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Ted lay on the sofa watching a football game. Well, when he wasn’t napping.

His parent’s large master bedroom was just off the kitchen.

Betty, his step-mother of only 6 months, left her bedroom wearing only her panties and her husband’s white dress shirt. She did not know that Ted, her stepson, was in the house, thinking he had gone with his father, John, to the driving range. She stopped mid- step at the living room door, seeing Ted on the sofa, his head closest to her and unable to see her manner of dress. She forgot about collecting any left over dishes in the living room and returned to the kitchen to retrieve a cup of coffee, knowing her husband had made a pot before he had left. She was halfway to filling the cup when she heard Ted’s voice behind her.

“Morning, mom.” he said, surprising her. “I’ll have a cup if you don’t mind.”

“I thought you were sleeping.” She said, instantly feeling anxious, glancing over her shoulder. Being a modest woman, except for the bedroom with her husband, she felt extremely uncomfortable due to her manner of dress, feeling her stepson’s eyes studying her less than appropriate attire.

“No. Just closing my eyes between commercials.” He answered, moving to her side. Close to her side!

“I’ll let you fix the coffee the way you like it.” She said, turning to return to her bathroom. It was much too long a walk across the kitchen, knowing his eyes would be following her.

“I’ll be leaving soon.” He said after her.

“Good.” She said, looking over her shoulder, in a tone that was less than friendly.

Ted had a good job and his own apartment but one would not believe that with the amount of time he spent in his father’s house, having his own bedroom and using it often. Actually, she never knew when he was in the house, surprisingly her often with his presence. She shouted his name just to see if he was in the house whenever she outside her bedroom inappropriately attired. He went in and out of the house like he lived there, often just to pick up an item he forgot, and dined with them often. His father seemed delighted with the arrangement.

Betty sat on the edge of the bed sipping her coffee. She had met John’s son at a party nearly 8 months ago not knowing that in a couple of months she would be his step-mother. Ted had shown much interest in her at the party and at her age, 47, she had had a bit of fun flirting with him. She would live to regret it!

She stared into the mirror of her vanity dresser. A redhead, she had to acknowledge she was a sexy woman for her age. She was modest but dressed well and often she felt the eyes of men studying her as she passed. She felt fortunate, though, that John had taken an interest in her, wooing her, and eventually asked her to marry him. They had both lost their spouses to death and she felt the match was a good one, but she had found out in a couple of months that John considered her “a trophy wife”, and treated her as such in the bedroom. She had always enjoyed sex, but now she was asked to assume positions she was uncomfortable with, feeling only prostitutes got on their knees to be doggy-fucked. Eventually, seeing pictures of his former wife she understood as the woman was exceptionally beautiful. John told her often that his deceased wife had had no problem getting on her knees for him.

Three months into the marriage she had been introduced to his son. Ted’s smile, the two recognizing each other, as he said hello and gave her a hug told her volume’s as to what she could expect from him. Now, having flirted with him at the party, she felt embarrassed and her face showed it. She was determined to lay down the law to him as soon as possible. She did exactly that but he had laughingly brushed it off, taking her hand and kissing it.

Everyone knows, if you want to show affection to a woman, a married woman, you pretend to kiss her hand but the man’s lips never actually touch the hand. By his lips actually touching her hand, Betty knew Ted would be a thorn in her side. She told him as much!

Betty finished her coffee, sitting the cup next to her on the bed. She unbuttoned the long sleeved white dress shirt. Removing it, she stares at her breasts. They are large, more than a handful, but still remain perky. The nipples are ample, standing tall when she is aroused, and has more than once, when allowing a husband’s mouth to latch onto them, caused her to melt like butter and spread her legs too early in foreplay. She stands and pushes her black panties off her hips. She becomes aware that Ted would have been aware of their color showing beneath the white shirt. Stepping out of the panties, she stares at the thick, lavish red bush between her legs. She would defy any man who suggested she shave it! She turns slightly to study her ass. It is ample also, but well proportioned to her 5’8″ tall frame. she would be considered “a big boned gal” in her quaint North Carolina hometown. She was far from home now in Hartford, Connecticut. She detested the snow and ice every winter.

Leaving the two pieces of clothing on the carpet, she takes the few steps to the master bath kartal escort and enters the shower. The bathroom is soon steaming from tepid water.

