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Chapter 04: Carrot and the Stick


Alex misses a goal and Jenny comes up with a punishment.


With all the progress I’d made, and the lure of continued ‘incentives’ ahead of me, I continued my training diligently. It was getting harder to lose the weight. I was putting on muscle with all the increased exercise, which meant I had to lose even MORE fat to get down in weight.

I took my morning cardio outside, getting an early run in. I’m not much of a runner, but the machines do get monotonous. I also had a new dilemma. Holly thought the exercise deal with Jenny was so good, she wanted in on it. Not the secret incentive deal, but the half-price training. Jenny’s schedule was getting full and she was concerned her boss might not appreciate all the discounted training, so I let Holly take on my time slots, and I decided to continue on my own, out of my home gym.

After a year of being nothing but a glorified clothes hangar, my exercise equipment was finally getting some use. I was also doing extra cardio before and after my workout, which I was performing daily. Mostly dumbbell work, I wasn’t pushing the heavy weights, just looking for many reps and reasonable weights for all the muscle groups.

Jenny signed up for her classes at the Cooper Aerobic Center, which was taking up lots of her time. We weren’t getting together at all, except for a quick visit at the house under conditions non-conducive to trying any funny-business.

It didn’t stop me from sneaking a quick grope and/or a kiss when I could, usually getting reprimanded for it. It had been more than a week since our poolside interlude and it finally looked like I was going to get her alone for a bit. She had stopped by the house a couple of days earlier and let me know that she’d be home that evening and that I should stop by, given a chance.

I hated to do it, but I called her at work that morning, and let her know that I hadn’t hit my weight goal. I was sitting at 204, still a pound too high.

“Please tell me you’re kidding,” she said.

“You have no idea how much I wish I were,” I confessed.

“But you were at 207.5 almost two weeks ago! It was only 4 and a half pounds,” she sounded exasperated.

“I know, and I’m working hard, and dieting pretty well, but the fat is just not dropping.”

I waited at the end of a quiet phone line for what seemed an eternity.

“I gotta go. Derrick is here for his workout. But why don’t you come by tonight anyway. Maybe you just need some more incentive.”

“OK, I’ll be there,” I told her.

“Good.” Click.

* * *

I walked in the door, and she met me dressed for action, in spite of the bad news.

“Did you really miss your weight?” she asked me as soon as I cleared the threshold.

“204 this morning. I’m still not there,” I admitted. I looked her over. She was dressed in an incredible sexy outfit. The top part was red lace and mostly see through, lifting her breasts up and half exposing her nipples. The bottom part was red and black, high on the hips, and from the look of it, open in the crotch. I really DID wish I was kidding.

“I think you’re right,” I finally said. “I think I need more incentive.”

“I think you need to be punished.” She crossed her arms, trying to look angry, but it just made her look more erotic, her exposed breasts peeking over her arms.

“Oh really? Like what did you have in mind?” I asked her, amused.

“Follow me.”

She lead the way back to the bedroom section of the house. We entered an immense bedroom, dominated by a 4-post king-size bed, raised on a 4-inch high central platform.

“Take it all off, and get on the bed,” she told me, before heading into the walk-in closet to one side.

I did as she asked, and lay down on the massive bed, awaiting my punishment.

She walked out sporting a great big grin, and holding a mahogany jewelry chest in her arms. I watched as she set the box beside me, and opened up the top, pulling out a leather cuff.

“Uh-oh,” I said when I saw it.

“‘Uh-oh’ is right,” she told me as she took my arm and snapped the cuff around my wrist. The inside was soft, probably suede, the outside stiff black leather, with two buckles and a D-ring.

I contemplated what she was up to as she attached the 3 additional cuffs to my other wrist and my ankles. Then she pulled out some adjustable straps which snapped on to a ring embedded in each post of the bed, and then connected to the cuffs I was strapped into.

“I told you if you made your weight, I’d be yours, completely. But now you ankara escort are mine. You owe me.”

