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When I showed up at the girl’s house, I had no idea what mind-twisting pleasure was just ahead. I’m a bank loan officer and Tina, who I had met only the day before, had come in to get a loan for a new car. “I just graduated from college, and it’s the first big thing I’ve ever bought!” she said happily. She seemed like a little bit of a shy girl, but she also had this very seductive way about herself. She was very nice looking with a great body and I immediately asked her if she’d like to go out. She told me to pick her up at her place the next night, a Friday. “I can’t wait to see you again,” she said with a little shy smile. “We’ll have a good time!”

I got to her door and it was slightly open. I knocked and called her name. My knocking made the door open a little further and so I stepped inside. I called her name again, “Tina, are you here? It’s Steve.” The house was dimly lit, but there was a little more light coming from a room down the hallway. I waited a minute, then I could hear someone talking. I thought she must be on the phone, so I waited another minute. Finally, I walked toward the lighted room intending to just let her know I was there and would wait for her.

When I got to the door, I waited a second and that’s when I heard what she was actually saying. At first, I couldn’t understand exactly what was going on. “Do you like what I’m wearing tonight, Teddy.” It was quiet for a moment, then she said, “Maybe it is a little too small, but I like it!” I didn’t hear any other voice, so I thought she was talking to someone on the phone. I couldn’t figure out how she could be on the phone and yet asking someone how she looked.

I looked around the corner of the door into her room and that’s when my jaw really dropped. Tina had a large teddy bear sitting on the edge of her bed and she was apparently modeling for him. She had on a bright red, strapless stretch top that barely contained her nice large tits. They looked like they were about to burst out of the thin material and her nipples were easily visible poking out like little mouthwatering buds. She also wore a tiny schoolgirl skirt that was so short that half of her ass was actually exposed. The skirt couldn’t have been more than three or four inches long. A pair of very high stiletto heel shoes and frilly little socks completed her sexy outfit. Her blond hair was pulled back into two pigtails, tied with little red bows.

I was immediately aroused as my eyes wandered up and down her. Just then, she saw me. At first, I thought she was going to scream, but she didn’t look at all surprised. Instead, she paid no attention to me. She turned around, picked up her bear, and started talking to him. “Another one of them is here, Teddy. He’s going to do the same things to me that all the others did.”

She looked at me again and she stuck her finger seductively into her mouth, sucking on it lightly while twirling one foot back and forth like a nervous little girl. She sucked on it for a few seconds then said to her bear, “He’s just like all the other ones. Why do they make me do such bad things.” She put her bear up to her ear as if he was saying something to her, then she pulled him back and looked at him again. “That’s not true! I am not a dirty little slut, Teddy! You’ve seen how they make me do those things. I don’t want to do them.”

I walked into the room slowly, still not sure what to make of this situation. She looked at me and put her hands nervously behind her back. She turned slowly from side to side and looked down at the ground. This gave me a good long chance to look over this hot girl. She walked over to the bed and sat her bear down. While facing directly away from me, she very seductively she spread her legs then bent over at the waist while leaving her legs nice and straight. In this position with her ass up high in the air right in front of me and her legs spread wide, I could now see that she wore no panties beneath that tiny little skirt. Her shaved pussy was fully expose and looked so tight that I thought at first that she looked like a virgin.

Tina rested her elbows on the bed then her chin on her hands. Her face was directly in front of the bear’s. Without looking back, she said softly to her bear, “He came here to fuck me, Teddy.” She paused a second and she spread her legs a ataşehir escort bayan little wider and stroked her fingers over her spread pussy. “Just like the others who came here. They all do the same things to me. The same dirty things.”

She kept stroking her pussy while I watched her. She was clearly getting very wet. She looked up at her bear and said to him, “Do you think I’m a bad girl, like Daddy used to say? Do I deserve what I get?” She kept fingering herself, getting hotter and hotter. “Oh, Teddy. Remember how Daddy used to treat me when I was bad?” Her fingers dug harder into her pussy and she really started getting aroused. “You saw the things he did to me.”

My cock was practically bursting out of my pants as I watched this strange show. All of a sudden, she stopped what she was doing, slowly stood up, and walked over to me. She kept her eyes locked on mine as she squatted down in front of me, spreading her legs open wide for my view. She pulled open my pants, and my hard cock jumped out at her – actually smacking her cheek softly. Still looking right into my eyes, she opened her mouth wide and let my cock slide across her tongue. She pulled up her short little top to expose a pair of beautiful tits with rock hard nipples, ran her hands over those large mounds, and pinched her hard nipples.

“How are your going to punish me tonight, Daddy?” she said in an innocent little girl voice. I’m a little slow, but I finally figured out that she was into some kind of “Daddy” fantasy. I was ready to play right along as I watched her flick her tongue over the opening on the tip of my cock, making me groan and making my cock harden even more. I put my hands on her head and started to push myself inside her hot little mouth.

