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As Dan was keen to see Tabi in the flesh again after her little show on Skype, and Claire was away overnight at a spa with the girls, Graham suggested he come over for some drinks and more one Friday evening.

Tabi and Beth were watching the big TV in Claire and Graham’s room (aware of this, Graham now had it in in mind to fuck Tabi in his marital bed before morning); Graham, Dan and Jack – treated as one of the guys in his mother’s absence – were watching Lexington Steele in action on the lounge TV. When Jack finally crawled upstairs to Tabi, waiting patiently in his bed, he was sufficiently inspired to show more consideration for her pleasure than he typically did, yet still failed to bring her to orgasm.

She waited, as always, until he succumbed to post-climactic slumber before creeping downstairs in her usual skimpy shorts and t shirt.

Jack’s subconscious was still processing the dirty movie and when he stirred in his sleep, his cock standing rigidly to attention, he reached for Tabi and found her side of the bed empty. Frustrated and now fully awake, he tiptoed to his sister’s room to bring his girlfriend back to his bed for another fuck. But, he found, she wasn’t there either. He checked the bathroom and, finally, his parents’ bedroom but both were empty.

The TV downstairs was still faintly audible. Jack sat on the edge of the bed for a couple of minutes, thinking she must have nipped downstairs for a glass of water and wondering if she would peek and be horrified at what his dad and his friend were watching, or whether she too would be turned on and come straight back to him. His cock twitched in anticipation but still he failed to hear her tread on the stairs.

Impatient, he padded down the stairs himself and quietly pushed open the lounge door.

His jaw fell open at what he saw.

Lex Steele was still fucking some MILF on the screen, but the mute button had been pressed and the sounds he could hear were not from the movie. On the lounge floor on her hands and knees, tits swinging below her, was his nude, blonde, eighteen year old girlfriend.

smile behind her, his fat cock buried between her arse-cheeks, was his father.

Kneeling behind her, his fat cock buried between her arse-cheeks was his father. “Well-lubricated, as always,” he was saying. “Cheers, Jack.”

Jack couldn’t hear her response, muffled as it was by his father’s boss’s cock filling her beautiful mouth.

Frozen, he watched for several minutes, shocked and horrified, furiously angry yet unbearably aroused, as his girlfriend was spit-roasted on the carpet. He couldn’t help but notice she was showing all the animation she lacked when in bed with him, grinding her arse against his father’s pelvis, slurping noisily on Dan’s dick as she balanced herself on one hand and stroked his balls with the other.

At length, he began to shake, turned away and trudged back up the stairs.

Back in his room he thought about his options. What should he do? Try to ignore what he had seen and carry on as before? Dump the whore in the morning with some lame excuse? Confront the trio downstairs? Drag her back to his bed by the hair and fuck her so hard she couldn’t walk for a week? Call his mother? He decided it was not a decision to be made in the middle of the night, nor one he should make alone. He crossed the landing to wake his twin.

Beth, unsurprisingly, scoffed when he told her, from the beginning, what had happened. Of course her father and “Uncle Dan” were not fucking her best friend – who was also her twin brother’s girlfriend – downstairs. “This is why you shouldn’t watch dirty movies at bedtime,” she scolded, but had no plausible theory as to why Tabi had been downstairs for half an hour in the dead of night. Reluctantly, she preceded her brother downstairs and stood, as he had done earlier, in the doorway of the lounge, staring in disbelief.

Her “uncle” Dan, on the brink of cumming, withdrew from her best friend’s mouth, took a step back and held his dick in cebeci escort his hand as semen spurted from the tip, coating her waiting tongue, cheeks and eyelids. The girl laughed, collecting spunk on her fingers and sucking them as Beth’s father, grunting rhythmically, continued to ram his cock into her sloppy pussy.

Beth, like Dan, took a step backwards, colliding with her brother. Through the thin cotton of her shorts she felt his hard-on wedge itself into the crack of her arse. She trembled, feeling her pussy moisten at the sensation her brother’s cock provoked, and made to step away again, but his arms moved around her waist and his hands slipped beneath her tank-top, sliding up to cup her small, neat, round breasts. She turned her head to apologise and his tongue slithered between her open lips as his mouth closed on hers.

She struggled initially but the resistance was token. She knew it was very, very wrong to kiss her twin brother and let him touch her this way, however hurt he was, but the sight of the two older men fucking her friend was intensely erotic and she could not have stopped if her headteacher had suddenly walked through the front door. Besides, from the very first time Tabi had described to her how it felt to fuck Jack, Beth had found herself thinking differently about her brother. She had found her eyes drifting repeatedly to the bulge between his legs, spied on him as he dried himself after a shower, and masturbated thinking about what she had seen. Now, her own tongue responded to his with enthusiasm and Jack felt her nipples stiffen beneath his palms.