As a final act, she pulled a hood out of the box. I had never seen anything like it. It covered most of my head in soft leather with openings for the nose and mouth, but completely blocking my vision, and muffling most sound. The hood was not complete until she slid a leather bit between my teeth, not quite gagging me, but when I tried to speak, all that escaped was a mumble. I began to wonder what kind of people lived here; they definitely had interesting toys.

She responded to my incoherent gurgle. “Shh, Honey, I want you to think about how you failed me. Don’t say anything yet.”

She left me there for a while. I was hard by the time she was finished tying me up, but after a seeming eternity of lying there naked I was wilting and just getting cold.

I thought she’d just tie me down and ride me hard, but this was a lot weirder and kinkier than that. I started to sweat a bit, wondering what I’d gotten myself into. I’d certainly let myself get put into this compromising position pretty easily.

Finally I heard the sound of music in the room. It must have been loud, I could still hear it pretty clearly even through the hood. It was classical, sounded like Bach. I had to wonder what that might portend.

I didn’t have to wonder long. Her hands were cool as they slowly caressed my thighs on the way to cupping my balls and tugging on my cock, encouraging it to harden. Then she was touching my stomach, caressing up to my nipples. She was stroking my biceps, my thighs, my cock, my neck, all at once.

Jesus! There were more than two hands on me! I was pretty sure there were more than four hands on me. Then there was a mouth on me. On my cock to be more precise, and another mouth on my left nipple, licking and teasing me.

“What the hell is going on?” I almost shouted. “Mmm unhh unhh ummm uuugh ummm” is all that they heard.

I felt a tugging on the side of my head, and suddenly I could hear. First from the left ear, then the right.

“I know that feels nice baby. Don’t worry, I’m going to take good care of you.” Jenny’s words pretended to console me, but the giggling in the background belied her intentions. Even as she spoke, a warmth was engulfing my cock, and I was achieving full hardness in a stranger’s mouth.

“MMM mmm UUUG UNN ummm mm” was all I could respond.

I felt a coolness on my cock before it was enveloped again. Within seconds I suspected this was a new player, a little more aggressive, and willing to take me a lot deeper. I could feel the pressure as I hit the back of their mouth, then settled even deeper into their throat. God – this person was good.

“I’d like to ungag you. It seems such a shame to leave your talented tongue out of our play. Will you promise to be quiet if I do?” Jenny asked, her fingers tracing around my mouth.

“Mmm unnn mmm” I answered.

“No, just nod your head if you can keep that promise.”

I hesitated, then nodded.

The gag got tighter for a second and then it was finally absent.

“Jenny,” I started.

“Shh. You promised. If I have to gag you again, the next gag won’t be nearly so pleasant.” Again, the giggle in the background, and then some whispering I couldn’t quite make out.

I wasn’t in much of a position to argue, so I nodded. At the same time what I guess was the first mouth retook my cock, and went back to work again, this time a little less tentatively. Concentrating on that part of my anatomy, I could now recognize that one mouth was coming from one side of me, and the other from the other side. Plus the current one had long hair that tickled my hips while she went down on me.

Two strangers blowing me. I guess this tying up thing wasn’t so bad.

Then a big weight shift just beside my head, and flesh against my shoulder gave me a moments warning before a warm crotch settled over my face. I reached out with my tongue, and was able to trace the outline of a moist pussy. It was bare of clothing, but lightly furred with hair. So this wasn’t Jenny either. Was it the talented second cock-sucker, or was there a fourth person at play?

I stopped wondering and worked hard to pleasure the exotic tasting pussy offered me. It was tangy, quite different from either Jenny’s or Holly’s. Whoever it was seemed to be enjoying it, and was pulling my head into her pussy, while she ground against my mouth.

Then, cool air on my cock before someone decided to slide it into a more appropriate orifice, as the full weight of one of the participants settled onto my hips. At the same time the crotch escort ankara pressed against my face lifted up for a moment.

“Now, don’t you come yet.” Jenny warned me. “Let me know before you do, and we’ll see if we can’t slow you down a bit.”

