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Double Penetration

I know the wait has been too long, but here it is: Soul Mate Siblings Ch. 3-Part 1. This is the biggest story I have ever attempted. As I was conceiving this story, I had two storylines that were interweaving with each other: Jack and his mother, and Jasmine and Jade seducing their dad. I realized that there would be so much cross-cutting between characters that it is just too much for any reader, let alone myself. I decided to just focus on Jack and his mother, Jane, for the first part, as the second part is a heavier read. But I hope you enjoy this part. Part 2 will follow in about a week.


“Hi, guys. Jack here. If you reading this, then you probably have figured out that my sisters and I are still making recordings of our exploits. It has been a week since my parents found out my siblings and I had been fucking pretty much non-stop for about three weeks now. They didn’t handle it very well.

My mom was crying the whole time as my dad laid down the law on us. We were grounded from spending time with each other for about five very long weeks. He didn’t want to ground us from our friends, or having fun before Jade went back to college or anything like that. He wanted to us to spend as much time away from the house and each other as possible. He told us that it didn’t matter if we were adults or not; as long as we lived under his roof, it was his way or the highway.

So, we started spending time out of the house. we all jobs as voluntary lifeguards at the local pool, which did my cock no favors whenever I saw Jasmine and Jade wore their body-hugging swim suits they wore. I think dad purposely supported the job as it fit that whole ‘look, but don’t touch’ scenario he was so gung-ho about.

My sisters and I couldn’t speak with each other on the job, or we would have another week added to our sentence. The longer the week went on, the more I found myself missing the interaction with my siblings. Not just the sexual stuff, as much as I loved it, but just spending time with them.

It was in that moment that my mind hatched a plan to end our suffering. If I was going to put this bullshit to an end, I would have to do the unthinkable: I would have to seduce and fuck my mom!

“Which is where I come in.”

“Readers, I want to introduce you to a very special person. My mother, Jane.”

“Thanks, baby. Hi, everyone. This is kinda awkward.”

“Relax, mom. Just be yourself.”

(sighs) “Okay, Jack. Just never thought I would be sharing my sexual experiences with complete strangers.”

“I bet you never consider having sex with your son, either.”

(rolls eyes) “Oh, no, Jack. Never consider that one, either.”

“No need to be a smartass, mom.”

“Look who is talking.”

“I won’t sugarcoat it. That hurt.”

(chuckles). “Are you always like this? You are a fucking chatterbox.”



“You just said fuck.”

“Don’t be baby. I said it plenty times yesterday, too.”

“Yeah. Not used to it, though.”

“Don’t sweat it, baby. Just let mommy introduce herself to the horny readers, okay?”

“Sure. Go ahead.”

“Thank you. He gets that mouth from his father by the way.”

“Don’t you know it.”

“Anyway, my name is Jane Rebecca Collins. I am 40 years old. As was mentioned in Jack’s first recording, my husband and I are ad executives for a prestigious agency, and have been for about 15 years. I have long, brown hair that goes to my shoulders. I have green eyes, like my daughter, Jade. I am 42D-36-34. My husband still thinks I am the sexiest izmir escort bayan thing alive, and he fucks me as often as he can. You know, when he isn’t fucking the shit out of his daughters now. But I’ll let my husband Jason, Jade, and Jasmine tell you that story next time. Right now, it’s Jack and my story.”


“June 14, 2012. 11:30 AM. My daughters are out by our pool with their father. My son is still in bed. I had just finished my shower, and had just put on my blue robe. My son’s door was still shut, and I hadn’t heard it open, so I figured he must still be lying in that bed of his, probably sulking it up he wasn’t getting it on with his sisters.

I didn’t bother knocking. He had been in bed long enough, and he had responsibilities to attend to. I opened his bedroom door and walked inside.”

“Jack, get the hell out of bed! You have to be at work in two hours!”

“He remained under the bed sheets, and it really angered me. I walked over to his bed, and began pulling on the sheets.”

“I lifted my head out from under the sheets.”

‘Mom, stop. Look, I will get up. Just let me finish.’

‘Let you finish. Oh, no. You have been in bed long enough. You have rested long enough. Out!.’

“I gave the sheets one final tug and the sheets fell off the bed. After seeing what I saw, I understood what he needed to finish.

