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It was only a text from my girlfriend. I mean, how ominous could something so seemingly innocuous possibly be? Melinda wanted me to meet her at 9:00 P.M. at her home. She hadnt discussed the possibility of anything resembling a date for the occasion, so there were no definitive plans to go anywhere or to engage in any specific activities except for my visiting her at the house. Simple enough, one would think. We would simply pleasure ourselves with one anothers company once we got together. Since I had never actually been inside her home before, I was certain that there would be plenty for us to see and do.

Upon reading the message a second time, however, I felt the familiar sensation of beetles dancing in my stomach and goosebumps raising on my skin. The single paragraph email was more of an order than an invitation. There were no directions to call her to confirm things and it hadnt seemed as though shed considered the possibility that something urgent would arise at the last moment. The unspoken instruction was to drop everything and attend, an instruction she knew I was certain to follow.

With each successive encounter, Melinda seemed to be consolidating the rather dominant role she had defined for herself in our relationship. She was the one who initially pursued me at a party thrown by a mutual acquaintance, cornering and engaging me in a conversation about blues artists. It was a subject she somehow knew would pique my interest and about which she proved to be unusually knowledgeable, a trait that impressed me greatly.

When the conversation drifted to topics of a more personal nature, Melinda bemoaned the fact that her 511¨ frame and assertive nature intimidated many of the men she dated. She was indeed a rare beauty, tall and statuesque, of Asian ancestry and wearing a clingy jade green silk dress, a garment that accentuated her shapely body exceptionally well. I took the opportunity to reveal my interest in her.

“Well,” I stuttered, “perhaps then you need to find someone older than yourself whos maybe a bit more mature.” I smiled broadly, pausing for just a second, “maybe someone like me.” Melinda looked into my eyes, her curiosity piqued.

“And what makes you think that youre older than I am?” She giggled just slightly, but knowingly, as though she were guarding a secret.

“Umm… its obvious.” I smiled and shifted uncomfortably, not wishing to reveal too much. “Youre still a young woman, Im approaching middle age.” Melinda smiled and pecked me tenderly on the lips.

“Awww, thats sweet,” she cooed softly, “but please remember that things are not always as they seem, and that its not too difficult sometimes to get yourself into more trouble than you had bargained for.”

“Trouble?” I chuckled, sensing a cryptic come on. “Id risk all the trouble in the world for someone like you.” I watched her eyes widen as she licked her lips and looked me up and down, in much the same manner that a butcher would inspect a side of beef.

“Yes,” she repeated, “trouble. You look like a man well worth having, but I need for you to understand what youre getting yourself into” I shot a quick glance between Melindas legs as she uttered the words “getting yourself into.”

“I would take that chance for the opportunity to be with someone like you,” I smiled, eyeing her in the same manner she had me.

Melinda didnt utter a word, rather she smiled and took me by the hand, leading me to an adjacent bedroom. The ensuing sexual encounter, while indescribably erotic in the conventional sense, was also one of the more esoteric trysts I had ever experienced. Melinda repeatedly licked my head and neck, and seemed to have an unusual interest in a tiny spot on my face where I’d recently cut myself shaving. She sucked on the small wound, successfully drawing a drop of blood, smiling as she swirled it sensually on her tongue. Melinda sucked harder and carefully drew a tiny stream of blood. She raked it across her teeth, smiling, then cupped my face in her hands. She pulled us nose to nose and swallowed slowly, her mouth puffing up into a contented grin as I lost myself in her earthy gaze. A powerful chill simultaneously danced up my spine, short circuiting my nervous system and briefly buckling my knees. I knew in the depths of my being that it was coming through her eyes.

Those eyes, gazing deeply into mine, piercing my psyche and laying a claim on my soul.

“On you knees, lover,” she whispered, pushing on my shoulders until I crumpled deliriously to the floor. Melinda guided my head under her dress, between her legs, shrinking the size of my world, encapsulating me in a velvety darkness strongly punctuated by the aroma of her most intimate scent. I allowed my mouth to hang open, my tongue protruding ever so slightly.. until a strong hand clutched the back of my neck and pushed me into her sex.

