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Copyright 2018 by HisArpy

Reproduction in whole or part without prior permission

of the Author is prohibited.

All characters, events, and situations are the product of the

authors imagination. Any resemblance to any

persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


This story is part 2 of “The Winner”. It’s 27,000 words in 3 parts

and deals with family sex between a stepmother and a pair of twins.

Part I

“I’m pregnant”

The words just came out of my mouth. All three of us were sitting on the couch together when I said them. We were watching a movie on the tube, like we usually did in the evenings. Sin on Nicky’s lap, leaning against the arm of the couch with her legs over mine, completely engrossed in something on her phone and ignoring the TV. Everyone froze as I said exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Before I could blink I landed on the floor. Sin was on top of me as her phone went skidding across the carpet, planting kisses on my lips rapid fire and holding my face still so she didn’t miss.

“Sin, stop.” I tried to push her away.

More kisses coupled with little happy squeals as I pushed harder. Eventually she slowed, then stopped kissing me, before shifting down my body to put her ear on my stomach.

“It’s only been a few weeks.” I tried to tell her listening for the baby was futile this early.

“Shhh!” Sin shushed me and pressed her ear harder into my middle for a moment longer before sitting up on her knees. “I can’t hear anything.”

“It’s still too early. I’m only around three weeks.”

Faces went blank as everyone started counting calendar days backward. From the expressions on their faces when they finished, they all came to the same conclusion I did.

“Three weeks?” Tom’s voice was soft.

I pushed again at Sin, who tried to hold onto me for a moment before letting me go with a deep search of my eyes.

“I still love you.”

I gave her the assurance she was looking for. I brushed a last kiss on her lips before rising to sit backward on Tom’s legs, facing him while putting my arms over his shoulders. The cat was out of the bag so I’d better just roll with it.

“Approximately. You know there’s no way to tell exactly. Or, you’d better know that by now.” I flicked my eyes toward Nicky, who had Sin on his lap again. Tom was already a father, so he’d been through this before. He knew everything was a guesstimate, even though it was usually pretty close to accurate these days.

Tom looked where my eyes had flashed and then back at me. “So who . . .?”

I swivelled my face toward the twins. Before I could say anything, Sin laced her arms around Nicky’s neck and he heaved them both upward, Sin cradled against his chest. They disappeared down the hall heading toward their bedrooms, Sin watching me over Nicky’s shoulder. Tom looked at me when they finally vanished from sight.

“Is it . . .?

Same question, different words. I scrunched a bit closer and touched his forehead with mine. His eyes were dark and serious.

“Do you want the truth, the lie, or the evasion?”

Tom’s face turned thoughtful again, but only for a moment.

“The truth.”

“I don’t know.” I answered his question as best I could.

“How could you not know?”

“Here’s the lie. I don’t know.”

“So, you don’t know if the baby is Nicky’s or mine?”

“Now for the evasion; I don’t know.”

Tom didn’t respond, just sitting quietly as I straddled his legs. I could see his mind was working but nothing was coming out, it was just spinning around and around and around.

“You know how much I love them. You know how much they need me.” I confirmed what he was thinking. “I told you we’d try to be sure you never found out again, but I also told you things happen. Well, something happened; I got pregnant. I didn’t mean for this to happen, it just did.”

“How?” He meant how did I wind up pregnant if I didn’t intend to get pregnant.

I shook my head at my stupidity.

“You know that throat infection I had?” It’d been a horrible two weeks. I’d barely been able to swallow soft food and had eaten almost nothing but soup while Tom was on an emergency business trip out of town. Normally he didn’t travel for work. He’d only gone that time because it’d been a real emergency and I’d been here to take care of the twins. Which I couldn’t because I’d been so sick. I still don’t know where I picked up the bug. Which meant it could have come from anywhere or anything I touched even momentarily.

“You know the doctor gave me antibiotics for it. Antibiotics are known to interfere with birth control.”

Tom just nodded as he listened.

“You were in Atlanta so I didn’t think. I was just so sick feeling I didn’t care about anything. Once the antibiotics kicked in, I felt better but still didn’t think about how birth control doesn’t always work when you’re taking them. Pregnancy is highly likely if everything comes together at the right time. It did.”

I bursa escort hesitated for a half-second.

