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Gloria yawned as she pulled into the driveway. Brian had told her to come to his house at 10:30 am, but she hadn’t slept a lot the night before. Mostly because of Danny.

He had let himself into her house while she slept and crept quietly to her bedroom. He had ripped the covers off of her so that she woke with a shout. She had been wearing a silky light blue baby doll and matching blue panties, and the baby doll had crept up to give an impressive view of her bare stomach. The full moon’s light had given him plenty to look at.

“I’m taking you up on your suggestion to come by for a late visit,” he had said. She had suggested it to him a few days back while he put on a show with his friend Brian for her, which was the price she had demanded for being their willing sex slave all summer. Danny had come by the night before her rude awakening for a passionate makeout session that had become gentle sex and then a rough blowjob. This time, he had passed on the foreplay, telling her to take off her panties and lift her top, undressing, and sliding his cock between her spread legs. He had cum in her twice, with a bit of tit fucking in between to harden him up, and then gotten up to leave.

“I know what you’re doing with Brian tomorrow,” he had said. “It sounds hot. I think I’ll come by to make sure you’re getting fucked twice over.”

Brian had delivered his instructions earlier that same day. He had waited outside her house until he heard her in the shower, and then let himself in, undressed, and hidden behind the door between her bathroom and bedroom.

When she had come out, he had snatched her from behind, putting his hand over his mouth as she screamed. She had quickly guessed who the intruder was — she had given them keys for just this purpose — but that hadn’t reduced the initial shock.

“I remember you in that towel,” he had said into her ear. “The first time I fucked you? You were smoking hot in it then, and you’re smoking hot now. Why don’t you lift the bottom of it for me?” She had tugged up the hem to expose her naked ass, which she pressed against his hard cock.

“Yeah, that’s right,” he had said. “Smoking hot. Why don’t you show me the rest of that pretty body of yours?”

She had unwrapped the towel and tossed it to the side. He had run his hands over her tits for a minute while he kissed her neck. She had arched her back to give him better access and also to push her ass further against his crotch. He hadn’t yet fucked her in the ass, but she wasn’t shy about suggesting it. Instead he had bent her over, stroked her pussy with his cock until she was wet, gabbed her hips, and pushed his dick in. She moaned as she swayed forward from his thrust. He had pushed into her, pulled out, and pushed some more until he was in up to his hilt. He had cum inside of her and then had her turn around and suck his cock clean. He had told her to get some panties on so that his cum would be trickling out of her all day at the office. That’s also when he had given her the orders she was trotting up the concrete walkway to fulfill.

She knocked at the door and she heard him ask who it was. “Maid service,” she called back.

The door opened, and Brian looked her up and down. She was wearing a long coat, but he could see the bulge over her thighs where the skirt flared out, and he could see the white tights that ran down her legs to her black heels. He could also, of course, see the little lace tiara in the soft curls of her black hair. “Come on in,” he said. She scooted past him, and he closed the door. His parents were away for the weekend, and he had decided that Gloria should keep him company. And he had told her how he wanted her to dress for the day. The night he had left up to her.

“Take off your coat,” he said. “I want to see the whole outfit.” She put down the overnight bag she was carrying and then undid the large, brown buttons on her coat.

Brian let out a whistle. She was the very picture of a slutty French maid. Her black top was shoulderless, leaving just two puffy, short sleeves bordered in frilly white lace. The top of her 36C tits swelled out from the tight bodice top that came to a bunched up line just under them, leaving her whole stomach exposed. It was more of the suggestion of a top then a functional garment. Her black skirt, released from the coat, flared out to the sides, buoyed up by layers of ruffles and lace, leaving half her thighs and all of her calves visible. Atop the skirt, of course, was a tiny white apron. Her white stockings, topped with tight garters, ended just below the skirt line.

“And under the skirt?” he asked. She lifted up the lofty item to reveal white hotpants covered in ruffly rows.

“Man, that’s hot,” he said. She smiled up at him. “I was going to tell you to take off your top before sucking my dick, but now I think I want you just like this. Get down on your knees and do your first cleaning assignment.”