I greeted the swelled, moist familiar shape of engorged labia lips with abandon; suckling, licking, kissing and slurping. I greedily canlı bahis swallowed her wetness like a dehydrated man inhaling the last few drops from a spent canteen. I was overcome with arousal, then dizziness, then an odd detachment as the secretions stung my eyes and dribbled down my throat. Melinda clamped her thighs around my face and spent herself on me, her moans muffled as I instinctively parted my jaws to catch and consume her gushing juices.

Melinda lifted her dress, split her legs and I dropped. I fought an odd altered state of semi-paralysis as I fell to the floor, watching helplessly as she methodically undressed us and mounted my stiff cock, fucking me hard and deep, pinning my wrists and raking her teeth across the soft skin on my neck. When she drew blood she sucked and lapped it luxuriantly as though she were a debutante at a wine tasting. Melinda rode herself to a long, throaty orgasm before dismounting and taking my cock into her hand. With a few short jerks I spasmed in climax,sending a rope of hot cum spewing across my stomach and chest. She smeared my spunk evenly across my body before piercing her own finger with a needle, carefully measuring out a few drops of her own blood and commingling it with my semen, forming a paste of sorts. I watched helplessly.. my limbs still feeling like lead.. as she dolloped the mixture lightly onto strategic areas on my body, my forehead, my neck, behind my kneecaps, and on my scrotal sac. Then she rose and stood over me.. licking her lips.. a predatory smile crossing her face.

“There is no turning back now, my love,” I breathed deeply, feeling the paralysis abate a little. I looked into her eyes as she licked her lips. “You are to be mine.” Melinda helped me to my feet, rubbing the mixture of drying bodily fluids deeper into my skin.

“I don’t want you to shower today, darling.” she cooed, “I want you to think about me all night and through tomorrow. I want our scents to linger and I want every thought that enters your mind to be prefaced with a thought about me. Now get dressed and go home.” She turned and walked away, blowing a brief kiss as my strength returned. I staggered away, staying at the party only long enough to regain my composure before slipping away.

* * *

I had no trouble finding the house. It was a modest, modern split level bungalow overlooking the ocean with an oversized front yard and a chained Rottweiler dog barking in the front yard. Although it was difficult to make out specific details in the darkness, it was obvious that the structure was tidy and well kept up.

I had an ominous feeling as I approached the house, having dated Melinda for some months now and nurturing a premonition of dread I was afraid awaited me on this particular day. We had replayed the sexual tryst that took place on our first meeting several times by now, at some times more intensely than at others. It always involved her consumption of a small quantity of my blood and my wearing a small quantity of hers. I couldn’t help but feel a psychic exchange, a compromise of my free will, a progressive invasion of my soul strengthened with each encounter. Melinda was on my mind more and more frequently, and it became increasingly difficult for me to concentrate on my job or many of the more mundane matters of my day to day life. I found myself masturbating perpetually, neglecting my own affairs for the sake of fondling thoughts about my sweet siren.

The dog growled ominously at me as I teetered up the walkway. I jumped as he lunged for my leg, barely escaping the animal’s clenching jaws as I retreated, hearing a sharp rebuke break the darkness.

“Bruce!” It was Melinda. “That will be enough of that.” Melinda looked into my eyes as she swatted the retreating dog and smiled at me deeply, greeting me with a warm embrace.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, the puppy will not harm you,” Melinda licked her lips, “only I will harm you.”

She was casually dressed, wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and her trademark python boots. I smiled nervously and offered her my arm, which she took as she led me into the modestly furnished home. We seated ourselves on the sofa, at which time she kissed my forehead tenderly and caressed my hair.

“How are you feeling, darling?” Her concern seemed genuine enough.

“Well, I—” Melinda smiled.

“Nervous, scared, a little afraid of me, aren’t you?” I nodded tentatively, pierced again by those globular brown eyes, softening and comforting me now as she stroked my hair again and cradled me in her arms.

“I know, darling.. I know. It’s normal to feel that way right about now. My other pets all had the same experience, so be still. Don’t make things worse by resisting me. I am here to guide you through this unsettling time. After tonight, things will become much clearer for you.” Melinda leaned over to kiss me, pushing her tongue deep inside my mouth, enveloping me in the familiar canopy of control that had come to characterize our relationship.

