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There in a land of all possibilities lived the small town of Naught. The people were friendly and caring as such and often stopped by the local “goods” store, from candy to combs, dildo to donuts, dolls to footwear, the local store had everything anyone wanted or needed.

Candice was the clerk and store own, a witch who only used her magic to stock and restock shelves as well as clean the floors and counters. She always welcomed customers with a happy and loving smile, her amber eyes were warm and safe, while her wavy brown hair flowed down her back once she took it out of it’s ponytail.

Today was a brand new day, most of the townsfolk were at a big celebration of the town being founded, they would probably be there until the morning rise. Candice sat on her chair behind the register and opened a magazine, today would be a slow day and that she didn’t mind.

A man came in, she didn’t catch anything, but his soft baby blue eyes as he rushed past her. Most customers were like that, they had gotten used to the store by now and they knew where and which aisle they needed to go down.

However the man went down each aisle, slowly looking over all items laid out on the shelf, he would pick one or two up look at them and place them back, he did that with every aisle before stepping up to the counter.

Candice closed the magazine catching eye to his smooth golden locks at the top of his head before settling on those baby blues once more.

“Yes?” She smiled, was there something there that he couldn’t find? That would have been impossible, the store was huge. It had all commodities, all necessities, all wants and more.

He ran a hand through his soft hair and stared at Candice “Uh, I’m trying to find a pole.”

Candice tilted her head, there were many poles, long and short, some for post lights, and some for signs. There are many sizes and types for tables and Christmas trees alike.

“What type of pole?” She asked.

“It’s a pole for…” He blushed unsure what to say.

“Sir, I can’t help you unless I know what it’s for.”

The handsome blonde haired man looked down at the cash register unable to meet her eyes “For sexual purposes.”

“Oh, for your partner?” He only nodded at her question “No problem.”

“Really?” He smiled happily “Thank you so much…”

“Candice.” Candice held a hand out to shake his hand.

“I’m Tom.” He shook her hand and then followed her down rows of aisles until they reached the desire aisle, there were long poles, over eighteen inches and longer, maybe two inches wide, each had different measures.

“Do any of these strike your fancy?” Candice asked. Tom pointed at one. Candice used her powers to lift the pole of eighteen inches off the shelf, it was easier than her picking it up. The pole was about and an two inches wide on each side.

“Okay, I can check you out at the front.” Candice started to walk towards the front when she felt a warm hand stop her, it didn’t grab her by the arm, but was under her shirt, under her bra squeezing her breasts. Candice blushed at the warm feeling, she hadn’t been touched in a long time.

“Sir…” Candice slurred “Please stop..”

Tom got close behind her biting her neck “Why?”

“Because…It’s inappropriate.” Candice murmured as the hand rolled her nipple back and forth.

“No one’s coming in today, why not go on a break?” Tom asked slipping another hand under her shirt.

“I have to man the store.” Candice moaned. His hands were really working her breasts, kneading, squeezing, pulling, she was getting too heated.

“Or, canlı bahis you could go on a small break.” Tom said lifting her shirt over her head.

“Stop…” She groaned trying to focus as he removed her bra. His hands wildly played with her breasts.

“You’re so supple.” Tom whispered, he pulled her down onto the cool tiled floor.

“Tom…please…” Tom didn’t obey, in fact he took one nipples into his mouth, suckling her. Candice groaned, his teeth rolling her nipple in his mouth, she felt steam rising off her body.

“Let me touch you.” Tom said squeezing her breasts again, he slid down to unzip her pants, she was so wet that her panties were being sucked inside her wet hole.

Candice sighed, she needed to be touched now “Do anything…Everything” She groaned. Tom pulled down her underwear poking her clit, juices squirted immediately from his touch.

“Let me see how you ride the pole.” Tom told her. Candice hadn’t realize that the pole was still floating in midair, she stood up and swung one of her legs over onto the pole and started rubbing her warm cunt against it.

“Ahhh.” Candice rubbed her tits as Tom watched in awe, she slid her cunt down one side and back, her juices dripping off it.

“How big is it?” She asked Tom who pushed his pants down, his cock pushed out of his underwear, what a monster it was, four inches wide, and twelve inches high. She was in awe of such a large dick.

