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Double Penetration

This is a continuation of The Family Business by Leon22reloaded. I got in touch with him through an intermediary and he’s given me his blessing to continue where he left off. I recommend you read the first chapter which you can find here on Literotica. My thanks to Leon for allowing me to continue and I hope I do him justice.

As with all my stuff, this will feature large breasted women having sex with big dicked men with plenty of anal and cumshots. Consider this your warning about the content so don’t bother complaining about yet another story on Literotica featuring huge tits and dicks — if that isn’t your thing, then stop reading now and leave the rest of us to enjoy ourselves.

As always, everyone is 18 or over.

† † † † †

“I can’t believe I’m doing this again,” Lisa said as she adjusted the tiny bikini, trying to ensure the small triangles of her top covered her nipples.

“And I can’t believe you’re still having doubts about this,” her daughter Tiffany said as she watched her.

Lisa smiled at her. “And I can’t believe you sided with your brothers and persuaded me in the first place.”

Tiffany waved her hand, dismissing her words. “Bullshit, mom. You want to do this. You love showing off in front of the cameras, knowing hundreds of horny guys are jerking off, waiting for you to finally give in and fuck on screen.” Tiffany looked her up and down. “And I know you want to do that, too.”

Lisa bit her lip, unable to deny what her daughter was saying. In the last few weeks, her life had turned upside down. Her husband had left the country after stealing all the money his firm had generated, leaving Lisa, Tiffany and her brothers Jason and Kevin broke and in serious trouble. Her sons, however, had a way to help — they had been running and starring in a porn website called Big Dicks Banging Big Tits and they’d saved enough money to buy the house from the FBI who had seized it to pay their father’s creditors. That had caused another problem because the website had slowed down in terms of membership — despite the name, only one or two of the girls featured had what could reasonably be called big tits. If they wanted to continue, they needed to find an investor.

Luckily, one of the girls they’d filmed for the site — Cassie, the daughter of Nicole who was a friend of Lisa — had a rich uncle. After Cassie saw her uncle Wes and her mother having sex — even though they were brother and sister — she felt certain he’d have no concerns about funding a site that his own niece was starring in. Before heading back home, Wes had met Jason, Kevin and Brad their attorney and written them a check that would allow them to not only redesign the site but also pay for more — and bustier — models.

Rather than find unknown girls, the boys — along with their friend and fellow Big Dick, Danny — had instead set their sights closer to home. After months of flirting, Danny and his mom Alicia had finally given in to their urges and ended up fucking. When Danny had told her about the website, she had been more than willing to film for them.

Alicia had tempted Lisa as well — she and Danny had put on an impromptu show for the shocked MILF, Alicia whipping her son’s cock out in front of her and sucking on it, telling Lisa that her own two boys had cocks just as big and, more importantly, that both of them wanted to fuck not only Alicia, but Nicole as well. And, if they could bag those two busty MILFs, they wanted to do the same with not only Lisa, but their sister Tiffany as well.

Wes’s money had allowed the boys to move the series of cameras they’d been using in their van out of it and in to one of the main bedrooms in their house. There, Alicia had been the first to film a scene for the site, taking on Jason while Danny, her son, had filmed the action. Nicole had eagerly followed a day or two later, getting her hands on Danny’s big dick. To Kevin and Jason’s delight, Tiffany and Cassie had filmed a scene together, their sister using a strap on to fuck her friend up the ass, the first anal scene on the website.

And each of these had been introduced by Lisa wearing either a bikini or lingerie, acting as a non-nude hostess for the scenes.

With the introduction of the MILFs — as well as the equally busty Goth Tiffany and her blonde cheerleader girlfriend Cassie — membership had soared once more, site members getting in touch to thank them for living up to the website name by having more big titted women in the scenes. After Tiffany and Cassie’s scene, requests for more anal flooded in as well as more girl on girl.

By far the largest number of requests they received, were for Lisa to stop just being the hostess and to film something with at least one of the big dicked studs.

“I’m still not sure I’m ready to even go topless, let alone have sex on screen,” Lisa said to her daughter.

“Mom, you would totally rule this site if you shot just one scene with Danny,” Tiffany said. She winked at her mother. “Of course, if you filmed one with both Jason and Kevin, that would be out of this world.”

“I canlı bahis can’t have sex with my own sons,” Lisa said, still adjusting the too small bikini top, her huge tits spilling out the side.

“Why not? Alicia does with Danny,” Tiffany replied. “And after today, you’ll be the only mom in the group who hasn’t done incest.”

Lisa shook her head. “I can’t believe Nicole and Cassie are filming together,” she said.

