already imagining her in my embrace, moving my hand under her shirt in back and sliding it up until I felt her bra. OK, snap out of it!

What I had with Megan was not just in my head. Sweet Megan had feelings for me too. We spent last Fourth of July with them and everyone was getting majorly wasted. A slow song came on the stereo and Megan took my hand. I assumed the traditional slow dance pose with my left hand raised to take hers. Instead she threw her arms around my neck and pulled me close.

It is amazing what you can communicate to someone without words, just with touch. I felt her warm breath in my ear. When we were turned from view my hands would explore her torso. God, is there anything more erotic than a woman’s lower back? I could feel her hips pressed against mine.

Later we all retired to the living room to watch TV. The lights were off with just the flickering cold glow of the screen to illuminate the room. Megan sat beside me on the couch. As we watched TV, her hand found mine and she threaded her fingers through mine and squeezed tight. We opened our grasp and I slid my index finger slowly back and forth through her fingers. While all of us were watching TV, our hands were making love and we both knew it. We just couldn’t say it.

Yes, she had told me in so many words that she was in love with me online. Much easier than in person, that’s for sure. However, there was the unspoken rule: lovers online, just friends in public. Can there be a more torturous situation than two people that feel a moral obligation but an irresistible attraction?

It was Monday morning, long after the wife had left for work, when the door bell rang. I slowly walked downstairs half expecting to see someone selling something. I pulled the door open slowly and peered around. My heart skipped a beat and I felt numb. It was Megan, smiling awkwardly.

“Megan! You’re the last person I expected güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to see! Come on in!” I exclaimed as she walked through the door with two half empty bottles.

“I just thought I would bring back your wine from last night,” she said as she placed the bottles on the counter.

“Well you didn’t have to,” I assured her.

We made a bit of nervous small talk followed by an awkward silence, both of us looking at each other and then the floor.

“OK, well better get going I guess,” she said as she paused a moment and then came toward me with arms outstretched.

We had hugged many times before but the moment we came together, we both realized why this time was completely different. Without even thinking about it, we both felt the absence of anyone watching us. Those that would cause us to adhere to the social custom of a hug that was “just long enough.” As the hug went on we talked and laughed back and forth. We both knew we wanted it to go longer.

And then… that moment. That moment when you sensed that your first kiss was imminent. The moment when you realized that the other person wanted just what you did. We stopped talking, and just stood, holding each other. With my hips rubbing against hers, I felt myself getting hard. I put my lips against her face and started placing soft kisses on her cheek over and over working closer to her mouth. My mouth came down on the corner of hers. I couldn’t believe I was this close! I wanted to savor the moment.

I opened my hand and placed it softly on her cheek. I brought my face to hers with my lips barely on hers, moving them sideways to feel the texture of them against mine. So soft, so sensual. I then kissed her full on the mouth, but lightly, separating my lips from hers, just so I could feel them come together again.

With my arm low on her back, I pulled her tightly against me. My lips came down on hers again and I felt her tongue enter my mouth with mine immediately intertwined with it, our breathing becoming deeper and faster. I then started to live my fantasy. I slid my hands under the back of her shirt. Her skin was so smooth and warm. My fingers inched further upward, feeling the texture of her spine and every muscle, until I felt her bra.

Fuck! I had no fear left, I pulled at the clasp and undid it. The tight straps went suddenly limp. She heaved and started to tremble, as to surrender herself. I moved my hands from her back, around her sides and to where I was taking her breasts full in my hands. I stared into her eyes and in a moment I was pulling her shirt open and she was yanking my t-shirt over my head. We were both naked from the waist up and I was holding her warm, firm flesh against mine.

I couldn’t believe how incredible she felt! I grabbed at her pants to unbutton them, pulling them open and yanking the zipper down. I slid my hand inside her panties and felt silkiness on the back of my hand and soft pubes and skin on the front. As I moved down I felt her lips part, my fingers exploring the wetness between them. She stopped kissing me so she could catch her breath.

With her head on my shoulder and her arms tight around my neck, she moaned with pleasure as first two fingers explored güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the outside. With my fingers wet, I moved upward and found her clit, rubbing with a circular motion. She stifled little screams as her hips twitched from the sensations. I then with one quick motion slid my fingers deep inside her. She grabbed my neck tighter and I felt her muscles contracting around my fingers. I slid them in and out, fucking her with a steady rhythm.

She suddenly pushed me back as my hand came out. Almost with the same motion she began tugging at my belt. Oh shit! My cock had been rock hard from the beginning and was aching from being restrained so long. She dropped to her knees and started undoing the button. She looked up at me with a smile, since it was so obvious what was going on in there. She pulled the zipper down, then with both hands grabbed the top of my jeans and underwear together and pulled them out and down to my ankles. My dick was throbbing and pointing at her face.

