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Big Tits

*Author’s Note: This story contains sexual situations of all sorts between consenting adults. If you have any hangups and/or prejudices, you might as well leave now. All characters are at least 18 years of age. I presume a world free of STDs.


“Hi,” Jana said, flopping onto the sofa next to the weightlifting bench her twin brother Lars was laying on, an iron bar gripped in his hands, 125 pounds on each end.

“What’s going on?” he asked, sweat beading his forehead as he pushed the weight up until his elbows locked, his chest muscles bulging with definition in spite of his mere 18 years.

“Marilu can be such a bitch sometimes,” Jana said, stretching out on the sofa, her pale, bottle-blue eyes on her brother as he continued to push the bar and its weights up and down.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Lars said, grunting as he lifted the weight one more time and settled it into the holder above his head.

“You’re incredible,” Jana said, grinning at him as he sat up, swinging his feet around so that he sat facing her, sweat pouring from his superbly muscled chest.

“So, what’s Marilu done this time?” he asked, reaching for a towel to dry himself.

“She’s decided that we have to have a blowjob contest,” she told him, glaring at him.

“She what!” Lars exclaimed, staring at her. “Are you joking?”

“No, of course not,” Jana complained. “You think I’d joke about something like this?”

“I suppose not,” Lars replied. “So, what’s the problem? Just don’t play.”

“Oh, like that’s an option,” Jana said to him. “Then I’d be nobody. That’s worse than death.”

“But..” Lars stammered.

“But the problem is,” Jana continued, “that the few times I’ve done it, you know, a blowjob, well, I didn’t get any compliments, unless you think a mouthful of hot cum is a compliment.”

“Jeezus, Jana,” Lars said, getting to his feet, his 6’2″ towering over her as she sat there. “Time out already. Do I really need to know this?”

“Lars, I absolutely MUST win this contest,” Jana said, sitting up straight, all 5’2″ of her, staring directly into his eyes. “I have to beat Marilu at her best game. She just loves to tell us how she’s fucked and sucked every single guy she’s ever met, and how good she is at it all. Well, there’s no way I’m going to ever let her beat me at anything.”

“Uh, just how does this contest work?” Lars asked, temporizing, aware of a growing tightness between his legs.

“We each bring a cock…guy,” Jana said with a laugh. “That’s how Marilu explained it. Anyway, all of the cocks…guys are at the same time the jury and the participant helpers. It’s a blind draw as to who gets who, but the guys watching do the voting. Whoever gets the highest score after each of us has finished wins.”

“Wins what?” Lars asked, his head spinning.

“The contest!” Jana exclaimed, staring at him. “Haven’t you heard anything I’ve told you?”

“Jana, are you really going to suck some guy’s cock at random in front of a roomful of other guys and all of your girlfriends just so you can say you did it the best?” Lars asked?

“That’s the way they’re going to do it,” she responded evasively.

“Have you ever had sex in front of anyone else?” Lars asked.

“Well, not really anyone else,” Jana replied. “Just the guy.”

“And you’ve done 3 blowjobs? That’s it?” Lars asked, surprise in his voice.

“Yes, only 3,” Jana replied. “Mostly guys just want to get inside of you as fast as they can.”

“And Marilu…”

“Has probably sucked hundreds,” Jana finished, “including yours from what she tells.”

“Yeah, well,” Lars stuttered. “So why are you telling me all of this? It’s not like you ever discussed your sex life with me before, or ever.”

“Because I want you to help me,” she told him.

“Help you! How?” Lars asked.

“I don’t know, but I want you to make sure I win that contest.” Jana said, shaking her head, her long white-blonde hair whipping from side to side, a fierce and determined look on her normally angelic face.

“But how?” Lars asked. “You want me to rig the contest somehow?”

“Of course not,” Jana said. “I want you to help me learn to give the best blowjob on the planet.”

“Me? Teach you how to give a blowjob? Are you nuts? What do I know about giving a blowjob? I like girls, pussy, tits,” Lars exploded.

“Well, even if half of what I hear is true, how many blowjobs have you had? 50? 100? 200?” Jana asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t count them,” Lars replied defensively.

“So many you can’t even count them,” Jana said, nodding her head. “That sounds like enough to know what it’s all about. You know what you like and what feels good, so you can teach me.”

“But how can I teach you, you’re my sister?” Lars complained.

“You’ll find a way,” Jana replied confidently. “Did Marilu give a good blowjob?” she asked.

“Jeezus, Jana,” Lars complained, his cock now visibly hardening, his gym shorts nothing to hide it.

