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Elizabeth’s pussy was sopping wet as she drove back home. Her daddy and brother usually fucked her in the morning, and she would usually have sex with at least one of the school guys she hadn’t tasted yet. But both her dad and brother went to work early, and she had been so busy all day that she hadn’t gotten to fuck a single guy. She couldn’t wait to go home and call someone to come and fuck her.

When she pulled up next to her house she rushed out. But at the front door was a brown paper bag with a note from her brother attached. She picked it up and read it.

Lizi, dad and I are out making plans for tonight. While we’re out we want you to put on what’s inside the bag and service the cul-de-sac. Once you’re done you can go inside and rest until we’re back.

Lizi’s pussy flooded again. They lived in a cul-de-sac with mostly middle aged or older men. They also never closed the curtains so their neighbors were graced with images of Elizabeth getting fucked doggy-style on the couch by her father, deep-throated in the living room by her brother, raped by either of them, or double penetrated on her dining table.

Excited she tried to open the door only to find it locked. Realizing what they wanted Elizabeth bit her lip as she took her clothes off slowly, hoping that her neighbors were watching. When she was butt naked she gave her nipples and clit a couple of tweaks before she bent over and delved into the bag. Inside was a coat, and a set of sexy pink lingerie. She put on the lingerie and covered it up with the coat.

When she knocked on the door to the next-door house Mr. Kasey answered. He was an attractive middle-aged man with distinguishing grey hairs along his sides

“Elizabeth,” He looked at her coat perplexed. “What can I do for you?”

Lizi gave him a seductive look as she opened up her coat, “Is your wife home?”

Mr. Kasey grinned and fondled Lizi’s ass. “Honey!” He called out, “I’m going to do some work in the basement, ok?”

“Ok, dear!” his wife called back. Mr. Casey led Elizabeth down to his basement. He didn’t say one word to her, he just continued fondling her ass as she led her downstairs, closing the door behind them. It wasn’t a nice room; it was filled with cluttered cabinets and messy tables, with a stained carpet.

Mr. Kasey grabbed Lizi by the waist and spun her into an embrace, kissing her fully on the lips. Lizi opened her mouth, letting his tongue inside her mouth, matching him. Her hands scrambled to unbuckle and unzip his pants to expose his growing member. Mr. Kasey fondled and messaged her bubble butt, while he used the other hand to unhook her bra. When her bra fell Mr. Kasey pinched and twisted her nipples, making her squeal in delight. Lizi quickly went down to her knees, pulling his pants down with her.

His sizable meat was in her face now, filling her nostrils with the aroma of his sex. Her mouth watered, but resisting the urge to stuff his cock down her throat just a little, Lizi licked the tip once, and twice, lapping up some pre-cum. Mr. Kasey groaned.

Lizi began to ease it between her pretty lips, bit-by-bit, inch-by-inch, until the whole thing was wet and slobbering, and down her throat. From there she rapidly bobbed her head up and down, making her dirty blond hair fly across her face. She gagged on the shaft as it was lodged and dislodged from her tight and sore throat.

Mr. Kasey lifted her up and spun her around so that her face was at his cock and her pussy was at his. Elizabeth squealed happily and stuffed her face again as Mr. Kasey buried his face in her sopping pussy lips, paying special attention to her clit.

Elizabeth moaned around the meat in her mouth as her climax began to build. Mr. Kasey was tickling her clit hard with his tongue and she was beginning to writhe all around. Lizi wrapped her legs around his head and fucked her throat harder onto his meat. Finally she exploded onto his tongue, screaming around is wet shaft and letting her big blue eyes roll into the back of her head.

Mr. Kasey laid her face down on the dirty carpet, with her sexy ass sticking up in the air.

“Take off your panties.” He told her.

Lizi slowly removed her panties, tossing them aside. Mr. Kasey lined up behind her and inserted his wet throbbing member into her sopping pussy. Elizabeth sighed in relief as his fat cock filled her up. Mr. Kasey slowly pulled out, and filled her back in, quicker this time. He repeated the process until he was pounding in and out of his teenage neighbors pussy with almost violent force. Elizabeth was moaning and screaming, wondering if Ms. Kasey could hear any of this, but honestly not caring at all.

“Ugh fuck!” She turned to look him in the eye as she cried out. “That’s so good! Your cock feels so big inside me! I’m such a teenage cock whore! Oh, please put it in my asshole! Don’t be gentle just fucking ravage this slut!” Elizabeth begged and begged until Mr. Kasey slapped her ass and pulled out so he could line up with her asshole.

