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I’ve had a tough week, impatient people and more than normal stress, I’m really glad it’s already 3PM on a Friday. Yesterday the bed and breakfast confirmed my room for the weekend. I’m packed, out the door and on my way, glad to get away from the city.

Its 8:00pm when I arrive, the lady at the B I notice that the moon is really shining thru the blinds. The bed has a black iron headboard and great sheets, kind of unusual but I’m glad that they are so soft. It’s a warm night.

Opening the windows for a breeze, the gentle sounds of the country creep in. I run a hot bath and it feels so good as I lean back and soak in the heat, the chocolate candle I brought fills the room with sweet smells and relaxes me even more. I thought to myself, god what I wouldn’t do to be with a man tonight as my fingers wander to my woman hood and I relax deeper as I bring myself to my release. I lay there for some time groggy from the heat of the water and my release until I feel the water cooling and finally pull the plug and let the water drain out. I reach up and grab the large towel as I stand up and step from the tub, admiring my body in the large mirror. I liked my looks, the smoothness of my stomach, my slim figure and my small but nice breasts. I towel myself off as I turn this way and that watching myself in the mirror admiring my body, the trimmed small patch of blond hair of my mound glistening in the light.

With the towel draped around me I move to the bedroom and with just the nightstand light on; I drop the towel and slip between the sheets wearing nothing. The sheets feel so good on my body, cool, and soft and with just a hint of lavender. I open the book I brought, a love novel, and lose myself in the pages of romance. I drift from page to page, feeling the story build, not just within the pages but the feeling it causes within me. I slowly feel myself sliding further away from my stress and entering into this love story, and the effect it has on my body. My fingers wander as I read.

He’s arrived late, this stranger, there has been a lot going on that day with him. The B it’s just a quick stop on the road but a welcomed one on the way for business tomorrow. The nice lady clerk offers him something to drink; he accepts and asks if he can he come back for it later. She says sure.

He’s settled in to his room and hits the shower, slips into an a clean t-shirt and some sweat pants with no underwear and heads downstairs, some juice is what he’s after. He picks up a small glass and heads back upstairs. Wow what a day, he’ll be glad to relax a little. His room is down the hall, last door on the left, so why does he turn right, open the door and take 2 steps inside?

He freezes as he sees me looking back at him and thinks to himself, this woman laying there looking at him is breathtaking. Without realizing it he just stands and stares and I stare back at him. I can see his embarrassment, his face is flushing red as he becomes aware of his swelling manhood and sees me looking there as it is now almost sticking straight out, straining to be released. The color of his face deepens further in his embarrassment as he returns to the moment, blinks and turns away as he stammers, “I’m so sorry, what have I done” and starts to walk out.

I had gotten so involved with the story I wasn’t thinking clearly; the heat between my legs had me in this fog and I wasn’t really aware of what I was saying or doing.

I said, “Wait. Come back.” Thinking to myself all the while, this is a stranger, what am I doing?

He stops and slowly turns just his head around and looks at me. I have these great blue eyes and a smile to die for and motion for him to come back into the room. He turns and walks back in closing the door behind him. He stands there looking somewhat foolish, his hardness had not lessoned and was straining at his sweats as I beckon him over to me and pat the bed and tell him to sit. He is still somewhat embarrassed yet obedient and sits on the bed where I indicated beside me. There is only the sheet covering me and he sees this, causing him to swell even more, he knowing that something very good is likely going to happen.

He’s very fit and smells so good, like he just got out of the shower and I think to myself that I was sorry to have missed that.

That’s when it hits me, I want him, need him and close my eyes and take in a breath and draw in his essence, such a clean light scent, and it sends a rush thru me. I turn my head to tell him and without hesitation, he kisses me. He places his left hand behind my neck and gentle pulls at the hair at the base of my head. It’s a passionate deep kiss and I feel his strong back as I reach to hold him. He traces my hip and down my thigh thru the sheet with his hand to just below my knee. It feels so good, the touch of his hand, him tracing my curves. There is no need for talking now, I feel myself wanting him even more as the heat flushes within me. My need for him is building in my tunnel of love as the lips guarding it swells and parts, aching for him.