“I’m going to stretch you out before I put it in.” Tom said “Where’s your toolkits?” Candice was so horny from riding the pole she almost didn’t want to leave it, but she dismounted and led him to the tool aisle.

“Bend over.” Tom told her and she did, Tom grabbed her legs up towards him, she was doing a handstand, Tom picked up basic tools like a screwdriver and a hammer. She didn’t expect what he did next, cool metal was entering her ass, it was thin, like the tip of a screwdriver.

“Wait…” Candice groaned unsure about such a tool entering her bowels, but Tom kept pushing it in until the handle stopped at the outside of her hole.

“You’re very tight there, I need to loosen both holes.” Tom pushed against the screwdriver causing Candice is moan, he then picked up the hammer, only six inches, he sighed, he needed something longer.

Tom pulled the screwdriver up and down causing Candice’s pussy to jump with glee.

“Why don’t you have longer tools?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” Candice groaned, most people only needed about six inches, so that’s all they had in the store. Tom pushed the tool deeper into her ass.

“Where are the brooms?” Tom asked while twisting the screwdriver.

“Ahh.” Candice couldn’t think straight to answer.

“Where are they?” Tom asked once more, he pushed the screwdriver harder against her ass, it started sucking the handle in.

“Stop Tom…it’s too much.” Candice groaned, she felt as if her ass would break from the pressure, Tom just pushed the handle in more.

“Tell me.” Tom kept plunging it deep within her ass until all he could see was the tip of the screwdriver. Candice was heaving heavily, how could such a small space take so much in. Tom then put her legs down, he watched the head of the tool try to submit further inside, but it couldn’t.

“Where are the brooms?” Tom asked again.

Candice’s legs were shaking, her ass was gripping the tool too tightly wanting to take it all inside her “A-A-Aisle nine.” She finally said.

“Stay that way until I get back.” It must have been ten minutes at least before he returned, the screwdriver was trying bahis siteleri to free itself, the head popping out more.

“Man, you’re wet.” Tom saw the large puddle of her juices and she just kept pouring. Tom was so hard, but it wasn’t enough, she wasn’t ready yet for his huge member. So he took the head of the broom and pushed it inside her tight cunt.

“Ah! Tom take the screwdriver out before I break.” Candice heaved, too many things were in her at once. Tom didn’t care, he wanted to break her in everyway he could, He then came to her front and pushed his enormous member inside her mouth without warning.

He heard her groan, his cock was very thick and barely went inside her velvet mouth at first, he kept pumping his cock and it made it down her throat, all twelve inches of meat. He fucked her throat so hard that the broom handle was digging further into her and the screwdriver kept trying to dive into her ass again.

Candice groaned in pain and in pleasure, his cock was so good against her mouth, so hard, so sweet. He beat her throat until he felt himself give.

“Ugh!” Tom was coming deep into her throat, as he was pulling through her throat, she felt his creamy release more loads into her mouth as he pulled out, she swallowed it all, his sweet venom, such warmth, such thickness.

Tom fell to the floor, her mouth was so good against his cock that he had to take a minute to calm down. Candice bend down to lick the remaining cum off his cock causing Tom to groan louder “God..”

Tom finally took the screwdriver out of her tight ass, it was so wet and oily, he licked it wanting to savor it’s flavor, he dropped the broom to the floor looking at her cunt, it still needed more stretching.

“Where’s your candy?” Candice gripped onto a shelf to help herself up, she wanted his cock badly, with each step her pussy spat little puddles onto the ground. She led him to the candy aisle, so many to choose from.

“Lay down for me.” Candice did so with her knees up and spread for him. Tom looked all over the shelves and finally found a large chocolate bar, eight inches in height he peeled off the wrapper and lodged it inside her pussy.

“Ohhh.” Candice groaned, the hardness against her soft was causing her to twitch, Tom moved it harder and longer. “Tom…please…I need it!” She groaned, he plunged the candy bar far up to her hilt hitting her cervix, it started to melt from the war so Tom licked around her pussy lips biting her clit.

“Give it to me!” Candice yearned. Tom pulled the chocolate out and began prodding her cunt with his tongue, she was so sweet. Tom loved her pussy, it was tight and hot, he wanted her bad, but she was still too tight.

