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(For my anonymous readers and those members that kindly emailed me – there will be a Part 3, 4, 5 and 6 with several interesting erotic twists, so please enjoy and I sincerely valued your comments. Don’t forget to vote.)

Recap: Part 1

“Oh my goodness JC, you squirted some pussy juice.” He said and I smiled.

His penis was throbbing in my hand and then just a few seconds later I felt his warm semen splashing all over my belly and legs as I continued stroking until it had stopped oozing.

“Oh my goodness in deed, Daddy, you just found yourself a new job. Now are we ever going swimming today.” I said and I giggled as he wiped my belly.

End of Part 1


Part 2

After Daddy passed me my bikini bottoms, I slowly slipped into them to cover my freshly shaved pussy.

“Okay Daddy get your trunks on, lets find that swimming pool and do a few laps, then we can laze around the pool for the afternoon. Don’t forget a towel and some suntan lotion.” I said to him with a big smile and then I heard him turn and walk away, to his bedroom I assumed.

When he returned I reached out my hand for his and gripped it tightly as I stood and made my way into the living room.

“I’ve got everything we need, so we can go now.” He said as he led me to the door and then I paused as I got outside while he secured the lock.

It was just a very short walk down the path to the private swimming pool, which was only accessible from anyone of the eight-townhouse units. I linked my arms in Dad’s as we walked slowly down the path.

“Did you enjoy our little escapade earlier Daddy?” I asked quietly.

“I really did JC, it was wonderful, but I was a little nervous in the beginning.”

“Nervous about what Daddy?”

“Well you baring yourself to me and me having to touch you so intimately to shave you, it was shall we say, very stimulating.”

“I know, I felt how stimulated you were remember. But you did a fabulous job Daddy, thank you, I just hope my pubic hair grows fast so that you can shave me again.” I said and giggled.

“I guess it will require some maintenance.” He said and laughed as we went through the gate into the pool area.

“Is there anyone here, Daddy?” I asked as he led me to a lounger.

“Yes, there’s an older couple in the pool, swimming.”

“Will you advise them that I’m coming in the pool, maybe I can take the two lanes on the right and you can swim beside me, until I get my bearings.” I asked.

“Sure honey, let me run you under the shower first and then we’ll go in the shallow end.”

Moments later I was stood in the shallow end and getting the feel of the pool while Dad advised the older couple that I was blind.

“Hi JC. I’m Roger and this is my wife Janet.” I heard the man say as they both drew closer to my location.

“Hi there, Roger, Janet. It sure feels like a nice sunny day” I replied as they got even closer and then we chatted as we made mostly small talk about where we were from and how long I had been blind.

My Dad interrupted and said that he would go and get some bottled water so long as I stayed put in the shallow end until he came back.

“We’ll stay here with her until you get back.” Roger said to my Dad, so then we got back to chatting again.

By the time that they had finished chatting with me, which was long after Dad had returned, I felt like I had known them forever but they did seem like really nice people.

Roger and Janet had been married for 27 years and had come down to Florida to celebrate their anniversary.

Sadly they had lost their only child almost two years ago in an auto accident when she was 18 years old, so she would have been just a little older than I was today, if she had lived.

They decided to swim alongside me and that’s how we spent the afternoon, swimming and chatting. Then later we continued chatting while getting in some sunbathing on the loungers. I could tell that Roger and Janet had really taken a shine to me.

Before we left the pool area Roger and Janet invited Dad and I out for supper so we even got to spend the evening with them.

We all went along in Dad’s car and its probably a good job that we did as the car overheated twice and Dad thought that it was better to happen here than when we were on our long return trip back to PA.

We had a wonderful Flounder fish supper in a small busy restaurant at the entrance to the pier. The table we got was in a corner and I was wedged with my back against the wall beside Roger.

As the evening progressed, Rogers hand wandered several times under the overhanging table cover to stroke my upper leg or at other times down the lower part of my back as he searched for my butt cheeks.

Once the small band started playing he whispered in my ear, “You have a really nice ass.”

I just smiled and took it all as a bit of a joke and assumed he was just flirting, which I didn’t mind at all.

By the time we finally got back to our townhouse unit and said goodnight to Roger and Janet we big ass porno were both pretty tired so I flopped into my own bed and slept like a dead log. I didn’t hear a thing until Dad woke me and told me that he was going to find a garage, to get the car fixed.