She pretended to resist, twisting her head back and forth which made my cock slide all over her wet lips. “No, Daddy. Not that again, don’t make me do those bad girl things.” She wasn’t struggling very hard, though.

I grabbed her two pigtails and made her hold still as I shoved my cock into her mouth. “Oh god, yes, suck on it,” I groaned.

Tina started sucking on my cock like a pro and kept her innocent blue eyes locked on mine. She spread open her legs wider and slid a hand down onto her pussy. As she sucked and licked on my hard rod, she also rubbed her pussy harder and harder. The harder my cock got, the hotter she got. Several times she pulled my cock from her mouth. “You shouldn’t be making me do this, Daddy. Mommy told me only naughty girls do things like this.” she said. Then a minute later she pulled her mouth away again, licked all over the swollen head, then said, “But I’m not a naughty girl, am I? I’m your good little girl, aren’t I.”

I groaned my approval and assured her that it made me very happy to see her mouth stretched around my thick cock. “Yes you are. You’re a good little cocksucker girl,” I told her.

After a few minutes, she pulled away from me and leaned back onto one hand while spreading her legs wide open for my view. “See how my pussy is getting all wet,” she said in a soft voice. “All wet like a good little girl ready to get fucked.”

She slid a finger inside herself and arched her back, pushing her fully shaved pussy up towards me. I stroked my hard cock and watched as she began moving faster and faster. “Oh Daddy. Are you watching? I can feel my pussy starting to be bad. I think it’s going to cum for you.” She squealed and with a few more thrusts of her fingers she started to cum. She writhed and squirmed as she came, squealing and moaning loudly.

When she finally stopped, she looked up at my cock and asked in a breathless, urgent voice, “Are you going to do the other thing to me now?”

“Which other thing is that?” I asked her.

She didn’t answer at first, but instead she pulled her teddy off the bed onto the floor. She turned over, got onto her elbows and knees, and laid her head down against her teddy bear. She had her ass lifted high with her legs spread open.

“You know what other thing, Daddy,” she said. “The same thing all the men do to me. The thing that always gets me in trouble with you.” She slid her hands between her legs and began stroking her pussy again, then reached around behind herself with both hands and spread her pussy wide. “Or escort kadıöy maybe you want me to say it like a naughty little slut girl does?” She paused a moment, then she said in a low, whisper of a voice, “Are you going to fuck me? Are you going to fuck my tight little pussy with that big cock?”

I got on my knees behind her and, on a spur of the moment thought, I slapped her upturned ass. She jumped a little, but she also moaned. “Oooh. I’ve been a bad girl,” she whispered. I smacked her ass again. “A naughty slut girl,” she went on. She sucked on her thumb as I slid a finger along her sopping wet slit then spanked her a third time.

“You are a nasty little slut,” I said to her. I pressed my cock against her pussy and she arched her back, wiggling her tight pussy against the head of my cock. “A naughty little girl that needs to get fucked!”

“Oh Daddy, I really am bad. Just like all those other men said. They all made me do such nasty things.” She wiggled a litle more and my cock slipped just barely inside her pussy. She sucked in her breath and let out a little squeal. “Oh god, yes. It feels so good!”

“Now it’s my turn to use your pussy,” I growled and I grabbed her ass and rammed myself inside her. Her pussy felt so tight and she let out a scream as I rammed my way inside her. She spread her ass cheeks open wider to fully expose her tight little pussy to my attack.

“Yes Daddy, do it. Fuck it hard. I’ve been such a bad girl.” Tina had her head against her bear then stuck her thumb into her mouth again and began sucking on it. The harder I fucked her, the harder she sucked – moaning louder and louder as well. She slid her other hand between her legs and stroked her clit as we fucked. I could tell that she was close to coming and so was I.

“OH DADDY!” she started to scream. “It’s going to do it again, my pussy’s going to cum again!” I was ramming her as hard as I could and felt her pussy clamping down on my cock.

“You naughty little bitch,” I growled. Now I was the one into the fantasy, imagining that I was giving my little girl a good hard fucking for being a tramp, I grabbed her little skirt and fucked her harder and faster. She responded like a good little slut, humping her ass up and down in rhythm with me.

Tina was getting very worked up and seemed to love getting pounded hard, moaning loudly in pleasure. “Oh yes, fuuuuck me,” she urged. “Do it! Fuck me like a slut. Fuck me hard!”

I was ramming her so hard that she had to bend her back sharply to take the pounding. It was only a few more seconds until I finally couldn’t hold back any longer. She could sense I was about to come and urged me on. “Oh yes, do it. Fuck me with that hard cock. Come inside my pussy!”

That was all I needed to hear. With a final thrust that nearly broke her in two, I rammed myself deep inside this little slut and started to shoot a huge load of white hot cum. This set her off on another orgasm as well and she cried out with pleasure as she came.