“Well, she is the competition,” Jana said, “so it ataşehir escort makes sense to know what I’m up against, doesn’t it?”

“Let’s just say she was enthousiastic,” Lars replied.

“But was she good? The best you ever had?” Jana asked.

“No, she wasn’t the best I ever had,” Lars answered. “And I think I need to go take a shower.”

“Yes, I can see that,” Jana said with a laugh, staring pointedly at his cock now straining against the front of his gym shorts. “I imagine it will be a cold one.”

Once in the shower Lars quickly stroked himself off, sighing with relief as he watched 3 strong streams of cum shoot from his 7″ cock. He had known that his sister wasn’t a virgin, but this was too much. And then he had an idea as he was drying his short white-blonde hair. With a smile on his face, he went to his room to get dressed for dinner.

“So, how was your day?” Lena Krimson asked as Lars entered the kitchen.

“Just fine, ma,” Lars replied, bending over and kissing her on the cheek. “Worked out a bit, did some reading.”

“My son, the Viking god,” Lena laughed, letting her hand run across his naked chest. “Where’s Jana?” she asked.

“I dunno,” Lars replied, reaching for the dishes to help set the table. “I saw her before I took a shower, so she should still be here.”

“Your father will be late, so you only need to set 3 places,” Lena told him. “Ah, there you are,” she said as Jana came into the kitchen. “And how was your day?” she said, offering up her cheek for Jana to kiss.

“Okay,” Jana replied. “Nothing special.”

“Well, maybe you should find something to do with yourself instead of just loafing around all day doing nothing with your friends,” Lena suggested.

“I don’t do nothing and we don’t loaf around,” Jana replied. “I’m just not in the mood for anything right now at this point in my life.”

“Lucky for you that your father is such a genius, and a lucky one at that,” Lena told them. “When I was a little girl in Iceland, I never imagined living like this. Not even our richest citizen lived as well as we do.”

“It’s wonderful, ma, I’m just at that stage,” Jana told her lamely.

“Yes, I’m sure you are,” Lena said with a laugh when she saw Lars roll his eyes.


“So, did you think about it?” Jana asked as she helped Lars wash the dishes after the meal.

“How could I not?” Lars replied.

“Do you have any ideas?” she asked.

“Maybe. Do you have a…a…a dildo?” Lars asked, embarrassed.

“Well, yes,” Jana answered. “But why?”

“So you can practice on it,” Lars told her.

“Practice on a dildo?” Jana asked sceptically.

“Only until you’re ready for the real thing,” Lars assured her.

“I suppose I could,” Jana conceded.

“I’m gonna go rent some movies for you to watch,” Lars told her. “I’ll be back in half an hour.”

“Thank you,” Jana said, hugging her brother tightly. “You’re the best.”

When Lars returned a half an hour later, he found the door between their rooms open, Jana laying on her bed, a fairly life-like dildo next to her.

“I think these should do for a start,” Lars said, dropping the bag from the video store on the bed. “The guy at the store said these were the best blowjob DVDs that he had.”

“I really appreciate this, Lars,” Jana said, reaching for the bag.

“I guess you should watch the movies, try to do what you see,” he suggested. “If you have any questions or anything…”

“Thanks, I’ll let you know,” Jana said.


For the next week Lars rarely saw Jana outside of meals. She was either not there or locked in her room, watching DVDs and practicing, Lars assumed. Hoping that she had gotten over it, he stopped worrying and went about his own life.

“Lars, will you help me with something after dinner?” Jana asked as they ate one evening. “My DVD player is being weird again and you fixed it so good the last time.”

“Sure, no problem,” Lars replied, his heart suddenly racing.

“Since when are you so technically inclined?” Jason asked.

“I get lucky every now and then,” Lars replied with a laugh. “Must be something genetic, maybe a little drift in my direction.”

“Well, you both sure got your mother’s drift,” Jason agreed.

“But he got your size,” Lena added.

Lars and Jana cleaned up after dinner, then went to her room, which she locked from the inside, then did the same to the door between their rooms.

“I have a question for you,” Jana explained, sitting on the bed.

“You need to lock the doors to ask me a question?” Lars asked.

“I’ve watched all of those DVDs,” she said, ignoring his question, fidgeting a bit on the bed. “And it seems to me that there’s two different basic kinds of blowjobs,” she continued. “I want to know what you think of them, which one you like.”

“Okaayyy,” Lars said, nodding his head. “Go ahead.”

“No, I want you to watch,” Jana explained. “Here, I’ve got it ready. Here’s the first kind,” she said, picking up the remote control kadıköy escort next to her and pointing it at the TV and pressing.