“I’m not going to lie to you. You were gone and I was sick for more than a week. That’s a confirmed period where I couldn’t have gotten pregnant because I didn’t have sex at all. The first time after that when Nicky, Sin and I slept together was the morning before I picked you up at the airport. You know what you and I did that night. Count three weeks back from today and that’s where you end up. It’s not less than three weeks and it can’t be more because I didn’t sleep with anyone for nearly two weeks before then. That means either of you could be the father.”

I explained in what sounded like a casual manner. It wasn’t, I was terrified over what he might say. Or do.

“So, what now?”

“I get fat and wind up with a huge belly while complaining a lot about swollen feet. In a few more months we stop getting enough sleep and you decide you don’t love me anymore?” Despite my resolve, my voice trembled slightly at the end.

Warmth and light pressure on my thighs told me he’d put his hands there. I didn’t look down, keeping my eyes locked on his. Slowly his hands slipped upward along my body while he looked me in the eyes. He didn’t say anything, just ran his hands up to my ribs to cup and squeeze my boobs.

“I am not a sex toy.” My response was automatic.

“Congratulations.” He gave me a light kiss. “We’re pregnant.”

I kissed him back with a tiny laugh of relief before rolling my eyes upward and making a face as if I was thinking.

“Ok, just for that I can be a sex toy. But only for tonight.”

He grinned and fondled my boobs again while leaning forward to bite the side of my neck. Heat ignited in my crotch when Tom moved his lips up my neck to nibble my earlobe.


I barely had enough breath to speak past my rising desire. Pulling him against me, I held on tightly as he mirrored Nicky’s lift. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I kicked off my sandals as we headed down the hall. My shirt and bra followed the sandals before we got to the bedroom doorway. I don’t know who closed the bedroom door, I suspect it was either Nicky or Sin because Tom’s hands were busy. Almost as busy as his mouth.

Breakfast was ready and waiting on the table in the morning. Apparently Sin and Nicky had been busy too. There were sliced bananas and segmented oranges arranged on a small dish. With them were some plain yogurt, hard boiled eggs and triangular toast slices. Individual serving dishes full of these goodies were all crowded around a dinner plate placed where I usually sat to eat. There was a cereal bowl centered on the plate and I could see a pot of hot water and a cup of oatmeal standing by. No coffee in sight. Or even the coffee maker, the space where it usually sat on the counter was vacant. I put my hands on my waist and just looked at them.

“What?” Sin looked at me, then over at Nicky.

“What’s this?” I used my chin to point at the table while keeping my eyes on the both of them.

“Breakfast?” Nicky answered my question with a question.

“For who?”

“Uhhh, you?”

Crossing my arms, I counted to ten. Nicky looked at Sin.

“Have you ever seen me eat any of that for breakfast?”

Nicky scanned the food on the table.


“There’s toast. You eat toast for breakfast.” Tom came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “Good morning.”

“Good morning.” I leaned into him and returned the greeting before pointing at the things on the table. “I have toast for breakfast. With coffee. Not fruit, eggs, yogurt or oatmeal. Toast. With coffee.”

“But all of this is good for you!” Sin blurted. “And coffee isn’t good for the baby.”

Oh, so that was what this was all about.

“You need to eat foods that are high in vitamins and minerals. Whole grains, proteins, and fruits plus a couple of specific things like folic acid and extra iron. You have to stay away from coffee and alcohol or you risk the health of the baby.” She tried to explain some more.

“And you know this because . . .?” I let the end of the question trail away.

“It’s basic nutrition!” Sin blurted again.

Nicky nodded along with her. “You need certain percentages of protein, carbohydrates, and fats daily along with essential vitamins and minerals. Otherwise your body doesn’t perform to its best capability.”

“I see.” Moving between the twins I opened the cupboard and took down a mug. Sliding out from between them I placed the mug by the plate with the bowl on it before I sat. Rearranging the serving dishes I pulled the toast closer and pushed the others away. No one spoke as I looked up at the three of them.

“Can I have some coffee please.” I ticked the mug with my fingernail.

Nicky opened his mouth to say something but closed it when Sin crossed her arms and shook her head.


Sighing, I got up from the table and headed for the bedroom.

“Where are you going?” Tom’s voice was curious.

“To get dressed. There’s a bursa escort bayan Starbucks on the corner. I can have my breakfast there without any of the drama I’m getting here.”