Ted stands, still in the kitchen, sipping his coffee, thinking of how he might manage to bed to step-mother. He knows she is a modest woman, though sexy as all get-out. But, he knows how his father treated his mother, considering her a “trophy wife”. He had heard from his own mother’s lips the things she was asked to do in the bedroom and how she detested his father for it. Their private conversations could be on the edge of intimate, as can also told his mother about his female conquests. Ted had never had any serious thoughts sexually towards his mother, but, a stepmother was fair game as far as he was concerned. It would serve his father right!

Figuring enough time had passed, Ted headed towards his parent’s bedroom. He tapped lightly. Receiving no answer, he turned the knob and opened the door peeking in. He scanned the room, figuring she had had enough time to be in the shower. Seeing the bathroom door ajar, he cautiously walked to the door. Proceeding cautiously, he could see her reflection in the mirror. He craned his head around the door and studied his step-mother’s nude body as best he could through the steamed-up glass of the walk-in shower. He was very aware of his erection. Seeing and hearing her cut the water off, he moved quickly to snatch up her panties, sniffing them quickly, then, scampered from the room.

When Betty exited the bathroom, she instantly saw her panties on the bed, partially on the cup, rather than on the shirt. She saw her bedroom door ajar. Did she leave it that way? Her face showed the anger she was feeling at being spied on. She would say nothing.

A few weeks passed.

Betty returned from a shopping trip, exiting the car with a couple of bags, and mounting the stairs to the front door. She unlocked it and entered into the short hall that led to the living room. She was stopped in her tracks upon seeing the couple sexually engaged on the sofa. It was Ted and one of his girlfriends. Instantly, her eyes were drawn to Ted’s rigid cock stroking in and out of the blonde fur-lined pussy. The girl’s head faced the back of the sofa and she could not see Betty. Betty, figuring the couple had not heard her opening the door, due to the girl’s near continuous moaning, stood mesmerized by the male and female genitalia messaging together, so openly exposed for her viewing. She viewed Ted’s cock pulling out almost completely before pushing back in.

How long she stood there is unclear, but she finally gained control of her senses and cautiously began to side-step towards the hall that would lead to the kitchen. Unable to contain herself, she glanced back for one more look and saw Ted’s head lifted and turned, smiling at her. She felt the anger surge through her. She wanted to scream “smart-ass!” and other vulgar obscenities at him, but, she turned and continued on. She unloaded and stored the items from her bags and then went to her bedroom to give Ted and his girlfriend sufficient time to finish up.

“You know, you could take your screwing to your bedroom and not do it on an expensive sofa. People have to sit there!” Betty protested, entering the kitchen, finding Ted pouring iced tea.

“Sorry, mom. We kind of loss control. I did not expect to home quite so early.” Ted replied, without an apologetic tone. “But tell me, did you enjoy the show? You stood there long enough!”

“So, you heard me come in but made no effort to stop or cover up?” She challenged.

‘I just wanted you to see what you are missing.” He replied.

Betty finally loss control! “So you think your cock is that good! It’s nothing compared to what I had with my first husband! I have half a mind to tell your father about your disrespectful manner.”

“You neglect to tell me what you’re getting from your present husband?” He challenged. “Mom never found dad’s cock that appealing but she was true-blue”.

Betty was flush with anger. Was it his disrespect or was it the truth his father’s cock was satisfying, but not to any great extent. She was not about to admit that Ted had them both beat in length and thickness.

Unfortunately, Ted’s cock had been all she could think about while waiting in her bedroom. She was ashamed that it had led her to reach under her skirt and massage her pussy through her panties, bringing herself to orgasm. Standing in the kitchen confronting Ted, she was very aware of her wet crotch and it being his fault.

“Your father is quite capable.” She answered, though she would like to admit that he was also sexually disrespectful to her. “Are you going to be home all afternoon? I would like to take a shower and get ready for the party tonight. I don’t want you sneaking into my bedroom again.” She was too modest to add ‘and stiffening my panties’.

“So, he is showing you off to the boys from the office tonight, is he?” Ted queried. “Has he asked you fuck one of them yet?” Ted threw it out to shock and awe, though his mother had never accused his father of such. The look maltepe escort bayan on her face, her raised eyebrows, showed, giving him satisfaction as he walked from the kitchen. “And, no, I will be leaving soon.”

Betty was thankful to hear his, goodbye. When 5 o’clock rolled around, Betty retired to her bedroom to shower and get dressed. It required pampering to be at her best. Her husband would pick her up at 7 PM.