She kissed bahis siteleri passionately for a moment, then broke it off, abruptly directing my attention to an old high school science textbook she had placed on the coffee table. I thought it odd to punctuate an erotic moment by consulting a drab reference, but I said nothing. She leisurely picked the book up and began leafing through the pages. Melinda found the appropriate place and grinned. The article looked to be one about a specific insect.

“You know what? This has got to be my favorite bug,” Melinda spoke casually and pointed out a picture of an odd looking little creature. I looked, mildly curious, wondering where she was going with this train of thought. “..Abrostocetus Hagenowii.. it’s a tiny little wasp that lives in the western United States. It’s a little carnivore which feeds primarily on carrion, but when it comes time for the wasp to reproduce, it does a very curious thing.” Melinda looked into my eyes, licking her lips, then continued.

“It goes out and searches for an insect to host its eggs. Typically this is a beetle or some similar creature.. generally much larger than the wasp itself. It stings the beetle with a poison that disorients it without killing it. The wasp waits patiently for the poison to take effect, to make his prey nice and docile.” Melinda took time out from her narrative to stroke my hair, placing special emphasis on the word “docile.”

“The wasp then measures and chops off a portion of the beetle’s antennae, effectively rendering it senseless. It then herds the confused prey into its lair, where it lays an egg on it and gives the beetle one more sting to put it to sleep without killing it. When the egg hatches, well…” Melinda smiled and closed the book “..let’s just say that breakfast is served.” I looked at Melinda’s soft smile and squirmed uncomfortably, dreading that she was preparing to draw an analogy of some sort between the carnivorous insect and the two of us. I didnt have to wait long.

“Relationships are funny, daniel. Really they are. Theres always a good deal of talk about equality and the equitable distribution of power. But in the real world, partners are seldom equals. Typically one partner very clearly takes charge.” Melinda looked right at me. “In this particular case, I think the partner who has taken charge of things has been me, wouldn’t you agree?”

“You’ve taken charge sexually, I will admit to that, but I don’t necessarily think that means that—” Melinda laughed throatily.

“Oh, but it does. And I plan to prove it to you.” She licked the tip of her finger, trailing it along my nose and lips slowly, resting it on a tuft of chest hair. “daniel, would you like to share with me what has happened to you since we met? Do you find yourself thinking about me a lot?”

“Uhmm.. I think about you, yeah.. but I think that’s normal in a er-uhmmm.. man woman relationship.” Melinda just laughed and licked her finger again, unbuttoning the top button on my shirt.

“I think you’re not telling the whole truth, daniel. I believe that you think of me all the time. I believe that your first thought in the morning is of me and the last thought at night before you turn in is of me also.” I gulped and sighed heavily as she locked her eyes onto mine. Melinda smiled and tugged my chest hair. Her voice lowered as she moved close to me and almost whispered in my ear. “I’ve bitten you, daniel. Just like the wasp, I have confused you and paralyzed you. I have disoriented you, rendering you nearly unable to function. The first part of my plan has gone well, very well indeed.” I looked at her for a minute, horrified, then began to stand up.

“I think-I think I need to leave…” I stood up, but found myself dizzy, dazed, barely able to move. It was impossible to find the door. Melinda came over and grabbed my wrists, forcing them over my head and looking into my eyes. She spoke softly, unsmiling.

“Sit down, daniel..” Her grip was strong, my soul riveted. The senses that had betrayed me returned once I was in her grasp. The only option was obedience. I sat down and Melinda smiled.

“Thats very good, my love. Now let me explain a little bit about what is going to happen next. Please keep in mind that what I am about to impart to you constitutes ancient knowledge, very powerful and profound. If you werent already mine, I wouldnt share any of this with you. However the process has already progressed beyond your mortal ability to stop it.” She smirked and sat next to me, stroking my hair and wiping the perspiration from my brow. She took a deep breath and looked as though she was preparing to deliver a familiar speech. Melinda licked her lips and cleared her throat.

