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Big Dicks

“If I receive one more complaint from a customer about you, Dwayne, you’re fired.”

“Okay, Mr. Johnson. Thank you, sir, for giving me another chance.”

“I mean it, Dwayne, this is your last chance at your new position,” said Mr. Johnson, while wagging his finger in his face. “You’re the official greeter. You greet the customers, roll them a carriage, and should they ask you a question, direct them where to go. Otherwise just stand there and smile and try not to look as stupid as you are. Do you think you can handle it?”

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Johnson. Thank you, sir,” he said reaching out his hand and when Mr. Johnson shook his hand, Dwayne pulled him closer to give him a big, bear hug, while lifting his wallet from the back pocket of his pants. “Don’t worry, sir. I’ll make you proud.”

“Just do your job, Dwayne,” said Mr. Johnson walking away and waving a hand in the air. “Just do your job.”

“Welcome to Mall-Mart. Happy Holidays,” said Dwayne to an elderly woman and offering her a carriage. “Welcome Mall-Mart. Merry Christmas,” he said to a mother with her child.

“Is this your new job, Dwayne?”

“Yeah, Shirley. Mr. Johnson said this is it for me. I’m out the door if I screw up again,” he said with a smug laugh. “Did you get it?”

“Get what?”

“Quit screwin’ with me Shirley. Did you get Debbie’s wallet?”

“Yeah, I got it,” she said with a sly smile. “She’s so dumb. Behind her credit cards are all her passwords. Duh!”

“We’ll have to act fast before she finds out it’s missing. She’ll return to her locker at work to look, but the store will be closed by the time she notices it missing. In the meantime, we have to get as much as we can.”

“Don’t worry. Her and Josh are leaving with her Daddy for that religious retreat. They aren’t supposed to bring any personal objects. She won’t miss her wallet for a week.”

“I got Johnson’s wallet. I’ll fix that fat bastard.”

“Get canlı bahis Robbie to pass out the carriages. Let’s take a break,” said Shirley. “I’m horny.”

“You’re always horny,” he said giving her ass a good squeeze. “Robbie,” said Dwayne to a mentally challenged man sweeping the floor. “I’m gonna go on break. Pass out the carriages for a while.”

“Sure, Dwayne. Welcome to Mall-Mart. Happy Holidays. Welcome to Mall-Mart. Happy Holidays. Welcome to Mall-Mart. Happy Holidays,” said Robbie as he pulled out carriages and gathered them around him.

“Wait until there’s a customer, Robbie.”

“Okay,” said Robbie looking up at Dwayne and smiling.

“Here comes one,” said Dwayne.

“Welcome to Mall-Mart. Happy Holidays,” said Robbie rolling the carriage to the customer just a little bit too forcefully.

Dwayne and Shirley walked out to the parking lot to where Dwayne’s beat up truck was parked. He got in one side and Shirley got in the other. Whenever they were together, they made out, as if it was their first time kissing.

Dwayne felt up Shirley, going under her blouse and lifting her bra, so as he could suck on her titties. He loved Shirley’s tits. He couldn’t get enough of her C cup breasts. Shirley busied herself feeling Dwayne’s cock through his pants, before taking it out and stroking it. Dwayne put his hand to the back of her head and forced her down for her to suck on it a little.

For two people who acted so mean and nasty to everyone else, they had a fairly loving relationship with each other.

“When we gonna get our own place, Dwayne? You promised,” said Shirley removing Dwayne’s cock from her mouth to talk. “I’m tired of having sex in your truck. It smells funny, like somethin’ died in here,” she said pitching old fast food wrappers out the window.

“We’ll start looking for a place tomorrow.”


“Dunno, yet. We need to find something in another town after taking bahis siteleri on these new identities for a while and getting credit in their good names. We’ll just drive, until we see somewhere we’d like to live.”

With their break nearly over, they started kissing again, acting as if they had been in prison and this was a conjugal visit. Dwayne was excited that he was finally going to leave this small town behind and move in with Shirley somewhere nice. Shirley was just excited because she was horny.

“There’s someone comin’, Dwayne,” said Shirley sitting up straight in the truck.

Josh and Debbie came strolling along holding hands. They had just finished working their shift and were on their way home, before heading off to the religious retreat. They lived together in a little apartment, just outside of town.

“Get a room,” said Josh to Dwayne.

“They can’t afford a room, Josh,” said Debbie laughing her annoying little laugh. “They don’t make as much an hour as we do.”

“Rich bitch,” said Dwayne giving them the finger. “I don’t understand why someone whose Daddy has as much money has he has works at Mall-Mart. The man is a millionaire.”

“Because Daddy said he’ll buy her a house, but first she has to see how the other half lives by living like them, so that she’ll have more of an appreciation for all that she has, once he gives it to her.”

“Yeah, well, she’s still a rich asshole and she’ll be poorer when I’m through with her.”

“They think they’re so perfect,” said Shirley. “They think their shit don’t smell, just because he’s a supervisor and she works in the cash office instead of cashiering. Fuck you,” screamed Shirley out the truck window.

“That’s tellin’ ’em Shirley,” said Dwayne, only you need to behave, now, Honey. You don’t want to be drawin’ unnecessary attention to us. Mall-Mart has cameras all over this parking lot.

“Do you think they saw me sucking your bahis şirketleri cock, Dwayne.”

“Nah, but I’m sure they saw me sucking on your titties.”

“Shut up, Dwayne. No they didn’t see my titties.”

“Well, if they didn’t before, they sure did now,” said Dwayne lifting Shirley’s top over her head and pulling up her bra, before she could pull it down.

“Dwayne! You’re such a pervert.”

“No more perverted than you, Shirley. You’re the one who’s always horny.”

“I wish I had pretty blonde hair like her,” said Shirley,” twirling and curling her mousey brown hair with her finger.

“You will, you’ll have pretty blonde hair, when you wear your blonde wig and smile for the bank cameras tomorrow. Besides, you’re prettier than she is, Shirley.”

“I am?”

“Yes you are.”

“Thank you, Dwayne.”

“C’mon, let’s get outta here,” said Dwayne starting his truck.

“Dwayne! I didn’t punch out. I’ll get docked.”

“It don’t matter Honey Bunny, we’ll have plenty of money tomorrow,” he said with a laugh. “Call Ruthie and have her punch out for you when she leaves her shift, if you’re bothered by it that much. She already knows your password, Honey Bunny.”

“Oh, Dwayne, I like it when you call me Honey Bunny, just like that couple in that movie, Pulp Fiction.”

Dwayne and Shirley opened up a checking account in another city and over the next week transferred and drained Debbie’s savings from her accounts. Then, using Mr. Johnson’s and Debbie’s identification, they opened accounts at stores buying furniture and electronics. This was going to be a good Christmas for Dwayne and Shirley.

“Merry Christmas, Shirley.”

“Oh, Dwayne, you bought me a diamond ring. It’s so big. It’s beautiful. I love you, Dwayne,” she said giving him a wet kiss.

“Here’s your gift, Dwayne.”

“Wow! A Rolex! Thank you, Shirley. Merry Christmas, Honey Bunny.”

Do you know where your wallet is? Do you know who has your information Online? What happened to Debbie and Mr. Johnson can happen to you. The money that Dwayne and Shirley stole won’t last forever. They may be in a town and in a Mall-Mart near you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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