Jack broke the kiss but did not drop his hands and pressed his dick harder into her crack as he breathed into her ear, “Upstairs, Beth.”

They turned and, hand in hand, mounted the stairs as behind them they heard Tabitha’s cries of orgasm, “Oh God, Gray, I’m cumming!”

In his room, Jack switched on the bedside lamp and peeled off his twin sister’s top and shorts, his eyes roaming over her naked body. He hadn’t seen her fully nude since they had shared baths in primary school and both her body and his own reaction to it were transformed. She was slim and narrow-waisted, he saw, but lacked Tabi’s voluptuous curves. Her small, round breasts were pale and freckled, with areolae and nipples that were typically palest pink, although right now they were red and engorged with desire. He straddled her now, lowering his mouth to suck on them, flicking his tongue over the tips, nibbling and tugging so she writhed beneath him, whispering for him to stop – but her hands holding his head in place belied her words.

He released the nipple he’d been sucking on and moistened his tongue before working over both breasts with long, lavish licks until they shone wetly in the dim light with his saliva and her whole body trembled with incestuous desire. Grinning, no longer troubled by the thoughts of his father and girlfriend, he parted her white thighs and burrowed between them. She had a pretty pussy, he thought. Tabi had told him how she had trimmed and waxed Beth’s bush and she had only a small, heart-shaped patch of strawberry-blonde pubic hair. The point of the heart directed Jack to her slippery labia. He spread his sister’s outer lips with his fingers. She was oozing moisture and he inhaled her scent, hungry to taste her. He sucked gently on her pussy-lips, dipping between them from time to time as his twin moaned softly, then sought her clit with his tongue. As he circled it slowly he slid a finger between her labia and into her cunt, where he immediately encountered difficulty and Beth winced and pulled away.

“Beth, you’re so fucking beautiful. I want to fuck you,” he told her.

“I’m a virgin,” she confided, shyly.

“Do you want me to?” he asked, hopefully, and she nodded slowly.

Lust swept through him and he scrambled out of his own shorts, opening his dresser drawer to locate the lube he used when preparing to fuck Tabi’s arse. He spread it all over his cock and cebeci escort bayan soaked her pussy with it, pushing some inside with his fingers.

Her eyes were wide and frightened and he kissed her lips, holding her cheeks in his hands and her eyes with his gaze.

“It probably will hurt,” he said, honestly, “but it’ll be worth it. You know I love you, right?”

She nodded. That had never been in question. “I love you, too, Jack.”

He lay back on the bed and pulled her astride him. He positioned the tip of his throbbing, slippery cock just inside the entrance to her pussy, between lips swollen with arousal. “Now lower yourself slowly. You set the pace.”

He rested his hands lightly on her waist as she slowly sank on to him, pausing from time to time, panting and looking into his hot, brown eyes. Her vaginal walls stretched gradually as she slid down her brother’s shaft. Her own juices seeped around his girth. At last she was fully impaled on him and briefly closed her eyes, getting used to the the full, stretched feeling inside, beginning to rise and fall. Once she’d established a rhythm she opened her eyes to look into his again. It hurt like fuck, but the sexual desire she could see in his face intoxicated her.

“OK?” her brother asked and when she nodded he began to move his own hips, thrusting up to meet her. She leaned back, bracing herself on his thighs, and focused on the sensations in her pelvis.

Jack was whispering her name. “I’m sorry, Beth, I’m going to cum. I can’t help it. You’re so sexy and your cunt is so tight.”

She leaned forward to kiss him, and as her tongue entered his mouth he began to pump her pussy full of semen. It was only then that he realised she would not be on birth control and his balls surged at the thought of impregnating his twin sister. His orgasm went on and on as her tight passage gripped him and her tongue explored his mouth.

At length, she let his flaccid cock slip out of her and it flopped wetly onto his belly. She lay on her back, looking at the glow stars on the ceiling (as Tabi had done so often), and he rained kisses on her face, apologising (as he had never done, unprompted, to Tabi) for not making her cum and for hurting her.

“I just need practice,” she whispered and he slipped out of bed, crossing the hall to rummage in Tabi’s overnight bag for her favourite clitoral vibrator. He pressed the buzzing pebble to Beth’s wet clit, sucking her nipples and increasing the speed until she gasped and spasmed, his residual semen seeping from her hole as her pussy pulsed in orgasm. He kissed her as she came and then stroked her belly and watched his sister’s chest rise and fall as she drifted off to sleep next to him. He would let her sleep awhile, he decided, before waking her to return to her own room.

. . .

