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The last two months had been rather busy and hectic for Dean. He had gotten a nice new job that he enjoyed, he had moved into a flat with his best mate, Tony, and finally had an excuse to visit sexy neighbour from downstairs, Carla.

Dean had been skeptical about asking her out, as he thought she was way out of his league. He was somewhat nerdy, enjoying video games like Skyrim, Mariokart, Super Smash Bros; had a full suit of working Iron Man armour that had taken him two years to make; and was into Star Wars and Doctor Who; and was a member of the local archery club.

Carla, on the other hand was about the same height as Dean, and was sexy as hell! She had piercing green eyes, long blonde hair flowing down her back, a smile that could kill from 50 feet, a curvaeous hourglass figure, gorgeous slender legs and magnificent breasts. Although they were seldom on display, their size was noticeable enough under the suit and blouse she wore to work.

Dean had been attracted to her for a good long while, and managed to synchronise his work shifts so that he could return home at the same time as her, smiling at her when they met at the path, though words were seldom exchanged.

She had broken up with her boyfriend, of just over a year, about a month ago, though the reason had been unknown, but Carla took a couple of sick days from work, and seemed to have eaten through about 3 litres of Haagen-Daas in that time.

Unwilling to approach her, Dean maintained his distance for a while, and noticed she was considerably less cheery when they met in the street, and still smiled and greeted her, in an attempt to raise her spirits. She occassionally smiled back, though was still getting over it.

Dean eventually had reason to go down and talk to her, as when he returned home at the usual time of half past 5, he found Tony waiting for him, holding a small parcel in his hand.

“This got delivered today,” Tony said, holding up the package for him to see, “It’s for Carla. Got delivered here by mistake. Here,” Grinning, he threw the package to Dean, who caught it, “This should give you an excuse to talk to her,”

“Hey wait what? Why can’t you do it?”

“Aikido, mate,” Tony picked up his sports bag and headed to the door, “Besides, you’ve been after her for a while now. Go get her before someone else does!”

And before Dean could respond, the door had clicked shut and Tony was gone. Ah damn it! Dean checked the package over, noticing the shipping label was from some company in China. There was a Post Office card taped to it saying it was dropped off here because the recipient was not home at time of delivery.

After hurriedly getting changed and psyching himself up by giving himself a pep talk, Dean went out the door, and scampered down the short flight of stone steps that led from his front door to the pathway at the side of the house. He took several deep breaths as he turned around, and circled around the steps to Carla’s front door.

He rang the bell, and sighed. The door opened, and Carla answered, wearing a rather loose baggy t-shirt and a pair of shorts, her hair tied back in a ponytail.

“Hi, Dean, what’s up?” Carla asked. She didn’t seem in the best of moods.

“Hey, umm…I…we had a package delivered that was for you, but you were out, so we got it instead, because Tony was in and…you weren’t…” Dean stumbled over his words a bit.

“Okay,” Carla bit her lip and nodded, “So, can I have it?”

“Yeah, yeah, of course,” Dean replied, nodding.

Carla was looking at Dean rather weirdly, pursing her lips as she waited. “So…where is it?”

Ah fuck!

“Oh…um…crap, I’ve left it upstairs. I’ll just…go and get it…” Dean ran back upstairs to get the package. He felt like he’d totally fucked up here…Where did he put it?!

After a few minutes of frantic searching, Dean realised he’d left it on the shelf by the door. Grabbing it, he ran back downstairs and presented it to Carla.

“I’m so sorry about that,” Dean panted as he tried to get his breath back. Carla was simply giggling at the whole situation.

“Thanks,” she said, taking the package from him, a smile beaming across her face.

“No problem,” Dean smiled back, “Sorry about that, I don’t know how I managed to forget it. I feel like a right tool,”

“Don’t worry about it, you’re sweet,” Carla’s mood seemed to have improved, “Listen, my roommate’s going out for the evening. Want to come down for a drink later?”

“Sure, why not?” Dean was estatic, but didn’t want to let it show. “When d’you want me over?”

“Well, Dani’s going out at about half six, so about quarter to seven?”

“Sure, I’ll see you then,” Dean smiled, putting his hands into his pockets, secretly nursing his semi through the lining.

“Thanks again for bringing the package down. I appreciate it,”

The pair exchanged goodbyes, before Dean boundered back upstairs to get something to eat before his rendezvous with Carla in half an hour, which didn’t seem to elapse quickly enough!