His cock was so wet canlı bahis it easily slipped into her tight sphincter.

“Oh god that’s it!” She groaned. “Fuck my ass, fuck this anal slut right there! Oh fuck I love cock right up my ass, it’s so good but so fucking wrong! Punish me!”

Not missing a beat he railed her just as hard as he had her pussy. Elizabeth bounced against him to get more. She screamed and moaned unintelligibly as he fucked her as hard as he possibly could and slapped her ass, making it jiggle sexily. When he bent over her so their bodies were pressed against each other he wrapped a hand around her throat, and used the other to grab a fistful of her soft blond hair. Lizi’s cute innocent face reddened slightly at the choking and a pained expression was etched across as well from the hair puling. It was too much for her, and sent her over the edge into a powerful orgasm where she screamed loudly.

After climax Mr. Kasey pulled out and shoved his cock down her throat, pumping in and out, choking and gagging her until he shot his loud down her thirsty throat. Lizi drank as much as she could, but some leaked out onto the floor and her legs. She wiped the cum from her legs and slurped it form her fingers, and licked the cum off of the floor.

She looked up at Mr. Kasey with doe eyes “Did I do a good job sir?”

“You did a very good job,” Mr. Kasey said, touching her cheek.

She put her panties back on and was rushed out by Mr. Kasey, quickly grabbing her coat on her way to the next house.

The next door neighbor was an old lady so Lizi ran off to the next house where Mr. Barkley lived. He was a sixty something year old man, and when he opened the door to the sight of Lizi’s scantily clad bod he was flustered and confused. Luckily his son George was there to grab Lizi and tear off her small amount of cloth.

George threw Lizi onto the couch, not bothering to close the living room blinds or even the door. Mr. Barkley closed the door instead and watched as his son forced his erect cock into Elizabeth’s salivating mouth.

Elizabeth was getting her throat raped by George. She was belly down on the couch looking up into his face as he ravaged her. He held a fistful of her hair in one hand and pressed her hard into his groin as he fucked her face, pumping in and out with insane speed. His other hand was fondling her perky tit. George was in heaven, hardly able to believe how tight and warm her throat was. Her mouth was slick, and her tongue wrapped around his meat. Her lips were like suction cups, and soft on his hard cock.

Elizabeth’s eyes were watering and she was choking hard around his meat. Saliva and pre-cum were leaking out of her pretty lips and onto the couch. It wasn’t long before Mr. Barkley joined in as well. He stuffed his face into her sopping pussy and lapped up the juices. Lizi tried gasping around the fat dick in her mouth but was of course choked by it instead. As her clit was tickled her orgasm began to build, and Mr. Barkley tucked two fingers in her pussy, and fondled one of her voluptuous ass cheeks. When he curled his fingers in her ass and George deep throated her hard she climaxed onto Mr. Barkley’s face, convulsing and choking on the fat dick in her mouth, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

They moved so that she was riding Mr. Barkley’s dick and turned towards him. His cock was eight inches, smaller than she was used to but with a thickness that filled her up nicely. George was still in her mouth, standing to the side.

She moaned loudly around George’s cock as Mr. Barkley picked up the speed inside her pussy. When she stuck both of her middle and pointer fingers in her ass George slapped her with his cock.

“Are you an anal slut?” He asked her.

“Yes, my daddy likes to use my asshole as a holster for his dick. I love how it feels, it’s where big cocks belong.” She pouted.

He slapped her with his meat one more time and jumped off the couch to fill her backdoor with his enormous member. “Time to fuck daddy’s little girl.” Lizi screamed when George slammed his cock in hard and continued to ravage her hole.

Neither Mr. Barkley nor George lasted very long because of the speed and fervor they were pounding her with. But Lizi had her second orgasm quickly, and was feeling quite sore from their hard pounding.

She walked out of their house without her lingerie, only wearing the coat.

The next house belonged to Riley Smith’s family. He was a middle aged man with two kids and a lovely wife. His hair was a healthy brown and his body was fit for a man his age. His house had a clear view to Lizi’s constant usage so she was excited to see how the family man would react.

When he opened the door he was clearly surprised, but realizing how badly she wanted to fuck him, he led her to the garage, since his family was all home. He pulled her into his car and wasted no time in getting his dick sucked by the eighteen year old. He was gentler with her so it was an enjoyable fuck, but she still tried bahis siteleri to ride his cock like a hungry animal. As he fucked her Mr. Barkley’s cum came leaking out of her pussy, which seemed to actually turn Riley on. Like all the others he called her ‘slut’ and ‘whore’.

