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I knocked at the door again. The door opened. One glance around the room, and I knew he had followed his instructions.

He immediately started to undress me in the entryway. I was calmly stripped down to my bra and panties. He, was still naked. This time HE dropped to HIS knees. I parted my legs while standing above him as he tugged my thong to the side. Just the brush of his fingertips sent a strong ripple through my body. I had been picturing this all day.

His tongue darted into my wetness. Exploring down each fold, his face became buried between my thighs. I lifted my left leg to take on more of his mouth and braced myself with my hand on the back of his head. I almost tumbled backwards as his hungry mouth devoured me. Aggressively probing his tongue over every inch of my pussy, he lapped at my excitement.

Grabbing the back of his head, I lead him to standing. His face was glistening from my juices. While kissing me, I followed the lean of his body as he reached for the next step of our fantasy.

Removing my panties, I stepped into the leather harness. The petite dildo nestled snugly into my wet opening. canlı bahis My cock, now face-level with him, stood out at attention between us. He licked his lips. He knew it was his turn to get my cock ready for his ass. He went to work. Noisily licking my shaft, I caressed his hair and the side of his face. Movements of my cock teased the dildo inside of me. This wasn’t going to last for long. I pulled my rod from his mouth. He immediately went to the bed to present his ass to me.

There it was. He had prepared his ass just as I had done for him earlier today. I, however, was not as patient. I wanted inside of him now. Grabbing the plug, I twisted it until it popped from his bud. He groaned out, somewhat with relief and somewhat with anticipation. My lubricated hand was stroking my cock as I massaged his opening with my fingers. He kept pushing back towards me. He wanted it. He needed it.

I took my shaft in my hand and placed my head at his pucker. I had to push his body away, so as to not plunge into him too quickly. I pressed against him. My spread pussy dripped with the excitement of once again feeding my cock bahis siteleri into my hot lover’s ass. His ass was hungry and I wanted to take him hard and fast, but I wanted it to last.

I began to work his ass slowly. A long steady smooth push in about half way. A pause. A pull back. I started the slow return push, but he started begging for more and more. His hands were reaching back for me—trying to pull me in faster and deeper. I could not refuse him.

My hands pushed his ass cheeks apart. His opening was now stretched tight. I knew exactly what that felt like. I pulled back swiftly now and playfully gave his ass a SMACK—I knew what THAT felt like too.

He continued to beg, “Fuck me…Fuck me with your cock…Fuck me in my ass that I give to you so completely.” He knew exactly the effect those words have on me. Our bodies began to move in harmony. In and out, up and down, and finally grinding down tight, laying my body against the back of his. My breasts pressed into the flesh of his back and my hips up tight against his cheeks. His ass consuming my cock.

The pull back was agonizing. I didn’t want bahis şirketleri to leave and he didn’t want me to, but we BOTH needed to feel his cock inside me. I slipped out of my harness as he rolled over. Another devilish thought crossed my mind and I reached for the silver bullet vibe. Lubricating it with my juices, I raised his legs and placed the cool smooth bullet against his fiery bud. He swallowed it up instantly as I stroked his cock with my wet slippery hand.

I instructed him to close his eyes and focus on his ass as I turned on the vibrations. The bullet crawled up inside him as I fed more of it into his still hungry ass. He smiled at the feel as I straddled his cock. He moaned loudly as I plunged down onto his erection.

“Think of my cock fucking you. Focus on that. Feel those vibrations deep inside. Mmmmmm I can feel them through your cock.” I grinded onto him pushing him up and locking him into that “spot” that is ALL HIS. I rocked on top of him. He was muttering. His cock swelled. He grabbed my ass and thrust me down tight. “Give me that load. Deep inside me. Into OUR SPOT. Let me carry your juices.” He exploded. He screamed—Oh how I LOVE to hear him scream.

Turning off the vibe, I pulled it from his spent body and laid myself out on top of him in a full embrace. We were complete now—in more ways than one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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