As canlı bahis quarter to seven approached, Dean was pacing the hallway and lounge, glancing at the clock like a puppy fully expecting to be fed or walked or taken to the beach when the sticks were at a certain angle.

Dean couldn’t believe his luck! He was excited and yet terrified at the same time. His hands were shaking nervously, almost dropping his keys when trying to lock the door.

“Be calm, Dean, don’t let it show,” he told himself as he descended the steps and entered Carla’s flat, shutting the door behind him. He took off his shoes at the door, stepping on the heels and slipping his foor out each time, and called out that he was back.

Carla replied, telling him she was in the kitchen. Dean went through and she offered him a selection of drinks, Dean opting for a cider, while Carla selected some red wine. She opened a bag of tortilla chips and got a jar of sour cream dip and a jar of salsa dip from the cupboard, and joined Dean on the couch, turning the TV on for a bit of background noise.

“So, Dean, I don’t think we’ve spoken much,” Carla placed her wine glass on the table and sat with her legs crossed and her arm draped over the back of the couch, “How’s life going for you?”

“Errr…Not too bad, thanks,” Dean took a sip of his cider. Nice and cool. “Yourself?”

Carla bit her lip and took a sip of wine, “Good. Good. Better than it was a few weeks ago,”

“Oh, yeah, I’m sorry,”

“It’s alright,” she took another drink of wine.

They sat on the couch in silence and watched the back end of whatever was on Film 4, which happened to be Stardust, a film about a guy who goes on a quest to find a fallen star, but instead finds a girl who embodies the star, and ventures across a magical kingdom to protect her from witches and a prince of the realm, who sought to eat her heart and gain eternal youth.

Once the film had finished, Dean looked over at Carla, whose glass was half full from a refill. Carla shut the TV off, and looked at Dean.

“Dean, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, I guess,”

“Be honest,” Carla closed her eyes and took a deep breath, “Do you find me attractive?”

Dean was taken aback by the question, so much so he found it initially difficult to answer, “Uhhh…y-yeah, I do,”

Carla’s expression drooped somewhat, seeming on the verge of crying, “You…hesitated…you don’t find me attractive at all, do you?”

Dean rapidly attempted to rectify his mistake, “No, no, really, I do. I’m sorry, I’m just nervous is all,” he took a deep breath, and closed his eyes, pretending he was alone so he could say what he was about to. It made him feel comfortable and a bit more at ease, more like he was practising in front of a mirror.

“You are incredibly attractive. Other girls I’ve seen don’t hold a candle to you. Every day when I come home from work, and see you coming down the other way, your smile just lights up my day, and I am overwhelmed by you every time you smile back at me. You are the most attractive person I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in my life.”

Dean opened his eyes to see tears roll down Carla’s face, smiling from ear to ear, her eyes glistening. Without saying a word, she leant in and kissed Dean full on the lips, soft and sensual. The kiss didn’t last long, but when it broke, Carla wrapped her arms around Dean’s neck and hugged him.

“Thank you,” she whispered. Dean hugged her back, “You really mean it?”

“Every word,” he replied.

“Then why don’t I feel like I am? I look in the mirror and just see a mess,” Carla was on the brink of tears again, “I just keep looking and the longer I look, the worse it seems to get,”

“Hey, don’t say that!” Dean tried to comfort her, starting to rub her back with one hand.

“If I am so attractive, then why did Craig cheat on me with my best friend?”

“Well I don’t know Craig, so I can’t say why he did what he did, but I can tell you something. I think he made a huge mistake in doing so. I doubt he’ll ever find another person like you in a million years,” Dean paused for a moment. Was he really saying all of this? How was he so confident all of a sudden, and why was he no longer thinking things through before saying them?

He thought it was perhaps the alcohol in his system, but he only had cider, and still had half of his first pint left, so that ruled that out. Perhaps it was his pretending he was alone he did, or the testosterone or adrenaline or maybe it was because he was in an environment where he wasn’t going to be frowned upon or mocked for saying these things.

Carla pulled out of the hug to look at Dean, her eyes red, swollen and tear filled. Her eyes locked onto his and stared deep within them, and Dean felt them piercing his very soul.

She bit her lip and leant in to kiss Dean again, their lips meeting and Carla kissing Dean deeply and passionately, her tongue slipping into his mouth and circling his. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she pulled him into bahis siteleri the kiss. Dean returned the kiss, and hugged her, his hands caressing her back, enjoying the moment he had waited for so intently.

