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I’m not quite sure what it was that attracted me to Amanda. She was about 5′ 7″,blonde, wore glasses, probably a C cup and was slim but a little squidgy around the edges if you catch my drift, and had a little bit of a kiddie’s voice. My girlfriend Emma, best friends with Amanda, was 5’6, brunette, D cup with a big round ass and thighs, something I like in a woman. Emma was a lot prettier than Amanda too, but Amanda was different.

I knew full well that Amanda fancied me as I’m tall, dark and handsome. She’d just look at me with that fuck me look and I’d always messed about flirting with her. Amanda somewhat fancied Emma too as they had experienced a drunken snog once and joked about lesbian sex as a laugh. Amanda had a boyfriend called Tony who was about 40 odd (Amanda was 25),5’9″,and ugly. It also came to my attention that he had a small cock, probably around 4 inches. I on the other hand am 7 inches and quite thick too. Amanda was very open and Emma told me everything.

She told me that Amanda showed her on her mobile phone a video of Amanda giving Tony a blowjob. Basically Amanda gives very good head and swallows, takes it up the ass and is basically a sex addict. She had cheated on Tony several times, one time a male friend visited Amanda whilst Tony was away. From what Emma told me, Amanda started giving this fella head in the kitchen until he came in her mouth. He sat Amanda up on the dining table and licked her pussy out until she came all over his face. She sucked him off again to get his cock hard (his cock was smaller than Tony’s by the way) and when hard enough, fucked her on the table. Amanda didn’t enjoy it as much güvenilir bahis however and let him fuck her in the ass just so she could feel something. He came round for seconds a few days later but Amanda turned him down as, and I quote, “I’d rather use my fingers than your pencil dick!”.

I’d had so many fantasies of myself banging Amanda that most of the time I’d have to masturbate, imagining myself with her.

Emma on the other hand was not as ‘highly sexed’ as Amanda. She didn’t do anal, didn’t give blow jobs but I still loved her very much none the less. I think that all the stories of Amanda’s sex life really turned me on as I am highly sexed also. I wanted to fuck Amanda so bad and hoped eventually I would get the chance.

Emma was to go on holiday to Canada for 2 weeks with her family, I lived with her so I was trusted with the run of the house on my own. Before they left, Emma visited Amanda who only lived 5 minutes down the road. She later told me that Amanda was on her own for a quite a while as Tony was away in Thailand for a month, and if I would pop round to help her lay some new carpet down and basically check on her. Emma usually spends time with her whenever Tony is away because she gets a little scared being in the house on her own for a long time. I as the gentleman that I am agreed.

The day after Emma left I went round to Amanda’s. I knocked on the door and my god she looked good. She had her hair down and curly, had a pair of tight jeans on that gave her a good figure. On top she was wearing a boob tube without a bra. Her tits were so petit and firm they were holding up the boob tube on their own! türkçe bahis I certainly felt a stirring in my shorts!

“Hey Craig, come in.”

She turned and walked into the living room and I couldn’t take my eyes of her round ass, damn it was fine. When I finally managed to draw my gaze from her shapely ass, I saw that the room was quite a mess as she was moving the room around.

“Thank you for coming round, as I do get scared on my own.”

“That’s fine, anything for a lady”, I joked. She giggled and then asked if I would lay the carpet in the spare bedroom as the carpet was up there and ready. As I ascended the stairs I got a final glimpse of that shapely butt.

After about an hour of sweating trying to get that carpet done, I saw Amanda’s mobile phone sat on the side. I remembered Emma telling me of the videos on there and I decided to have a look for myself. As I scrolled through the pictures I found one of Amanda stood in knee high white boots with white thong and bra striking an innocent pose for the camera. As I scrolled I found one of Tony with an erection and it was small. I went onto the movie section and sure enough there was a video of Amanda sucking his cock. She licked and teased the top of it before taking the whole thing to the back of her mouth. She didn’t gag and I presume that it wasn’t long enough to touch the back of her throat. Amanda expertly sucked along his entire shaft and this went on for several minutes until Tony started moaning as he reached his climax. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and tossed himself off until streams of sticky white cum shot all over her face. I’d longed for a blowjob like güvenilir bahis siteleri that but I’d never had one with Emma. At this point I had my cock out and was slowly pleasuring myself.

“What are you doing!?”

I almost died. Amanda was stood their looking at me with my hard 7 inches in one hand and her mobile phone of her giving head in the other. I froze, I didn’t know what to say. Eventually I stammered out;

“I’m sorry”

“Damn right your sorry, I can’t believe it! What did you see?”

“The picture of you in white boots, and lingerie.”

“You could of just asked instead of going on my phone.”

Before I could reply she pulled her boob tube over her head and her bare breasts plopped free. She pulled her jeans down and was wearing her white thong and white knee high boots. My cock went as hard as it had ever been. She walked over to me and squatted in front of me.

“Mmm, that’s quite a nice, thick cock”, she said as she wrapped her tender hand around it, “much bigger than Tony’s.”

Amanda slowly began to massage her hand up and down my shaft and I was loving it.

“I’ve had bigger though,” she continued, ” I’ve had a big black 12 inches, and it stretched my cunt more than any white cock ever could.”

The thought of her riding a big, black cock really turned me on and I could feel that I wasn’t far. Amanda began to beat my cock harder and I began to moan louder, god she gave good hand jobs. I could feel my spunk ready to shoot and before I knew it I started shooting ream after ream of cum all over her face. Amanda didn’t even flinch. After my balls had been drained, Amanda leant forward and sucked the rest off the tip of my cock. She then wiped her fingers over her face and licked her fingers clean, I couldn’t believe that this woman was such a nymphomaniac. The story doesn’t end there.

Look out for part 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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