As they were fucking he cried out, “Oh fuck I hope my daughter is like you when she turns eighteen.

“Just call me by her name.” Lizi offered, panting like bitch in heat.

Riley slapped her ass, calling her by his daughter’s name, Molly. Lizi came when he slapped her, and calling her Molly sent him over the edge. Riley pounded into Lizi and erupted into her pussy.

Lizi left, finally just leaving the coat and going to the last house stark naked. When she arrived to Henley’s house his wife gasped at Lizi’s naked and used body. Semen was dripping from her pussy, and her mascara was scarring her face. But Henley grabbed her by the arm all the same and fucked her right in their living room.

Lizi didn’t know why, but his wife stayed to watch, even though she was clearly uncomfortable and unhappy. And Henley did everything he could to Lizi. He shoved his twelve inch, fat cock all the way down her throat, he fucked her pussy from behind and made her ride him. He even put her on her shoulders and fucked her in a jack-hammer position. And that was before he slipped into her asshole. He lifted her up and spread her legs for his wife to see as he bounced her ass up and down on his rock hard member. Lizi moaned like a whore the entire time, begging for it to be harder, and to give her more. He fucked her ass from behind, ravaging it without gentleness or patience. He pulled out of her ass and wrapped her hair around his dick, jacking off into her face. When he exploded he let off a huge stream of semen straight onto her slutty face, covering it up completely. She never did learn why Henley’s wife stayed to watch but they never got divorced, and Lizi went to be fucked by Henley more than once.

Lizi walked back home with a face covered in sperm, and butt naked. When she tried to open the door she found it unlocked, but no one inside. She immediately went to her room, took a shower and a nap.

She was awoken by the gentle shake of her daddy’s hand, “Babe, time to get up. I have a surprise for you.” Lizi’s dad was standing over her dressed in his work outfit and holding an outfit.

“What is it?”

“Your brother and I are going to make you into a pornstar. There’s a director and a small camera crew downstairs, and we’re going to shoot a video. But they don’t know that you’re my daughter, and we’re going to keep it that way. Instead they think your some talent your brother just found.”

Elizabeth almost burst with excitement, she’d always wanted to be a pornstar but never imagined she’d get away with it. “Do I have a porn name?”

He smiled, “I’m glad you asked. Andrea Ferry.” He brandished the outfit in his hand. “I want you to put this on. And meet us downstairs.”

Lizi bit her lip, “Yes daddy.” It was a sexy red and white miniskirt and tiny white panties with a tiny half shirt so small that it exposed the bottom of her perky breasts.

Downstairs her dad was with Tim and a group of three people with camera and sound equipment. There was the cameraman who was lanky and tall. The soundman was big and stocky, with tattoos across his arms and a ponytail. The sight of his muscles made Lizi wet.

A bald man with a round belly looked at Elizabeth with raised eyebrows, “This the girl?”

“Yes sir.” Tim replied.

The man whistled, “Damn, you are one lucky find. What’s your name girl?”


He nodded. “Right, well my name is George and I’m the director. Do you know what we’re doing today?” Lizi shook her head. “We’re shooting a school girl incest video, but also your introductory video. Basically right before we’re going to do a short interview just telling us about yourself and letting the viewers know that non of the people involved are actually related to you. The plot is basically you trying to go to school in an outfit your brother doesn’t like. Eventually instead of going to school your brother fucks you and your dad walks in on you guys and joins in. Got it?”

“Sure, do I have a script or anything to prepare?”

“Yeah you can talk to Tim and Chris let them know what’s on the table, what’s not. But from what I hear your down for pretty much everything.” He gave Elizabeth a smirk, and Lizi blushed.

Lizi talked to Tim and Chris while George had the camera crew set up the set. Apparently Tim had a few friends with connections in the porn industry and got them to set up a meeting with George who was a pretty popular and trusted director. But Tim didn’t tell any of them that the girl he was introducing was his little sister.

Lizi could say whatever she wanted, but would act like she wasn’t actually related to either of them in the interview, while acting as their sister and daughter in the actual shoot. She could say whatever she wanted.