Tom rubbed her clit “I’m not done with you yet.” Tom found the bottle aisle before when he was searching, he took one bottle from the aisle and then went to the supplies aisle where he grabbed a pencil and a pen. He was grabbing so much stuff Candice had no idea what was in store for her.

Tom sat her on the counter in front of the store, with both the pencil and pen he inserted into her tight gap.

“Mmmm.” Candice rubbed her nipples, it felt like two small dicks were fucking her “Keep going…” Tom pulled them out, he wanted her to scream in pleasure, not moan softly.

“Fuck the bottle.” Tom told her, he placed the bottle in front of her and watched as she climbed up onto the counter and slowly impale herself.

“God..” She sunk further down onto the neck of the bottle, it’s glass feeling cool against her walls as she started to grind on it. Her juices were squirting bahis şirketleri rapidly onto the counter, she was feeling the satisfaction of something hard inside her, but she still needed Tom’s cock, she wanted it inside her so bad.

“Sit.” Tom pulled the bottle out to swiftly, causing a flood of juices to cover the counter, Candice sat on the counter.

“Hold yourself wide for me.” Candice used her fingertips to spread her pussy lips open and watched as Tom inserted a golf ball, a small white golf ball, he pressed it inside her tight cunt.

“Ohhh.” Candice felt the ball hit her walls, it felt so good. Tom started pushing in another “Tom..I can’t fit another it’s too tight.” Tom paid no attention to her warning and pressed the ball against her tight slit, he pressed it hard until it went inside and then he tried inserting another, Candice could barely breathe as the last one’s head was still peeking out of her.

“How does it feel?” Tom pressed the ball, the other balls moved and Candice squirted once more.

“So good.” Tom pulled her clit, Candice jumped a bit “Think you’re ready?” Candice nodded not wanting to speak “Spit the balls out.”

Candice tried pushing the first out, but it kept hitting at the entrance trying to suck itself inside, eventually one ball shot out. “Two more.” Tom told her. Using her cunt muscles Candice shot out the second, but the third was too far down.

“Need help?” He asked, Candice nodded. Tom’s meaty fingers entered her cunt fingering and feeling her walls contract as he dug deeper, and deeper. Tom pulled the ball out slowly wanting her to feel it’s width as it left her.

Candice felt so used and dirty, but it felt so good that she didn’t care. She needed Tom’s dick so bad, looking at it’s hardened form, she swore it seemed to grow an inch. Tom didn’t wait for her to recover, he picked her up by her legs and placed her opening on the tip of his swollen sword.

Candice groaned, the tip was forcing it’s way in, but it was so wide. Tom didn’t care, he just needed to be inside her, so he forced his head inside her finally, he felt her tight cunt spread as he did.

“So big…” Candice groaned, too big, how would she take him all in?

“I’m going to tear you apart.” Tom groaned plunging his meaty cock at her hilt, but he was only seven inches in, six more was needed. Candice felt her legs clench down on him, he was filling her up already and there still more. Tom pushed passed her cervix with the rest of his might into her uterus.

“Oh!” Candice groaned, all thirteen went inside her, all the way into her uterus, it pained her, but it also pleasured her. Candice held onto Tom as he started thrusting into her uterus.

“Tom!” Candice cried clenching her teeth, he was hitting against her most sensitive place, somewhere beyond the stopping point, and he didn’t try to slow down or stop, he wanted to pump her until her mind broke from such lust.

Tom loved how her pussy was clenching him, urging him deeper and deeper so he could sink into her more private of regions. He fucked her harder wanting her to stretch further, he needed her to cry out more, so he sped up.

“Tom!” Candice had never felt such joy, thrust after thrust, her pussy kept spreading to the size her his cock, faster and faster “Yes! Yes!” Harder and harder!

Tom felt her about to give just as he was, and with one last long stroke he plunged his cock roughly back into her uterus causing both of them to cum wildly, cum ran throughout her uterus filling her as it covered his entire cock.

“Ahhh!” Candice screamed.

Tom pulled out and watched his cum shoot out onto the floor. Candice was quivering, such a wonderful fuck, if she ever recovered she would try mounting that monster again so it could give her more pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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