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Dedicated to my lover, Jean ValJean


Sex is on my mind all the time. It is all I seem to be able to think about. I sit at my computer and work. While working, thinking of making love to you is in the back of my mind all the time. I play out different scenarios in my head. Sometimes the scenarios are so vivid, that I can have an orgasm just by thinking about them.

One of my favorite fantasies involves you calling me up to tell me to drop everything that we are going away for a weekend. You tell me not to pack anything, that all has been taken care of. You won’t tell me where we are going. You tell me just to grab my purse and come as I am. Fortunately, in my fantasy, the call hasn’t come when I’ve been mowing the lawn or doing some other dirty job around the house. You tell me you will pick me up in 30 minutes. So, I at least have time to freshen up a bit. I wash my face, brush my teeth, put on fresh makeup and change my clothes. By the time this is done, you are ringing my doorbell.

You greet me with a soul-touching, deep, passionate kiss and we embrace tightly.

“Are you ready for our weekend?” You ask. You have a wicked grin on your face, and so I know you have something really special planned.

“I’m game for anything,” I reply.

We get in your car. You lean over and kiss me again. “There’s just one thing before we go,” you say.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“I don’t want you to know where we are going. It’s a surprise, so I want you to wear a blindfold.”

“Ok, I guess.” I’m a little confused by this request.

“I’m kidnapping you for a weekend of passion and lovemaking. You will enjoy yourself, I promise,” you reassure me.

“Well, I did say I was game for anything.” I smile back at you.

I look around the car once before allowing you to blindfold me. You have it well stocked for a weekend away—groceries, and wine are in the backseat and floor. You have a bottle of my favorite flavored water—Dasani Lemon–in the cup holder all ready for me.

“Ok, hon, I’m ready,” I say.

You pull out a royal blue silk scarf and gently tie it around my head, making sure that I can’t peek out from underneath—secure but not too tight.

“It’s a good thing your windows are tinted,” I laugh, “You could get arrested for real kidnapping if the police were to see me blindfolded.”

You laugh too.

I decide to recline the seat back and relax, since I can’t see anything anyway. You’ve got the radio set to our favorite jazz station. We listen to the music and enjoy pleasant conversation the way we always do. You hold my hand, and tease me with descriptions of the delights that await when we arrive at our destination. However, after a bit, the lack of sight along with the motion of the car lulls me to sleep, and I drift off for a nap.

Sometime later, I awaken with a start. I still have the blindfold on, but realize that it is dark outside, because I can see no light thru the scarf as I had been able to do before. I realize that the car has stopped. I call your name, and you tell me that it’s all right, that we’ve arrived. I have no idea how long we have traveled.

I sit up, and you take the blindfold off. It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the light—because there actually is light—light coming from the porch of the most beautiful little cottage I’ve ever seen. It’s actually a log cabin, and from what I can tell it is surrounded on all sides by forest. The porch is a big one with five steps leading up to it. There is a swing on one end. There are Adirondak chairs. There is a table with matching chairs. There are hanging baskets of fall flowers—all colors in full bloom. The eave of the porch roof is festooned with hanging lanterns, lit and providing enough light to make the picture perfect.

I take a closer look, and the table is set and covered with food, as though it had just been set out for us. All the dishes were covered to keep the “critters” out. You obviously had made a lot of preparations and plans to have this all ready at just the time we arrived.

You lead me into the house. There is a beautiful country style living room with a big overstuffed couch and loveseat and a gorgeous old rocking chair. All of this is centered around a huge stone fireplace, that has a small fire built—a small one because it is early, early fall—not quite cool enough yet for a roaring blaze. This is primarily for ambiance. The smell of the wood as it burns is intoxicating.

I turn and kiss you deeply. “Thank you for kidnapping me. This is just beautiful.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” you smile at me, “but first we need to eat.”

We go back out to the porch. I take the covers off of the dishes. It is a home cooked, country meal just like our mamas would have made for us years ago–country fried steak and gravy, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, greens, and sweet corn bread. There’s a pitcher of iced tea with sprigs of mint. For dessert, there’s blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream. We fill our plates and enjoy the meal with good conversation and a lot of laughter. That’s one of the things I enjoy about being with you—the good conversation and the laughter.

After we have had our fill of the delicious dinner, we each get a small serving of the blackberry cobbler and a dollop of ice cream and move to the swing to enjoy the evening air, the sound of the crickets, the occasional hooting of an owl and the other night sounds güvenilir bahis that you can only hear out in the woods. After dessert, we set the dishes on the porch rail and settle back into the swing for a bit more. I lean into the curve of your arm, and sigh with pleasure. You pull me close and tip my chin with your finger so we are face to face. We kiss—those deep, passionate, soul touching kisses. I could just kiss you for hours and never grow tired of it. As we kiss, your free hand is touching my face, my hair, my shoulder, and finally moves to caress my breast. I am touching you as well—your face, your hair, your earlobes (I know it drives you nuts), your chest. Finally, my hand moves down to give Michel a caress, and I find that he is already at attention.