Carla broke the kiss and pushed Dean backwards so he was lying against the arm of the chair. She slid backwards, her hands coming to rest on Dean’s crotch, his cock beginning to harden as she grazed it through the fabric of his jeans. She gently traced its outline with her fingertips as it grew and inflated, responding to her touch.

She unbuttoned Dean’s trousers and pulled the zip down, as he lifted his hips to help her pull his jeans and boxers down at the same time, taking them off and scrunching them up at the end of the couch. Carla grabbed Dean’s newly exposed cock and began to slowly jerk it, biting her lip as she did so, feeling him get harder as she stroked his shaft, turning her on even more.

“Mmmmm,” the pair moaned in unison, before sharing a chuckle at the situation.

“I like your cock,” Carla smiled nervously, still stroking it agonisingly slowly, feeling it twitch in her hand, almost as if it was excited that she mentioned that she liked it, “Can I…” she seemed to blush, and her voice lowering to almost a whisper, “…suck it?”

In her state of slight embarrassment and nervousness, Dean visibly noticed the shaky and saddened Carla he saw earlier fade and dissipate, and she seemed to irradiate a glow that made her seem even more attractive than ever!


Carla smiled and stopped stroking Dean’s cock, her hand pausing as low as it could go, bearing the head of his cock, vulnerable. She hesitated, brushing her hair over her ears as she tried to find the best angle to go down on, shifting her position as her head fell over Dean, her lips wrapping around his cockhead.

She held her head there, and probed Dean’s cockhead with her tongue, scraping over its surface, causing Dean to leak precum, which she eagerly lapped up. She took her mouth off his cock, and looked up at Dean. He was leant back, his eyes closed and mouth open slightly, content to enjoy Carla’s mouth on him.

“I love the taste of your cock!” Carla exclaimed as she bobbed her head back down for more. Dean let out a moan at the sudden return of his eager friend, causing his leg to kick out in a spasmic response, coming down on the little table upon which rested the chips and dip. The table tipped and threw the salsa dip over the floor and the sour cream over Dean’s knee, a large white splodge on his knee, and a long trickling trail running down his shin to another pool on his foot where the jar had fallen.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed, reluctantly lifting Carla off his crotch and getting up to clean the chips and dip up. The chips were mostly still in the bag, but the dips were beginning to soak into the carpet, “I’m so sorry,”

“It’s okay, really!” Carla got up like a shot as well and tried to help, going to grab some kitchen towels. She returned with a few sheets and handed them to Dean, who used them to scoop up the bulk of the dips like dog poop, “It was my fault,”

“No, it was mine, I reacted too much,” Dean finished mopping up what he could of the dips, righted the table and put it out of the way. As he turned around, Carla was disappointed that his cock was now flaccid, but then she got an idea.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up,” Carla offered a hand to Dean, who took it. She led Dean through the flat to the bathroom, and fired the shower up. She seemed to have grown more comfortable and confident with the current scenario, even more so considering that she was nervous only a few minutes ago about giving Dean head.

It seems she had briefly experienced the taste of victory, but craved more.

“Get in the shower, I’ll join you in a minute,” Carla instructed. Dean complied, taking off the remainder of his clothes and stepping into the shower, his cock re-hardening as he did so, the anticipation was getting to him.

“Face the wall, no peeking,” Carla instructed as Dean heard her remove her clothes. He stared at the wall tiles as the water barraged his head and shoulders, waiting. He heard the door behind him slide shut, and Carla wrapped her arms around his torso, hugging him.

“Now, you’re not allowed to look. Looking’s for later,” she grinned as her hand reached over Dean’s shoulder, and she retrieved the panties off a two piece swimsuit, which Dean could only assume had been resting on her shoulder. Carla lifted them up and put them over Dean’s head, the string of the fabric perfectly gently touching his eyes as she tightened the knots.

Dean couldn’t see much with his eyes open, only a thin slit of light beneath the string, but that was about it.

“What’re you doing?” Dean asked, as he heard a plasticy snapping behind him. Carla’s hand reemerged around his front, as she began to stroke his chest with it, cold slime being wiped all over it.

“Washing you, silly,” she giggled as the body wash began to lather with the water. Her hand bahis şirketleri spiralled down Dean’s chest, his abdomen, and came oh so close to his groin before it vanished, causing Dean to gasp as she restocked her hand with body wash.

