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There are some moments that stick with you for the rest of your life. The thing that sticks in my mind the most, is the dress. That blue low-cut, silky thing she had bought from the traveling merchant. It’s the fault for all of this.

I remember seeing it for the first time, as she was coming down the stairs. It was just a moment, a small moment, I caught sight of her as I was walking through the foyer heading towards the dog kennels. The slightly sheer fabric slightly rippling as she walked, the way it gripped her hips, emphasizing her wide hips, and the delicious curve of her hip. The neckline, gods above, that neckline. Baring her neck, it swoops down from her shoulders, arched over her breasts, and met between them, leaving just enough of the swell of her bosom exposed to get the idea of the shape. I can remember how she walked down the stairs, he hand holding the material, the other on the banister, and the slight sway of her hips with every step.

My eyes just lingered on her just a few moments too much, so when she spoke, that lilting low voice startled me “See something you like, brother?”

You see, it’s not just that she is shapely. A statue can be shapely, so can the subject of a painting, but neither is alluring in the way she is. She brings feminine beauty to life. She is a girl, all girl, from the tip of her small,cute pointed elven ears, to the ends of her delicate, painted toes. She wears her dark brown hair long and straight, usually past her shoulders because she can never keep an appointment at the salon. Her eyes are large and lucid, a deep blue color. She tosses her hair and uses her eyes constantly in her conversation in such a way that you immediately think of her as cute and fun, someone who is really alive.

Our parents met when i was young, my mom, a somewhat locally known sorceress, and my step-father, one of the elven nobility. I have no idea how they met, but it was a big change for me. We moved, you see, out of human lands, into elven ‘civilization’. Everything was strange, new, and fascinating.

Some couple of years later, my sister was born. I have to tell you, i didn’t really care for a sister at the time. I pretty much ignored her for the duration of her younger years. She used to follow me around, sometimes coming to watch me when id go to practice the sword. I thought she was a cute squirt, but had other things on my mind.

As soon as she hit puberty her body began to blossom out like the most beautiful flower emerging from a bud. Here and there her body had lengthened, in other places she narrowed down, and in still others, well, let’s just say she had rounded out perfectly. She is now eighteen, two years younger than me. I find her to be one of the most beautiful girls I know, and i doubt I’m being subtle in trying to hide it.

My focus, previously lingering at her bosom, snapped up to her eyes, her gaze twinkling with amusement, I coughed and spoke, “Elinera, by the gods, what are you wearing? Moms going to blow a gasket.”

“I don’t care!” She turned around, and crossed her arms, giving me a heart stopping momentary view of her ass, the dress clinging, hugging, her shape. “I like it, it makes me feel pretty, mom can go stuff one of her candles down her throat.” Turning around, her lip pushed out in a pout, and her eyes, big and shinning, vulnerable looking, she asked me, “I do look good, don’t I?”

Those damn breasts of hers. With her arms crossed underneath, i was momentary mesmerized by the white silky skin of her breasts, the swell just consuming my vision. I was, again, lost in the moment at looking, only brought back by her giggle. She had taken a couple of steps closer, and leaned in, biting her lip, “Whats the matter, Jayen, cat got your tongue?” Taking a step forward, her head turning side to side a moment checking to make sure we weren’t being observed. Placing her hands underneath her breasts, she lifts both, and looks at me with those innocent looking eyes. “Do you like, brother?”

I whirled, and stomped towards the door, unable to say anything, but the uncomfortable tightness in my breeches, and the tinkling laugh of my half-sister as i left said enough. my cheeks flaming, my heart twisting with shame.

‘Shes your sister, you dolt!’, was all i could think.

I couldn’t take it, i was burning up, my stomach churning, so instead of the kennels, i walked over to the far corner of the courtyard, and picked up the logging ax, and desperately began to slaughter wood into smaller and smaller pieces, thinking the exercise would clear my head. After canlı bahis a few desperate minutes, i finally fell into a rhythm, the rise and fall of the ax, the deep thump, all finally beginning to sooth my mind. I started to sweat, really drip, and wanting to continue i pulled off my shirt, and started really getting into it. I’ll have to admit, it did the trick. I think after a couple of hours, I was finally clear-headed enough, I decided to go back into the house, and take a bath.