“There you go with that I can’t believe phrase again, mom,” Tiffany said. She stepped over to her mom and took her head in her hands, staring deep into her eyes. They were so close together that as they breathed, their big tits rose and brushed against each other. “I can’t believe you’re still fighting this,” Tiffany said, leaning in and tilting her head. She kissed her gently on the lips, her tongue slipping out and sliding across her mother’s before she moved back. “I know the boys want you real bad, mom — and so do I.” She smiled at her. “And I think you want the same, mom.”

Lisa stared at her daughter, conscious of how hard her nipples were and how clearly visible they’d become beneath the small bikini. She also realised just how hot and wet her pussy was.

“Tiff — ” she began before she was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Ready when you are, Lisa,” Danny’s voice called from the other side.

“Go do your thing, mom,” Tiffany said, quickly kissing her again before turning her around and gently swatting her ass.

Confused and more than a little horny, Lisa left one bedroom and headed in to the main one where the cameras and lighting were already set up. In one corner, a camera on a tripod pointed at a large white screen which Lisa moved over to and stood before, looking at the camera. Danny looked at the digital screen to make sure she was in the right place and gave her a thumbs up.

“Hi friends,” Lisa said in a low, breathy voice. “We’ve got an extra special scene for you this time. Our busty blonde cheerleader, Cassie, is back in action once more. She simply can’t get enough of Kevin’s — huge — fucking — cock — but you already know that, don’t you?”

She reached up and cupped her own big tits, pushing them together to form a deep, deep cleavage. Behind the camera, Danny’s eyes went wide — Lisa had never gone that far before.

“What makes this scene special is she’s brought in someone to help her — our big, busty, blonde MILF Nicole — mmmmmm, don’t you think they look alike?”

Lisa ran one hand through her hair, the other still squeezing her huge tits as she gasped at the camera.

“They could almost be mother and daughter, couldn’t they?” she asked the viewers. “Maybe they’ll role play that — would you like that? I bet you would.”

Lisa brought both hands to the bikini top she wore and pulled it out, using her arms to push her tits together, just about managing to still hide her nipples.

“Let’s watch, shall we? Two big titted blondes sharing one big fucking cock. And if you enjoy this scene, make sure you get your friends to sign up — the more members we have, the more scenes we shoot and who knows? If we get enough members, maybe one day I’ll shoot a scene myself?”

Lisa slowly pulled her bikini top off, cupping her huge tits and pinching her hard nipples as she blew a kiss at the camera.

Danny watched stunned as Lisa went topless for the very first time. Giggling, she stepped away from the camera and left the room.

Danny switched off the camera and turned to the other side of the room where Kevin stood, his jaw open in surprise.

“Holy fuck,” he whispered. “My mom just went topless.”

“It’s okay,” Danny said, tapping the camera. “I got it.”

The pair of them looked at each other.

“I swear, we are one step closer to boning her,” Kevin said.

“That will be awesome,” Danny said. “But right now, you get to fuck both Nicole and Cassie. Mind on the job.”

Danny left to get Nicole and Cassie, Kevin still stunned at seeing his mom’s bare tits for the first time.

† † † † †

Cassie sat on the edge of the bed, Kevin beside her. She wore a modified cheerleader’s outfit — sneakers with ankle socks, a tiny skirt that barely covered her ass, and a cropped sweater that showed off her flat, trim belly and at the same time was low cut enough to show a large amount of her deep cleavage. The sweater was moulded to her huge tits, tight enough to push them together but with enough give to allow them to jiggle beneath it.

“I’m real glad you could come round today,” she said, running her hands over his thigh. “My mom’s headed out so we’re all alone here — we can do whatever we want.”

“And what do you want to do, Cassie?” Kevin asked her, watching her hand move higher over his shorts until it cupped the big bulge of his cock.

“Well, since we last got together, I’ve tried something new and I’m really hoping you’d like to try it with me, too.”

“What’s that, Cass?” Kevin asked.

“Promise you won’t be shocked?” Cassie asked him, slowly unzipping his shorts at the same time. bahis siteleri Kevin nodded. “My girlfriend Tiffany taught me how to take it up the ass.” She reached in to his shorts and took hold of his thickening cock. “Mmmmmm, feels like you like that news.”

“Tiffany?” Kevin said. “Is that the Goth girl with the really big tits?” he asked, pretending not to know his own sister.

“Mm-hmm,” Cassie said.

“Does she take it up the ass, too?”

“Mm-hmm,” Cassie said again.

“Maybe me and Jason can get you both together,” Kevin said. “Fuck both of your asses.”