She began to clean his leg, particularly the area which had been splattered by sour cream, but had long since vanished because of the water flowing down his body from the shower.

Carla worked down the sour cream leg, refilling her hand with body wash as she worked her way back up the other leg.

Dean’s cock began to ache and long for her touch again, becoming painful as she reached his knee, and twitching as she grazed his inner thigh with her fingertips. Dean shuddered as Carla reached his cock, and slipped her wet hand over it, the added lubrication of the shower gel causing her hand to glide effortlessly over the shaft.

She slid her other hand up Dean’s other leg and began to circle his abdomen as she worked the gel into his cock. Dean shuddered at the dual sensation, just relaxing and letting Carla do whatever she wanted.

After a few minutes of gently massaging Dean’s cock to near boiling point, Carla stopped, and spun Dean around, guiding the shower gel into his hand.

“Now, you can do me,” she said sexily, Dean swearing he could feel her wink through the g-string.

Dean was now operating blindly. His arms circled Carla’s waist, and he unsnapped the cap of the body wash, and squeezed some gel into his hand, and as he went to put the bottle down, was unsure of how he’d manage to find it again.

He trapped the bottle between his thighs, much to Carla’s amusement. Hearing her chuckle, Dean smiled, “This is tricky blindfolded,”

“Aaaw, are you finding it too…hard?” Carla chimed the final word as her hand reached behind her and gave Dean’s penis a quick squeeze to emphasise the intended pun.

Dave winced, Carla’s hand managing to slip over the head, causing a quick jolt of pleasure, and the bottle to fall to the shower floor with a clatter “Well, when you put it like that…”

Dean’s gel covered hands reached up to Carla’s chest and grasped her breasts, smearing the cold shower gel over them, Carla shivering and letting loose a gasp at the abrupt chilliness. Dean’s hands slipped over her breasts, covering them as best he could with gel, and gently squeezing them as he did so, feeling her nipples hard beneath his palms.

He began to massage them, the gel lathering up between his fingers as he did so, revelling in the feeling of Carla’s breasts in his fingers, his palm. His rigid cock poked one of Carla’s buttocks, and scraped up her lower back, pointing upwards.

Dean’s hands slid down her stomach, reluctantly abandoning her lush breasts in search of her clitoris. His search was fruitful, feeling the small valley of Carla’s navel, and tracing a small path with a single finger touching her belly from her navel down to her clitoris.

Carla and shuddered at Dean’s touch, and moaned as she felt a finger slip inside her, and begin to explore her cavern, circling the entrance. He began to finger fuck her, slowly, making her squirm.

With his other hand, Dean began to circle Carla’s navel in rhythm with his other hand, circling up as he pushed into her, and circling down as his eager fingers retreated. Carla bit her lip as she tried to endure her desire, her lust, her need for more.

After a few agonising minutes, she caved into her urges. Carla turned around, Dean’s fingers slipping out of her, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss, deep and passionate.

As Carla broke the kiss, she pulled the G-String off Dean’s head, exposing her naked body to him, and Dean marvelled at her figure. Not quite hourglass any more, which he deduced originated from her recent degenerate lifestyle in the wake of her break-up, but still possessed nice sizeable hips and gorgeous breasts, rather sizeable nipples and a clean shaven pussy.

“You missed a spot,” Carla smiled sexily, all her wet blonde hair thrown down her back.


“Right…” Carla’s hand formed a knife shape and she rubbed it up and down her cleavage a couple of times, “…here”

Carla knelt down and grabbed the bottle of shower gel and squeezed a healthy amount onto Dean’s cock, jerking it a couple of times to rub the gel in. She lifted her self up slightly, and with one hand aimed Dean’s member into the valley of her tits, and the other attempted to trap it within.

She succeeded, and began to rock back and forth, rubbing Dean’s cock with her magnificent tits. They were achingly soft, his cock being engulfed by them, Dean fully enthralled by the motion, and seeing his cockhead break free from her tits as she thrust down, exposing it to the warm air, like a dolphin coming up to breathe, before diving back down into the warm sea of breast flesh.

Dean could not have been happier right now. His eyes closed as he got lost in the pleasure of Carla’s tits. It wasn’t long before he began to approach orgasm.

Dean began to feel the pressure building at the base of his shaft, his orgasm encroaching nearer. He moaned loudly as Carla’s breasts pressed tighter around his shaft. He wished he could stay here forever.

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