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Character History: Maggie appears in her own story series: “Teaching Study Skills”, and Maddie appears in “Teaching Her To Be an A Student”. Reading those stories first is not necessary for this story, but they do put into perspective character motivations.

* * * * *

Maggie scanned the room as she entered her math class. She was early; there were only three other students in the class. It was the first day back after Christmas break. Her old seat was in the back of the room where she sat next to her then boyfriend, Pat. It was an ugly breakup right at the start of break. She really wasn’t looking forward to seeing him again.

Maggie took a seat at a table in the front row. Her classmate, Megan, was already sitting in the other seat at that table. Maggie and Megan had been in school together since middle school, but they hung out with different crowds. Maggie was a cheerleader and ran with the popular crowd.

Megan on the other hand didn’t really have a crowd. She was definitely the nerdy side, and she was friendly with the other top students, but she didn’t necessarily seek them out. Megan didn’t look nerdy either, at least not anymore. She ditched the glasses and got contacts when she joined the swim team. All the girls on the swim team got along great and had lots of inside jokes, but again they didn’t see each other outside of the excessively long practices. Pretty much everyone in the school was friendly with Megan, but no one was extremely close to her.

“Hey Megan, did you have a good break?”

“Yea,” Megan replied. Maggie getting late to class, picking the last seat next to Megan and striking up a friendly conversation would be a completely normal interaction, but choosing that seat when the whole room was still open did catch her off guard.

Megan told stories of hanging out with her older sister that was home from college. Maggie talked about her New Year’s party with her friends, although she neglected to mention that alcohol was there. The class filled in as they talked and before they knew it the bell had rung and Mr. G was starting class.

Their table was the first one Mr. G visited after he finished delivering this morning’s notes. “Going to sit up front this semester?” he asked Maggie.

“Yea I figured it would be better for my grades to sit up front and focus.”

“Megan is a good one to sit next to. She really knows her stuff.” Megan smiled and looked down at her lap.

“Yea I think she’ll be much more helpful than Pat,” Maggie replied. “He was a bit of a detriment to my focus.”

“Well you don’t have to worry about that at least. Pat dropped the class.” Mr. G moved on to the next table.

“That’s a relief,” Maggie said to Megan. “We had broken up over the break.”

Megan nodded. She thought about sharing her own recent breakup with Jake, but thought too long on how to word it and the moment passed. She wouldn’t be able to add on to the conversation without sounding awkward now, so she turned to the work that Mr. G assigned. She was almost done with the third problem when Maggie asked her for help on the first one. Megan patiently stopped what she as doing and helped Maggie through that problem.

Megan turned back to her own work once Maggie was set. Megan finished the third problem and was about to start the fourth when Maggie had a question on the second. At that point Megan decided to help Maggie catch up and then to work together on the rest of the homework set. Working with Maggie made things go slower than if she was on her own, but it was more enjoyable. They talked and laughed while they worked. It was a good class.

“So Maggie, how’s the assignment going?” Mr. G asked as he swung back by their desk.

“Great, we’re done,” Maggie replied.

“Awesome,” Mr. G said as he held up his hand. She smiled at him and gave him a high five.

“Megan gave me a lot of help, but I think understand it.”

“That’s great. I told you Megan knows her stuff,” he said as he pointed to Megan. Megan smiled, but before she had a chance to respond he moved to the next table.

* * * * *

In the following days Megan noticed that Mr. G stopped by her desk way more than he ever did in the fall. He seemed to be following a regular patter. First, he’d ask Maggie a question like, “Did everything in today’s lesson make sense?” or “Any questions for me?” She’d say no, but then add on some joke or short story as is her nature. She’s a very friendly and open person. She does the same with Megan as they’re working on the classwork. He’ll briefly engage her in conversation and then when he’s ready to move to the next table he asks Megan a quick question, “You’re doing good, right?” She always responds with a quiet yes and a nod.

Megan rationally understood why Mr. G would give Maggie more attention. First, Maggie struggles with the material while Megan picks it up quickly, so he has to check on Maggie to just make sure she’s keeping up with the class. Megan does well even without those checks. And then Maggie’s ataşehir escort friendly personality makes the conversation about more than just business. You can’t have a conversation with her about only math; she won’t allow it. Still, despite knowing all that, she was jealous of the extra attention Megan received.