She smiled at me again and slowly wrapped her long slender fingers around it and squeezed lightly. The sensation almost sent me through the roof. With her hand loosely around it she moved her fingertips up and down it, exploring the textures. Holding it at the base of the shaft now, she moved her face closer, extending her tongue and flicking it under the tip a few times then licking down the side.

Her teasing was driving me crazy! Then suddenly she opened her mouth and quickly took it in deep. She then grabbed my ass with both hands and started rhythmically pulling, using my cock to fuck her face. My eyes rolled back in my head and was is all I could do to keep from exploding in her mouth. She took one hand off my ass and softly cupped my balls, stroking them ever so lightly. I put a hand on her cheek and slid my thumb down to where I could feel both her lips and my wet cock moving in and out.

I didn’t want this to end but I could feel pressure building and there was no way I wanted this to end this soon. I pulled out my dick and said, “Your turn.” I pushed her back so she was sitting on the couch. I got on my knees, grabbing her pants and pulling them off with the panties. I put my hands under her legs behind her knees and lifted them while spreading them. My eyes were glued to her pussy. It was gorgeous. Her labia was like a rose and as her legs moved farther open, the lips opened softly revealing the pink smooth opening. I pushed her legs farther back so that it was pointing straight up at me.

I could feel her breathing harder as I moved my face closer. I put my lips gently on her inner thigh and kissed it softly over and over as I moved closer in. I wanted to savor that luscious skin, I wanted to taste and feel every square inch. I moved to the other thigh and playfully bit it ever so lightly. She giggled and jumped a bit. I took my tongue and licked her thigh toward the center but not quite arriving there. Then I blew a stream of cool air along the wetness I had just created. She gasped and arched her back. I could hold back no longer.

I took my tongue and made a long stroke from the bottom of her pussy up over her clit, and repeated that over and over, drinking in the overflowing güvenilir bahis şirketleri juices.

I could hear her whimpering cries intensify until she cried out, “Oh shit! I’m going to cum!”

Her legs jerked back uncontrollably as her torso lunged forward. I thrust my tongue inside her and could feel the pulsing of the contractions. I looked up at her from my vantage point to see her expression was that of complete surrender while her chest and face were flushed beet red.

She was overcome and cried out, “I need you to fuck me now!”

I pulled her down onto the floor, pushed her legs back and put the head of my cock against her open lips. I could tell she had no patience for being teased anymore so I brought my body down on her thrusting my shaft in deep.

She was warm and slick but oh so tight around me. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders tight, turning my hips down and forward in a steady and forceful grinding rhythm, my pubic area massaging her clit. I brought my head up and looked into her eyes. Our bodies were as one. Her hips were in sync with mine as I kissed her deeply.

She followed my cue once again as I stood up and motioned for her to bend over and grab the couch. I stood behind her and spread her ass apart, guiding my cock into her dripping wet pussy once again. She whimpered as I grabbed her hips, pulling her ass against me, driving deep.

I put my thumb into my mouth to get it wet then spread her cheeks again to get a better view . I put the wet tip of my thumb against her asshole, circling around it to get it moist.. Then, oh so slowly I ran it inside while still stroking with my cock. She gave out a squeaky scream of pleasure and moved her ass back toward me to encourage my thumb to go deeper.

Soon it was all the way in and through the thin walls my thumb could feel my cock moving in and out. Her squeaks of pleasure were rising and becoming more rapid and I could tell she is going to cum again. All of a sudden, her back arched like a cat as she gave out a loud scream. She was coming hard and I could feel her pelvic muscles clamping down on my dick. Holy shit! It felt as though she would crush it!

I continued a feverish rhythm until I could feel the pressure building to where I was not going to be able to deny it any longer. She sensed that I was very close to coming and pushed me off and sat on the couch facing me. She rammed her mouth down the shaft of my cock over and over. The pressure built to the breaking point.

My whole groin area grew quickly warm and tingly. She pulled her mouth off so just her parted lips were brushing the very tip. She was stroking my cock lightly with her hand. I let out a large groan, my knees starting to buckle as huge streams of cum exploded out of my cock. The first one just missed her mouth and made a long sticky stripe across her cheek. Then one thick mass of jizz after another shot into her mouth. I don’t think I had ever cum that hard!

The flow finally subsided as she wrapped her hand around my still twitching cock to wring out the last few drops, licking them off the tip. I collapsed onto the couch and just sat there in a warm haze. She lowered herself onto her knees facing me, and with her eyes locked on mine, she slowly pushed my cum out of her mouth with her tongue, cascading over her lower lip and down her chin before falling like thick, pearl raindrops onto her breasts.

We both smiled. I reached out and pulled her to me, kissing her one last time, enjoying the mixed flavors of our love together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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