She slid down on to the tiled entryway — she’d better get him off quick or her knees would be complaining canlı bahis tomorrow — and looked up at him as she began to unbutton his long shorts. She unzipped his fly and then hooked her hands underneath the boxers he was wearing and pulled sharply down, leaving him in nothing but a shirt with a puddle of shorts and boxers at his feet. His thick cock was already a little hard. She slid her lips all the way down his shaft until his pubic hair was tickling her nose and stroked his balls. He hardened quickly as she sucked on him with loud slurps and looked up at him.

She pulled her head off the cock and began to stroke him. “Didn’t I say to suck my cock, slut?” he said.

“I had an idea of something you might like more,” she replied, and ducked her head down to his balls. She licked his sac and slid her hand over his slippery cock.

“Uh,” he sighed as she sucked one nut between her lips, caressing the crinkled skin with her tongue as her hand continued to slide back and forth over his cock. “Okay. Fuck. Okay, yeah. But I want my spunk straight down that throat of yours.”

She hummed against his balls and then replaced the one in her mouth with the other. She licked and sucked his balls, and he groaned in appreciation. He was hard but still seemed far from cumming.

“You know what I did just before you got here?” he asked. She “mm-mmed” against his nuts and kept cupping each one between her lips. “I masturbated hard. I thought of the nasty things we’re going to do today.” Ah, that’s why he was exhibiting more stamina than normal. “And I can’t wait to see what you’ve planned for tonight,” he finished. He had told her that she was going to put on a striptease for him and seduce him.

“Okay,” he said. “I want you sucking my dick again. But I think you need to keep your hands laced behind your back this time. You just keep bobbing nice and deep, slut.”

She did as he had said, shaped her mouth into a little O, and slid it over his waiting cock, pushing her head as far as she could before bobbing up and going back down.

“Yeah, that’s right,” he said. “Pull your arms back a bit more so I can look down and see those big tits.” She pushed out her chest and kept pushing her head back and forth.

“Okay, slut, now use your tongue all over my big cock. Keep those hands behind you.”

She slid her mouth off his cock, stuck out her tongue, and began to work him over with it. She slid it from the root of his cock to the tip, licking the bottom so he could look down and see his dick resting on her face. And he was taking in the view with a grin. At least when he wasn’t leaning his head back in pleasure.

“Okay, Gloria,” he said. “Back to sucking.” As she slid his dick into her mouth, still with her hands behind her, she felt his hands on the back of her head. He pushed forward and sent his cock into her throat. She moaned.

“I am going to fuck that pretty little face of yours, slut,” he said as he began thrusting faster, keeping long strokes sliding past her lips. “I’m going to treat it the same way I’m going to treat your cunt.” She relaxed, breathed through her nose, and let it come, working her tongue as best as she could. He pushed and pulled for a couple more minutes and then began to go even faster, pushing harder and farther into her mouth. Her lips were hitting his stomach with each thrust. Then she felt him tense, and he pulled her head down his shaft as he shot a hot wad of cum straight down her throat. He continued to hold her head there as he shuddered from his orgasm.

“Make sure I’m nice and clean,” he said.

After she licked off his wet cock, he told her to get up and follow him. They went into the kitchen. She figured next she’d be bent over the counter.

“First I want you to do the dishes here,” he said, waving to a small pile. “Then clean off the counters. When you’re done with that, there’s a broom and mop in the garage through that door so you can do the floor.”

She looked at him, startled. “I thought you were going to fuck me all day,” she said.

“Don’t worry, Gloria,” he said, chucking her under the chin. “You’ll be taking a few breaks. But my parents asked me to tidy up while they were gone, and I figured I could just have my maid do it.”

“This outfit isn’t really made for cleaning,” she said.

“Well, I suppose that’s true,” he said. “Turn around and put your hands on the counter.” This was more like it. She did so, and she felt him reach under her skirt and tug her panties down. She leaned forward. He was still soft, but maybe he’d stroke her pussy with his cock until he was hard again.

Then she felt a hard smack on her ass. She yelled out. He spanked her again.

“Wait there,” he said. He stepped to one side and pulled a wooden spoon from a big crock on the counter. He reared back and the spoon hit her ass hard. She screamed.

“Pull up your panties,” he said as he tossed the spoon onto the counter.

“I don’t care if your outfit is only made for fucking, slut,” he growled. “I’ve told you to do bahis siteleri something, and you’re going to do it.”