She had her right leg propped up on her dressing chair pulling up her black hose, exposing a considerable amount of thigh, when she heard the knock and the door swung open.

“What the hell, Ted! Don’t you wait for an answer?” She exclaimed. “You left hours ago!”

“Yes. And I was gone all afternoon. It’s evening now and I’m home.”

Betty was reluctant to drop her leg until she was finished. Finishing up, letting Ted have his look, she dropped her foot to the floor.

“What is it you want, Ted?”

“Dad wants me to drop you off at the club.” Ted said matter-of-factually. “He probably got delayed at the office by that pretty young secretary he has.”

“Just wait for me downstairs!” She demanded. “You keep your lies and comments to yourself!”

Ted’s Mustang was cramped compared to John’s Cadillac. Her tight fitting dress rode much higher than she would have desired in the bucket seats, showing too much thigh. Cutting her eyes at Ted, she could tell he was looking much too often to be safe. “Keep your eyes on the road, Ted.” She repeated more than once on the 20 minute drive to the country club.

When Ted pulled up to the front of the country club, he brazenly placed his right hand as far up the inside her left thigh as allowed by the straight, tight fitting dress. “Now don’t complain too much when those guys want to play with your gorgeous ass. Dad won’t like it.”

“Go to hell, Ted!” Betty exclaimed, angrily removing his hand and exiting the car with some trouble, noting the car door attendant trying to look up her dress. ‘Men! They are all alike.’ She thought. She was happy that John would arrive soon and Ted would not be driving her home.

Later that night.

“You’re hurting me, John!” Betty complained, on her knees, him behind her slamming into her ample buttocks, trying to send his cock as deep as possible. “I don’t like it like this. You know that.” He had been at her for quite a while

“I don’t ask you that often, sugar.” John puffed. “You know how much I like your gorgeous backside. Fucking you like this really turns me on!”

“Do you have to use that word.” She challenged. “Oh, fuck! Easy, dammit!”

“I like that word… and I think you do to.”

Betty knew there was only way to end the discomfort. ‘Okay.’ She thought. “Fuck it! Fuck my ass! Come on, baby. Pound my ass! Stick it deep in my pussy! Shoved it deep up my pussy! Come in my pussy… my belly. Make it yours! Come on! Do it, damn you”. ‘I hope you have a heart attack, you bastard.’ She thought. “Harder! Stick it in me! You’re ready! Come in me! Now! Come in me, John!”

“AAHHH FUCKk; kkkkk!” John cried, loudly as his cock erupted inside of Betty’s pill protected pussy. “You know how to get it done. The way you talk dirty! I love your tight pussy, baby! Did you feel my cock jerk?” He exclaimed, leaning over, putting much of his weight on Betty’s back, his cock pulling out of her, causing her to straighten her legs, falling forward, him on top of her. “Yes, I felt it.” They both lay exhausted.

“Three times?” He queried.

“Yes, three times. Three times it jerked. You marked my pussy good. It’s yours, baby.” She answered, knowing what he liked to hear.

Actually, she had felt nothing and figured the sheets would be in need of washing as he usually leaked more cum on the sheet then he actually shot off inside of her fucking doggy.

It was a week later at dinner that John informed Betty he would be going to China on business for three months.

She could not believe her ears! More so, he had informed her that John would be staying at the house the whole

time he was gone. To look after her, she was told.

“Do you know what I go through every time you’re at work and John is here?” She queried, not needing an answer. “He spies on me. He screws his girlfriends anywhere in the house he feels like it… and not caring who sees them.”

“You have seen this?” John queried.

“Yes! Right in there on the sofa!”

“Which girlfriend?”

“Really, John, really!” She said with an incredulous tone. He was still asking with his expression. “I don’t know! She was blonde!”

John just chuckled, making Betty surge with anger.

“How about him spying on me in the shower or getting dressed or undressed. Getting out of the car at the club last week, he put his hands on my leg. Inside my thigh. Way of my thigh, actually!” She confessed.

“Before I leave, I will have a chat with the boy. I am sure he means no harm…

“He is 27, John! He is not a boy anymore!” Betty chided, cutting him off.

“All right! All right. I will take care of it.” John assured her. “He escort pendik has always been a little crazy when it comes to women. He doesn’t consider you his mother, so you are fair game. I will talk to him and he will leave you alone. I trust you, sugar. You two will get along just fine. Just be nice to the boy.” John finished, patting Betty’s hand.