Opening up the bathroom door, my shirt in my hand, I started unbuckling my breeches in the other, when I was struck still, frozen, my brain and unbuttoning, dead at the sight. My sister, and that blue dress. Fuck.

She had her leg lifted, placed on the tub, the dress pulled high, exposing the full length of her leg, as she slowly glided on a pair of stockings. She was just slightly turned so that I could see right up between her legs, and there, her bared, hairless pussy. The entire room fizzed out, wavering, and becoming indistinct sounds and shapes, as my focus was entirely on my sisters sex.

It was her startled scream that cut through he fog, I jumped like I had been goosed, and, gods i don’t know why, but instead of leaving, like a smart person would, I ran over, picked her up and put my hand over her mouth, and held her. My voice was a ragged whisper in my throat, “Shut up, SHUT UP!”

I still have no idea what I was planning on doing, i mean, this situation was shit in the first place. I just knew i couldn’t let her scream, there were others in the house, and if they caught me…well I didn’t know what would happen, but I knew it would be a bad.

She fought me, god she fought me, wiggling, twisting, kicking, her hands, wrapped in my arms could only get at my back, but her nails shredded my skin. Fuck, it hurt. There was no way I was going to let that continue, so I leveraged some hand holds on her dress, and spun her around. So she was facing away from me. Shit, it was dangerous for a few seconds. She tried to whip her head back and head but me. Bit my hand, and kicked like a crazy woman.

It was so bad, I started to lose my grip on her, and had to shift my hand around a couple of times. That fucking dress,i swear it was made of grease. The more she fought, the more i tried to grip, huge handfuls of the dress, the more she wriggled.

As we struggled, her wiggling, and my now unbuckled breeches started to work against me, slowly the began to slip down my waist. First hanging off the hips, then half falling around my thighs, and then, as we continued to prance around as she wiggled, they fell to around my ankles.

With a big heave, she almost managed to break free, my left hand slipping. Fuck, she was going to wiggle right out of my hands. Taking a half step, i pushed her legs against one of the low-lying counter near by, seemingly trapping her between me and it. I jerked my arm up, aiming to hold on to her shoulder, and got a big handful of skin. She froze, her body going rigid, and for a few seconds nothing but the sounds of our panting breaths were heard. I shifted my grip, and that’s when I realized, instead of dress in my hands, I had a handful of supple plump breast.

The room went blurry, fuzzy, indistinct as my focus narrowed down that tiny sensation coming from my hand. I could swear that my fingers were sinking into her flesh, her nipple a tight hard little pebble pressed against my palm. The very sensation sending screaming signals of ripe, succulent, pliable glorious softness. I loosened my grip, my hand immediately sliding the palm brushing her nipple, making her gasp and her body spasm. Feeling like she was slipping, i grabbed back on. There was nothing else I could do.

I was hard. Not like just, have boner, will poke hard. I mean, I thought my penis was going to burst. It ached, stung, the very fabric like sandpaper over my cock. I thought I was going to die.

Fabric. Oh shit, all I could think of now, was that sweet grasp of flesh, and the fact that there was nothing between me and my sister, except the thin delicate material of that dress.

After a few moments of just heavy breathing, my sister relaxed a bit, and then moved. Arching her butt a tad, she pushed against me, rubbing her ass against me. I don’t know if she did it on purpose, but I sucked in a breath, and uttered a low groan. She froze again, but them moved her hand around her back, reaching, searching and finally bumping into my cock.

Her delicate fingers tentatively wrapped around the end of my cock, and squeezed, as bahis siteleri if trying to tell what it was. I sucked in another breath, and in a choked voice, “El, no, don’t…”

For half a second I thought she had started thrashing again, but then I heard the muffled sound of her laughter through the hand over her mouth, and realized she was just shaking in laughter. Fucking bitch! Did she not know how much trouble we were in?