That pattern continued on into February. Late in the month they had a three day weekend for Washington’s Birthday. The following Tuesday Maggie cheerfully greeted Megan. “How was your weekend?”

“Great,” Megan replied. “My sister came home from college in a surprise visit for my eighteenth birthday.”

“Oh happy birthday!” Maggie exclaimed.

Mr. G looked up from his desk. “Whose birthday is it?”

“Megan just turned eighteen over the weekend,” Maggie replied.

“Happy birthday,” he said with a smile. “You have a good birthday?”

“Yea, I was just telling Maggie how my sister Maddie came home from college. She took me out to a club to go dancing.”

“Sounds fun,” he said.

“So did you dance with any guys?” Maggie asked.

Megan blushed and let out a quiet giggle. “There were some guys that come right up behind you and start grinding. It was weird, but that part was kind of fun too I guess. I’d usually wait until the end of the song before walking away.”

Maggie laughed and Mr. G smiled. “Well I’m glad you had a good time,” Mr. G said as he walked away to the classroom door to greet other students.

“He’s picturing grinding against you now,” Maggie joked. Megan’s jaw dropped. “I bet you’re going to get a lot more attention now that you’re legal.”

“He’s a teacher,” Megan said back in a hushed voice. Maggie just winked back at her.

The rest of that class proceeded as normal, but Megan couldn’t help but notice a change in his behavior after that day. It wasn’t anything huge, but for example, the following Monday when he walked up to their table the first thing he said was “Greetings girls,” which was markedly different from before when his initial comment were always directed specifically to Maggie.

“Hi Mr. G,” Maggie said.

“You two have a good weekend?”

“Yea, on Saturday I went into the city with some friends,” Maggie replied.

“Did you get some good Italian food?” he asked.

“No, we had Chinese.”

“That’s OK I guess,” he said with a shrug. “How about you Megan? Any more trips to the club?”

Megan blushed. “No not this weekend. I actually studied for your test this Wednesday.”

“That’s why she does so much better than me,” Maggie said.

Mr. G rolled his eyes. “You don’t have to worry about that. You’re the front runner for top grade in the course.”

“Damn right she is,” Maggie said with a smile on her face.

Mr. G raised his eyebrow at Maggie, but didn’t say anything about the cursing in class. He turned back to Megan, “You know if you get the top grade then you’re exempt from the final.”

Megan smiled. “That would be such a relief.”

“Well you don’t have it yet. You’re currently the front runner, but Jake in period 3 is close behind you.”

“So I guess it’s good that she studied this weekend,” Maggie said.

“It’s in my job description to be supportive of those that want to study more. You could learn a lot from her,” Mr. G said as he pointed at Maggie with a finger gun. “Alright I’m going to check on some kids that are less secure in their A.”

“That’s great news,” Maggie said Megan once Mr. G moved on to the next table.

“I can’t lose to Jake,” Megan replied.

“Oh right, he’s your ex. Yea that would suck.”

Megan buried her nose in her book, but she was noticeably more frustrated than normal. Maggie’s questions were no longer patiently explained as now suddenly those moments were sucking precious seconds she needed to prepare for the test. Maggie knew when to back off and so they didn’t speak much that period.

Tuesday was similarly quiet and then came the test on Wednesday. Megan took longer than normal to finish the test, but was still done well before Maggie. Maggie saw her go back and forth between problems a lot. Twice she let out a frustrated sigh and erased close to half a page worth of work.

On Friday he passed back the tests. He passed back Megan’s test last. He knelt on the ground next to her table as she looked at the B- grade with dismay. He waited for her to make eye contact with him before saying, “You did well, but you didn’t knock it out of the park like you typically do.”

“I know. I don’t get it. I studied so hard for this test.”

“I think you stressed yourself out. If you go through the test, a lot of your mistakes are from overthinking problems. Assuming there were tricks when it was a straight forward problem, although you did get the one trick problem at the end.”

“So does that mean Jake has the highest grade now?”

“I can’t tell you another student’s grade, but you’re still competitive with him.”

“Can you at least tell me if I’m higher or lower?”