“I asked Roger last night if one of them would pop by and see that you are okay, I have no idea how long I will be.” Dad said as he stroked my shoulders.

“Okay Dad, maybe they will wanna take me in the pool, will that be alright?”

“Sure honey, but please don’t go in the pool on your own.” He said as he kissed me on the cheek and then left.

I dragged my tired body out of bed and took a nice cool shower before I had cereal and fruit for breakfast on the balcony.

I decided to find a bikini to wear as it was warm on the balcony already and lay on the lounger with the radio playing, so I never heard the tapping on the door, or Roger opening it and coming inside.

“Hey JC, are you okay?” He called out as he got to the balcony door.

“Oops, yeah I’m fine Roger, I didn’t hear you come in. Where’s Janet?” I said as I put my bikini bra back on then turned the radio down.

“She just left to go shopping at Wal-Mart, who knows when she will be back. Oh, you’re wearing a different bikini, but they don’t match, I guess you know that?”

“Really, what color is the top and bottom?” I asked.

“Top is light greenish color, bottom is lemon colored.”

“What a twit, I am. They were together in the drawer, can you take a look for me in the top drawer in my bedroom?” I said and then followed him through the living room.

“Well, there’s a light blue bottom and top, then a greenish bottom, I don’t see a lemon top.”

“Oh well, pass me the pale green bottoms then, please, and turn your back to me.” I said as I reached out my hand and took them from him.

“Look, let me out of the bedroom and then you can change.” Roger said.

“Okay then.” I said and waited a few moments, then took off my bikini bottom and replaced them with the light green ones and went back into the living room.

“So how do I look now?” I asked.

“Beautiful, stunning, delightful, like an angel.” Roger said and I giggled.


“I would be proud to escort you to the pool.” He said and I told him that I would love that very much.

“We better take a towel and the suntan lotion.” I said and told him where they were.

He linked my arm in his as we walked slowly down the path towards the main gate at pool area.

“You must have lots of boys chasing you back home.” Roger said.

“No, not really Roger. We live in a very small quiet community.”

“So do you mind me asking then, if you are still a virgin?”

“Yes, I am Roger, but keep that quiet, it’s a secret.” I said and laughed.

“So, no experience with boys at all then?” He said as he opened the gate and we went through into the pool area.

“I wouldn’t say that Roger.”

“Did you want to go through the shower first, that’s the rule that they have wrote up on the sign.” Roger said as he led me that way.

“Sure.” I said and stepped under it with Roger then we proceeded into the water at the shallow end.

“You’re about five feet from the edge on the right hand side.” He said and I waded in deeper and then swam away all the way down to the end wall in the deep end.

“Oh that feels so good.” I told Roger as he came to my side.

“You really are beautiful and you have a great figure JC. But I’ve never seen a young woman without any pubic hair before.”

“Hey, you must have looked when I was changing.”

“Sorry, I just couldn’t resist, the view was spectacular.” Roger said and I laughed as he came closer and put his arm around my waist and then lowered his hand over my ass cheeks.

He eased me closer to him until he was pressing into my side and I could feel his erection slowly grinding against me as he turned himself to fully face me and then as he eased me towards him tighter, his erection was pressing into my pubic area.

“Oh my, can you feel what you’ve done to me.” He said and I lowered my hand then slowly slid it over his hard cock.

“Oh my. Sorry about that Roger.” I giggled as his hand went lower and cupped my mound.

His expert fingers were rubbing me in all the right places and then he slowly pushed his hand down the front of my bikini bottom and continued with his erotic pussy massage.

“Mmmm that’s nice Roger, but you better be keeping an eye out for people.”

“Lets move to the corner and turn around so that I can look through the gate and down the path.” Roger said.

I was almost like putty in his hands as we turned and moved down to the corner of the pool with his hand still inside my bikini bottoms.

I slid my hand down the front of his shorts and stroked his hard cock as his fingers did wonderful things to my pussy.

I leaned my head on his shoulder as I fought to control my breathing while he expertly continued to massage my entire genital big tits porno area and talked softly in my ear:

“I used to be able to make my daughter orgasm in less than 3 minutes and then she would jerk off my hard cock and let my cum spray all over her bare pubic. Sometimes she would take my cock in her mouth and suck me off until I shot all of my hot cum in her mouth. You remind me so much of her with your firm beautiful breasts and your tight little ass.”

