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As the restaurant host pulled out her chair, Nikki sat in the chair and gave out a slight gasp as the jeweled, steel butt plug stuffed in her ass shifted as her perfect ass reached the seat. She glanced up at Todd with a knowing smirk.

They walked to the restaurant from the hotel. Just before leaving they inserted butt plugs into one another’s rectums. Nikki’s was a steel plug with a jewel on it that matched the rhinestone collar she was wearing. The collar was a playful gift from her husband Todd earlier that day. On their first date, eighteen years earlier, she wore a collar (it was the ’90s, okay?). The collar that she was wearing tonight looked not much different from other jewelry, but tonight it was supposed to inspire the two of the be naughty and care free. So far it was working.

They already had some fun at the hotel, but Todd had a few more things planned for the dinner before they went back to the room and had some more wild times. Before they left the room, while Nikki freshened up in the bathroom, he sneaked a few surprise items into her clutch purse that he planned to reveal at the restaurant.

Todd sat down in his seat and squirmed a little too. The large silicone plug jammed up his ass was stretching him wide open. The walk over from the hotel was exhilarating. The constant shifting of the plug was uncomfortable at first. He wondered if people watching him walk down the street could tell that he was walking with a giant plug in his ass that his hot wife had planted there.

He got used to it pretty quick and the movement from walking, seeing Nikki in her sexy red dress and knowing that she was in a similar situation, got his dick throbbing, which stretched the pouch of his thong, pulling the strap between his cheeks and rubbing against the plug. It was an unending cycle.

After they ordered their food and had some drinks, Nikki excused herself to check her makeup. She grabbed her purse and headed to the bathroom. On her way there, Todd sent her a text message on her phone. In the bathroom, she opened her purse to retrieve the message. Before she could even check the message she saw the gifts that Todd placed in the purse, another pair of tiny panties, a tube of silicone lube, and a small dildo with a wide base.

Grinning, she read the message on her phone:

“Before you come back to the table, put this dildo in your ass, and change your panties. Send me a picture. Walk back to the table and hand me the red thong you are wearing right now.”

Where was this pervert getting these ideas? Their sex life had been very satisfying, but today was a day of new adventures. Normally, she was reserved about these things, but as she gulped with some anxiety she was reminded of the collar around her neck. It pushed her to submit to Todd’s (and her) desires. But she also resolved to not just let him have all the control tonight. Right there, in the restaurant bathroom, she got a sinful idea of how to even the odds. If he liked dildos up the ass, he better be prepared to go all the way with this. But all of that would have to wait for the walk back to the hotel.

Right now, she had some naughty canlı bahis şirketleri tasks to complete. She checked to make sure the door on the bathroom was locked, and then proceeded to pull her dress up over her hips. She turned and faced her reflection in the mirror and was happy with how slutty she looked. The dress was crumpled up around her waist, fully exposing her black stocking clad legs. The tops of her stockings were clipped to the black garter belt that Todd had laid out for her back at their house earlier that day. She was wearing a little, red, lacy thong that she had practically soaked through and clung to the lips of her tasty pussy.

She turned around and dropped her panties around her ankles and bent over, exposing the jewel on her ass plug. She worked it around a little with her fingers, tugging at the base, as she slowly pulled the knob out of rectum as it dilated to accommodate the girth of the now body temperature surgical steel. Pop! Out it came and she gasped at the now empty feeling of asshole.

She squatted down and pulled the red silicone dildo out of her purse. It was about five inches long, about an inch wide, with a one and a half inch wide knob on the top of it. The bottom had a wide base, about two inches in diameter. She shoved two fingers up her pussy and masturbated for a few moments before pulling them out and inserting them up her tight butthole. She swirled her fingers around and found there was still some lube lining her inner walls. Still, she squirted a good-sized dollop of lube on the head of the dildo and slowly inched it deep in her ass. The head was thicker than the the steel plug was. The plug also tapered at the end, allowing her asshole to close up around it. The dildo didn’t allow for this. It kept her asshole stretched out around it before it stopped as the base move in against her cheeks.

She stood up and immediately the dildo started to back slide, out of hungry asshole. She squeezed her legs together and stepped into the tiny, royal blue thong that Todd had placed in her purse. The panties were a shiny blue. What was it about royal blue that always turned him on so much? She noticed he seemed to be even harder when she wore royal blue lingerie.

One foot at a time, she stepped into the panties and pulled them on, up over her hips. The strap of the thong rested against the base of the dildo and kept it firmly planted in her ass. She was so turned on that she almost forgot to take a picture. Standing bent over, with her legs spread apart, and her ass facing the mirror, she grabbed the phone and aimed it toward the mirror. In the reflection she could see her smooth white ass, and the red circle of the dildo base split down the middle by the shiny blue strap of her thong.

Just after she snapped the picture there was a loud jerking noise on the door of the bathroom. Someone was trying to get in. Nikki just about had a heart attack as she stood up and ran to the door to brace herself against it, not certain if she remembered to lock it. She ran across the little room, with her dress still hiked up around her waist, and pressed herself against the door.

“Someone’s canlı kaçak iddaa in here!” she cried urgently.