There was my 19-year old son, lying on his back, naked as the day he was born, and stroking a huge dick. He had been masturbating, and now I was being exposed to it.”

“My mom couldn’t take my eyes off me, and to be honest, even though I was scared shitless, I didn’t want her to. A woman hadn’t seen me naked in a long, agonizing week. I didn’t care if it was my mother. I want to feel a woman’s eyes over my body.”

‘What the hell? Cover up!’

‘How? You took my bed sheet.’

‘I am telling your father on you right now. Jacking off in your bedroom and not caring about your mother seeing it…..’

‘I don’t know, mom. I think you like it.’

“My mom scoffed at that.”

“It is understandable.”

“Mom, you know you liked it.”

“Pleading the fifth, son.”

“I don’t know ho sounds hotter saying that: you or Jasmine.”

“Let’s get back to the story.”

“Or what? You will ground me from your pussy?”

“I am thinking about it.”

“So, where did we leave off?”

“That’s my boy.

I wanted to slap him in that moment, but I just turned and left the room. Suddenly, Jack sat out of bed, walked over to me, wrapped his big arms around me, and carried me over to the bed. I was struggling with him the entire time, my ass rubbing against his cock. It felt sort of good, although at the time I wouldn’t admit it.

Jack threw me down on the bed and walked over to his door, where he locked it.”

‘What the hell are you doing?!?! Let me out!!!’

‘Mom, listen to me.’

‘I don’t have to. I will yell for your father.’

“I couldn’t risk that, so I walked over to her and sit myself down in front of her.”

‘Mom, please. Just let me do this.’

‘Do what?’

“I began reaching for the belt of her robe. She noticed my hand movements and began to struggle, but I wrapped my arm around her as my right hand reached for her belt.

I began to undo the belt as I looked into my mother’s eyes. I saw fear, disbelief, disgust, and…arousal in her eyes. My plan is working.

I undid her belt and the robe opened to me. I slid the robe off her shoulders and my mom was now naked before me.

What a body! escort izmir I now understood why my parents still acted like horny teens when they were around each other. My mom was fucking hot! Those massive breasts, those cute fucking tits, that well-toned stomach, those slender legs, and her completely shaven pussy lips. My mouth watered at the sight of her.”

“I just stared at my son with a curious expression on my face and arousal running through my body. He actually wanted me! My own son wanted me. My mind and heart were pulling me in two totally different directions. My mind was telling this was wrong, that it was amoral, and my relationship with him wouldn’t be the same with him. But my heart was just telling me…..I want to ride that cock!

‘What are you doing, Jack? Do you want to fuck me or something?’

‘Well, if you don’t mind, yes!’

‘We can’t. It’s wrong. Not that you care about that, considering you fucked your twin sisters and all.’

‘Mom, shut up and let me do this.’

‘No. Now, let me put my robe back on and……’

“He cut me off as he pushed me against him and kissed my lips. I have to admit, he does kiss good. I begin to get into it, wrapping my arms around his strong shoulders and moaning in pleasure.

He broke up the kiss. He stared at me with a look of arousal and playfulness.”

‘I knew you liked it.’

“I shook my head at him.”

‘We can go any further. Now, please, Jack, stop it.’

‘Can’t. You are too hot to stop.’

“He began to kiss my neck, and my body simply betrayed me as I wrapped my legs around his torso. He then began licking me where my neck met my chest, and then he went further, and his tongue made contact with my breasts. He engulfed

his mouth on my right breast, and began saturating it with his tongue.”

‘Fuck, you have a good tongue.’

“I must admit, I had never heard her use the f-word before, and boy, it turned me on. I began sucking on her tits, alternating between the right and left as my mother began shoving my face deep into her cleavage.

I begin to leave her massive tits, much to my mom’s displeasure, and began licking down her body. Licking her belly, and teasing her belly button, she then saw where my tongue was heading.”

‘No, Jack. We have already gone too far.’

‘I don’t know, mom. Looks like you can go further.’

‘If you lick me there, I am going to… going to……’

‘Going to what?’

‘I am going to fuck the ever loving shit out of you.’

‘Huh. More reason for me to do it then.’

“His tongue made contact with my clit, and I swear, I almost jumped out of my skin. His tongue rivaled his father’s. He never let up on my clit. Just when I thought he would slow down and take it easy, he would go faster and faster until I couldn’t take it any more.

