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I went back to deliver the signed papers to Lord Gower. He had changed and had just finished breakfast. Janet his assistant also entered the room. Though she had worked with the Lord for more than 10 years she hardly got a glance. Like all the women Janet too was in uniform. Sleeveless vest and a thong, which covered nothing. There were 25 women on the estate and all were similarly attired. Janet had sizeable bushes in her underarms but they hardly evoked any response from Lord Gower. He needed to be sucked off by a fresh hairy woman every day and it was my job to provide the material. Though I had got Babette recently he obviously needed more hairy women. Janet had extremely bushy armpits but it didn’t titillate Lord Gower. Even Lady Constance with her Olympic sized bushy armpits now bored Lord Algernon Gower.

He hardly glanced as Janet lifted her arms and displayed impressively hairy pits. Her underarms had dark and tufty hair and held aloft it was clear that she had thick long coarse hair in her furry armpits. Lord Gower loved having his cock sucked and rarely if ever sucked or even touched the hair in the woman’s bushy armpits. I found that strange that such a lover of bushy underarms didn’t show any emotion while being blown though he sometimes looked at the bushy armpits. The only exception was a few months ago. My job interalia has been recruiting hairy women to work for the Lord but it is a tedious job and rarely do I ever get to see a woman’s bushy armpits unless I have sampled it. I was driving through Whitehall the Indian section in London.

I had to buy some cigarettes so I stopped at a store. There was an Asian woman behind the counter. She walked around and wanted to take out something, which was behind me for another customer. She was in a loose-sleeved shirt and as she reached up the shelf my eyes encountered the hairiest armpits I have ever seen. It was jet-black wild and tufty and grew in masses in her unsheared underarms. I fell in love with her and I knew Lord Algernon Cuthbert Gordon Gower, Lord of the Manor would cum at the sight of the rich luxuriant hair in her bushy armpits. I knew I had to get her to the Manor.

I bought the cigarettes and told her I worked for Lord Gower and that we needed a supplier for groceries etc. She ataşehir escort bayan was interested so I asked if she would like to come back to the estate and spend the weekend here where we could discus the contract and other terms and conditions. She readily agreed but asked me if she could bring her daughters along. I asked her how old they were and she said they were 21 and 20 respectively and they had always dreamed of staying in a castle. I was excited and thought if the mother were so hairy surely the daughters would be hirsute too. I asked about her husband and she said that he had run off with some other woman. I told her I would pick her up at closing time, which was an hour away.

I came back later and found her waiting for me. She introduced her two daughters Harpreet and Bhagwanti. She said her name was Sunita and they were Sikhs from the Punjab. I could not see if they were hairy or not but we got friendly while driving to the estate. We got there by 10 in the night and I called Janet. She was in the uniform and they were taken aback at seeing the hirsute Janet displaying not only her furry underarms but also hair sticking out of her thongs. I nonchalantly introduced them but the mother and daughters were clearly embarrassed. I spoke to Lord Gower and told him that I had brought a very hairy woman and she didn’t know what was in store for her.

I told Sunita that I had to introduce her to Lord Gower and that she should be extra nice to him as the contract was worth several thousands of pounds. She readily agreed and we were ceremoniously taken to Lord Gower’s den. Not surprisingly Babette was there similarly attired and showing very fluffy underarms which Lord Gower had just enjoyed in the early morning. Babette looked at me as if enquiring when I would be available for her but my mind was on Sunita and her hopefully hirsute daughters. The Lord kissed her in both cheeks and I could feel that Sunita was enamored by the attention from royalty. Lord Gower can be quite a charming host and soon he was freely feeling her all over her voluptuous body. He was ready for action and more than impatient to see her lush luxuriant armpits, which I had described with great detail on the phone. He could wait no longer and he took off her top. escort kadıköy As her arms were aloft the thatches in her verdant garden came into view. It will not be an exaggeration if I say that it was the most hairy armpit of all time. Long thick hair grew in all directions right from her breasts a foot upwards. It was curly and very thick as if it had been oiled several times and I am sure need to be combed. Lord Gower looked at it amazed his mouth opened and he reached out and touched the forests under Sunita’s arms. As he tugged it the long bushy hair in her bushy armpits stuck out and he pulled the long stringy hair. “Sunita you have the most amazingly hairy armpits. How come you are so hairy” he said. Sunita answered “My lord in our religion we are not allowed to shave our body hair and all Sikh women and men are extremely hirsute so we have such long hair in our underarms and on our pubic mound. I was now sure her daughters too would be equally hairy.

Lord Gower pulled off his pants and dropped his boxers and his cock hung freely. It was about 7 inches long and not yet hard. Sunita’s mouth opened as she saw the enormous bulge in his boxers. I knew that the Lord had been awakened by the quantity of rich hair in her bushy underarms and it was straining to break free. She slowly pushed the dress down her legs. Eric’s eyes opened as he saw that her pussy was also very bushy. Her mons was covered with jet-black hair from her navel down her thighs running literally up her ass. She stepped out of her dress and posed in front of him. She put a leg up on the couch and let him look at her bushy pussy. But his eyes were only on the thick mat of underarm hair.

She put her fingers under the waistband on both sides and started to pull his boxer shorts down. She pulled them down and his cock came out with a flop! It plopped onto her forehead. She was frozen as his dick rested on her forehead and she was looking at a huge set of balls. Sunita got down on her knees in between his legs. His monster dick was now standing straight up. She wrapped her hand around it. She pointed it down a little and licked under the head. Not only was it long, it was thicker as she licked the length a few times and she started to take it in. His hands moved into the thick forest bostancı escort n her matted underarms. Beads of perspiration had made her long underarm hair moist as his hands played with the profuse hair in her jet-black bushy armpits. She was getting comfortable with it and soon she was taking all 10 inches of him as she stroked his huge prick.

She took his shaft again in her hot mouth as Lord Gower moaned his eyes fixed at her bushy armpits. She had to taste his cum. She worked harder and harder. She rolled her tongue on the underside of the cock. She squeezed his balls and she could taste a little pre cum and she felt his huge cock pulse a little. Lord Gower started fucking her mouth. He drove his phallus deep into her mouth as he tugged at the enormous hair in her sweaty underarms. He literally pulled the long bushy hair as he drove his cock into her mouth. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh” he screamed “I love the jet-black bushy hair in your unshaven pits I have never seen such hairy armpits before OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh” he cried out as his cock hit the back of her throat.

I now had a raging erection. I pulled out my cock. I pack a mean machine and I shoved it in the wet cavity of her bushy armpits. The thick bushy hair in her unshaven armpits felt heavenly on my exposed cock head as I felt the bristly coarse hair of her bushy armpits. Lord Gower also looked on approvingly s I put my enormous dong into her armpit forests. The thicket in her armpits was penetrated as my cock pushed through the hedges guarding her armpits. Lord Gower was now pummeling her throat and soon he came roaring as his jism hit her face and mouth. She kept pumping with her hand and he kept cumming. She swallowed and swallowed and got most of it. After a minute he was finally done.

My cock was driving through the forest without headlights as the masses of dark hair in her unshaven pits pushed back my monster dick. I felt like never before as my cock pulled in and out of her garden. It was an amazing feeling and I was ready to flood her armpits with my jism. I could not control myself as I let fly copious amounts of my seeds into her unshaven pits.

What an introduction Sunita had with Lord Gower. From her face I knew she wanted more. Lord Gower had grown flaccid and I told her we would excuse ourselves and meet him in the morning while I would go over to her room and explore in detail ways in which we could do business. With a twinkle in her eye she answered in the affirmative as we walked to her room where her charming daughters were waiting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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