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Author’s note:

This is the second installment in this series. While it does stand alone, the first chapter sets some of the scene. Please, vote and comment below, the feedback is the only payment we authors get!


I stared at my computer, trying to look busy, lest the owner of the company poke his head through the door on one of his surprise Friday afternoon inspections. I looked at the clock, which read 2:50, while trying to will it to speed up. No dice. At 3 on Friday he left, and then it’d just be maybe an hour of boredom and awkward wrapping up before the weekend started. And though tonight I had nothing exciting planned, just food and pool with a couple of buddies from the office, I was still bored and ready to start my weekend. Plus, I knew that tomorrow I was seeing Tiffany at some point. Not a minute too soon, either, as it’d been several days and my balls were already achingly full.

Right then, a familiar baritone rang through the office. “Fuck it guys, why pretend? It’s the weekend, and it’s going to be slow until Monday and new business, so let’s pack it up!” John, the owner of the company, was yelling at all of us to go home. With the end of the month being here, we were waiting for our newest spate of work to arrive on Monday, and apparently he didn’t want us sitting there pretending to work in the interim. I wasn’t going to argue. As I set about closing my files and shutting down my laptop, my phone vibrated, and I glanced down. It was a message from Tiff. “Please please PLEASE say you can come over tonight. Like now, if possible. Have never needed ur cock more.” So raincheck on pool, I guess.

I told Carl, and he gave me a slight bit of guff about bailing, until I showed him the text, and he started laughing. “If you don’t go, I’ll try to find her place and fuck her.” I flipped him off, and we laughed as I bid him farewell, getting in my car to head over to the East Valley and to my awaiting and insatiable lady.

I called her my lady because I wasn’t sure what to call her. She was like a girlfriend, except she told me she didn’t believe in monogamy, and being fresh off a divorce, I wasn’t eager to be tied down, either. We’d been seeing each other six weeks, and thus far exclusively, but she was very involved in the porn industry, and had also told me frequently that she wanted me to sleep with somebody else. She’d even begun probing for details on what/who I found hot as she showed me porn, which was also quite frequent.

The drive from my office to her house took around 25 minutes. When I pulled up, the driveway was packed full of cars. While I was used to occasional cars when video techs and such came over to help her edit down scenes, this was a new experience on me. When I stepped in the door, it was even crazier, as the house appeared to have at least a good 30 or more bodies inside it. Music played from out by the pool, and a girl with a lip ring and a clipboard looked at me and asked “Cast or crew?”

“Neither. I’m a friend of Tiffany’s,” I replied.

“Are you Martin?”

“That’s me.”

“Okay. She’s upstairs. Either the video room or the set.” I nodded at her instructions and headed upstairs.

As I went upstairs, a couple of starlet-looking ladies with large, obviously fake breasts breezed past me, and as I turned the corner at the top, I nearly walked right into a man so large, I almost mistook him for a wall. “Sorry, dude!” he shot out cheerily, as he ambled around me. As he walked away, I goggled for half a second. He had to be at least 6’5″ and was probably a solid, overly-musclebound 250 lbs, clad in nothing but a speedo and a very obviously store bought tan.

I walked into the makeshift studio, which had a few bodies in it, including a couple of girls on the bed in bikinis, kneeling as some production assistant adjusted lighting and called out info to some dude with a laptop and a couple of cameras snaked to it. “Make sure we don’t have the top shadow,” I heard Tiffany yelling out, “I don’t want a reshoot because I can’t see pussy lips again.” As I poked my head around a body, she looked over and saw me, then smiled big. “I’ll be back in a few guys, roll this,” she yelled as she moved over to me. “Hi,” she beamed, giving me a quick, romantic but not overly so kiss. She was clad in a robe, freshly showered with no makeup. “Come on,” she said, leading me out to the hall.”

“What’s up?” I asked, somewhat confused as to why she invited me over during a day she was apparently shooting.

“I need you,” she said, dragging me toward the bedroom.

“What’s going on?” I inquired, still a bit confused as she locked the door behind me and then quickly threw herself against me. Not that I was complaining, obviously, since I was rapidly growing against my jeans.