She wiped the tears from her eyes and turned to pout at Brian. “Yes, sir,” she said.

“Good. Also make sure to clean up your make-up at some point soon. The next time I fuck you, I want your face to be as pretty as it was when you knocked on my door.”

* * *

An hour later, she was dusting the bookshelves in the living room. She was hot from the chores she had done, and she was annoyed, but she had agreed to this. She bent over to dust the lower shelves.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” Brian was standing behind her, ogling the ruffle-covered ass she was exposing. She started to stand up, but he stopped her. “No, stay bent like that for a moment.” She waited as she heard him leave the room, walk down the hallway and then, a minute later, come back. She looked back and saw him holding a big digital camera.

“That’s right, honey. Show me that pretty ass.” The camera clicked. And clicked again. He knelt down, and the camera clicked again.

He told her to stand up and face him. “Lift that skirt. Show me those pretty panties.” She raised the hem as he took more photos. “Very nice.”

“Now why don’t you turn to the side and bend forward a little. Cup those big tits in your hands.” She posed for him, turning her face toward him to give a little pout as the camera clicked.

“Are you going to look at these, later, Brian?” she asked. “Are you going to take them to college with you so you can jack off to them? Are you going to show them to your friends and make them jealous?”

“Why don’t you give us a look at your tits,” he said without answering. She stood up, turned toward him, and tugged the neckline of her top down. This was what she had wanted to do today, not dust bookshelves and mop floors.

“I love those puffy nipples of yours,” Brian said as he took more photos. “Let me see you lick one.” She grabbed her right tit and pushed it up as she bent her face down. Her tongue slid out and caressed her nipple, which quickly got hard.

“Now bend forward,” he said. “I want to see those tits hanging down.” The camera clicked again.

“Yeah, that’s fucking hot,” he said. “Now why don’t you come over here and get on your knees.” She walked over and kneeled down. At least this time she was on the carpet.

“You’re going to take my dick out of my pants, and you’re going to stroke it and kiss it until I cum. I’m going to cum all over your tits, and then you’re going to pull your slutty top up and get back to work with that big sticky spot on your chest.” He held the camera up and smiled. “And I’m going to get pictures of it all.”

She licked her hand and began sliding it up and down his hard dick. A bit more spit, and she was moving back and forth without a hitch. She cooed at him and kissed his dick gently. She kept her eyes turned up to him as much as possible. He was taking pictures as fast as he could. The thought of how she must look made her pussy start flowing. She imagined him showing these photos to the other boys in the dorm room when he left for college. She imagined them masturbating to the mere thought of her.

She went from little kisses to little licks, circling the tip of his cock as her hand stroked him. Her little show had made him nice and hard, and he didn’t last long. She felt his stiff dick get even stiffer, and she pulled it down so it was pointed at her chest. She felt a spurt of warmth as Brian came and then another and another. She loved the way young dicks could rebound. What was she going to do when Brian and Danny left?

She pulled back a little so Brian could admire his handiwork. She could feel the thick semen start to slide down her breasts in little drips. Brian took a couple more photos and then told her to pull her top up.

“You can get back to dusting now, slut,” he said. She sighed and stood up, turning around and grabbing the rag again. His cum continued to slide over her chest, though it was beginning to dry. He left the room.

But a moment later he came back.

“I don’t know if that rag is the best tool for dusting,” he said. She turned to see him holding a large blue feather duster.

“I bought this for you yesterday,” he said. “I figured it would go well with the maid outfit. Do you like it?”

“I do,” she said, taking it from him.

“Yeah? How much do you like it? Maybe you should give it a little kiss.” Ah, this was going to be fun. She lifted it up and put her lips up to the long handle. He held up the camera and took a photo.

“Maybe you should lick it. You want to show it how much you like it.” She slid her tongue along it and looked at him with half-closed eyes. Click.

“Yeah, and maybe a little sucking would make it feel good.” She slid the end into her mouth and bobbed it up and down.

“You do like it, don’t you, little slut? You like everything that’s long and hard, don’t you? Why don’t you sit on the chair there with your little friend?” She bahis şirketleri moved over to the leather recliner nearby.