I smile as I gently tease Michel thru your clothes. Half jokingly, I ask if there are neighbors who could see us, and you smile a sly smile and say, “No neighbors for miles and miles. Our only audience is the stars and the moon.”

“Hmm.” I say.

I get up off the swing, and you start to stand up, but I put my hand on your chest, so you stay put. I grab a pillow off of one of the chairs and put it on the floor in front of you. I kneel down on the pillow and smile up at you. I undo your belt. I unbutton and unzip your pants. You raise up a little and help slide your pants down, so I can reach my goal. I reach inside your silk boxers, and gently tease Michel with my soft fingertips. Then, I ease him out of your shorts. Michel is definitely at attention, throbbing with the excitement. There is a bit of pre-cum on the head. I lean down and lick it off. You groan in pleasure at the feel of my tongue on Michel. Then, I take him deep inside my mouth, and begin to tease with my tongue on the corona and frenulum. You gasp each time my tongue grazes those sensitive areas. All the while, I have a strong suction on your shaft. You really enjoy the feel of my mouth surrounding your shaft. I take you as deep as I can in my throat. You moan again each time I do that. With my right hand, I gently massage your nut sacs. I tease the sensitive spot with my index finger. You get even harder. I can feel your nuts begin to contract, and you beg me to stop—you don’t want to cum yet, so I back off massaging your nuts. I concentrate on teasing the head and the frenulum of your dick. Michel is throbbing in my mouth. You call my name, and tell me that it is your turn to pleasure me. I lean back, and you take me by the hands and help me to stand up.

“My dear one,” you say, “it’s time to retreat to the bedroom.”

You hold my hands to help me stand up. You stand up and readjust yourself—just in case there might be an unknown audience out there in the dark. I start to clear the dishes, and you tell me to leave them, that within about a half hour, the caterer will come back and quickly clear away the food and dishes—you tell me that everything was brought to the house by the caterer, and so there’s no need for anyone to come into the house.

We go inside and shut and lock the door. You lead me through the living room to the master bedroom. If anything, it’s more beautiful than the living room. There is a big, heavy, ornate antique-looking 4-poster bed. It’s a king size, so it has to be based on an antique design, not an antique itself. At any rate, it is beautiful. It is covered with a beautiful quilt and lots and lots of pillows. There are dressers with mirrors positioned at strategic locations around the room and one very tall cheval mirror close to the bed. The sight of all those mirrors triggers something in the back of my mind, but I dismiss it.

“I have another surprise for you,” you tell me. “Come with me.”

You take me by the hand and lead me thru the French doors out onto a concrete lanai off the master bedroom. There is a fire pit, blazing. Ensconced on either side are chairs. There are tables beside each chair. One is outfitted with a large pitcher of iced tea and 2 glasses. On the table is a remote control. You pick it up, and push a button. Our favorite style of music begins to play. You push another button, and I hear a whirring noise. When I turn to see where it is coming from, I see the cover moving off of a hot tub. You must have pushed another button, because the lights on the inside of the tub come on, and it starts to bubble.

“There’s your surprise,” you tell me. You smile at my obvious delight.

You reach for me and begin to kiss me again—deep soul kisses. I wrap my arms around you. You kiss my eyes, my cheeks, my jaw line and my earlobes, and down on my neck.

“Are you ready for a long weekend of as much lovemaking and total debauchery?” you ask with a sly smile on your face.

“The question is my lover, are you ready?” I grin back at you.

“Challenging me? Are you challenging me?” you come back with a mock-gangster attitude.

“Oh yes my love, that is a challenge! But it doesn’t matter who gives out first, we both will win!” I reply.

Then, you laugh out loud. “You’re right. But I’m ready to get this challenge underway!”

You step closer and kiss me again, tenderly, as you begin to undress me–first my shirt, then my bra, my shoes and socks, my jeans and finally my panties, all land in a pile on one of the chairs. You hold me close, running your hands over my body. We kiss deeply again. You lean down and kiss and suck each of my nipples to hardness. You reach down and dip a finger into my soaking türkçe bahis wet quim and run your fingertip over my clit. I gasp with pleasure at your touch.