“I had to shoot today with this horrible meathead,” she said, as she attacked my mouth again, threw off her robe and stood before me totally nude. She began fumbling with the buttons on my shirt almost frantically. “Horrible in bed. escort kartal Couldn’t make me cum after 90 minutes of trying. I’m so tense I’m ready to explode.” By this point she had dropped to her knees and was ripping open my pants to fish my cock out. She attacked my cock so forcefully she actually pushed me against the wall, which thankfully was less than a foot behind me. About a dozen vigorous sucks, and she wrapped her hand around, saying “God yes…” to nobody in particular as she stood up, wrapped a leg around me, and reached down to guide me into her already wet pussy. I grabbed her around the waist to steady her as she began grinding herself into me with a force that almost took me off guard. I was used to her being an aggressive and wild fuck, but this was another gear that I hadn’t even seen. “Holy fucking shit I needed this cock!” she essentially yelled as I slammed back at her while attempting not to lose my balance.

I tried to shift her to a position that might have been more comfortable, but she refused to move off of me. Quickly, I saw the telltale signs of her impending O, as she started her little staccato barks, then screamed out an alright “Fuckkkkk Meeeeeee Fuck fuck FUCK!!” I felt her pussy clamp hard on my cock, and stopped my strokes for a second to allow her to catch her breath, but also out of shock. We had been fucking for maybe 90 seconds, and she had cum hard. I felt her pussy lubing liberally down my balls, which only happened when she was crazy turned on.

She opened her eyes and brought her head back down, and started giggling. “I’m so sorry, I’m not laughing at you, but the look on your face is priceless.”

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I was so wound up, after all that sex but no cum. I had to something awful. That was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much,” she said, kissing me sweetly. “I need to return the favor, though, you haven’t cum yet.”

“I’m okay. I mean, let’s keep going, but I don’t think I can cum that quickly,” I interjected.

“That’s okay,” she laughed. “I don’t need to poke my head out for a couple of hours. We have plenty of play time,” she said, as she led me to the bed. I had to reach down and partially pull my pants up, since they were still around my ankles, and as I sat down on the bed, she got down again and began giving me a much less frenetic blowjob. I began to relax, and was reaching down to unlace one of my shoes, when a knock came from the door.

“Go away,” she growled.

“Tiffany, it’s Amber. Please let me in.”

“Not a good time,” Tiffany shot back.

“I know, I just really need to hide for a few,” came the voice.

“I’m sorry,” she said to me, giving me a quick peck before she crossed over, cracked the door, and poked her head out. “I told you, worst possible time. I’m with my man right now.”

“I know,” the girl answered. I couldn’t see her, but her voice was pretty and melodic. “Hell, the whole house knows, technically. But seriously, I need a hiding spot that meathead won’t find me. We shoot in an hour and he’s being his normal macho bullshit self.”

“Fine, but you owe me,” Tiff said as she hurried the girl in.

The girl who came in was a total physical contrast to Tiff. She had a few tattoos, but she was almost baby faced with a pixie cut, brown hair with magenta dye worked in part of it, and short and curvy as all can be. And taking a look at her (ridiculously huge) breasts, they were either real or the best fake job I had ever seen. Her hips were wide and full, and her butt large and round. My cock jerked as I watched her body bounce in her skimpy bikini.

“Hi, I’m Amanda,” she said as she came over to shake my hand. As I muttered a greeting, she stole a quick look at my cock, saying “Very nice, Tiff, good job.”

“Get out of the way, girl, I’ve got unfinished business,” Tiffany admonished.

“Well at least let the guy finish undressing before you keep humping him,” she offered.

“Sit down in the corner and be quiet,” Tiffany barked, as she started to help me out of my clothes, which were still all on, though undone. After I was as naked as her, she climbed on top of me and guided me back in, and we began a rhythm again. I began concentrating on her again, and almost forgot about the girl in the corner. After a couple of minutes, though, I began to hear a distinct, recognizable squishy sound.

“Amanda! Are you fingering yourself?” Tiffany demanded.

“Yeah. Sorry, you guys are hot, I couldn’t help it.”

“Why?” she said, as she halted her movement on my pole. Dammit, a guy couldn’t get off around here for anything today!

“This isn’t filmed, you two are just fucking, and that’s a lot hotter than what’s going on down the hall.”

“Fine,” Tiff responded, as she started moving again. Thank god. “Hey,” she halted again. “Do you want to watch her play with her pussy while we fuck?” My cock hardened, and she laughed, “Yeah, I think he’s into it. Take off your suit, girl.”

As Amanda got naked and maltepe escort spread her legs in the chair, Tiffany got on all fours and moved me behind her so I could fuck and her and watch Amanda finger her slit. We started again, and now I had the added stimulation of watching this rather cute little sexpot playing with herself. She moaned appreciatively as I was pushing into Tiffany, and the entire scene was very hot and charged. “God Tiff,” Amanda spoke, “This reminds me of that threesome scene we did last year.”