Suddenly her TV came on, a big, busty blonde filling the screen with a huge black cock in her hands, the head of it in her mouth. As Lars watched she pumped the cock with her hands while licking and sucking the head. And then the cock exploded, white cum shooting everywhere as the blonde aimed that black hose all over her face before finally sucking the head back into her mouth.

“And here’s the second,” Jana said, pushing the remote a couple of times.

The screen was then filled with a petite blonde holding what seemed to Lars to be a huge cock, her fingers not going all the way around the shaft where she gripped it at its base. She was sucking on the head of it, her tongue flittering everywhere, and then she began to go down on it, not stopping until her nose was pressed up against the stomach. She then began to slowly fuck her face on that cock, letting it all the way out, sucking on the head a bit, then taking it all the way into her mouth and throat.

Suddenly bobbing up and down faster and faster, one hand fondling the balls, Lars could tell the guy was cumming as she held her nose pressed firmly against his stomach, then slowly backed off, finishing by letting the last bits of cum ooze out onto her extended tongue.

“So, what do you think?” Jana asked, dropping the remote onto the bed. “Which one?”

“Well, the second one,” Lars answered automatically.

“Why?” Jana asked.

“See, the first one, she’s only giving a handjob while she sucks on the head; the second one is sucking the entire cock. Every guy wants his whole cock to be wet. It would be like fucking and only ever letting the head get inside. Okay, but it could be better,” he explained.

“I figured the second one, I just didn’t know why,” Jana agreed, nodding.

“Anything else?” Lars asked, eyeing her. “You’re still determined to go through with this?”

“Of course I’m going to go through with it,” Jana replied indignantly. “And I’m going to win, too. But there is something I thought of,” she added reflectively. “I want to see Marilu give a blowjob.”

“How the hell are you going to do that?” Lars asked.

“I’m sure you’ll figure a way,” Jana answered with a big smile. “Won’t you?”

“Jeezus, Jana, that, well, sucks,” Lars complained.

“What, you don’t want another blowjob from Marilu?” she asked.

“Jeezus, Jana,” Lars grumbled. “And where are you going to be hiding while this happens?”

“Hiding? I’m not going to hide anywhere,” Jana replied. “You can video it, then I can watch it here and see what’s what.”

“Video it!” Lars exploded. “Yes, I’m sure Marilu is going to go for that, especially now.”

“You’ll figure something out,” Jana said. “I have faith in my twin brother.”

“We’ll see,” Lars said, promising nothing.


To Lars’ surprise, Marilu was more than willing to meet him.

“I wondered when Jana would use you,” she laughed when they met at the boathouse by the pond in the center of town.

“What do you mean, use me?” Lars asked. “Why can’t I just be doing this on my own?”

“Right,” Marilu laughed. “But I don’t mind. There’s no way she could ever win a contest like this. Not with me in it.”

“You do have a certain talent,” Lars admitted with a smile.

“So, what are you supposed to find out?” Marilu asked, a big smile on her freckled face, her ringletted red hair swirling around her head, green eyes flashing.

“Well, how about letting me video you sucking my cock?” Lars asked.

“Hahahaha,” Marilu exploded in laughter. “Why would I do that?”

“Why not?” Lars asked. “What are you afraid of? Or is it that you just don’t like the idea of sucking my cock again?”

“Mmm, I love the idea of sucking your cock,” Marilu said, rubbing her hand firmly across his hardening cock through his pants. “But I don’t know about a video, especially if you’re going to give it to Jana. Never know where it might end up.”

“I promise you that won’t happen,” Lars declared, his cock now fully hard as Marilu continued to rub him.

“Hmm, maybe I know a way to make sure that she’d never do anything like that,” Marilu said, a Cheshire cat’s grin on her pixie face. “You agree to my terms, I’ll let you do whatever you want with me,” she told Lars.

“What terms?” Lars asked suspiciously.

“I get a copy of the video, for starters,” Marilu replied. “Second, once you start the camera, it doesn’t get turned off until I say so. Agreed?”

“Sure, I agree,” Lars said, not seeing anything wrong with her requests.

“And one more thing,” Marilu said, her smile impossibly broader. “I want you to be my cock at the contest.”

“You what!” Lars exclaimed, his eyes popping.

“That’s right,” Marilu said, nodding her head. “You are going to be my cock contribution to the contest,” she told him.

“You must be kidding,” Lars protested. “What if Jana actually goes through with this bostancı escort bayan and enters the contest? If I understand it all, she might end up with me in a blind draw.”

“Yes, I suppose that’s true,” Marilu said. “But after all, a cock is only a cock, right? And if you want my cooperation in your little video, that’s my price.”

