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Author’s Note: All characters are at least 18 years old. Thanks for reading, and please send feedback!


All my life, my little sister, Sarah, was a pain in my ass. It was just the two of us, and she was the one who was always spoiled, just because she was a girl. Whenever we would get in a fight, my parents would always take her side. They always thought that their “precious little Sarah” was innocent, and I always got in trouble. Even though she succeeded in constantly frustrating me, I still always put up with her because deep down, I really liked hanging out with her.

Years later, when I was in college and she was in high school, I finally noticed her attitude had started to change. At 19, I was a confident, well-built, and smart kid. I had a good group of friends, and Sarah began to look up to me as a protective brother. She, on the other hand, was 18 and had developed into a stunning young woman. By running cross country and track, she kept her body fit. She maintained a healthy weight though and most guys couldn’t keep their eyes off of her. Her long, dirty-blonde hair, entertaining personality, and C-cup breasts probably helped her in that department. Over time, I slowly began to realize that my feelings were changing from brotherly protection to my own sexual lust.

I don’t know whether Sarah knew that she was turning me on or if it was just plain ignorance. Realistically though, I don’t know how she could have ever thought I wouldn’t get turned on. It was summertime, and because we live near the beach, this meant that Sarah was almost always in a bikini. She would be out with her friends most of the time, but whenever I saw her around the house, I couldn’t help but get excited when I saw her beautiful orbs spilling out of her top.

One lazy day, I woke up around 11 A.M., and went upstairs for breakfast (my bedroom was in the basement). As usual, the house was empty, because my parents were off at work, and Sarah was probably at the beach. After making myself some breakfast, I retreated back to my bedroom. Because I had some time alone, I decided I might as well masturbate. After watching some videos online, I was getting close to cumming. However, thoughts of fucking Sarah kept popping into my mind. I got a crazy idea when I decided that jerking off to her would be much more satisfying if I did it with her underwear. I didn’t know what kind she wore, but I could just picture her beautiful round ass all around a black satin thong, and her big, round tits squished together in a matching black lace bra.

On my way upstairs, I kept stroking myself. It always gave me a sense of excitement jerking off in the main part of my house where anyone could walk in at anytime and see me. I also had large sliding windows in the front through which people would be able to see me jerking off if they happened to glance over.

As I started to ascend the second staircase up to the top floor of my house, where Sarah’s bedroom was, I began to hear a quiet whimpering above me. I immediately stuffed my cock back into my shorts, in actual fear that someone was upstairs and would see me stroking myself. I slowly crept up to the top of the stairs, and I noticed that Sarah’s bedroom door was slightly ajar. I crept closer, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was definitely moaning, but she was laying face down, so her voice was muffled by the pillow. Her gorgeous ass was up in the air, and her hand was a blur on her clit. I could just see the sides of her C-cups squished onto the bed underneath her.

I was stuck. I didn’t want to leave, because this was one sight I had been dreaming about for months. On the other hand, I didn’t want to walk in, in fear that she would become upset. As I kept listening, I heard her moaning. “Oh God. Oh God. Just like that Kev. Oh my God.”

My heart began to suddenly beat in my chest much harder. My incredibly sexy younger sister had just said my name when masturbating. It couldn’t have been a mistake and, I knew that I had to do something.

After rearranging myself so my cock wasn’t tenting my shorts anymore, I knocked twice on her door, and it slowly opened with the knock. Sarah immediately stopped and locked up at me with terror in her eyes. I had caught her masturbating to me, and she was instantly incredibly embarrassed. For a few seconds neither of us spoke, and I took this time to finally admire her voluptuous boobs and quickly glance at her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair.

Finally, “Kev what are you doing in here! I thought you were still sleeping! Get out of here now!”

“Wait a second,” I said, trying to explain the situation. “It’s alright, I…”

“No! No it’s not! Leave!” shouted my still completely naked sister, obviously very embarrassed at the predicament she was in.

I didn’t realize she was going to be this upset, so I backed up and left her alone, with an apologetic look on my face. She just stared at me with a look of anger and fear. After deciding she needed her space for a little illegal bahis while, I went back down to my bedroom and flipped on the T.V.

About twenty minutes later, there was a knocking on my bedroom door. Sarah had the courtesy of waiting until I said “enter” before walking into my room. She had put on a tight red halter top and a jean skirt. She still looked sexier than ever.