I growled fiercely in her ear, “Shut the fuck up. This isn’t funny!”

I felt her mouth open wider, and the octave of her laughter went up.

“You think it’s so funny, you try what it feels like.” The hand on her mouth let go, the sounds of her laughing suddenly loud into the room, but swiftly reached down, and started pulling her dress aside, hang, pulling, not caring if I tore it, until I felt the soft silken flesh of her legs. It took me a moment, my fingers feeling, gripping, to get oriented, but then I slid my hand up her thigh, to the cleft of her crotch.

Her laughter stopped and a high-pitched sound, a cross between an Ahk! and an Eek, erupted from her, as myfingers finally wiggled between per pussy lips. I bit my tongue, and tried to ignore her hand gripping my cock, and I grinned fiercely in triumph, cause she was fucking wet, I mean like, so slick i had a hard time not sliding right past her clit. It took some extra care, each wiggle of my finger, eliciting another one of those high-pitched noises, until finally found her clit. Sticking one hard finger on her clit, i made some hard come hither finger movements, with mean, nasty intent.

“See? Not so fucking funny now is it?” I growled at her.

“Oh, oh…oh Jay. Fuck. You asshole!” She turned her head, and looked at me. Her cheeks were burning red, and her eyes sparked with a fire, but her teeth were gritted, and shit, she looked deeply focused. “Thats how you want to play it, Big-” She squeezed my cock fiercely, “-Brother?” I grunted.

This entire situation was fucked, i was fucked, i couldn’t think straight, all the blood was obviously somewhere else than my brain. Yet now i was mad, fucking steaming. Releasing her breast, I cruelly pushed on her back, bending her forward, and down, holding her against the counter, putting my entire weight on that hand. Taking a half step back, letting her feet drop to the floor, I put some distance between my hips and her ass. Yanking my hand free of her pussy, with a satisfactory moan on her part, and then around from the front, I started struggling with her dress, pulling it up further, bunching it around her waist and draped over to the others side.

I looked down, and just stared. Gods above, that shapely ass was magnificent, and the angle was…perfect. Her feet were shoulder height, and I could see that succulent dripping wet pussy, her outer lips just a bit red and puffy.

I grabbed my cock, and took that half step forward, the tip of my cock pushing between her pussy lips. She stiffened, and gasped at the feeling.

I used my hand to wiggle my cock, up and down finally locating her hole, and then pushed slightly forward, letting the head of my cock just rest at the opening. I realized I was whispering a weird little chat, my voice of sounding in ragged awe, “I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to fuck you.”

My legs shook, my body shook, as a war was going on inside of me. My head, my heart, My cock. Lust, Love, years off familial duty, all warred for action. Shes you Sister! Screamed my head. My sense of duty screamed, Shes your sister! My lust just whispered, she’s your fucking sexy hot as hell sister, laying there, unmoving, waiting for you.

I bucked my hips forward, plunging about half my cock length into her. Her head shot upright, and she made that high-pitched sound again, except louder, longer. I rocked back, and with another thrust, felt my cock bottom out in her, and my hips smack against hers.

Fuck, her cunt was tight, she gripped me almost painfully, and the moment I was fully into her, bottomed out, i felt her pussy spasm. Both my hands grabbed hold of her hips, my fingers sinking into her skin, my grip fierce. Slowly i pulled out, reveling in the sensation of her pussy on my shaft. then leaving just the head in, id pause, before thrusting my hips forward violently, eliciting one of her high-pitched “Ah’s” or “Oh’s.” I could feel her wetness, so much of it, it was dribbling down my cock, and dripping off my balls.

Starting slowly, I began a rhythm. Pull out, pause, then slamming into her. Pull out, pause, then bahis şirketleri slamming into her.