Dan left around three thirty. He and Graham had fucked Tabi to several orgasms in several positions and he was spent. Graham, though, was still determined to fuck his girlfriend in the bed he shared with his wife, and half-carried her up the stairs to his bedroom. He was too eager to bother checking on his teenaged children, who were sleeping soundly, naked in each other’s arms, in Jack’s bed.

He laid her on her side, facing the mirrored wardrobe doors and lifted her leg so he could watch his cock sliding in and out of her swollen, well-fucked pussy. She was exhausted and barely sentient, but he took his time, leisurely thrusting behind her until the sight of them fucking became too much to bear and he filled her with his seed.

She woke at half past six, disorientated, and tiptoed downstairs to find her shorts and top and drink a huge glass of water. Despite her caution, Beth heard the movement and was able to slip back into her own room, wincing at the soreness between her legs, before Tabi returned.

. . .

At ten the next morning, Jack knocked on his parents’ and Beth’s bedroom doors, calling, “Breakfast, everybody!”

The three others escort cebeci trooped downstairs, clean and dressed but yawning (and, in Tabi’s case, with a chin still pink from stubble rash), to a fully-laid dining table. Jack gestured to Beth to sit beside him, facing his father and girlfriend across the table.

Once the cereal bowls were full and everyone was eating, he said, “This is nice.”

He felt a stab of irritation as Tabi and Graham exchanged a conspiratorial glance. Under the table, Graham pressed his thigh to hers and she ran a bare foot up his trouser leg.

“I think we need to talk,” Jack continued.

Beth stiffened and shook her head at him, but he smiled at her and poured more milk onto his cornflakes.

“Tabi, we’re over,” he said. “Clearly, you are exhausted and it would be unfair of me to expect you to go on fucking me as well as my dad and his boss.”

Graham choked on his tea. Beth avoided Tabi’s eyes.

“I would like to know, though: exactly when did it start between you? Uh -” he raised his hand as he saw both their heads begin to move “- don’t even think about looking at each other.”

There was an uncomfortable silence as Jack looked contemptuously from one to another. Eventually, Graham replied, “The first night she stayed here.”

Jack processed that for a few seconds then said, incredulous, “You fucked my dad the same night we first slept together? You fucking slut!” He paused, thinking. “Months and months … You know, so much makes sense now. That week you were away – with your mum, supposedly. That peculiar phone call. You were in bed with him, weren’t you? Jesus, you never really were my girlfriend at all.”

Tabi was still looking at her best friend, and Beth finally lifted her eyes. Tabi said to her, “I’m sorry, Beth.”

Jack rolled his eyes. “You tell *her* you’re sorry? What about me? Aren’t you sorry for what you’ve done to me?”

Tabi gave a tiny snort of laughter and said, scathingly, “It’s always about you, isn’t it? Frankly, Jack, not that much. I’ve endured your pawing. *You’ve* had plenty of orgasms out of it.”

Jack looked a little stung, but turned to his father. “And you? Does Mum know about this? I suppose you fuck your secretary too?”

Graham shrugged.

“Oh my God, Dad, you are such a porn cliche. You must be sorely disappointed there’s no uniform in the sixth form.”

Tabi squeezed Graham’s thigh under the table and then pushed back her chair. It screamed on the polished wood floor.

“Where are you going?” demanded Jack.

“To get my stuff. I think I’d better go, don’t you?”

“I’ll drive you home,” Graham said.

“Oh no you don’t -” began Jack.

His father shot him a withering look. “Someone has to take her, son, and it’s not like you can drive.”

Jack opened his mouth, but Beth slipped her hand into his and said quietly, “Jack.”

He looked at her and slumped in his chair.

A few minutes later the door slammed and Beth crouched beside her brother’s chair and stroked his cheek.

“Come on, Jack. Let’s go to bed.”

. . .

By the time Graham had parked the car on the common and Tabi had released his cock from his pants, Beth was already sucking on Jack’s dick.

Tabi straddled Graham, carefully avoiding the gearstick, and his rigid cock slid into her wet pussy. “Does this change things?” she asked, as she rocked in his lap.

“We’ll have to spend our Friday nights somewhere other than at my house,” Graham said.

Tabi laughed and kissed him with unusual tenderness.

“Will he tell Claire?”

“I doubt it. Don’t worry, my love. We’ll be fine.”

. . .

Beth gulped down her brother’s cum and let Jack’s cock slip from her mouth as she wiped a trail of semen she’d missed from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Will you tell Mum?”

“About us?” he asked, confused.

“No, dickhead. About Dad and Tabi.”

“No,” he said. “I couldn’t do that to her. Just tell her you and Tabi had a fight over a boy and she won’t be coming over any more.”

Relieved, Beth snuggled up to him, resting her head on his chest. Her brother stroked her strawberry-blonde hair and closed his eyes.

“I would fight her for you,” Beth whispered. “You belong to me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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