“Damn, Marilu,” Lars complained.

“Well?” she asked?

“I guess I don’t have a choice, do I?” Lars asked.

“Not if you want to make your video, you don’t,” Marilu agreed. “Oh, and you can’t tell anybody that you’re going to be my cock at the contest, and that includes Jana,” she told him. “It has to be our secret until that night at the contest.”

“I’m going to regret this,” Lars muttered.

“So, do you have your camera with you?” Marilu asked.

“What, right here?” Lars asked, looking around. “We’re practically in the center of town. What if someone sees us?”

“What if they do?” Marilu asked, a twinkle in her eye. “Are you afraid, Lars?”

“Of course not,” Lars replied huffily. “I was thinking of you.”

“Oh, Lars, you are priceless,” Marilu laughed, clapping her hands. “So, let me have the camera,” she said, holding out her hand.

“Okay, here,” Lars said, pulling a small video camera from his pocket and handing it to her.

“Oh, this is nice,” Marilu said as she looked at it. “Let’s see, probably turns on here,” she said, pushing a button and seeing the camera come active. “Now, where shall I set it,” she mused, looking around. “How about this?” she said, placing it carefull on the edge of a bench. “Now, if you’ll stand here,” she said, indicating a position in front of the bench, “and I kneel here,” she said, kneeling down in front of him, “this should work,” she finished, reaching over and pushing the button to take a still picture.

Looking at the camera from the back without distrubing its position, Marilu looked at the picture and made a slight adjustment to the camera.

“Move over just a bit,” she instructed Lars, having him shuffle about 6 inches further away from the bench. “And now,” she said, reaching over and pushing the button once again, taking another picture.

Checking the photo Marilu pronounced it okay. Careful not to move the camera, she pressed a couple of buttons to put the camera in video mode.

“Okay, I’m ready,” Marilu announced. “Are you?” she asked, smiling up at Lars.

“Yeah, sure,” Lars agreed, looking around.

“Lucky for us this boathouse is only open at the top,” Marilu said. “Nobody can see anything down here unless they come in or are out on the water.”

“I see you know this spot,” Lars observed.

“Okay, then, I’m going to start the camera,” Marilu informed him. “Remember, no stopping it until I say so; okay?”

“Yeah, okay,” Lars said. “I already agreed, didn’t I?”

“Mmm, here we go,” Marilu said, reaching over and pushing the button on the camera, starting the video recording.

“Well, hello, Jana,” she said. “I know you’re just dying to know how to beat me in the blowjob contest, so I’m going to help you. I’m going to give one of my best blowjobs and record it for you so you can study it. It won’t matter in the end, but I want to be fair. After all, we are friends, aren’t we?”

“As you can see, I brought a cock with me,” she said, reaching out and rubbing Lars’ cock through his pants. “This is a particularly nice cock, very yummy, big enough, and it cums more than any cock I’ve ever seen, and as we all know, I’ve been lucky enough to see a few.”

“But I’m being rude,” Marilu said as she slowly pulled Lars’ zipper down and reached into his pants and extracted his already semi-hard cock. “Let me introduce you to my cock,” she said. “Cock, kneel down here next to me,” Marilu instructed Lars, accompanying her command with a firm and insistent tug on his cock.

Not having a choice, Lars knelt in front of Marilu, face to face with her.

“Jana, meet my cock, Lars, your own dear brother,” Marilu said, a smile on her face as she faced the camera. “Watch carefully while I suck his cock for you,” she said, leaning forward and licking Lars’ mouth.

Following the pressure from Marilu’s hand on his cock, Lars got back to his feet, his now rock-hard cock sticking straight out from his zipper.

“Oh, this won’t do at all,” Marilu said, reaching up and unfastening the waist of his trousers, letting them fall to the ground, leaving Lars naked from the waist down, his cock sticking straight out in front of him.

“Now, Jana, Lars’ cock is so nice for a number of reasons,” Marilu explained, looking into the camera as she wrapped her fist around the shaft of his cock. “One of the reasons is that he leaks so much pre-cum juice,” she said, squeezing his cock and flicking her tongue through the pearl of pre-cum that formed at the slit of his cock. “And it is so tasty,” she added, driving her tongue into his slit, then fastening her lips on it and sucking audibly.

“Mmm, nice start,” she said, licking her lips and then turning to smile into the camera. “But now for some real fun,” she said, extending her tongue all the way and letting it slide along the underside of Lars’ cock until just the head was sitting inside her mouth before closing her lips on it and sucking, her cheeks hollowing with the effort.

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