“How much longer will you be?” an annoyed woman said from the other side of the door.

Nikki looked at the floor of the bathroom and realized what the stranger nearly walked in on moments before. Strewn on the floor was her open purse, a dripping tube of lube, wadded up red lace panties, and a steel butt plug. If the woman had walked in at just the right time she would’ve seen Nikki bent at the waist, with dildo filled ass lewdly pointed at the mirror.

She laughed to herself and said, “I’ll be out in just a moment. Sorry about that!”

With her heart still racing, Nikki sent the photo to Todd’s phone with the terse message “For your eyes only!” She pulled her dress down around her hips, smoothed it out and scooped up her belongings and stuffed them back in her purse. The red thong was clenched up in her hand. She opened the door to see a beautiful, but annoyed young woman standing there wondering what was taking so long.

Nikki smiled and apologized for the delay and brushed past her, laughing to herself about how she was walking through a restaurant full of people with a large, red dildo crammed up her ass. She could feel the lube slowly leaking down her leg. Could anyone here tell what was going on underneath her dress? With the strap of her thong holding the dildo in place she could walk a little bowlegged to accommodate the girth.

She walked over back to their table and leaned in to kiss Todd. Sitting down on the wide base of the dildo made her first yelp, then giggle. The jeweled butt plug had made its presence felt, but was more or less unobtrusive when sitting. The dildo was a different story altogether. The wide base caused her to shift back and forth and the phallus worked its way in and out of her asshole with only the slightest movements by her.

Todd smiled at her. “I loved the picture. Don’t worry, I deleted it right away. I figured I’d see the real thing soon enough.” Then he looked her in the eyes and asked, “Do you have something for me?” and laid his open hand on the table, waiting for her to hand him something.

Nikki looked around the restaurant to make sure no one was looking at her. She couldn’t help but wonder if the other people in the restaurant knew what dirty things she had been doing to herself in the bathroom. But no one was looking their way. Satisfied that this whole thing was probably just their secret, she reached over and gently placed the crumpled up thong into his waiting hand.

Todd clenched the thong in his fist and felt its dampness. He brought it to his nose and inhaled her scent deeply. His dick felt like it was about to burst through his zipper. This dinner couldn’t get over fast enough.


After dinner, dessert, and a few more drinks, they were ready to walk back to the hotel. During the meal Nikki teased Todd’s straining cock with her foot under the table. The erection in his pants was obvious when he stood up. The best thing he could do to conceal it was to walk close behind Nikki to provide for some cover. But having canlı kaçak bahis his dick that close to her ass didn’t do much to relieve the situation. As they exited the restaurant, Nikki spun around and met him with a deep kiss. Her hand grabbed at his stiff prick through his pants and jacked it up and down.

“I need to make a side trip on the way back to the hotel. Wanna tag along, baby?” Her whispering in his ear and her hand on his dick put him back under her control. He giggled and slipped her hand into his pants and felt his steel hard dick inside of this Lycra thong pouch. She slowly jacked his dick, pulling at the puch of his thong, which rubbed the strap against his ever present butt plug. She heard the click of boots on the sidewalk and pulled her hand out of his pants before someone discovered them out on the sidewalk.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“You’ll see. I just want to buy something at the store for tonight. I think you should get a present too!”

They walked a few blocks, passed the entertainment district, and came to a sex store near some of the city’s strip clubs. She grabbed him by the hand and walked into the store. It was a large store with lots of aisles of DVDs, magazines, sex toys, stripper clothes, and video booths.

“I want this to be a surprise, so be a sweetie and hang out in one of the video booths for a few minutes while I make this purchase.”

Hang out in a video booth and watch some porn while his wife shopped in the store? What an odd evening this had been. He was so turned on by the way she was acting that he was more than happy to oblige.

He sat down in a dark booth and fed some money into the machine. On the screen he saw a woman with curly red hair and cute bubble butt, sucking on a guy’s massive prick. The man was lying on his back and had a busty brunette sitting on his face rocking back and forth as he ate her out. It was a hot scene.

Not knowing how long Nikki would be, Todd thought that his straining cock could use some relief, so he unbuckled his pants and peeled his dick out from his thong and slowly started to move his hand up and down. He just want to feel a little bit of relief as his dick had been teased by Nikki’s hands and feet all through dinner and on the walk over. He also didn’t want to waste a load of cum here in a sleazy porno booth. But he was so turned on.

Just as he was about to back off and try to calm down he felt another hand on his dick.

Shocked, he turned around and saw it was Nikki. She had quietly made it into the booth without him knowing.

She slowly stroked his cock in her hand and knelt down on her knees and very gently enveloped it into her mouth. She moved her head up and down just two times and then hissed in his ear, “You better save this load for the room.”

When they stood up and he saw a brown paper shopping bag in her hand. He reached out to see what it was and she pulled it away and slapped his dick hard with her hand. It bounced back up and slapped against his abdomen.

“This is for later tonight.”

Once again, he folded his rigid member down into the pouch of his thing and zipped up his pants. They left the store and walked the few remaining blocks back to the hotel room. The whole way there Todd had his hand on her backside, his fingers reaching underneath and pushing against the base of the red dildo stretching out her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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