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Chapter 35 — Project Work with Tina

After our titillating role-play last Thursday, when Tina had put on her long white dress she used to wear to high school, she quickly wanted to do something similar again. She told me that, ideally, she would get laid in her room for one whole, long morning. The problem was, though, that because of the corona-virus lockdown, schools were closed and her mother, who was an English teacher, would be at home. Tina also reminded me that she would be ovulating soon.

However, I was so happy that Tina had discovered her sexuality and also her humorous side that I wanted to use our momentum anyway. And, of course, she needed to make progress with her assignments, too, so in the ‘worst’ case we would just work together and have a fun morning without (too much) sex. Tina’s mother perhaps suspected that our meetings were not just about work—she had asked, for instance, why the pillow from the teacher’s desk in the classroom had been washed. Tina said she had fed her mother some excuses, who then gave permission to working in Tina’s room, where she could keep an eye on us.

On said day around the middle of April, I knocked on their door in the morning. Tina’s mother opened, smiled, and asked me to come in. Tina stepped out of her room, wearing her old school uniform: navy-blue sweatpants with two white stripes on the sides and a white polo-shirt with matching, light-blue applications on the shoulders and the school logo over her left breast. I wondered what she had told her mom why she was wearing her old uniform.

Tina’s mother was tall but only marginally attractive. She had her hair in a bun and looked quite stern. She also had an overbite but, on the other hand, she seemed conscientious and intelligent. She pointed at the kitchen table and asked me to sit down. Then she poured me a cup of lukewarm tea. Tina sat down across from me and said we would go to her room as soon as I had finished my tea.

“My mother said that she’ll cook lunch for us around 11 or 11:30. Can you stay that long?”

“Yeah, but I should leave shortly after that,” I replied.

“Sure. It’s only nine, so we have plenty of time. She’ll probably go to the market around ten,” Tina said with a knowing smile.

As the door to her room was open, I could see her desk on the right, on which was a running laptop. Immediately to the left was her wardrobe, while diagonally across the room, to the left, was her bed, on which was a brightly-colored bedspread. It was a friendly, modest room, which suited her personality. It wasn’t as modern or well-equipped as Tuyet’s room, for instance, but I liked the charm of older houses and simple furniture.

Tina pushed the swivel chair my way and, for herself, took a wooden stool, which only had a very small seat, maybe eight inches in diameter. She showed me what she had already produced and asked for help with the formatting of her term paper, before we would look at her English texts.

As soon as I looked at the screen, however, I found a mistake and reached under my left arm to squeeze her breast.

“Hey, not now. My mother’s in the house,” she giggled. “The door is open …” she added in a whisper.

“Well, your mother being here only adds to the thrill. And, last time, you said you learn through punishment,” I wise-cracked back in a whisper, as her mother understood English.

At least, I was sitting closer to the door, so my body was partially blocking the view. Tina had bent forward and was switching between looking at the screen and her papers. She had given me something to correct, which was going to take me about half-an-hour. Just before I was done, her mother appeared with a small tray with cookies and some cold tea. We exchanged some friendly banter, and she switched on the fan that was mounted on the wall.

Tina’s room had two windows, of which one, interestingly, opened to another room. Neither window had any glass panels, but the one leading outside had bars and shutters. Of course, everything was neat and tidy, and there was a huge, stitched, traditional landscape with terraced fields framed on the wall, just like in Nguyet’s bedroom. Tina had probably done the needlework herself. Against the incoming light, I could see her bra-fastener under her polo shirt and a small area of naked skin above the elastic waistband of her sweatpants. Her aromatic butt crack was just another three inches farther down but—with her mother in the house and the open door—that had to wait.

Her mother popped her head into the room again and said something that sounded like ‘I’m going over to the classroom building for a few minutes’, but I wasn’t sure. When I heard the front door shut, I asked Tina to confirm.

“Yeah, canlı bahis she went over to the classroom, but she’ll be back in five or ten minutes.”