Then it is my turn to undress you. I unbutton your shirt—slowly–one button undone and then a kiss, another button undone, and then a kiss, and so on until your shirt is opened. I take it off of you. I undo your belt again, unbutton and unzip your pants and you step out of them. You take off your shoes and socks. Then I slide those silky boxers down, and on my way down, I stop and give Michel a lick and a kiss and a caress—he is ramrod hard. Your clothes join mine on the chair.

There we are, skin to skin, kissing, touching, enjoying the closeness of our bodies.

You whisper to me, “Time for a bubble bath my dear.”

From a hidden shelf on the side of the hot tub, you pull out a bottle of scented bubble bath–something not too feminine and not too masculine, a scent that we will both enjoy. You pour quite a bit into the churning water of the hot tub. From another shelf on the side of the hot tub, you find 2 big fluffy white washcloths. Then, we climb into the hot tub and settle down onto the built in seats on the side. The seats are low down in the tub, and the water comes almost all the way to our necks. The water is so warm. It feels so good. The bubbles almost feel like a massage.

I turn to you and smile. “This is going to be a wonderful weekend.” I lean in and kiss you. I move around to straddle your lap, and there we are again, skin to skin, kissing and holding and just enjoying each other. You put your arms around me and pull me close to your chest. You have one hand on my upper back and one on my butt, holding on tight as if I might slip away if you didn’t hold on. We soul kiss–those deep, deep soul kisses. I have my arms around your neck, just drinking in your essence as we continue to kiss for what seems hours.

Finally, you break the kiss, and say, “If we stay in much longer, my dear, we will turn into prunes. Besides, I want to make love with you.” You kiss me again, lightly this time. Then, you kiss my cheek and move on around to nibble on my earlobe. You whisper in my ear, “I want to be inside you.”

“I want you inside me,” I smile back at you. I move off of your lap, and step out of the hot tub. I wrap one of the fluffy white towels around me and start toward the bedroom. “Come get me,” I call playfully over my shoulder as I am walking away.

You get out of the tub and are following right behind me, pausing only long enough to grab the other towel and start drying off as you catch up to me.

I almost make it to the bedroom door when you catch up to me. “You are a vixen!” You laugh as you playfully smack my bottom.

I laugh too, and say, “I resemble that remark!” Then I hurry off to the bathroom to take a quick shower and wash my hair.

I’ve just about finished my shower and have my hair lathered up, and with the shampoo running down over my face, I can’t open my eyes. Suddenly, I feel your hands running over my breasts and down my sides. I gasp at the sensations caused by your touch. I lean my head back into the shower spray and rinse the shampoo off my face. I open my eyes, just as you put your arms around my waist and pull me close to you. Ahh, yes, you guessed, it! The kissing begins again. Deep, deep soul kissing, with tongues dancing that ritual Tango that causes amazing responses.

Not breaking the kiss, you hold me around the waist with one arm, and with the other, slowly, teasingly slide your fingers over my soap-slicked body until they reach my secret garden. Gently, you part my dew lips and slide your finger languidly over my clit. My body reacts the way you know it will. I moan and move closer. Delicately, you strum my clit with your fingers the way you would play a fine instrument. My breathing becomes heavier, but you won’t let me break the kiss. I hold onto your shoulders. My pelvis rocks back and forth on your finger. You assault my senses with the continued kissing and the teasing of my clit. I can feel the climax rising. There is a burning sensation that starts in my clit and spreads throughout my pelvis, over my buttocks, and down my legs, and even into my toes. By the time it reaches my toes, my pelvis is rocking violently as I cum. I can’t contain my voice. I pull back from your kiss. My breathing is ragged, and I am moaning loudly. I look deep into your eyes as I cum. I see you smile that sweetly smug smile—proud, but amazed nonetheless that you have made me cum so dramatically.

My orgasm subsides, and my knees are weak. You hold me close so I don’t collapse. You kiss me again and tell me, “Round 1. Who won—you or me?”

I look at you with my own vixen-like smile, “I did of course!”

I manage, with your help to step out of the tub. I grab one of the fluffy bath sheets and wrap my body in it. I get another smaller towel for my hair. There is a vanity bench in front of the sink, which seems to have been designed with a woman in mind—plenty of room for fixing hair and doing make up and all those girly things women like. I start toweling my hair dry while you take your shower.

I’m sitting at the vanity brushing my hair. I smile. Can’t help it. I smile a big satisfied smile. What an orgasm that was!!!! Then, I smell your shower gel. The scent gives me a lurch in my pelvis—a pleasant one. I associate the scent of your shower gel with you. When I smell that scent, güvenilir bahis siteleri I get wet. I’m so intoxicated by the scent, that I almost climb back into the shower with you, but I restrain myself, knowing that soon enough, we’ll be in bed together.

