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Tom ran into his old friend Trisha after a few years, reminiscing about old times and reconnecting. He remembered how slender she was and yet he hadn’t forgotten her good looks or her easy-going manner. For her own part, Trisha kept good thoughts of Tom in her mind despite the distance of time and the changing of circumstance.

They agreed to meet up for dinner or lunch one day, when neither of them was particularly busy. After arranging their schedules accordingly, Tom and Trisha went to a casual bistro they’d known so well and talked about how life treated them.

Trisha informed Tom that she was still continuing her education and looking for part-time work in her chosen field, which Tom supported fully. Not wanting to lie to his old friend in any way, he told her of his perpetual struggles to make it in his chosen profession, writing science fiction. He also related how he took part-time/temporary work to make some extra money. In spite of her education, Trisha showed her undying support in every way.

Over the course of several weeks, their old friendship gradually blossomed into a romance that unbeknownst to Trisha, Tom harbored and nurtured very carefully during their separation. This new romance canlı bahis was emotional at first, but soon the lovers felt the pangs of physical intimacy calling, and they joyously answered the signal.

The bond only strengthened in a short time, and soon they wanted to take their love to the highest level. Out of the blue, Trisha asked her new boyfriend what he wanted for his birthday. He thought about it deliberately and carefully, not wanting to lie to her in any way.

“There’s one weird thing I want,” he said.

“Oh? What’s that?” she cooed seductively.

He whispered into her ear the one gift he desired more than anything. Aghast at first, Trisha smiled and laughed softly.

“Why not? It’ll be fun,” she told him.

Later that night, Tom reached out to a lady friend he’d met on social media, a lovely sensuous woman named Roni. He revealed to Roni many of his intense sexual wants and fantasies, and she fully supported him.

He asked Roni if she could travel to his home and join in the anticipated fulfillment of his desire.

“We’ll have to see,” she informed him. He understood.

As fate would have it, Roni told him she’d be able to travel to Pittsburgh, meet her friend, and have bahis siteleri fun in the process. This aroused him to no end, and it took all his will power to be patient.

Now the big day arrived, and so did Trisha. She wore a sleek summer outfit that accentuated the bosoms Tom saw in his mind.

“Wow Trish, you look great,” he said.

“Thanks, Tom. I think you look great too.”

The conversation was interrupted by the knock on his door. Tom raced to answer it, and was met by the sight of a big-breasted woman wearing a purple dress revealing her ample cleavage. Her eyes were crystal blue, her lips cherry red, and her soft hair glittering.

“Hi, I’m Roni.”

“Come on in.”

He led Roni to the main area where Trisha sat, and introduced the ladies to each other. A brief conversation ensued, but soon the subject turned to the main objective.

“I want to watch you two fuck, if that’s okay,” stated Roni.

Trisha was flabbergasted at first, but her love for Tom and his for her overtook any apprehension. Slowly they drew to each other and kissed each other passionately, as they removed their clothing. He was getting aroused by the sight of Trisha’s naked body as he took off the last of bahis şirketleri her clothes. Those beautiful breasts and her gorgeous pussy sang their song of love, and he answered the call. Behind them, Roni took off her own clothes and licked her lips in delicious desire, eyeing Trisha wantonly.

Trisha pulled him onto his bed and soon they went at it. She spread her long legs open and he slid his cock into her dripping pussy. He finally was getting what he wanted as he pounded her hot mound, all the while sensing Roni walk toward Trisha and kiss her warmly.

Relentlessly Tom pumped and pumped his soul into her as beads of sweat covered their bodies. Roni also felt the pangs of her desire, and played with herself in ecstasy. Soon the waves of orgasm proved too much, and both Tom and Roni gushed out their respective love juices, his into Trisha and Roni’s onto her. Now it was Roni who wanted Trisha.

“My turn,” whispered Roni. Then she kissed Trisha with tasty abandon, and Trisha was willing to be Roni’s lust. Now they embraced tightly as they rubbed their pussies together in unbridled power. Tom watched nearby, stroking his cock as the girls’ fucking intensified. Again a wave of orgasm as Roni squirted into Trisha’s soaked pussy and Tom ejaculated his sperm.

After another go-round, the night was over as the three lay on the bed, exhausted but filled to the max.

This was one birthday Tom will never forget…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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