“Oooooh shit, keep going Roger, keep going, oooooh.” I cried as I felt the pangs of pleasure rapidly building inside me.

“Cum for me baby, cum for me, cum on my fingers.” He said softly.

“Oh, oh, oooooh shit, oooooh, nearly, ooooooh Geez, oooooh yesss, yesss.” I cried as I had my first orgasm of the day. “Slowdown, slowdown now Roger, I could get sore underwater.” I said as he tried to rub harder.

“Was that good baby?” He asked and I murmured that it was and it was time for him to just relax and keep watch.

I eased his shorts down a little on both sides so that my hand would have more flexibility and allow me to make nice long strokes on his hard cock.

“Mmmm yes, this is a mans cock for sure.”

“Oh yes baby, like that, keep doing it just like that.” He said softly.

It’s was at this point that I truly wished that I could see his face, but I couldn’t so I had to rely on sounds, such as his breathing and the little moans that he was making. After a few minutes I noticed the subtle changes in his breathing and the intensity of the grip he had on me with his hand.

“Ahh, keep going baby. Keep doing that, its so good, its so … almost baby … keep going … faster … ooooooh fuck … now … now.”

I kept making those long spinning strokes on his hard cock until he stopped me and breathed a huge sigh of relief before he pulled his shorts back up fully.

“Cummin underwater sure is different, what do you think, JC?” He asked.

“Its not quite as nice as being on dry land.” I said and then giggled.

“I’ll have to try you on dry land then next. But either way, I guess we should take a quick swim and get out.”

He told me which way to go and then we swam a few lengths before we stepped out of the shallow end and walked under the shower to remove the chlorine smell from our bodies.

“So how long have you had your eye on me, I noticed last night that every opportunity that you had, you had your hand on my ass or my thighs.”

“From the very first moment I saw you, you lit a fire inside me and I just had so many flashbacks of what my daughter and I used to do when we were alone. Maybe you’ll come and visit us in Arizona?” He said.

“Hey, that would be nice, but what about Janet?”

“Well I’d have to clear it with her and let her think that she made the decision, I won’t just blurt it out.” He said as I dried off.

“Oh we’ll see what develops, I don’t like to make rash decisions.”

“Of course, I understand. Do you wanna go back to the unit now or just sunbathe here for a while?”

“I wonder how long they’ll be, before they are back?”

“Probably another hour at least.”

“Good, I need to change into a dry bikini, this one is biting into my legs.”

“Lets go then, we can leave everything here until we get back.” Roger said.

He escorted me back to my unit and took the light blue bikini set out of my drawer and handed it to me.

“I’ll need your help, there’s a towel and some moisturizing cream in the bathroom, can you get them please.”

When he got back I removed my bikini in front of him then took the towel from his hands and dried myself thoroughly.

“You really have a beautiful figure.” He said softly.

“Thanks, you do realize that you can’t fuck me, right?”

“Yes, I understand, JC. I never did my daughter either but we did lots of other things.” He said as I sat back on the bed with my legs wide open.

“So what are you going to do to ME, Roger?”

“I’m going to suck those beautiful breasts and then I’m gonna eat that sweet looking bald pussy until you cum. Then I guess I better put some moisturizing cream on you. But what are YOU going to do to poor old ME?” He said and then laughed.

“Does Janet suck your cock?”

“No, she never has. She’s not into sex that much anymore, hasn’t been for many years.”

“Mmmm I could try sucking your cock if you want, but I haven’t had much experience at that, at least not one so big before.”

“So you have sucked one before then, was it with your Dad?”

“Heck no, it was a neighbors boy. We used to play around and touch each other in the old barn especially during summer when he was out of school. I remember one time that I made him cum about ten times with my hands and mouth during one hot summers afternoon.”

“What a lucky boy he was.” Roger said before his mouth came down on my breast.

“Mmmm that’s really nice Roger, my breasts are so much more sensitive now than they have ever been before. Suck my nipples and make them really hard. blacked porno Oooooh yes, like that.”

He broke away briefly and kissed me on the cheek and then softly on my lips before he went back to sucking and fondling my breasts.

It was a wonderful feeling that was building inside me and I felt an overwhelming desire to open my legs wider and touch myself.