You call out above the sound of the water, “In the top drawer of the dresser facing the bed, you will find another surprise. Go put it on for me.”

I laugh and say, “What have you done?”

You say again, “You’ll see. Just put it on for me.”


“Oh, and then wait on the bed for me. I want you ready for me when I come out of the shower.”

“Yes, darlin’, I’ll be more than ready!” I call back to you.

In the bedroom, I cross to the dresser facing the bed. I open the top drawer, and there lying inside is a red bustier with garters, red silk crotchless panties and black silk stockings. “Hmmm,” I think to myself, “Naughtier by the second.”

I powder and perfume myself with the LoveSpell that I had placed in my purse before leaving the house. I know how you like the scent, that just getting a whiff of my scent as I pass by you is enough to make you hard. Spritzes of the scent behind each ear, my neck, my cleavage, wrists, behind knees, ankles, and just a tiny spritz at my crotch—just want the scent there, not the taste. Then I put on the crotchless panties first. Then the bustier with all its hooks. Interesting, my breasts don’t seem to fit all the way inside, and then I realize it is a half-bustier, my nipples and the top halves of my breasts are exposed. Hmmm, my nipples seem even bigger from this perspective. Then I put on the silk stockings. Ahh, the feel of the silk against the skin of my legs is amazing. I stand up and survey myself in the mirror. I like what I see, and I’m sure you will too when you get out of the shower.

Unbeknownst to me, however, you were already out of the shower, and were watching me as I was getting dressed for you. Still unaware of your presence, I turn down the covers on the bed, and stack up the pillows the way I know you like them. I climb into the bed and lean back into the pillows to wait on you. Suddenly, the lights dim. I am startled and look around to find that you are in the doorway watching me.

“Ready for round 2?” you ask with a playfully wicked grin on your face.

I am almost speechless (a state rarely experienced by me). “How long were you watching me?” I ask.

“The whole time,” You smile at me. “I enjoyed watching you prepare yourself for me. Can’t you tell?” You make a quick downward look.

I follow your eyes, and find that Michel is at the ready. “MMMMMM!” I say.

I start to get off the bed and come to you, but you motion for me to stay. You begin your own preparations. From the tiny refrigerator that has been cleverly concealed in the room, you bring out another pitcher of iced tea and pour 2 glasses for us. “To quench our thirst later from our exhilarating efforts,” you tell me. These, you place on the night stands. You light candles that have been placed on each dresser and table in the room. Then, you finally turn off the electric lights. Amazingly, behind each candle is a mirror, which effectively doubles the romantic ambiance. Also, amazingly I discover that I can see myself from my position on the bed from every mirror in the room. (I knew there was something about those mirrors—I just couldn’t put my finger on it.) Then, there is soft, romantic music to fully set the scene.

I am breathless with anticipation.

You finally join me on the bed. Lying beside me, you lean up on your elbow and hold me close with your other arm, and kiss me so deeply, that it is almost like I am falling into you. You kiss down my neck, over my breasts, giving each equal attention to the nipples that are peeking out over the top edge of the bustier. You tease my nipples to hardness. Each flick of your tongue sends an electric shock thru me. You linger there for quite a while. My body responds. I moan in pleasure. You tease and tantalize my nipples until I am almost to the point of cumming. You continue to work your way down, unhooking each hook of the bustier as you go, and with each hook undone, you tease my skin with your tongue. Finally the bustier is off. You French kiss my naval. Oh the sensation! You move further South. I hold my breath in anticipation of the touch of your tongue on my clit. But of course, you are just teasing me. You kiss all around, but never quite just on the clit. I am bursting with anticipation. You kiss my inguinal areas—you know the sensitive spots that make me jump. You start moving to my thighs, giving me those sweet, tender, tantalizing feather kisses along the insides of my thighs. You kiss down to where the garters are attached to the stockings. With the flick of your fingers, the front garter on my left leg is loose, and with another flick of your fingers, the back garter on my left leg is loose. You hook a finger into the top of the stocking, and start pulling it down, feather kissing my left leg as you go. You get to my knee, and linger at the sensitive spot behind my knee. I sigh with pleasure at the sensations. After a few minutes of teasing me there, you continue pulling the stocking down. Finally, you’ve reached my ankle, and give it the same treatment you gave my knee, knowing that my ankle is almost as sensitive as my knee. You pull the stocking off my foot, and toss it. Where it lands, I do not know, as I am a bit preoccupied. Slowly, slowly, you work your way back up my leg, touching and massaging, kissing and licking—amazing sensations. Finally, you are nearly back to the love grotto—but again, you just tease me, never quite reaching my clit.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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