“That would be so good,” Cassie said, her hands still working on his dick in his shorts. “But as it’s just me today, would you like to fuck my ass?”

“Fuck yeah,” Kevin said.

Cassie giggled and leaned over, kissing him deeply, as Kevin reached across and pulled the neckline of her sweater down and over one of her massive tits. The fleshy orb popped free of her sweater, her small pink nipple hard and aching to be sucked. Kevin broke their kiss and quickly leaned down, taking it in his mouth. Cassie moaned in pleasure as she undid his shorts, allowing her to pull his huge cock free.

“Fuuuuuck,” she said, stroking it. “So fucking big.”

Kevin straightened up and watched as Cassie pushed his shorts off. She held the base of his foot long cock and bent down, taking the first couple of inches in her mouth, her tongue lapping over the swollen knob, drool running down the shaft.

“That’s it, Cassie,” Kevin sighed, looking down at the busty cheerleader. “Suck my cock.”

Cassie did just that, lovingly stuffing as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, the big knob bumping into the back of her throat and making her gag a little. She moved back and spat on the throbbing meat, using her hand to cover the shaft in spit. She dipped her head again, swallowing his huge cock once more, her hand stroking what she couldn’t fit between her lips.

Kevin reached down and filled his hands with her massive tits, pushing her sweater down even further so that both her big orbs were free. He held them as she bobbed her head up and down, slurping noisily on his cock as he groped at her tits.

She moved off the bed, never once taking her mouth off his cock, and knelt between his legs. Kevin parted her tits for a second then wrapped them around his shaft as she shuffled forward, Cassie still sucking at his cockhead.

“Fuck yeah,” he groaned as Cassie moved his hands aside and took hold of her own tits, sliding them up and down his throbbing prick as she sucked on his glans, titfucking him as she blew him.

“You like that?” Cassie asked, looking up at him, her tongue lashing over his knob. “You like getting your big dick between my big — fucking — tits?”

“Oh hell yeah,” Kevin laughed, loving the feel of her firm melons sliding over his meaty shaft. She dipped her head again and sucked and drooled over his cock, her spit acting as lube for the titfucking session.

The bedroom door opened and Nicole, Cassie’s mom, walked in, stopping in surprise at the scene before her.

“Cassie! What the devil are y’all doing?” she exclaimed in her Southern drawl.

“Shit! Mom!” Cassie squealed, leaping up, her tits bouncing, Kevin’s big dick slapping against his belly as he remained seated, smiling over at Nicole. “I — I thought you went out!”

“So you thought you’d invite your friend over for some fun, is that it?” she asked, striding in to the bedroom. Her big tits — bigger even than Cassie’s — moved beneath the tight T-shirt she wore, the hem of it not quite reaching her jeans and revealing her trim belly. She looked down at Kevin’s still hard, huge prick. “Though I can’t say I blame you, darling,” she said with a smile. “That’s a mighty big dick.”

“Mom!” Cassie said. “Don’t look at Kevin’s dick!”

“Oh darling,” Nicole said as she knelt down between Kevin’s legs. “I’m gonna do more than just look at it,” she said, taking hold of his fuck meat. “Less you want me to tell your pa what you’re doing up here?” Nicole looked at her daughter as she leaned forward, getting closer and closer to Kevin’s shaft. “No? Didn’t think so,” she said, closing her eyes and purring as she sucked in the first few inches of his cock.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck, yeah!” Kevin sighed as Nicole began working out on his cock.

“Kevin!” Cassie exclaimed.

“I got plenty to share, Cass,” he said. “I’m sure your mom won’t mind sharing. Get over here.”

Nicole made a show of moving slightly to one side, allowing Cassie to kneel beside her. Mother and daughter looked at each other for a moment before Nicole took Kevin’s cock from her mouth and offered it to her.

“Want some of this again, darling?” she asked her daughter.

Cassie didn’t hesitate but swooped down and sucked in the first few inches of Kevin’s dick, cramming it into her mouth until it bumped into the back of her throat.

“Gluukk! Gllukkk! Gluukk!” She gagged on his big cock once more, spit flowing out of her mouth and down the shaft.

“That’s it, honey, get bahis şirketleri that big cock all wet for momma,” Nicole said. She leaned back and pulled her T-shirt off, revealing her huge, firm, round jugs to Kevin’s gaze. “You like mah big titties, Kevin?” she asked him, lifting one of them up and licking at her own nipple.

“God yeah!” Kevin sighed, staring at them as Cassie choked herself on his cock.