Again, we both looked at each other for a few seconds before speaking. Then at the same time I said, “Sarah listen” and she said, “Kev please.”

I just laughed and said, “Alright, you go ahead.”

With a sad look, Sarah said, “Kev I am really sorry you had to walk in on that. I honestly didn’t expect you to be up for another half hour at least, and I wouldn’t have done it if I knew you were awake. I’m really really sorry Kev. Just please don’t tell Mom and Dad though. I don’t even know how pissed they’d be if they knew I was…you know…”

“Masturbating?” I replied with another laugh.

“Yeah I guess so,” she replied, looking sadder than ever.

I couldn’t stand letting her be this sad, so I told her, “Listen Sarah it’s not a big deal. Plenty of people masturbate. It’s just a normal human feeling to want to have an orgasm. Alright listen, before I went upstairs today, I was actually jerking off myself. I just thought that…I don’t know…maybe it might be better to do it with…something more exciting like….”

“Like what?”

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. “Alright don’t get mad, but I just thought it might be better to jerk off with your underwear.” I finished quickly, before I lost the nerve to actually tell her.

Sarah came over and sat down on my bed, looking confused for a minute. “Wait seriously? You would want to jerk off in my panties?”

“Well yeah I guess so. It’s just that you’re so hot these days, and I mean obviously your panties had already touched your pussy, so I just thought it would be pretty exciting.”

“Wow Kev. I never thought that you would’ve wanted to…”

“Okay Sarah I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you more, I was just trying to explain that it’s ok to masturbate.”

Now she looked sorry. “No, no Kev don’t be sorry. It’s just…I just never thought that you would’ve felt that way about me.”

I laughed, “Are you kidding me Sarah? Look at yourself. How could someone not be attracted to you?”

She looked down at her body, then back over at my topless, muscled chest and arms. “Hey, you’re not so bad yourself.”

“Aww thanks sis that means a lot.”

An awkward silence followed this statement for a few seconds. Finally, she said,

“So…do you wanna maybe…masturbate together?”

I snapped my eyes right up to hers and said, “Wait are you serious Sarah? You really want to?”

“Well, seeing as how neither one of us finished before, I figured we might as well. Unless you don’t want to of course. I just thought, seeing as how we’re both okay with it now…”

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine with it. I just never thought that you would want to,” I responded.

“Well, I guess I should help you get excited then,” she said with a nervous smile, as she reached behind her neck to untie the halter. Those four seconds it took her to untie it seemed to take hours, until it finally fell, and her gorgeous tits were sitting right in front of me. Her nipples were a light pink and about an inch and a half in diameter. I loved the way her whole body was tan, but the area where her bikini covered her tits was pure white. My erection immediately sprang up, as I had the overwhelming urge to suck those beautiful tits. Sarah laughed when she saw how I couldn’t take my eyes off her chest, and said, “Come on Kev. I take it you’re excited enough to masturbate with me now?”

I felt like I was in heaven already. “Uh…yeah, yeah…I guess I am…” I unbuttoned my shorts, and began sliding them down my legs. My erection was blatantly obvious in my boxers now, and I excitedly slid them off too. I was now sitting completely naked in front of my topless sister on my bed. A situation I would’ve never expected.

“Wow,” Sarah whispered as she looked at my cock. It was seven and a half inches, and standing hard as a flagpole. “Are you always this hard?”

“Well, no, but I’ve also never had anyone nearly this sexy sitting next to me. Of course the fact that you’re topless makes it even harder.” I could tell that she wanted to feel my cock for herself, just as I wanted to touch her melons. “So, are you going to take your skirt off too, or?”

“Oh, yeah, right I’m sorry,” she said distractedly. Sarah then stood up, and she slid her skirt down to the floor, revealing the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Her lips were formed perfectly, and I could just barely make out her clit too. Again, I had the urge to lick her, but I knew that we should probably take it slow at first.

After sitting back down on the bed, Sarah quickly moved one hand to her pussy and the other to her breast. She started to slowly masturbate at first, illegal bahis siteleri and after watching for a few seconds, I quickly grabbed a bottle of lotion next to my bed, and I lathered my cock.