The feelings happening to my body under the sheet feels so good canlı bahis şirketleri as he runs his hands over me. He draws his hand from below my knee up my inner thigh so slowly it seems like a minute, and then turns his hand to lay his palm across my mound of joy and touch me there with his fingers thru the sheet. He now realizes I’m not wearing anything and using 2 fingers, he slowly and gently begins stroking my slit of passion, searching for my clit thru the sheet while continuing his nibbling and biting at my neck, working his way down to the shoulder and back up. My breathing has become more noticeable, slower and deeper. He can feel the warm, wetness on his fingers as my moisture seeps thru the sheet where his fingers are. I let out a small sigh as he moves his hand away and slides it down the inside of one thigh and up the other.

He reaches for the sheet and pulls it back far enough to move his mouth to one of my erect nipples sending shivers through me. I tremble as he slowly begins running his tongue around the areola and occasionally just barely biting and suckling at the nipple.

His breathing has now become deeper. He gets up and moves to the blinds and pulls them up and moves over to me and turns out the light. The moonlight turns the room into a cascade of shadow and illumination. He pulls the sheet off me, takes my hands in his and lifts me up to my feet on the bed leaning me back against the headboard and wall completely exposing my nakedness to him. He quickly strips and positions himself on the bed in front of me on his knees and grasps my hips and pulls me to him as I reach back for the headboard to steady myself and lean against it to tilt my hips towards him, exposing more of me to him.

I am fully and completely exposed to him now, my shaved and trimmed pussy hot and swollen, with moisture seeping from me. The lips guarding my pussy are swollen and pulled back from my dark cave of love exposing its opening, it craving for him. He leans in and inhales my lust, his nose placed at my mound and I thought he was going to plunge his tongue into my heat and I pushed myself into him. He suddenly stood in front of me, pulled my mouth to his and kissed me deeply and passionately while pushing me against the wall and headboard. His engorged love muscle pressed between us poking me in the stomach. I reach for it and as I grasp it he brushes my hand away. He leaves me breathless as he slowly kisses his way down me, starting again at my mouth with a deep passionate kiss, moving down my neck working across my breasts, down to my navel, kissing across my smooth flat stomach, across it to both hips and down to my inner thighs. Once he gets there my breathing changes to very deep, almost gasping breaths and I lean back on to the wall and grasp the headboard. He kisses and sucks his way oh so slowly towards my wet pussy and I thrust myself out to him spreading my legs for him. He can smell my lust for him and wants so badly to taste me. I can see it in his eyes and face and the hardness of his love muscle, the tip turning a light purple it was so engorged.

As he inches his face closer he can feel the heat of my pussy and I can feel his hot breath. I taste so very good he says. He starts slowly on my clit with the lightest circular touches he can manage with his tongue. I’m moaning now as I can see the tip of his tongue gliding back and forth across my swollen clit and see it disappear as he plunges it into me. The tingling grows and envelopes my body to the point I feel weakened and he can feel I’m almost to the point of being unable to stay upright.

He holds me by my hips and helps me down onto the bed and lays me flat on my back, he is on his knees between my legs and I spread them wide to accommodate him. He lifts my legs upward and outward and leans down and slides his tongue into me as deep as he can and fucks me with it. He listens to my breathing and feels the movement of my hips and my own thrusting to him and times his tongues thrusts with it; he can tell I’m just on the edge of starting to cum as I whimper and my body stiffens and begins to spasm.

My release sends hot fluid to his eagerly waiting mouth yet he never changes pace. I can feel and hear the sucking sounds of his tongue driving into me as he tries to capture my entire flood. I can’t believe how good it feels, wave after wave of spasms passing thru my body as I slowly drop my legs down onto his shoulders. He’s timed his motions completely with my heavy breathing and I feel like I’m riding a wave on the ocean, as my body seems to float, rising and falling in one long continuous orgasm. He stays at it until he feels my legs trembling and knows I am now so sensitive that I’ll need a little time to recover.

He lies down beside me and pulls me to him and we embrace tightly and kiss deeply. I can taste myself on him, liking it and whisper to him to hold me tight and give me time to recover. I can feel his engorged manhood pressing into my stomach as we hold each other tight. I was wondering why he had not entered me for his own release. I lie there in his arms thinking of what canlı kaçak iddaa I will do for him in return as my hands move down and hold him.