No more than a minute after shooting my load inside her, Tina got up onto her hands and knees. She started sucking my cock, trying to keep it hard for some more fun. “Thank you, Daddy,” she said with a little girlish smile and giggle. “You know how much I like it when you do that to me!” She stuck out her tongue while looking up into my eyes, letting my still pulsing cock slide across her tongue and over her pretty face. She smiled, then sucked on my cock more, rocking back and forth. As she did, she would make a little grunt as it entered her mouth, then there would be a loud popping sound as it came out again. She seemed to enjoy this little game, doing it over and over and smiling up at me as she did. “Look how it stays so hard!” she said happily. “I wonder what else you can think of to do with me?”

Tina then turned around, still on all fours but facing her bear again. She put her ear next to her bear for a moment, then she looked at him. “No, Teddy,” she said softly. “I’m not going to let him do it there.” She put her ear next to him again, then after a moment she looked back at me. “Teddy told me to ask you to fuck me in the ass,” she said slowly.

I’d never done that before, although I’d always wanted to try. Still, I hesitated, not sure if it was what she really wanted. maltepe escort She looked back over her shoulder and said, “I know you want to do it. All of you men want to do it that way to me.” She paused a second, then went on. “Go ahead, do it. It doesn’t matter, they’ve violated me that way before.”

I needed no further encouragement. I moved forward and put my cock against her tight asshole. She spread her legs as wide as she could to open herself up to me better, then put her face to the ground, stretched her arms back along the floor, and grabbed her thighs. I thought I should loosen her up a little first, so I wet a finger and pushed it slowly into her. She groaned loudly as it first entered, then a little softer as I slid it in deeper. “So dirty,” she breathed softly. “Shouldn’t be doing this….”

I wasn’t about to get talked out of this now, but I figured she was just playing around anyways. I pulled out my finger and replaced it with my cock. She left her ass wide open for me, but at the same time she started saying, “No, don’t do it. It’s too big. You’ll hurt me. Please don’t…. OHHHH FUUUUUUCCKKK!”

I pushed my cock inside her with a good hard thrust. Her ass was very tight and it gripped my cock like a vise. I looked down and couldn’t believe it was even inside her, it looked far too large for her round little ass. I was aroused to levels I’d never been before, and without thinking I once again slapped her ass hard. In a way, I think I was trying to punish her for doing letting me do this to her.

“Oh, Daddy. I’m sorry, please don’t do it anymore! It’s too big for me!”

She squealed loudly as I pushed myself in further, ignoring her futile pleas for mercy. Instead, I slapped her ass again then grabbed her pigtails and pulled her head up off the carpet. “Shut the fuck up, slut. You’re mine and I’m going to fuck that ass as long as I like.”

She didn’t resist at all. I pushed in a little more, then started sliding in and out of her slow and smooth. At first, it was a little hard going, but she loosened up after a few strokes and I found myself easily ramming into her forbidden tunnel. She grunted each time I entered her, sounding for all the world like a porn girl getting reamed. “Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Fuck. Uh.”

The animal lust rose in me as I took her this way. It seemed wrong, but it made me feel like I owned this little slut for my own pleasure. Her lack of putting up a struggle only confirmed it for me. She was mine to use, however I wanted.

“Whose girl are you?” I demanded of her.

She paused a moment, then said softly, “Daddy’s girl.”

“That’s right,” I said as I fucked her steadily. “And, what kind of girl are you?” I demanded of her.

“A good girl,” she said followed by one of her grunts as I rammed into her again. This got her a hard slap on her ass again.

“What kind of girl?” I repeated firmly.

“A little slut?” she said hesitantly, not sure if that was what I was looking for.

“That’s right,” I said. “Daddy’s little slut.”

She moaned her approval and started fingering her clit as I fucked her ass. “Oh Daddy, do it hard. Fuck your little slut. Make me your fuck toy.”

I was really pounding her hard now and not far from coming again. Her ass felt so good, but I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I started pounding into her so hard that she slowly collapsed to the floor, pushing her ass up as best she could to meet my thrusts. She was really rubbing herself hard and also ready to explode at any moment. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh god that’s it, fuck me, fuck me hard! I’m going to cum! Right now, I’m going to cum!”

She started screaming loudly and wildly and her whole body went rigid as she came. Her ass squeezed me even tighter and with one last thrust I buried myself as far as I could then started spurting another huge load of cum deep inside her ass. Her screams turned to moans, then to unintelligible words, then after a minute I finally could understand her again. “Daddy’s girl, always Daddy’s girl. You always teach me such good lessons.”

I pulled myself slowly out of her, not really wanting to ever leave that place. I stood up, found my clothes and started to put them on. Tina didn’t move, she just lay there on the floor exhausted. She looked up at me and smiled weakly. “Thank you, Daddy. That was the best ever.”

I bent down and helped her lift her head up enough so that I could kiss her. Her mouth sucked at mine, still passionate and hungry. “Come back tomorrow night, OK?” she said to me. “I think I might need to be taught a lesson again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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