The following days Betty pondered her husband’s attitude towards his son’s forwardness towards her. He did not seem to mind, seemingly to accept, that she was fair game. She wondered how she was going to manage John while her husband was gone. Three months was a long time!

“Did you talk to Ted about his attitude and forwardness?” Betty queried, as she pulled her late-model Mercedes up to the airport curb.

“Yes, I did. He promised to behave. Just be good to the boy and show him a little affection. You know what I mean, don’t you Betty?”

“Are you seriously suggesting that I screw the boy?” Betty exclaimed incredulously.

“I know how you are in the bedroom, my dear. And three months is a long time… for both of us.”

“You’re not answering my question, John. But, I suppose that means you’ll be screwing some Asian bitch while you’re gone?”

“Take care of yourself while I’m gone.” John ended, as he exited the car, gathering his suitcases out of the trunk.

Betty stared at her husband’s back as he entered the airport. She could not believe what he had, in her mind, suggested. She had never had the slightest inkling of being unfaithful in a marriage. John, apparently, had no such moral direction. She had her toys and could manage her sexual urges herself, but now she was beginning to wonder whether she should even try. The vision of Ted’s very ample cock, stroking in and out of the blonde, fur-lined pussy came to mind. She hated the boy for his disrespect! ‘He will never get between my legs.’ She thought, pushing the vision from her mind.

A few short days came and went. Betty and Ted had their daily schedule, him, working, she, keeping house, shopping, then, making dinner for the two of them. She soon began joining Ted in the living room to watch a movie or a few hours of TV. She would generally say good night first and retire to her bedroom.

One evening after joining Ted, she reclining on the sofa, him, in his father’s recliner, he rose and pushed a DVD into the player, returning to his seat. She had never watched a XXX movie until she had married John, finding them distasteful, telling him so. Now, knowing Ted, she had an inkling that this movie was going to be such a movie.

“Ted, if this movie is inappropriate, I want you to cut it off.”

“Come on, Betty, just watch a few minutes. You might like it.”

She found it odd that he did not call her “mom” as was the custom. She felt the urge to bolt, but she was tired and decided she could just close her eyes if it was something she did not want to watch.

She did watch the mature woman in the bathtub full of suds, her starting to massage her breast, then, playing with her nipples, thumbing them, then, after a few minutes, her right hand disappearing into the suds. All indications showed the woman was masturbating… facial expressions and moans. Eventually, rising from the tub, reaching for a towel, patting her body dry, lifting her leg to the edge of the tub, patting her lavish, black bushed pussy dry. Need it be said, the woman was sexual in every aspect!

Betty did continue to watch the woman exit the bathroom, toss the towel on the floor, pull the bedding down and enter the bed. Reclining herself on the bed, Betty watched the woman spread her legs, as the screen changed to a foggy appearance, and begin to toy once more with her pussy with her right hand. Apparently, as if a vision, a young man appeared between her legs. Betty closes her eyes. A minute passes. She hears the woman moaning.

“Are you watching this, Betty!”

“No! My eyes her closed! Turn it off, Ted.”

Against her will, she opens her eyes to see a young man and the mature woman giving each of her oral sex, in the 69 position, she on top, he, on the bottom. The camera-man shows him eating her pussy. She could see the tip of his tongue flicking at her clit. Then, the woman is sucking and exceptionally long, thick cock.

“I love to eat pussy.” Ted said. “Almost as good as I like fucking it.”

“Then, go get one of your damn girlfriends!” Betty exclaimed, jumping up from the sofa, heading for her bedroom. “And it’s “mom”, you jackass! You best remember that!”

Unknown to her was the view she had given her step-son of her upper thighs and pantied crotch upon her hurried departure., as her housecoat belt had become lose allowing her housecoat to spaciously open.

Betty was furious and she slammed her bedroom door, struggling out of her housecoat, throwing it to a chair. She yanked the bedding down. Entering the bed, cutting the bedside table lamp off, she pulled the covers up to her chin and slowly calmed, but sleep eluded her. She could not believe the prior events had aroused her. But, how could they not! She tried to push the visions aside, but finally reached to open the bedside table and withdraw a 7″, slightly curved, vibrating dildo. Under the covers, she pushed switch and put the tip of the dildo to her pussy. She roamed it over her pussy and mound, avoiding her clot for many minutes.

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