I recovered rather quickly. Although my release had been hard and deep, I had not had a man do something like that to me before. He was still beside me, holding me against him, his hardness hot between us in my hands; he had not softened but seemed to be harder still. I knew what I had to do, what I needed to do for him and me as I rolled over on top of him, kissing him deeply. I looked into his eyes and smiled the twinkling in my blue eyes an indication of what was to come. I sat up and slid myself up onto his chest and in placing my knees beside his head I positioned my pussy at his mouth. He quickly with out any hesitation lifted his mouth to meet me and dove in, his hands grasping my hips holding me.

I discovered I was still sensitive from his earlier activity there and knew I wouldn’t last long with him doing that and quickly back away from his mouth with his mouth trying to follow and his hands trying to hold me there. I knew what I wanted to do and slowly slid myself down his chest leaving a streak of my moisture there as I slid lower down to his stomach. I leaned down and again kissed him deeply, savoring the taste of me on his lips. I followed the wet streak of my moisture down his chest with my tongue, stopping at each of his nipples to suck on them, hardening them in their own way. I was working my way to his navel and discovered as I slid my pussy downward, I was blocked by his stiff hardness against my backside.

I lifted myself up and in grasping it, started rubbing the swollen hood between my own swollen lips guarding my cave of passion. He stiffened further in anticipation as he thought I was going to position him and sit down upon him and he thrust upwards into me when he felt it at my opening. I was not anticipating his thrust and stopped it by lifting myself up as his engorged head entered me. “Not yet lover,” I said as I quickly twirled around and sat down on his chest, my back facing his head. He now could not see what I was doing and I had him pinned to the bed by my weight on his chest.

I noticed there was a little precum on the head of his cock mixed with my own moisture from him trying to enter me and bent down and licked it off, digging my tongue into his sensitive opening. He stiffened even more at my touch.

I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked hard. He moaned in surprise and eagerness at my sucking. He thought I would never do this, but it seemed I was determined to give him my all.

He moaned, “Yes, make me cum, suck me dry.”

When I said, “No I have other plans.” I sucked him and ran my tongue up and down his shaft and sucked on his balls. Each time he was getting close to cumming, I would back off putting pressure on the swollen head and the base of his shaft and let him cool down.

He was bucking and pleading, “Please love, make me cum, swallow me, and suck me dry”.

Each time a spot of precum would form in the opening of his cock I would let him cool down and then lick it off. I liked the taste of him but I had other plans.

I knew his balls were starting to hurt. I have been doing this to him for close to an hour already and tears were starting in his eyes as he pleaded with me to let him cum when I finally said, “Yes, it is time.” I could tell he could explode at moment; I could tell the pain was getting to him. He needed the release and I needed him to release inside me. I quickly twirled around and straddled his cock and lowered my pussy down over the engorged head and shaft and guided it into me as I sat down on it. As the head of his cock reached its total depth, I felt his cock stiffen and start to throb as it pumped all that beautiful stored cum into me.

He screamed, “Yes, Yes, Yes. Oh God yes.” It seemed like his cock and balls pumped into me for hours but it was only for a few long seconds. He had been in such pain but now total release. He exhausted himself with the pumping of cum and as his flow lessoned, I lay down on his chest and kissed him. He was in total exhaustion. We lay that way until his cock was limp and slipped free. I could feel his cum dripping from my pussy.

I raised up and moved my pussy up to his face, kneeling as I had done before and said, “I now want you to suck all of your cum from my pussy. I want you to suck it dry and make me cum.”

He protested but it was too late. I had his mouth covered by my pussy and all he could do was hold my hips and suck and lick. He sucked and licked me into orgasm and I almost drowned him with the amount of juices I released. I had been totally hot and had almost cum several times when I was playing with him. I had been in as much pain and needing of release as him.

We lay in bed together all night and made love whenever he became hard. I didn’t know how many times he unloaded deep into me and I didn’t know how many times I had my releases but by morning, we found ourselves entwined in each other’s arms, not wanting to get up and go our separate ways.