“Uh huh,” Tiff grunted, and I could tell she was getting close again. Already?

“When we both fucked that guy, and you fingered my asshole because I was afraid to take a cock up my backdoor so you just rammed me open, and we both came over and over again in that 69.”

“Oh my fucking GOD!!” Tiff let out, as I drove in and stayed deep until she stopped spasming. As I concentrated on holding on to her hips, I heard a kissing sound, only to look up and see them in the middle of a very passionate kiss. “Bad girl,” I heard Tiff say with a deep giggle.

“You like me like that,” Amanda shot back. “She likes when you talk dirty while fucking her,” she said to me. With that, she whispered to Tiff, and they both giggled. Tiff whispered back, and Amanda nodded.

“I have a surprise for you loverboy,” Tiffany purred, and she reached over, disengaging from my cock to pull a condom from the nightstand. Before I even could react, it was being unrolled onto my member, and Amanda laid down on the bed as Tiffany began guiding me to Amanda’s waiting pussy, saying “I want you to fuck her. I want to watch you pound her senseless.” Amanda was grabbing on to her ankles, pulling her legs open wide so she could give me easy access, and as I felt Tiff’s hand on my ass, I was pushing into her wet, tight hole.

“Oh god that’s good,” Amanda cooed, letting go of her ankles and crossing them behind me. “He has a very nice cock Tiff, I see why you like fucking him.”

“Yeah, but you’re right, I should share more,” she giggled.

I was in a bit of shock, but not so much that I was going to resist enjoying this amazing turn of events. I began sawing in and out of Amanda, enjoying the way her nice big titties bounced as I did so. I reached down and started playing with them, sucking one, then another nipple into my mouth. They were huge, nearly as big as my head, and her nipples were quite big and round, and quite responsive as soon as I began to suck on them. Amanda purred a bit as I did so. “Is his tongue as good when he eats pussy?” she asked.

“Better,” Tiffany shot back. “Way, way better, actually.” I turned to look at her, and was the tiniest bit surprised that the only emotion I could read on her face was lust. “That is so fucking hot,” she said, and then she reached over and started playing with Amanda’s clit.

Amanda grunted hard, and as Tiff started deliberately spanking her clit, I felt a very slight tightening of her slit, and she blinked and gave a heavy exhale. “Mmm, baby one,” she exhaled, grinning evilly. I felt an immediate challenge, like I had to make her cum hard so she’d want to fuck me again.

I must have pushed in harder without realizing it, because she moaned hard, before saying, “God damn, he’s good.” And then, she pulled me down flat on top of her and pushed her hips back faster to signal she wanted a bit more impact and speed. “I love a nice strong man on top of me, fucking me hard.” She wrapped her arms around my ribcage, pressing those giant breasts against me.

“Are you enjoying fucking her?” Tiffany asked.

“Fuck yes, she’s incredible,” I answered.

“She’s just built to plow into hard,” she responded. “If you want to set off a big rolling O with her, work on her neck and her tits, they’re both really sensitive.”

I needed no further admonition, quickly nibbling on her neck as I worked my way down to her nipples. She had very large areolae that were great fun to tease, and extreme responsive. “Oh fuck yes, work on my titties,” she said, as I kept pistoning hard into her. I could feel her wetness beginning to flow past the base of my cock and on to my crotch and balls.

Under me, Amanda rocked her hips. “Turn me over,” she groaned. I pulled out and quickly flipped her over, pulling her hips up and back as I guided my pole back into her waiting pussy. Just then, I felt a warm wetness envelop my balls, and I looked back to realize that Tiffany was busy licking my balls and taint.

“Sorry, couldn’t resist,” she said with a somewhat sheepish expression. I just smiled. It felt amazing, almost too good.

“If you keep that up, you’re going to make me cum,” I warned her. Thankfully, she moved down to Amanda’s clit.

I reached around as she began to lap at her button, and rolled her nipple between her fingers, as I really started fucking her for all I was worth. Her breathing started to become labored, and a fine layer of sweat started to form on the small of her back. I dug my hands into pendik escort bayan her hips hard, roughly abusing them and her pussy, and after about a minute more of hard pounding, she started to moan in a crescendo, punctuating it with a “Fuck fuck fuck Fuck me Running!” Her pussy contracted in a wave, up and down my shaft several times, and I nearly spilt my load right there as her pussy flowed around my junk. She paused, and then looked over at Tiff. “You have any Astroglide?” Tiff quickly dashed to the bedside repository, holding up a bottle triumphant, which Amanda quickly took from her.