Then, he split my lips apart and shoved that tongue up my pussy. I gasped as loud as I could, and I locked my legs around his head, not caring how hard I squeezed.”

“I probed her hot tunnel as erratic as I could. I never let up; her body simply didn’t want me to.”

‘Oh, Jack. Fuck morality. Fuck your punishment. Just tongue fuck me.’

‘I rather actually fuck you.’

‘You can’t.’

‘Why not? We have already crossed the line.’

“My mom smiled the sexiest smile as she said the following line.”

‘I know, but you can’t fuck me. Because I am going to fuck you.’

“My jaw dropped lower than I ever thought possible. My mom slid her body off the bed, and I took her spot. I laid down on the bed, and she crawled over to me, as seductively izmir escort as possible, licking her lips at me.

She kissed me once more, then moved her body over my cock. Then, she grabbed my cock, lined it up with her pussy, and in one thrust, shoved their entire length up her hot snatch.


‘Is it good, baby? Fucking mommy’s pussy feel good?’

‘Hell yes. How do you like it?’

‘I love it. I love you big, hard cock inside of me.’

“I began bouncing my body on the 8 and 1/2 incher and I am still amazed I got the whole thing in there. But then again, his father is only half an inch shorter, so I shouldn’t be too surprised.”

“I lifted my head up and sucked on my mom’s mammoth breasts as she milked my cock for all its worth. My mom is incredibly tight. Now, Jasmine and Jade are tight pussies, as well, but mom? Fuck, she was tight. Her pussy bear-hugged my cock, literally squeezing me as hard as she could.”

“Jack felt amazing sliding his cock inside me. He had the hardest and thickest cock I have ever fucked, and I felt like blacking out fucking him. He hugged me so close as his mouth engulfed my heaving breasts as I grabbed his ass, shoving as deep as I could.”

“To tell you the truth, I think I was as far as I could go, Mom.”

“Well, sweetie, don’t fuck so good and we won’t have that problem.”

“No promises on that, mom.”

“Anyway, I felt the familiar sensation about to hit.”

‘Jack, I am going to cum.’

‘How much longer?’

‘I don’t know. A couple of……OH,FUCK!’

“I achieved maximum tightness on my son’s cock. I began thrashing wildly, fucking his dick like I have never fucked anyone’s dick before.”

‘Oh, mom. You fuck so good!’

‘I love you, Jack. Thank you for this.’

‘I love you, too, mom.’

“I came one final time and collapsed in his arms. He hugged me close and I fell into his warmth.

‘You didn’t cum.’

‘Sorry, mom. I don’t want to get you…..’

‘Finish up. I am on the pill. I want to feel you load inside me.’

“I began pounding as hard as I could, no longer afraid of holding back. It hit my cock, and the semen shot from the head of my dick and into my mother’s warmth. I grabbed her close to me and fucked her till I was spent.”

‘Yeah. Much better.’

“I slid myself out of her and she laid down beside me. We held each other close and began to doze off when we heard a noise outside.”

‘Oh, fuck me, daddy! Fuck me good!’

‘Did I hear that right?’

“Jack and I walked over to the window and looked outside. Jasmine was riding Jason’s cock and Jade was sitting on his face, getting eaten out like never before.”

‘Well, looks like we all are hot for each other.’

‘Mom, I am getting hot again. You want to go again?’

‘Sure. Let’s watch your dad and sisters, though. So hot. And son?’


‘When we are fucking, call me Jane.’

‘Yes, ma’am.’

‘Good. Now, get inside me. I want to enjoy this.’

“So do I, Jane. So do I.’


“Well, that is where we have to leave it. I promise that my daughters’ story will be told next week. Until then, I don’t know about you guys, but I have been wanting to fuck for about a solid hour now.”

“I been right here, mom.”

“Not you dear. I wonder what your siblings are up to. See you later, son.’

(hands the recorder to him)

“I love my family.”

To be continued……


I hope you enjoyed it. Be back in about a week. As I was writing this, I am considering another part. Soul Mate Siblings Ch. 4 will now be about Jane, Jasmine, and Jade. Ch. 5 will wrap the story up with jack and Jasmine years later. The stories will be coming soon. See you later.

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