And so I was used. I ate out two of the ladies to orgasm, multiples for the second, quite bald, pussy. And I was fucked repeatedly. Whether it was two or three or more people changing positions and taking turns, I couldn’t tell, but I could tell that one of them was noticeably heavier than the other, or others. Whoever they were, they were really worked up, and the girls riding me seemed to come pretty often, in spite of changing places frequently.

It was one of the most purely sexual and erotic things that had ever happened to me. Serving as a fuck toy for complete strangers, over and over again. As exciting as it was, it was also pretty uncomfortable, being ridden strapped down as I was, and being half smothered by one demanding pussy after another. My tongue and jaw ached, and my lower back was getting sore. The discomfort was enough to distract me from the incredible fortune of keeping my achingly hard dick buried in twat after twat. Even so, I eventually felt the end approaching. I turned my face away from the juicy slice I was lapping away at.

“I’m getting close, real close,” I warned my new band of lovers.

My current rider dismounted, and some hands replaced her. One was pushing hard, just above my butt-hole and below my balls, another was squeezing the head tightly. It served its purpose and slowed me down. After a few seconds the hands receded, to be replaced again, this time with a warm wash cloth, and then a soft pair of lips.

“He’s been very good, why not let him talk?” A soft, pleasant but unrecognized voice asked.

“Shh. Outside.” Jenny said, but she didn’t sound angry.

I was alone again for a while, and then I heard them come back.

“Ok, Jonah,” I heard Jenny announce. “You did well for round one. But you’ve still got a lot of fucking ahead of you. We’re all going to come on your cock. If you come first you will be punished. You need to stay quiet. No questions, no talking. But you can still warn us if you’re going to come, and we’ll try to help you last.”

“Thank you,” I offered, resigned to my task. The name “Jonah” set me back a second, and then I realized she was probably just trying to hide my identity. I was going to fuck three or four women until they came. All but one, complete strangers.

“To help you, we’ll let you get us warmed up with your mouth. You can say thank you.”

“Thank you,” I answered dutifully.

Two mouths went to work on me again. Easy to tell now, because they were switching back and forth frequently, and whoever wasn’t sucking me was working on my shaft and balls. And then I was distracted as I was once again treated to a pussy lowering over my face. This one I was pretty sure I recognized as Jenny’s sweet love hole.

I did my best, and I know that two of the girls who were taking their turns on me came hard.

But then I was thrown a curve ball.

“I want him in my ass,” one of them said. I thought it was the girl who’d spoken earlier. My cock twitched in response, and then I felt my stiff rod getting lubed up, in preparation of a new treat.

Then it was happening, I felt my cock held erect, as it was pressed hard against a resistant opening. Suddenly I was in, and my meat was being crushed by the tightest opening I’d felt, probably ever.

“Damn, he fills me nice.” My anal angel purred.

I just moaned as she slowly settled herself down on my cock.

“God, I could never do that,” another voice murmured.

The girl with the incredibly tight ass fucked me slow and steady. At first I tried to hold still, but after a while I found myself thrusting up into her for all I was worth, while her moans and groans escalated.

“Fuck my ass, Jonah, fuck my dirty little ass with your fat cock,” she growled, no longer the soft spoken angel, picking up the pace.

It was too much. I hated to make it end, but I was getting too close. “Stop.” I gasped, “I’m really close, stop, or I’m going to cum.”

This just seemed to energize the fiend whose ass was swallowing my cock. She slammed herself up and down on my cock, taking every inch of me to the root. I felt the whole bed bouncing underneath me.

I answered in the only way I could, thrusting back hard against her, while she pounded up and down on me. Finally she screamed, “FUCK!”

Unfortunately, the excitement of this stranger coming with my cock in her ass pushed me over the edge ankara escort bayan and I cried out as I emptied my balls into her bowels.

“Ahhh!” She wailed. “He’s coming in my ass; it’s like fire.”

The feeling was mutual.

“Teri! You know that was for Julie,” Jenny barked, and then a sudden hush fell on the room.