But while he still sucked on my breasts he was slowly moving his hands down my waist and under my arse cheeks before he moved them to my inner thighs.

The feeling was electric as I arched my back and thrusted my mound slowly upwards, while his fingers played with my clit and wet pussy lips.

Then he stopped working on my breasts and licked his way down over my belly and over my freshly shaved mound. It was truly incredible as his tongue slid between my wet pussy lips and slightly parted them.

My body felt like it was being bombarded with dozens and dozens of electrically charged needles as I arched my back once more and thrusted towards his face.

“Oooooh wow Roger, oh wow, that’s so good.”

His tongue was lapping away at my vagina like a dog would lap at his water bowl and I just loved it immensely, especially when he started to suck on my inflamed clit.

I wanted to scream out with joy but somehow I managed to contain myself, as I feared that there maybe someone in the unit next door.

Tears were rolling down my face, as I knew I couldn’t last much longer and the magic would be broken any second.

“Oooooh my god, oooooh, I’m cummin, I’m cummin, ooooooh.” I cried as I arched my back again and gave in to the incredible rush of pleasure.

“Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, baby you taste wonderful you squirted cum on my face, that was fantastic.” He said as he lapped away.

“Oh yes, holy crap that was incredible Roger. Come up here and put your hard cock in my mouth now, quickly, I need to taste you.”

He scrambled over me and I had my mouth open as he slowly pushed his hard cock between my waiting lips. I started to suck immediately and then put both my hands up to hold his balls and the base of his cock.

“More, give me a bit more.” I managed to say.

“Oh wow that’s so nice, JC.”

“More and keep moving, keep pushing in and out, fuck me in the mouth.” I said.

He tilted my head up a little and then pushed his cock in and out slowly while I tongued it and sucked it softly. The angle that he had set my head in allowed him to effortlessly slide his hard cock in and out of my mouth, in and out, in and out…

“Oh baby, oh fuck, almost, almost baby, ooooooh, ooooooh.”

I sucked harder and held his balls as he thrusted in and out of my wet slurping mouth and then I felt the pulsating spasms racing through his balls. He held my head tightly and almost immediately he started to spurt, first one pulsating shot, then another, then another, but I just kept on sucking and he kept on pushing in and out.

I had a faint salty taste in my mouth but apart from that it was okay and it didn’t bother me at all as he kept pushing slower and slower until finally he stopped and I closed my lips tightly over his cock. He withdrew slightly and then pushed in again several times in rapid succession and then withdrew altogether.

“Fuck me, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had in my entire life.”

“Thank you Roger, one good turn deserved another.” I said as I slurped the rest of his salty goo down my throat.

“You bet baby, that was fantastic. But now a quick touch with the moisturizing cream and then we better get outside before anyone comes home.”

“Then give me a quick squirt from the bottle and I’ll rub it in, or we will be here another half hour.” I said and we both laughed.

Ten minutes later we were back in the pool area and I was wearing a clean dry bikini. Roger had just finished rubbing suntan lotion on my back when he spotted his wife parking the car in front of his unit.

“Wow, was that timing or what?” He said as he explained that his wife had just arrived.

“Amazing.” I said.

“Listen, will you promise to stay here on the lounger, while I see if she needs help with the shopping bags of whatever that she may have bought.”

“Sure, no problem Roger. But just check my mouth and make sure I don’t have any of your pubic hairs stuck in my teeth or up my nose.” I said and we both laughed.

He seemed to be gone quite a while so I just layback on the lounger and was almost asleep when suddenly I heard Dad say:

“Hi honey, everything okay.”

“Hi Daddy, everything is fine, Roger just went to see if Janet needed help. I promised to stay put on the lounger until he got back.”

“Good girl. By the way you look ravishing in that bikini.”

“Thank you Daddy, did you get the car fixed?”

“Yes, it was a leaking hose, so he replaced it and tightened the fan belt as well.”

“That’s good then, that you got it fixed.”

“Talking about leaking hoses if I keep looking at you in that bikini then MY hose will be leaking.”

“Oh Daddy, then you must keep looking, maybe then I will get to fix your hose.”

“Oh honey, would you?”

“I’d do anything for my Daddy.” I said as I reached out for his hand and he helped me to stand up.

“I’ll need to shower first sweetie, I feel all sweaty.”

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