I was canlı kaçak bahis disappointed when he left, lying in bed as he was leaving, I asked him if he would ever be back this way again and he said he didn’t know. I then asked him if I could know his name, and he said Mike. When I told him I hoped I could see him again, he smiled and said maybe and gave me his cell number as he left.

I snuggled down under the sheets and blanket that somehow had climbed back up over me, not wanting to get up. He left early; it was still dark outside, wanting to get on the road as he had a long ways to travel. I knew I found a man that could satisfy my needs and as my fingers wandered to my love nest, I could feel the stickiness and soreness of our heated passion of the night before. I smiled at the thought of him inside me, the feel of him and the taste of him. I could not explain the feelings I had of him as he filled me with his cum, the satisfied feeling it gave my whole body.

I was beginning drift back into sleep when the thought it hit me like a hammer. Unprotected sex! Sara, I thought, you weren’t safe. You dummy. You could get pregnant or worse yet some incurable sexually transmitted disease like HIV or herpes. This was a stranger, a one-night stand. You have never done something like this before and you weren’t prepared. Startled awake and in a panic, I thought no, he was too nice and would not be a carrier of some disease but him getting me pregnant yes. I thought damn, I haven’t been on the pill in over a year and I tried to think back to when I had my last period. Thinking a little more clearly, I thought no, my period should start Monday or Tuesday and this was Saturday. I should be OK but to just play it safe I thought I should get several pregnancy test kits on the way home. For now though, there was nothing I could do about it and my mind drifted back to him and the beautiful love we had made together. My fingers wandered down to my love nest and I could feel the stickiness of our lovemaking and the moisture seeping from its depths, our moisture, our stickiness, his cum and mine. I wanted to hold it inside me and tried to block the leakage with my fingers but it still seeped from me and I gathered it in my fingers and rubbed it across my mound, wanting to keep it there. One hand drifted to my mouth and I tasted the moisture of our lovemaking on my fingers. I could taste him I discovered as I slowly drifted into a light sleep.

I awoke with a light knocking on the door and I looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was 7:00 AM I hollered just a minute and got up looking for a robe but found the towel on the floor and wrapped myself in it. I went to the door and found the clerk there, she said breakfast will be served at 8 and was making sure I was awake. She smiled at my disheveled look, looking down at my pubic area and legs and teasingly acknowledged there was a lot of late activity in my room last night but there were no complaints and left with a laugh.

I smiled back at her and closed the door and headed to the bath to clean up. I dropped my towel and as I ran the tub full of water I looked at myself in the mirror. It was then I noticed and felt the wetness that was leaking from me and running down my leg and knew what she had been looking at. I smiled at the thought of that and my lover of last night and cupped my hand and caught the remaining leakage and rubbed it across my breasts stiffening my nipples as I rubbed it in. I dreamily stepped into the tub and sank down for a short soak wishing he were still here with me. I scrubbed myself well, making sure I was squeaky clean for breakfast, apprehensive of what the other guests would say if they had heard the activity in my room. I wondered also if the staff would say anything and thought I would skip breakfast but the pangs of hunger were starting in my stomach. I discovered I was famished and quickly left the tub, brushed and dried my hair, put on what little makeup I used and dressed. I thought what the heck, this was my weekend and I was paying for it. I deserved it and needed it. It had been a long time since I had someone and I wasn’t going to let anyone else ruin it for me. I went to breakfast. There were few guests there, many had left early, something I didn’t understand but then there were only a few motels in this small town and many travelers wanted to get on the road, just like my lover of last night. Thinking about it, I didn’t mind, fewer to question the activity of last night if they heard it.

Breakfast was good, casual conversation in a warm family type atmosphere. I liked it here and wished I had more than the weekend to spend here. I asked the hostess of the B&B about the sights and activities around town since this was my first time there and discovered things to do and look at. The town itself was a museum of history, full of antiques, every small store full of them and I knew what I would be spending the day doing. I loved looking at antiques, it was one of my passions and I quickly ate and headed back to my room to put on comfortable shoes and grab a wrap and my purse. The day was mine and I would window shop until the town rolled up the sidewalks, which was what small towns like this did at night. There would be no night activity around here. I didn’t think there was even a bar in town. I didn’t see one when I drove in.

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