Her hand moved faster on her clit, as her other massaged her breast. My hand was quickly sliding up and down my cock as well. We were both taking in as much of each other’s bodies as we got ourselves closer and closer to our climaxes. Sarah’s moans were turning me on too, and when she started to talk, I could barely contain myself. “Oh my God Kev this feels so good. Your cock is so big and hard. Oh yes. I can’t believe we never did this with each other before. Oh God. Oh God. You are so fucking hot. I love your rock hard cock. I can’t wait to actually touch it. OH GOD YES YES I’M CUMMING!”

Her head was thrown back in ecstasy as she orgasmed again and again. This threw me over the edge. “AHH SARAH I’M CUMMING TOO!” I yelled as I felt the sperm moving up through my cock. It shot out of the end and landed right on top of her huge tit.

She looked down in surprise. Then realization hit her. “Yes yes Kev! Cum for me! Keep cumming on my chest! I want to feel it on my tits.” These words sent even more sperm shooting through my still orgasming cock up onto her. I couldn’t believe how hot she was, my sister sitting on my bed completely naked with my sperm dripping down her beautiful tits.

We finally laid back in exhaustion. My cock slowly sank down, as Sarah held her tits up in the air so she could look at the sperm more closely. Suddenly, she brought her tit to her mouth and licked my sperm right off it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My gorgeous sister was licking my sperm off her boobs in front of me.

“Mmm tasty,” she said, almost to herself. “So seeing as how we both seemed to enjoy this, I take it you’ll want to do it again?”

“Yeah, yeah, of course. You’ll have to give me a little while though. That was one hell of an orgasm.”

“Alright, well I should probably be off to the beach anyway. Maybe next time, we can actually do a little touching…”

And with that, Sarah picked up her clothes, still completely nude, and walked out of my room, her beautiful ass swinging behind her.


For the next week, Sarah and I didn’t get a chance to relive our mutual masturbation. Between work, friends, and the beach, both of us seemed to always be busy. Fortunately, I still got the opportunity to see her perfectly-shaped tits in her bikini everyday. These days, I could openly look at her chest and ass without having to worry about her freaking out. She would always stop what she was doing and give me a sexy little laugh whenever she caught me.

I happened to notice Sarah glance over toward my cock every once in a while too. I always seemed to be half-hard when around her, and she definitely took advantage of that. One day before work, I was looking inside the fridge for some deli meat, and she came downstairs on her way out to the beach. Wearing only a bikini top and a skirt, she looked sexier than ever. Immediately, I felt my erection begin to grow in my pants, and I began to wish I had jerked off that morning so I didn’t have to worry about walking around with a hard-on for a while.

Sarah looked over at me with a knowing smile and said, “On your way to work Kev?”

“Yeah, I’m going to be gone all day again,” I responded.

She walked over to look for something in the fridge as well, and as she bent down to grab a banana, she slightly grazed my erection with her hand. “Oh, well that’s too bad. It seems like someone is excited to see me…”

“Ah Sarah, have you thought about…maybe…?” I asked with obvious pleading in my voice.

“Well of course I have. It feels so much better to know that I don’t have to hide myself anymore,” she said smiling. “Unfortunately, Kev, you need to be at work in 15 minutes. So that means I’ll be on my own for today.”

As I stood there looking defeated, I knew she was right. No matter how much I longed to see her milk-white tits and watch her orgasm as she fingered herself, I couldn’t risk missing work again. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I got to see her again anyway.

– – – – –

Two days later, I was landscaping when my boss told us to go home early. We had worked hard and finished the day’s work at 1PM. I was looking forward to taking a hot shower and relaxing for the rest of the afternoon. On the drive home, I thought of my experience with Sarah, and I began to wonder if she was home too.

When I walked in the house, I called out, but no one answered. Obviously my parents were still at work, and I assumed Sarah was probably out somewhere with her friends. After eating a quick sandwich, I headed downstairs to my room, where I got undressed. Something about the warm weather, the empty house, and thoughts of Sarah got me aroused, and I started masturbating naked on my bed. After a few minutes, I headed to the shower down the hall, with my erection leading the way.

I canlı bahis siteleri get more excited with the chance of someone walking in on me, so as I stepped into the shower, I left the bathroom door open. The hot water felt amazing after my long day at work, and I was in my own world as I continued to masturbate.