As if I hadn’t heard the last part, I began to caress the small stretch of naked skin between Tina’s polo shirt and her pants. Since we wouldn’t really be alone much this morning, we needed to take every opportunity for a little loving, tender play, I thought. Tina didn’t move, and so I pushed my hand upward, under her shirt. It was very quiet, apart from one bird outside and some cicadas. My dick made its presence felt, and if I wasn’t completely mistaken, Tina was already heaving.

We both seemed to want to say something, but neither of us would start. There’s wasn’t much to talk about anyway. And we were communicating through our skin. As her mother was away for a few minutes, I let my hand slide further up her back and snapped her bra open. I have always been proud that I was able to do that even with my left hand. After caressing her back thoroughly, I let my hand travel down to her belly and then up again around her breasts, which were dangling a little.

“Ben, my mother!’ she reminded me.

“Well, she’s not here right now,” I stated the obvious.

“Yeah, I know, but she could be back any moment.”

“You urged me to come over, knowing your mother would be here,” I reminded her and continued.

As there was truly no sign that her mother would reappear the next few seconds—we would probably hear it when she closed the door to the classroom building—I kept caressing her dangling little breasts and massaged her nipples, which were already getting stiff. Tina sighed and closed her eyes. I was surprised how her wonderful, firm, small breasts had changed their form; standing up they were very shapely. Tina couldn’t bear it any longer and reached for my crotch. She felt my oncoming erection and looked at me.

“When she goes to the market at ten, I gonna give you a blowjob?” she asked.

After I nodded, she admitted: “I wish I knew how long she’ll be over there. Frankly, I wanna do it right now …,” which instantly doubled my horniness.

“Do you wanna jerk me off quickly?” I suggested and reached for the button at the top of my shorts.

“No, let’s wait till she goes to the market. It can’t be much longer,” Tina assured me. “She always goes to the market around ten o’clock.”

Tina got up and closed the curtains to the adjacent room, at least. Before she sat down again, I massaged her pussy through the material of her pants and saw that she had pushed them down to her hipbones. She took off her polo shirt and removed her bra. After she had put the shirt back on, she asked if I could see her nipples.

“No, not really. The fabric is fairly thick. But put your bra away; when your mother sees it, she’ll know immediately what’s going on.”

Tina opened a drawer here at the desk and put her bra inside. Then we heard a door close in the distance and knew her mother would be back in ten seconds. We looked around to double-check; then her mother was back in the house and appeared in the doorframe. She watched us for a few seconds, while I was explaining something to Tina. When I was done, her mother disappeared, as everything seemed picture-book-perfect.

“Can’t we close the door?” I asked semi-facetiously.

“No, she’d know something is up. Like we wanted to hide something.”

“I’m only worried she might not go to the market … that she has everything here already. Or that she’ll send you.”

“Well, that could happen, but only theoretically. And I can’t ride a motorcycle, so she won’t send me, especially not since you are here.”

It was wonderful to spend time with Tina again, even if we weren’t able to properly have sex today. When I looked at her, my heart melted, and my dick got stiff. She had the perfect body and wanted to have sex. Perhaps we should have coffee next week and then go to a hotel, like I had done so many times with Nguyet and Tuyet. At a café, we could also talk better, like friends, like real people. I just didn’t know if she was ready to go to a hotel in her hometown. Perhaps at the beach, which was about ten, twelve miles away. Going to small hotels felt seedy to many people but it was unmarried couples’ only chance to enjoy some intimate time alone.

I moved a little to the left so that I was basically sitting next to her back and, more importantly, butt. Sitting between the door and Tina, I was pretty much blocking the view of her. I put my right forearm on my thigh, pretending to read, while we could hear her mother clanking pots over in the kitchen. Of course, as long as we could hear some noise from over there, we would be safe. So I put my left hand on her back again, but this bahis siteleri time I let it travel in the opposite direction.