“Good — wanna put that big ol’ cock between them?”

Cassie reared up on cue, leaving Kevin’s big fuck meat covered in her spit. She held the base of it steady and watched as her mom moved forward and wrapped her huge melons around his dick, enveloping it in her spongy mounds.

“Oh fuck that’s good!” Kevin groaned as he watched Nicole slide her massive jugs up and down his cock, his bulbous knob disappearing between them on the up stroke before nudging into her chin on the down stroke.

Cassie leaned in suddenly and sucked on his knob as it popped free of her mom’s tits before she had to let it go as Nicole’s tits hid it once more. With nothing to suck on, Cassie moved up and — staring at her mom — leaned in and kissed her passionately, their tongues twining round each other.

“Fuuuuucck!” Kevin sighed as he watched the busty mother and daughter make-out session in front of him, his cock still wedged between Nicole’s huge tits. They moved back and leaned in, both of them starting from the base and running their lips up Kevin’s cock until they reached the big knob together, their tongues lashing over it and into each other’s mouths. “God that looks so fucking good,” Kevin breathed.

“I think your boyfriend likes watching a mom and daughter get it on,” Nicole said to her daughter. “Think he’d like watching me suck on those big titties of yours?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Kevin groaned.

Cassie sat up a little, her huge tits still pushed up by the tight sweater that had been pulled down to free them. As Kevin watched, Nicole leaned in and lovingly licked and sucked on Cassie’s tits, moving from one to the other and back again.

“Mmmmm — that feels good, mom,” Cassie sighed. She reached out and took hold of her mom’s big tits, groping the firm, round orbs in her hands.

Nicole looked up at her daughter as she sucked on her tits. “I think we all should be naked, don’t you?” she asked.

The two women stood and quickly pulled off the rest of their clothes as Kevin did the same. He sat back on the edge of the bed and grinned as Nicole moved towards him, her big tits swaying gently.

“Hope you don’t mind if I take a ride on your boyfriend?” she asked her daughter.

Kevin groaned in delight as Nicole climbed on top of him, straddling his legs and lowering herself down. Kneeling below them, Cassie held his big cock upright, aiming it at her mother’s pussy. She watched intently as the big, flared head inched inside her mom’s cunt, spreading her wet lips.

“Ohhhhh fucccckkk!” Nicole sighed as she felt his thick tube of meat slip into her. “Fuck that’s good.”

Kevin grabbed her huge tits and sucked on first one nipple then the other, her big mounds spilling over his hands.

“Yeah, suck them big titties — ahhhhh — fuck yeah,” Nicole moaned as she slipped her pussy further down his pole until her shaved lips met his crotch. She paused, enjoying the feeling of being stuffed full of cock once more, before beginning to move up and down slightly, fucking herself on his big dick.

Cassie stood up next to her and kissed her, stroking her back. “You look so good getting fucked, mom,” she said. “Do you like Kevin’s big cock?”

“Mmmmm fuck yes, honey,” Nicole murmured, gasping as Cassie leaned down and sucked on the nipple that Kevin wasn’t. “Thank you — ahhhhh — for sharing.”

“Just don’t wear him out,” Cassie said, kissing her again. “Because I promised him he could stuff that big dick of his — up my ass.”

“Mmmmm now that I want to see,” Nicole said. She grabbed Kevin’s hair and pulled his head back, making him look up at her. “And maybe after you’ve fucked my daughter up the ass — you can fuck mine. Would you like that, Kevin?”

“God yes!” Kevin cried. He took hold of Nicole’s ass cheeks and started moving her up and down, jamming his cock as deep into her pussy as he could. She joined him, lifting herself up and down the meaty length, her twat gripping it tightly, the slick, wet walls sliding along his shaft.

“Yeah — fuck me — uuhnnnnn — fuck me, you big dicked bastard!” Nicole cried.

Kevin quickly spun her round, laying her on her back on the bed, pushing her knees back up to her huge tits, thrusting his cock into her pussy. Cassie wasted no time and climbed on to the bed, straddling her mother’s face and dropping her soaking wet cunt on to her lips, Nicole eagerly eating her out.

“Fuuuuckkkk yeaaahhhhh!” Cassie moaned, feeling her mother’s tongue slip deep into her twat. She dropped forward, pushing Kevin back, making his prick slip free of Nicole’s pussy, and quickly swallowed as much of it as she could. Knowing what she liked, Kevin thrust deep into her mouth, making her gag and cough on his massive cock. As he pulled back and let her catch her breath, Cassie dipped her head and clamped her lips on her mother’s pussy, licking and sucking at her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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