Over and over, bit by bit becoming faster and faster. The sounds she was making coming more and more frequent, and going higher in pitch. After a few moments, I felt her body bunch, her back arch, and she was starting to push back, her ass meeting my thrusts, forcing slightly shorter pumps.

He hands seemed to scramble across the counter, seemingly looking for hand holds. Finally, she grabbed the edge with her left hand, and reached back with her other. He fingers brushed against my hip, and finally found a tremulous purchase. He fingers twitched, and pulled, as if trying to urge me faster.

“Jay!” She squealed at me, her breath ragged, seemingly yanked from her throat, “I’m going to cum. Jay, oh. Jay.”

My balls immediately churned at her words, and i started sucking in desperate gasps, and lost all sense of rhythm as I began to just piston in and out of her, the dull wet slap of our bodies becoming louder and louder in that tiny room. I sensed, more than saw, my sister stand on her tiptoes, giving me better access, a deeper angle into her pussy.

This went on for what felt a glorious eternity, the feel of her pussy, her marvelous noises, the slap of our bodies, the gasping of our breath. Sweat was pouring down me, and I could feel the rising churning in my balls, and I knew I was so close.

A tiny fleeting thought of sanity flashed through my mind, ‘You cant cum in her, you incestuous bastard. You cant get her pregnant. Everyone will know, you’ll be dead! Fucking DEAD.’ Yet before that thought could do else than just pass through my mind, my sister screeched.

She threw her head back, her hand near my hip, dug its nails into me, her back arching, knees locking, as every muscle in her body clenched, and held for a long, long moment. He cunt gripped my cock almost painfully, but intensifying the sensation of our connection. Then she began to shake, and with rising power, she made an undulating screech of pure pleasure.

When she shook, her pussy began to spasm. rhythmically gripping and releasing my cock, and that was it for me, I tipped over the edge, and like a cascading crash of an avalanche, my orgasm hit me. My cock hardened, thickened for a moment, and with a dull guttural roar, cock twitching spasmodically, i spewed thick white ropes of sticky cum deep into her pussy.

Our thoughts were thrown clear of our minds, empty as the pure pleasure overwhelmed us. For long, infinitely unthinking moments, we both stood there, shaking, our bodies held together in our mutual throes of passion.

When thought and sensations, finally began to filter in, I found myself bent over my sister, my cock still in her, my lips pressed against the smooth whiteness of her skin. Sensing more than feeling the rise and fall of her breathing.

It took a moment to really catch what I was hearing, but eventually I realized she was humming. A soft tune, one I recognized as an elven favorite. A happy song.

I sat up slowly, my body still weak, and shaky feeling. I took a half step back, which pulled my cock clear of her body, with a soft plopping sound. I looked down, and hesitated at the glorious scene. My sisters pussy, the red lips still puffy and pulled aside in residual excitement, her hole exposed, and cum. Long sticky dribbles of cum slowly dripped from her pussy. The sight was lost, as she pushed herself up from the counter, and with wobbly shaky knees, she turned to me.

Her face was serene. Peaceful. And I was confused as fuck. She should be in a rage at me right? Frothing, hitting, biting, screaming right? No, she slowly wrapped her hands round me, and lay her head on my chest, that humming continuing. I didn’t know what to do, i was so lost, so i just…held her. Enjoying the sensation of our skin touching.

Yet, my heart began sinking. Thoughts of my actions, the consequences, the pure horrible events of it all, what it would do to every. Those thoughts just spun through me, consuming me, and I was pulled down into brief spiral of despair.

Finally after finishing her humming, i felt her open her mouth and take a small nip on my chest, yanking me from my thoughts and her head pull back a bit. Looking up at me an extremely serious look on her face, she spoke sternly.

“You had better not have ripped my dress, or next time we do this, i get to spank You!”

My heart leaped in my chest, and I felt the rising burdens of my distress just come free of me. I choked up a moment, nodded, and then in passion I swept her up into my arms, picking her up from the ground, and pressed my lips against hers. My kiss deep, powerful, and filled with more emotions I could even think of.

“I love you sis.”

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