Mr. kadıköy escort bayan G tilted his head and thought for a moment, but then he scrunched his face as he said no. “You already knew he was competitive before so if I answer that question now you can figure out how he did on the test. If you really want to know you should just ask him yourself.” Megan scrunched her face at that suggestion.

“Did you know too much oxygen can kill you?” Mr. G asked her. “It’s the substance we need literally every minute of our lives but there are other things in the air. Breathing pure oxygen is bad for us. Too much of anything is bad for you and I think you hit that with regards to math and studying. This weekend your homework is to take a break, center yourself and come back on Monday ready to work. Maggie, you should help her out with that.”

Maggie and Megan sat there in silence for five minute after Mr. G moved on to the next table. Then Maggie said, “He wants you to go to the club again.” Maggie spoke softly out of the corner of her mouth while keeping her eyes fixated on her textbook. Megan continued to work and acted as if she didn’t hear Maggie, so then Maggie added, “Maybe if I drop the name of the club he’ll come and join us.”

Megan snorted and back hand slapped Maggie’s arm. “Don’t you dare,” she said in a hushed voice.

Maggie laughed. “Seriously though, what I think you need this weekend is a makeover.”


“Mr. G’s right. Thinking about Jake this week messed with your head and broke your confidence. You know you’re smart and this weekend I’m going to make sure you know how hot you are too.”

* * * * *

On a normal day Megan quickly pulls her blonde hair back into a ponytail, but on Monday she walked in with fresh highlights and her hair straightened. Megan had worn make-up before to school dances and family weddings, but today was the first day she put it on for a regular school day. She did a light layer of make-up just to conceal the small three pimples on her chin.

Typically Megan wore a loose T-shirt from the men’s section and a pair of women’s kakis that were tighter than men’s pants but didn’t show off much. Deciding on which new clothes to buy was a long debate between Megan and Maddie, but they eventually found some conservative feminine outfits to agree on. Today she wore a simple black long sleeve shirt. The neck line didn’t go all the way down to her bosom but it came low enough so that it obviously wasn’t a man’s shirt. The fabric stretched and hugged her curves.

With that she wore a pair of brown ankle boots and a simple brown skirt that came halfway down her thigh. It was a good compromise length being much longer than the outfits Maggie first picked out but showing off much more of her leg than she was used to. Walking into school she noticed guys glancing down at her legs and it did feel good to be wanted.

Maggie was so excited when she saw Megan’s completed look. “Girl you look so good.”

“Getting ready took so much longer than normal today,” Megan complained.

“It’ll be worth it,” Maggie replied. “Your hair looks good, your makeup looks good, and I’m glad you took the time to shave your legs.” Megan blushed and took her seat while Maggie walked to the front of the room write “Hello Mr. G” on his board. Turning around, she paused to admire Megan for a minute before taking her seat beside Megan. “Stand up for a second.”

“Why?” Megan asked as she complied.

“Not all the way. Just lift your butt a couple inches off the seat.” Megan again complied. Maggie slid her hand underneath Megan, her palm sliding against Megan’s ass in the process. Maggie grabbed the hem of Megan’s skirt, and she pulled it back so that the skirt wasn’t between her ass and the seat. “Ok sit down, and cross your legs. Try to keep your knees as high as possible. This is going to drive him wild.”

Maggie was right. Mr. G was in the hallway talking to another teacher and so they were able to study his face when he entered the room. His eyes shot straight towards Megan’s legs. He walked straight towards them and asked, “Girls, relaxing weekend?”

“You know it,” Maggie responded.

Megan studied his face while he taught. He looked her way a lot, but it rarely felt like he was looking her in the eye.

* * * * *

That night Megan called her older sister Maddie. They shared pleasantries for the first twenty minutes before Megan asked, “You had Mr. G in school right?”

“Ugh, don’t remind me.”

“You didn’t like him? I think he’s a great teacher.”

“He’s alright, but he clearly plays favorites.”

“Well I might be one of those favorites. He told me I have the highest grade in the class.”

“Oh wow, that’s awesome. You know I might have been close to the lowest grade in that class.”

They shared a laugh and a couple jokes back and forth teasing each other, and then Megan said, “I don’t know, I may not be that smart. He was vague but it sounded like there was a good escort maltepe chance Jake could beat me. I really don’t want to lose to him.”