After bahis şirketleri going over the script and thin plot Lizi sat on the couch ready to be interviewed. They asked her a bunch of questions like what was her favorite position? Or how many guys has she been with? When did she first lose her virginity and to who (She told them she lost it to a forty year old man she met in a grocery store)? They asked her what her favorite thing about cock was, (She told them it was getting choked by a fat dick). They ended with her explaining that the guys she’d be fucking weren’t actually related to her and it was all just an act.

By the time they were finished Lizi was sopping wet, and needed to be fucked.

They started filming in the living room bathroom, where Lizi was putting on makeup. She gave them a sneak peak of her ass by sticking it out as she bent over the sink, dabbing lipstick on.

As she walks towards the door to go to school she hears her brother. “Drea! What are you doing?”

“I’m going to school Tim.” Lizi said, bubbly.

He came out from behind the kitchen. Her brother took a good look at her skimpy outfit, “Looking like that, what are you a slut?”

She crossed her arms and pouted, “But Tim, this is what all the other girls at school wear. I just want to be popular. Don’t you want the boys to like me?”

“Drea, you’re letting everyone see everything. Don’t you feel bad at all?”

Drea shook her head, “No, I think it looks hot. Don’t you think I look pretty?” She pouted again.

“Drea, you look sexy as hell, but you shouldn’t go out like that. If you don’t change I’ll have to tell dad.”

“No Tim, oh please, please, please, no.” she ran up to him gave him a squeeze. “Please, I’ll be a good girl, just let me go to school in this. After all you said I look pretty.” Elizabeth looked up at her brother as his erection pressed against her stomach.

Her brother looked strained, “Yeah I know. But you really shouldn’t go out like that.”

“Please,” She kissed him lightly on the lips. “I’ll be a good little girl for you.” His erection was now pressing against her belly button hard.

He stroked her hair, “Oh, will you?”

She kissed him again, harder this time. “Yes, I promise. Just like I do for all the other boys in school.”

He stroked her dirty blond hair, “Then show me what you do for those other boys.”

Lizi went to her knees and unzipped her brother’s pants. His hard cock sprang out of his jeans. Elizabeth had seen enough porn to know what she should say. “Oh my god Tim, it’s SO big.” Lizi licked her big brother’s cock right in front of the camera. Tim groaned as Elizabeth licked his balls, and put more and more meat into her mouth.

“Do you like your slutty little sister sucking on your big cock?” She cooed. Tim played with her nipples under her shirt. Elizabeth whimpered.

“Ohhh yes.” Tim wrapped her hair around his hand and pulled her into his groin. His slick cock choked Elizabeth, and her pussy flooded. Tim started to pump in and out of her mouth, faster and faster, until spittle and pre-cum started to leak from her mouth. The more she choked, the more her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

“Ugh, I never knew how great it would be to have a whore for a sister.” Tim grunted. Tim ripped her shirt off with a loud tear, exposing her breasts to the camera and viewers.

Tim held her mouth to his cock and led her over to the couch. She had to walk on all fours as he took her over. Once they were at the couch he pulled her of and lifted her up and put her on the cushions.

Elizabeth slowly spread her legs wide open. Tim slowly pulled her panties off and bent over to eat her pussy out. He lapped up her juices, savoring the sweetness. Lizi moaned, enjoying the pleasant sensation, and began to breath heavily when he started playing with her clit. Her ecstasy built up and she writhed into the cushions, grabbing at her brother’s hair.

“Oh yes!” She panted, “Eat your sister out. Oh I love my big brothers tongue.” Her own tongue lolled out as she arched her back and screamed an orgasm, pouring juices into her brother’s mouth. The camera zoomed in on her pussy and then on her face as she screamed.

Elizabeth panted from her climax as her older brother loomed over her and aimed his cock into her sexy entrance. “Please, fuck me.” She whimpered.

Tim slowly entered his little sister’s pussy, groaning and pinching her nipples as he went. “Holy shit, your slutty cunt is so fucking warm.” Tim started pumping harder and faster, Elizabeth panted heavily as she clawed at his back, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

She couldn’t see him, but Elizabeth knew that the camera was switching back and forth between her and Tim, and her dad, who was jerking off and watching from the hall.

Tim lifted her up and flipped onto his back so that Lizi was riding him like a cowgirl. Tim pulled her head down, and angled her ass up. Elizabeth moaned as Tim pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her asshole.

It wasn’t long before Lizi’s dad covered her mouth with his hands and lined up his cock with her back entrance. Lizi yelped in fake surprise as her father rubbed his shaft between her ass cheeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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