She pulled my cock out, coating the condom liberally with the lube, then started working one, then two lubed fingers into her asshole. “I have to shoot a backdoor scene in a few, but I’d love you to open my star up first.” My mind was spinning with even more disbelief as she pushed me in slowly to her pucker, opening up to take the first three inches, then slowly opening up the inner ring. She reached down to adjust the condom and my pubic hair, and after a little bit of back and forth, we were fucking at damn near full speed and impact. “Oh god, yes, fuck my ass, that nice hard thick cock feels so good up it,” she moaned.

I had done anal before, but this girl’s ass was seriously the tightest thing I had ever probed. It was almost painful. I was building hard, I knew, and didn’t know how much time I had left, so I quickly snaked my thumb into her pussy, pressing down on the G-spot as she groaned a very satisfied noise.

I started pulling back with an upward tilt to my prick on about every third or fourth stroke, and I was getting in a rhythm when I felt Tiffany’s mouth on my balls again. “Fuck, that feels way too good,” I admonished her, hoping to get her to stop. But she didn’t let up, and I was slowing down and trying every trick I knew of to hold back. I thought about baseball, clenched my butt, etc, but there was no holding it back, and I let forth what felt like a torrent of jizz as I pushed deep into her ass.

“Holy shit!” Amanda exclaimed as I unloaded in her.

“Yeah, he cums pretty hard,” Tiffany shot back.

I was a bit lightheaded—the buildup and prolonged nature of all this playing had really led to a very intense orgasm. I steadied myself, then slowly pulled out of her ass, taking care to be gentle. She turned around and gently slid the condom off of me, and simply let out a “Wow!” as she held it up. “You seriously cum a lot, dude.”

“Be glad you didn’t suck him off,” Tiffany shot back. “Sometimes if he’s a bit built up, it’s a challenge to swallow all of it.”

“OK. I need to shoot with him,” Amanda said, laughing.

“No, I’m not a..” I began.

“He’s a civilian,” Tiffany interjected.

“A shame,” Amanda responded. “I’d love to shoot with him. He’s way more fun than meathead. Foot long dick on that one and he can’t make a girl cum to save his life.”

Suddenly I put two and two together. “Was that the guy you shot with earlier?” I asked Tiffany.

“Yeah. Horrible. And he’s cute and muscled, but damn, is he disappointing.”

“Not the huge guy with the bad fake tan?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she replied. “Brad. God is he shitty. It’s like being rammed with a rolling pin, and not in a good way.”

“Speaking of which, I’ve got a date on camera with the rolling pin,” Amber said, getting up. She quickly donned her bikini, saying “I’m going to go get cleaned up. Thank you both, you really helped take the edge off.” And with that, she grabbed my chin and kissed me deeply, then moved over to Tiffany and did the same thing. I couldn’t help but watch her ass sway as she slowly strutted out of the bedroom.

“You want to fuck her again, don’t you?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes. Is that okay with you?” I asked.

“Of course. I trust Amanda. There are only a few girls I know that I would say no over, but they’re not my friends, and I wouldn’t let them into my private bedroom. Amanda’s fun, and she’s not about to get attached to anything but your cock, so have fun, by all means,” she replied, kissing me.

We laid on the bed, touching and kissing for a few minutes, before getting in the shower and cleaning up. I noticed her watching me as I was busy cleaning up my crotch. “What?” I asked

“Do you trust me?” she inquired.

“Of course,” I answered. “Why?”

“Rinse off and get out,” she said, stepping out of the shower. I heard her start the tub behind me, and quickly finished rinsing, shutting off the shower. As I toweled off my upper body, she motioned me over. “Sit on the edge of the tub,” she admonished, and I did as instructed. She began to splash water on my crotch, then reached up and kissed me deeply. “I’m going to shave you. It may take you a day or two to get used to, but after a while, you’ll love it.” She was playing with my shaft and balls softly, and I was growing a bit due to the attention. “It’s a bit easier if you’re at least partially erect,” she explained.

“Um, I’m not so sure about this,” I said.

“Listen, if you don’t like it, you can always grow it back, and I won’t complain. But trust me and try it, okay? Most men love it after a few days. It makes cleanup way easier, and you’ll be amazed what I can do with my mouth without hair in the way.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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