“Yeah, that’s right. Now lift that pretty skirt of yours and let me take a photo of you rubbing that against your pussy.” She pulled up the skirt to expose her white tights and white, ruffly hotpants. She spread her legs and moved the handle of the duster up and down against her slit. She moaned as it rubbed against her. She was still horny as hell from her photo session, and the long rod felt good. The camera clicked a few more times as she leaned her head back.

“You need to show your feather duster that you really, really like it. Pull down those panties and fuck yourself with the handle.” She groaned and pushed her hand down her panties. She tucked it forward and pulled, moving her hand around her hips until the panties were on the middle of her thighs. She began to maneuver the duster.

“I want some really good photos of that bald pussy, so why you don’t you pull those panties all the way down to your ankles. Then spread your legs and start fucking yourself.” She pushed the white, ruffly garment to the floor and spread her knees, leaving her ankles trapped in the underwear.

Then she used one hand to slide apart her lips while her other one pushed the duster handle into her cunt. She was soaking wet already, and the handle went in with little resistance. She fucked herself with the handle as Brian took pictures. She was breathing hard from the pleasure. Then she tilted the duster up a little so that the strokes would brush against her clit.

Her breathing got faster, and she began to let out little moans.

“Louder, slut,” said Brian. “I want to really hear you cum.” She increased the volume, practically shouting as the duster slid in and out and tickled her clit. A few more strokes, and she was going over the edge. Her pussy was clamping around the thin blue handle as she let out a long, loud grunt. Brian still had his camera and was taking pictures of her, sprawled out in an easy chair with a feather duster between her legs.

“Nice,” he said. “But I think before you use that duster to dust, you need to clean it off.” She extracted the duster handle with a squish and began to lick her own juices off of it. The camera and the thought of Brian sharing the photos had made her feel extra slutty, and she took it out on the handle as the camera kept going.

“Good. Now finish up that dusting and get to the rest of your chores. And remember to touch up that make-up.” She let out a sigh and stood up, bending over to pull up her panties. Her wet pussy instantly began to seep into the fabric. Brian grinned as she got back to work, and then went back to his room, where he was playing video games.

* * *

After another hour of cleaning, she felt that she was done. Brian had given her a list of her chores, presumably the one his parents had given him, and she had done them all. She wiped down the heavy dining room table one more time.

She called out to Brian and he came out of his room to inspect.

“Very nice,” he said, looking around. And then his eyes shifted to her. “Very nice, indeed.”

“Now,” he said, “I’d like a kiss. A nice deep one.” She took a big step to get closer to him and pounced on him, sliding her tongue into his waiting mouth. The day’s sexual chores had made her hot, and she was eager for this outlet.

Then the doorbell rang. Brian pulled back and looked at her.

“I think you should get that,” he said with a grin. She swallowed and grimaced. It could be a friend of his parents’; it could be the mailman. Either way, the person on the other side of the door was going to get an eyeful.

“Before you open the door,” he said as she walked away, “drop those panties to your ankles again. I like that look.” She grimaced again, but once she got to the doorway, she did as he had said. She had agreed to this, after all.

She grabbed the door and opened it, hobbling a little with her underwear-bound feet.

She let out a sigh of relief. Danny was standing there, openly ogling her.

“Brian sent me some pictures of you from today,” he said, “and I had to come see for myself.”

“Okay, Gloria,” Brian said from the hall. “You can pull up your underwear now. Just make sure you turn and bend over so Danny gets a good look at that fine ass. Then he can come in.” She quickly did as Brian said, making sure to give her bottom a wiggle as Danny came forward and put his hands on it. He squeezed the cheeks hard and then let her get her underwear up.

“Why have her leave the underwear on?” said Danny to his friend. “If she weren’t wearing them, you could just bend her over and fuck her at a moment’s notice.”

“I like the look of them,” said Brian. “Now, Gloria, why don’t you give Danny a look at those tits. He hasn’t seen them since last night.” She tugged down her neckline for the second time that day. Danny stepped forward and began kneading them. She could tell by his tight squeezes that he was working on sheer lust.

Brian came over and stood behind her, reaching one hand under her skirt to squeeze her ass and reaching the other further down to stroke her pussy. She moaned as the four hands worked her over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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