Suddenly, “Hey Kev, you mind if I join you in there?”

“Sarah??” I asked as I stuck my head out of the shower. She was standing in the bathroom and smiling, wearing a tight red bikini with a thong bottom. “What are you doing?”

“I just got home from the beach, and I needed to take a shower. I figured it made more sense just to use this one together than waste the water from two different showers,” she replied.

I accepted this obvious lie, and I couldn’t deny the fact that just seeing her looking so sexy again made me want to blow it already. “Well, yeah, I guess that makes sense.”

“Okay, then stand back,” Sarah said as she stepped into the tub with me. She looked down at my cock which, if possible, had grown harder since she entered the bathroom.

I became slightly disappointed when she didn’t take her bikini off. With her back to me though, I finally got the chance to really admire her ass up close for the first time. Her light-colored cheeks were perfectly round and looked firm, yet soft enough to sink my hands into. I suddenly had a fleeting desire to move aside the thong and just stick my cock right in between those cheeks up her ass.

“Can you pass me the shampoo?” she said. I realized Sarah had seen me getting ready to devour her behind. Fumbling around, I passed it over to her. “I hope you’re enjoying it Kev,” she said with a smile.

I laughed, “Okay Sarah you caught me. I’m sorry. You might want to take your whole bikini off though if you plan on washing yourself.”

“Maybe in a minute Kev,” she replied. With that, she turned around and pushed her head back under the cascade of water to wash the shampoo out. Whether intentionally or not, by doing this, she pushed her tits right toward my face, and the tight bikini looked as if it would snap off her. I hadn’t touched my cock since she got in, fearful that I would cum right away if I did.

Turning around again, Sarah began to wash her front side. Finally, she reached up to her neck and untied the top. She then unsnapped the back, and it fell to the shower floor. Seductively, she slowly lowered her thong bottom, and stepped out of it. Before I could do anything, Sarah backed herself up into me every so slightly. My cock slipped in between the cheeks of her ass, and we both sighed in pleasure.

“Oops, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that,” Sarah said sarcastically as she turned around to face me. For the second time in a week, I saw the beautiful white orbs I had been dreaming about for months. My rock-hard cock was also inches from her pussy, and it would’ve only taken the slightest movement to push it in between her legs.

As I looked down into Sarah’s eyes, all I could see was lust. It seemed like we stood there forever, and I finally lowered my mouth to hers. She didn’t resist at all, and a small kiss turned passionate. Both of us felt more than sibling love for each other, and now that we knew each other’s feelings, we couldn’t go back.

As the kiss continued, I reached up and cupped one of Sarah’s melons, and she moaned in response. “Mmm I’ve been needing that for so long Kev,” she said as we broke apart.

I looked down at her and smiled, “Me too Sarah. You’re an amazing person you know.”

“Of course I know. I’m the princess remember?” she reminded me with a laugh. “Now do me a favor and help me wash my boobs.”

I couldn’t get the soap fast enough. After lathering my hands, I began to massage her tits slowly. Sarah closed her eyes under the water, and she definitely seemed to be enjoying herself. I certainly was. I couldn’t believe that my little sister had grown into such a beautiful woman. At 18, she had a bigger rack than most of the girls I knew. I squeezed her boobs softly to feel their firmness, and lifted them up to feel their weight. Right then, I realized that fucking my sister’s tits would finally be possible. I moved my fingers to her nipples, and squeezed them very gently. Sarah giggled in delight, and opened her eyes.

“Alright, alright, I think my tits are clean enough now,” she said smiling.

Looking disappointed, I said, “Okay fine. Well would you like some help washing anywhere else?” I stared down at the pubic hair between her legs.

“Oh no you don’t,” she said quickly. “I’m not sure if we should…go that far yet…”

I noticed how Sarah struggled to say these words. I could tell that she wanted it badly, but she had some sort of morals that were holding her back from letting her brother touch her pussy. “Alright sis if you say so,” was all I said back.

We finished up the rest of the shower in silence. I was a little disappointed Sarah didn’t want to do anything else, but I knew deep down that I needed to respect her feelings. When we finally finished, I stepped out of the shower, and grabbed each of us a towel. I laughed when I realized that the door was still open, and that my parents would be beside themselves if they ever walked in on us.

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