“Outside.” I heard her say, and I was left alone again.

A short while later I was being cleaned again, and offered a drink. Not water this time, but beer.

“You failed us Jonah. But we’re giving you one last chance. Forget everything you heard. Can you do that?”

“Forget what? I don’t remember hearing anything,” I offered.

“That’s good. We’re going to change your position; don’t fight it.” Jenny said, and I felt the restraints on my right side loosening.

“Roll onto your left side.” I did as I was asked, and then realized what they were doing. They attached the restraints to the opposite side and then loosened my left side restraints.

“On your stomach now.”

I was starting to get worried. But Jenny anticipated my concerns. “We’re going to leave you enough slack to ride the last person from on top. Now raise up on your hands and knees so we can get to that sweet hunk of meat and ready you for one last ride.”

I considered fighting the situation, but decided to go along, and I did as they asked. Moments later I was burying my face in a bush, as someone did her best to resurrect my pole.

Then, as a bonus, I felt a mouth licking from my balls to my butt hole, and settling in there, reaming me thoroughly. It did help to get me hard. My 69 companion moved away shortly thereafter, and a new body worked its way under me, their legs wrapping around my waist. My cock was guided into their awaiting slit, and once again I was fucking a stranger. She pulled my face down to hers and kissed me deeply.

“Fuck me Jonah,” she said softly. “Fuck me hard and cum deep inside of me.” It sounded like a hell of an offer, so I settled down onto my elbows, spread my knees out a bit, and stroked her long and deep.

A mouth was back on my ass for a second, but my actions made that difficult. A finger replaced that mouth, and slid easily into my ass. Very easily. Some damn good lube there was my guess.

“Hold still a second baby,” the girl underneath me asked, and I pushed deeper inside of her and paused, filling her.

Then the finger was gone, and it was suddenly replace with a different invader, a relentless invader which was distinctly uncomfortable for a second, opening me wide before the pressure suddenly changed.

“Oh, shit,” I mumbled as I realized someone had shoved something rather large up my exposed ass. I’d never had anything bigger than a finger up there, but it was pretty easy to guess what had happened.

“I warned you, there would be consequences,” Jenny giggled, as she massaged my ass around the alien invader, helping it settle in firmly.

“Fuck me, Jonah,” the girl under me implored, and I did.

I fucked her for all I was worth, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast, sometimes easy, sometimes hard. I seemed to go on forever. Eventually she was coming repeatedly, screaming at me to fuck her, to come for her, and then exhausted, pleading with me.

“Come. Come in me, please,” she moaned.

I heard a voice whisper, “Damn, he’s killing her.” Another responded, “Shit, he can kill me like that anytime, lucky bitch.”

Finally I was there, ready to unload for the third time. “I’m coming baby, I’m going to come.” I warned her, finishing with lengthy strokes that shook her. I exploded inside of her, my mystery fuck, and she whispered in my ear. “Do it, give me a baby, do it.”

I was shocked by her words and almost pulled out, but the damage was already done. Someone eased the plug out of my ass, and replaced it with their tongue, as I rested on the Mommy-wannabe.

“5559293” she whispered.

“Huh?” I answered.

“Shh. 5559293. 5559293” she whispered again.

“Up,” Jenny commanded.

So I raised up and let her out from underneath me. Let Julie out from under me. Julie. 931-9293. Then I was alone. An eternity later Jenny was unfastening my restraints, and removing the hood. My head felt hot and sweaty, and I was exhausted, and a little irritated.

“That was a little much, don’t you think?” I said to her.

“I told you, you needed to be punished.” She said, but she was red; I think a bit embarrassed.

I didn’t say anything.

“You’re not too mad are you? It wasn’t that bad, was it? It sure looked like you were having a good time.

I still didn’t say anything, but I couldn’t help thinking that after losing two more pounds, she was mine. And turnabout was fair play. Of course there was Julie, also. 555-9293.


Hope you’re enjoying this one. Comments and votes are always appreciated!

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