When my fingertips reached the waistband of her sweatpants, I hesitated, as I didn’t know whether to put my hand between her pants and her panties or directly on her naked flesh. I went for the latter: between butt and panties. Tina seemed to sense what was up, as she moved backwards on her stool, so that her butt now protruded further into the room. My middle finger was already in her butt crack, and now I pressed the fabric upward with the back of my hand to get it completely inside her panties.

I checked once more if there was still some noise from the kitchen, while I caressed her naked ass under her clothes. She had her eyes closed and was moaning quietly. I moved a little to completely block the view and touched her butthole, butt crack and then, finally, her pussy. Suddenly, her mother called from the kitchen.

I pulled my hand out and smelled my fingers. Tina said that her mother was asking if we wanted a plate with fruit. I suppressed my laughter.

“Can she read thoughts?” I asked.

Tina yelled towards the kitchen that, yes, we would love some fruit, and I smelled Tina’s ass aroma again which was still lingering around my fingers. She cracked up and said:

“You’re crazy, Ben.”

“No, really, I love your smell back there. Two weeks ago, over in the classroom, I almost passed out. It’s really intense, really strong. I love it.”

“Ok, but stop now, she’ll be here any minute.”

I sniffed my hand for a third time, before Tina’s mother would be back. I relished the odor, which was savory and absolutely beguiling. The mild aroma of her young skin was mixed with the stronger flavor of her slightly moist butthole, perineum, and pussy. I imagined I was free to pull down her pants and panties at this moment, to dive in with my nose and drag the fragrant redolence deep into my lungs. I would do that at the next opportunity, I promised myself, but then her mother appeared, put the fruit on the desk, and ended my brief reverie regarding Tina’s sweet-smelling midsection.

The way we were sitting, it was easy to reach under her polo shirt and caress her breasts again, which I did. Meanwhile, we ate and focused somewhat on the work in front of us. She showed me a chart about classroom management that she had completed the previous week, which we then discussed. I took a piece of pineapple, told Tina we could dip it in her pussy if her mother weren’t here, but then just ate it without any scrumptious coating. Her mother was still peeking in once in a while; perhaps she did suspect that Tina and I would kiss or make out if she wasn’t around.

Now, her mother popped her head back in the door and told Tina something again. I heard ‘house’ and ‘grandpa’, which Tina confirmed as soon as her mother had closed the front door. Tina got up and went in front of the wardrobe, away from the door, where she took off her sweatpants, then her panties, which she then tossed inside the wardrobe, before she put her sweatpants back on.

After she had sat down, she took a piece of pineapple and grinned. She pulled her elastic waistband away from the hips in the front, reached inside and moistened the fruit between her nether lips. Then she offered it to me. I snapped it like a circus animal and threw my head back to relish the taste. She laughed while she watched me chewing it up. Then she nonchalantly turned back to her assignments.

“Hey, let’s work a little before my mother comes back!” she suggested. “I don’t think she’ll be long. We don’t have time to do much …”

Well, Tina was right. We should behave to remain in good standing with her mother. I looked at another page that she had produced but then I couldn’t resist and took another piece of pineapple, which Tina snatched away from me to put it actually inside her pussy this time. Casually, she went back to work. As her mom was still at Tina’s grandpa’ house, however, I started to stroke her back and butt again.

Once there, I reached back inside her pants. As she wasn’t wearing underwear anymore, her butt crack and her perineum were sweaty. Tina was really sticking her ass out now, asking for more tender touches. Anticipating the smell and taste, I reached between her legs and then she pressed out the wet, sticky, coated morsel, which I rubbed in her butt crack on the way out. Good Lord, it tasted sensational! Tina laughed and sat back down, as her mother had just opened the door to the house.

Her mother said something to Tina, who seemed poised and electrified all of a sudden, while I was still tasting and digesting the best piece of pineapple ever. When her mother had left the room, Tina whispered bahis şirketleri that her mother was finally going to the market. We heard her getting ready somewhere on the other side of the house, during which time I reached under Tina’s polo shirt again to stroke her youthful, firm bosom. In turn, she put her hand on my crotch and felt my dick twitch.