“Many centuries ago, a group of women who lived in the South American Andes discovered something very special about the psychic connection between the exchange of bodily fluids between people and the ensuing bond that may be formed from that exchange. In many cases, the bahis şirketleri bond is egalitarian, and people develop a relationship akin to one that close siblings would have.” Melinda paused and smiled, gently stroking my neck near the carotid artery. “The ancient women, however, discovered that such an exchange coupled with very specific sexual acts allowed them to gain control of their partners to an almost frightening degree. They further noticed that each psychic and sexual conquest allowed them to restore their own youthful beauty and vigor, and eventually that it allowed them to extend their lifespans for an extraordinary period of time.” Melinda licked my neck, lightly scraping her teeth across my artery. I noted an increase in my heart rate, as well as a sense of impending doom. “The lifespans of the men, by contrast, tended also to lengthen by such exchanges. But they benefitted in other ways as well, because the essence of the woman lived in them, providing a calming influence and checking their beastly nature for as long as they did live. The man also had an unusual opportunity to express his total devotion and undying love for his woman by offering himself to her in this manner.”

“So you mean to tell me that youre a vam- vampire?” I was aghast, trying to resist her but feeling the psychic leash tightening. Melinda laughed.

“No, silly. Modern vampire stories are based on the reality of what I just explained to you. They are also terribly sexist and inaccurate, since they almost always depict a male vampire and a female supplicant. Typical nineteenth century sexism, in my opinion. The reality is completely different, the roles are utterly reversed.” Melinda smiled. “I havent taken your soul yet, but once I do you will feel the length, depth, and breadth of my power over you.” I looked at her in disbelief, a rebellion welling within me.

“This is absurd. For you to lay claim to my ‘soul’ based upon your swallowing a few drops of my blood is…ridiculous!” Melindas eyes narrowed as she looked down at me. I felt a familiar twinge in my stomach and those dark brown eyes burrowing through me. I sensed her displeasure but continued with my diatribe.

“..hypnosis, perhaps, or the inducement of a peculiar form of panic. I attribute that to some skillful erotic manipulation on your part. But a “soul” is far to ethereal to quantify, much less possess.” Melinda only grinned and then spoke very, very softly.

“Oh but the soul does exist, daniel. Your soul will, in fact, be taken over by mine before the evening is over.” She ran a finger along my forehead and nose, scratching very lightly, then down my lips to my neck. She pinched a spot on my throat ever so slightly. “Right there is a good place, I think. Thats always a wonderful spot to open a wound. The blood tends to gush, and the supplicant does stop resisting after only a few seconds.” She smiled as I began to back away from her on the sofa. Melinda followed, scooting near. “Dont worry, I wont kill or even seriously injure you. But I am going to make you mine. You will know what it is to be overwhelmed by a force which you cannot comprehend.” She smiled wickedly as I shook my head wordlessly, fearfully, trying in vain to keep her at bay.

Melinda reached out and grabbed me suddenly by the ear, pulling my head abruptly towards hers. I resisted, jerking away as she pulled harder and managed to snake her other hand through some of my hair. After roughly yanking my head to one side to expose the arteries bulging beneath my skin, she opened her mouth wide, clamping down hard on me and sealing the grip tightly with her lips. I felt her tongue briefly scan my defenseless neck, searching, probing for exactly the right spot, then shrieked in terror as her incisors punctured me, simultaneously drawing the blood from my body and yet holding me tenderly, beckoning me wordlessly not to fight her. I felt her skillfully take my essence from me, the blood spilling out of me in hot spurts at first until I became dizzy and detached, unable to resist her, perched on the cusp of losing consciousness.

She stopped sucking and just lapped at my wound now, seemingly able to stem the flow of blood from my severed artery magically with a few strokes of her tongue. She licked like a kitten, trailing her tongue leisurely across my neck, savoring the liquid that remained until she had consumed it, then blowing lightly on the bite to seal it shut before looking into my eyes.

I met her gaze weakened and barely to move or breathe, my mouth agape, so submissive and contrite. Her eyes were a conduit for something powerful, and as I lost myself in their depths I felt something enter me, an energy dancing electrically down my spine and then back up again, filling me with vigor yet not filling me too fully. Melinda leaned down and kissed me deeply, forcing her tongue inside me, painting the roof of my mouth with the taste of my own blood. She pulled back, regarding me, licking her lips and smiling broadly.

“Stand up and take off all your clothes.” she said. “Do it slowly. Unwrap yourself like a Christmas gift for me.” I did as she said, slowly rising and removing my clothing methodically as she kicked me a little with her boot.

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