Tom did the smart thing and left the field of battle. He was gone when I returned, the space in the driveway where he usually parked was empty as well. The table was still crowded with the unwanted breakfast offerings but Sin and Nicky were nowhere to be seen either. I opened the door and found both of them bending down next to my front tire. Hissing air told me what they were doing. Sin stood abruptly as I closed the front door loudly.

Digging through my purse I handed her my road-service card as I walked past without stopping. It wasn’t that far to the corner, I could easily walk there and back.

“Can you call the Auto Club for me? I have a flat tire that needs changing.”

“Mom . . .”

“Yes?” I called out over my shoulder.


“I’m not the one who is doing anything.” I kept on walking.


I stopped instantly to turn around. Sin was at the end of the driveway looking at me with a strained expression on her face. At fifty feet or so, it was about the furthest I’d ever seen her away from Nicky. Knowing how physically painful it was for them to be apart she had to be really hurting from being this far away from him, yet there she was.

“I will not allow you to abuse me. You know this. I have been clear on this exact subject, I will not let you do this to me. Not even for love.” I left the ultimatum unspoken. Her lips trembled.

“Are you coming back? Please don’t leave. I love you.”

“Do you?”

She gave me a jerky nod. I saw Nicky mimic the jerky nod as he came up behind her. Sin’s facial expression eased as Nicky got closer but the stressed look didn’t go away completely. I was really pushing them hard over this but they had to remember who I was and that I wasn’t their play toy or slave.

“Can you prove it?” I waited a fraction of a second before continuing. “Without demanding anything from me?”

Sin just stood there looking miserable but Nicky wrapped his arms around her waist. He looked at me and soundlessly worked his mouth as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t figure out how.

“Yes.” Forcing the word out, Nicky finally managed to say what he wanted to. Cuddling Sin to his chest, he scooped her up before turning and walking away without another word. Sin tucked her face into his shoulder and burst into tears. I sat on the curb, my heart breaking after they’d left me, to give myself time to think.

Nicky was clearing the table when I went back inside the house, putting the assorted things into plastic containers and storing them in the fridge. Sin wiped her eyes and plugged the coffee pot back in after dragging it out of the cupboard where she’d hidden it. Neither of them looked at me as I opened the door. By not asking anything of me, they’d proven how much they loved me. They’d set me free even though it broke their hearts to do it.

Loser. The thought hit me hard.

I sat on Sin’s bed waiting for her. After dropping my purse, I’d gone to my bedroom and stripped, closing Nicky’s door as I went by on the way to Sin’s bedroom. I was still waiting when Tom showed up in the bedroom doorway in the middle of the afternoon.

“You ok?” He asked me carefully. He didn’t comment on my lack of clothing. Not after all the months of him catching Sin, Nicky and I in one or the other of their beds talking. Some of the time we’d been fully clothed, sometimes not. Mostly not, and Tom knew why we did it that way. He and I did it that way sometimes too.

I nodded even though I felt anything but ok. “I’m just waiting for them to come talk to me.”

“You know they’re not here, right?”

I nodded again. I’d heard them leave hours before Tom came back from wherever he’d run off to. He’d probably gone to the office, spending part of his day off there so he wouldn’t be caught in the middle between me and the twins. He came into Sin’s room to sit carefully on the edge of the bed.

“Not in here.” I began.

“I know.” He held up a hand to stop me from saying anything further. “I can also see that you’re hurting. Do you want to talk about whatever happened after I left?”

I shook my head, fighting the tears that threatened to start all over again. I needed them. Not for sex, for love. To fill my heart and make me complete. I’d taken them for granted, reveling in the sex and happy afternoons spent together without any thought for what I was doing. I’d been using them for my own gratification while telling them it was wrong for them to do the same to me. And now they were gone! Because I’d pushed them away.

Tom held out his hand and I grasped it lightly, squeezing once then letting go. His eyes searched my face for a few seconds before he pulled his phone out of his pocket. I could hear it ring as he put the phone on speaker.

“Dad?” Nicky’s voice came from the speaker on the phone.

“Nicky, your mom wants to talk to you.” Tom held out the phone to escort bursa me.

I couldn’t stop myself, I burst into tears. Shaking my head while sobbing and blubbering, I shoved the phone away and curled up in a ball, hugging Sin’s pillow and trying to breathe in all of the scent she’d left on it.