When her mother was approaching the room, we obviously stopped and pretended to be working for a few seconds to let her pass, but ten seconds later, we heard her start the engine of her motorcycle, and off she was.

“Come on, we have about 20 minutes, maybe 25,” Tina said.

Excited, we got up and undressed quickly. I closed the door to her room, she drew the other curtain, and said, panting: “Tina, get on the bed on your knees. I want to lick your ass.”

She threw the bedspread onto the floor, kneeled on the bed and pointed her naked ass into the room. Her butt crack was nicely moist, since she had taken off her underwear thirty minutes earlier and her jogging pants were made of some synthetic material. Athirst for this maiden’s perspiration and the piquant aroma of her butt, I pulled Tina’s cheeks apart and—panting, gasping, and snorting—lost myself in the vast ocean of Tina’s fragrances.

It would have been easy to just mount her from behind, positioned as she was. My purple glans was throbbing, dripping with its own oil, and my dick was stiff as seldom before, but the threat of a fertile ovum waiting somewhere inside her lithe 20-year-old body was too much. We would fuck next week, just before she would have her period again.

Tina turned on the bed and her face was now, as she still was on her knees, right in front of my cock. She made a duckface, which kind of looked like a horizontal pussy, and Tina provided some resistance when I shoved my dick inside her mouth. I held her head with both hands and started thrusting. Periodically, there were subdued guttural sounds coming from her throat, and sometimes a little spit dropped on the floor.

Now, she leaned further back and my dick snapped out of her mouth. She was panting heavily, breathing fast as she was looking at my pulsating rod. She looked up at me, swallowed, and said:

“Come on me! Splash your cum all over me!”

I had almost expected she would say that, as her friend Tuyet had told her how much she liked it. Tina sat down on her bed and spread her legs. She reached for my dick and delightfully stroked it until I could feel my juices rising. I nodded, she put her hands on the bed next to her and leaned back a little.

The first splash landed in her hair, but then I adjusted the hose towards the center of her beautiful face. I hit her forehead, then right between her eyes, so that the white gold was running down her nose now, towards her mouth. The last two or three splashes I reserved for her tits. When the barrage had subsided, I thought of getting her a mirror, but I hadn’t seen one yet here in her room. Soon, Tina was breathing normally again and seemed relieved that she could cross off another form of sexual play from her bucket list.

Now she took my limp dick back in her mouth. Smacking her lips, she sucked it dry, before she let it go, and we looked at each other.

“Well, let’s get dressed again,” she said calmly, before she went to the bathroom.

“You have some cum in your hair!” I reminded her and searched for my clothes.

I saw her panties in the wardrobe and remembered her bra in the drawer, which I handed to her when she was back.

“I wish we had time to pee together,” she grinned but put on her clothes quickly.

“We’ll do that next time,” I comforted her. And, pointing over to the bed with my chin I added: “And that.”

Of course, her mother didn’t come back for another ten minutes—so we would have had the time to pee together—but, anyway, we arranged everything carefully so that Tina’s room looked just like before. We even folded the bedspread the same way and opened both curtains. Tina’s mom went straight into the kitchen, while Tina and I pretended to be working. Not that we felt like it. So we just talked about the things that she needed to do until next time.

When her mother called that lunch was ready, we got up and I went to the kitchen. I sat down, and when Tina arrived, she sat down across from me. We ate and made some polite conversation. We had rice, vegetables and fish, which was all excellent. Just like pretty much all Vietnamese women of her generation, Tina’s mom knew what she was doing. I briefly checked her out again and compared her to Tuyet’s mother, who was a little younger and vastly more attractive, however.

I could have stayed another 30 minutes but since we just had relieved our sexual urges, I got up and said goodbye. Tina saw me to the door, where she quickly reached inside her jogging pants. She got out another piece of pineapple, which she stuck in my mouth, giggling:

“One for the road.”

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