“Oh you can beat that stupid boy. I believe in you.”

“Maggie said that I need to wear skirts more often to gain an edge over Jake.”

There was a long pause before Megan said, “I don’t think you want that kind of attention from Mr. G.”

“She was just joking,” Megan said defensively. “Maggie thinks he’s cute so she makes those kind of jokes about him. Like last week I told her about our evening at the club and she joked about wanting to grind against Mr. G.”

“She sounds like quite a character.”

“She likes to push the boundaries, but she knows where the line is. She’s also real sweet. We went shopping together on Sunday. She really helped me look through skirts to find ones that weren’t too short or too tight that I felt comfortable in.”

“She sounds like a great friend.” Maddie didn’t push the issue any farther, but she was consumed with concern for her little sister. Mr. G was a predator and used her struggling grades to manipulate Maddie when she was his student. Megan was always so much better at school, so Maddie thought she wouldn’t have to worry about her. She’d never be in the position where she was in desperate danger of failing. Sleeping with a teacher to go from an A to an A+ was an unfathomable option to Maddie, but now that realization hit her like a slap in the face. Maddie couldn’t sleep that night and so she spent the bulk of her Tuesday thinking about options and by the end of day she had a plan of action.

* * * * *

Maddie drove home that Friday, but she didn’t stop by her parents’ house. She went straight to her old high school. She arrived forty minutes after school had ended. The front secretaries were still there and they shockingly remembered her. After a quick chat she went in and headed towards Mr. G’s room.

His door was the only one still open in the math wing with the other teachers not wanting to stay late on a Friday. They had friends and families to get to, but not him. She paused and breathed heavily outside his door. She really didn’t want to fuck him again, but this was for Megan.

“Mr. G!” she said excitedly as she entered his room.

His jaw dropped slightly when he turned to face her. His eyes very clearly looked her up and down before he spoke. Maddie’s hair and dress were wet from the rain. Her long blonde hair hung over her shoulder and ended just below her left breast. Her dress had a simple pattern with black and white horizontal stripes. The neckline was high and the sleeves were long, but the dress ended just below her ass. Her legs were much tanner than he remembered and they glistened now that they were wet with rain water.

“Uh… Maddie, what’s up?” He stood up from his desk and held out his arms to give her a hug. She walked up to him and leaned in for a hug. He embraced her tightly. She half expected him to just go for the ass grab, but he kept his arms high. “So how have you been?” he asked after the embraced ended. It was a long hug, but not awkwardly long.

“I’m good. I got an A in chemistry thanks to you.”

“Oh, yea? Did your chemistry class use a lot of math?”

“No, I just fucked my TA for the grade. Without you I don’t think I would have had the guts to approach him with the offer.” Mr. G coughed and looked away from her. She took a step toward him and placed her hand on his chest. “And that is why I don’t want you messing with Megan’s head like you did with mine.”

“Megan? What are you talking about? I never had sex with Megan.”

“Not yet, but I know what you’re doing.” She pushed him back into his teacher’s chair. “I don’t really care if you name her the top student in the class or not, but don’t dangle that in front of her as a prize that she has to fuck you to get.”


“And if you leave her alone…” Maggie kicked off her shoes. She then reached down, under her dress and tugged on her panties so that they fell to the ground. Her left foot stepped out of them and then her right them up to her hand. While staring at Mr. G’s face she raised the panties up to her nose and took a deep breath. “…I’ll let you have these.”


“I rubbed myself the whole drive home so they’d smell extra sweet for you.” She sat on his lap and grinded her hips against him. She could feel that he was already hard.

He’d always gone after struggling students before. It never even occurred to him that he had leverage over Megan. Thoughts of fucking Megan flashed through his head, but it was hard to keep his mind on her while Maddie grinding her pussy against him. He remembered Maddie as this pale skinny thing, but now she had a healthy amount of meat on her bones, a nice looking tan and much more make-up than she used to wear.

It wasn’t long until he was lifting her up onto his teacher desk. A moment later his pants were down and he was vigorously pounding her pussy. She brushed her hand against the side of his head and slid it to the back where she grabbed onto his hair and pulled his head towards hers. She leaned forward as well so that their foreheads touched. She reached her other arm back to support herself and knocked a stapler off his desk in the process.

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