Tom sat with me until both Sin and Nicky arrived. The two of them crowded together in the doorway and just looked at me. Tom stood up and moved out of the way when I held up my arms, tears running down my face to drip off my chin.

“I’m sorry. I love you. Please come talk to me. Please?”

Sin moved into the room, her eyes on her father as she put her knee on the bed. I grabbed her and pulled her toward me, desperately scrabbling with her shirt and trying to pull it over her head without unbuttoning it first.

I ripped at her clothes, tearing them in my desperation to feel her skin on mine. “I love you. I need you. Talk to me. I miss you!”

“Shh. I’m right here.” Sin tried to soothe me as she cupped my face between her hands. Nicky glanced at his father from where he stood in the bedroom doorway. Tom silently gestured toward the bed and left through the twins’ shared bathroom, closing the door behind him as Sin pulled her bra off and threw it onto the floor. Nicky slipped into bed with me while Sin stood again and wiggled out of her jeans.

We didn’t have sex. I wound up half on top of Sin, my nose stuck in the hollow of her neck just breathing her in. Nicky cuddled against my other side as I cried intermittently off and on, mostly on. Sin held me, rocking me gently until the tears ran out and I fell asleep.

It was dark outside the window when I opened my eyes. I stiffened as I realized what had happened. I’d broken the rules completely, right in front of Tom.

“It’s ok. Dad’s been in a couple of times to check on you.” Nicky’s rumble from my other side made me twist to look at him. “He’s worried but not upset.”

Sin tipped my face toward hers. “I’m sorry.”

I shook my head. “It was my fault. I screwed up.”

Nicky cuddled closer. “No you didn’t.”

“I did. I’ve been using you and didn’t know it. It’s still no excuse, I broke the rules.”

“You didn’t. We were just so happy and I wanted to take care of you. We didn’t know pregnancy makes some people act weird emotionally sometimes.”

I shook my head. I knew I’d screwed up.

“It’s not your fault you flipped out, your hormones did it to you. Dad explained it to us. He knows you couldn’t help it. He told us to tell you that.”

Nicky stretched and kissed me. I almost turned my face away because Tom was home and knew where we were. I didn’t because that would be me pushing them away again. I’d just done that and knew how awful it felt and I wasn’t ever going to do it again. On the other hand, I also wasn’t going to sleep with them while my husband was home. Absolutely not.

Sin saved me from having to choose between the two evils by rolling over, straight-arming me with her hands on my chest until I was flat on my back between her and Nicky.

“Please don’t be angry with me.” Sin’s eyes were dark with worry.

“I’m not.” I reached up to caress her cheek with my fingers. “I thought you were trying to use me.”

Sin shook her head and flopped next to me. She and Nicky’s draped their legs over my thighs and snuggled closer.

“We tried that once and it didn’t work out the way we wanted. Plus, you’re my mom, I know you love me. We don’t need to trick you into having sex with us to know that. Unless you want us to.”

She absently tweaked my nipple as she told me she remembered I didn’t play like that, giving it a little tiny kiss when it stood up from the attention. I poked her butt twice with a stiff finger, we weren’t alone in the house and she knew the rules. Not that it mattered at this point since Tom definitely knew what was going on, but getting the rules reestablished needed to be done as soon as possible. That meant, beginning again now, we all obeyed the rules once more. Starting with the most important one that no one was supposed to know about us sleeping together. Just talking while naked was ok, sex wasn’t. They knew and understood the difference. They’d better because I am their mom, not their sex toy, and what I say goes.

Rather than continue playing with my boobs and risking me getting mad at her, Sin’s fingers drifted lightly down my body until she reached my crotch, caressing me with her palm once she arrived. I didn’t object since she wasn’t trying to entice me into anything, this was how she talked to me.

From the first time we’d talked Sin had played with me, running her fingers through my pubic hair while alternating between ruffling and smoothing it. That was before I’d gotten all my hair permanently removed. Now that I’d had that done, my bare skin was like an irresistible magnet for her fingers. Any time she could touch me there she did, petting with her palm and fingering between my lips slowly as we talked. Which sometimes gave me a quiet orgasm or two, even if we were just talking and not having sex. Afterward Sin would lick her fingers as if nothing had happened while I throbbed and held my breath, Nicky often filling in the dialog for all of us until things got back on track after a kiss or three.

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