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I have had sex in tents quite a few times from various camping trips and different girlfriends that I have had and been on. Only 2 of those occasions really stand out for me as being really memorable. This is what happened on one of those occasions to make it really unique.

My sister and I have always been very close. We were both in relationships with our partners from the mid 80’s to now. By the late 1990’s we were both single again and in no hurry to get reattached at this stage.

By 2002 we had both been split up from our partners for a few years and the

Christmas holidays were approaching so my big sister, who is 3 years older than me, and I decided to get away for a few days together. I was in my mid 30s at that stage. We both enjoyed sightseeing type road trips and so we decided to head to Golden Bay and Kiateriteri together for a few days over New Years to do some exploring.

So when the time came a week after Christmas day we headed off to Nelson city, about 450km north of where I live. We decided to stay at a holiday park in a small village called Mapua, and spend a few nights there over New Years eve (Our mid summertime) 2002. Mapua was a clothes optional camping ground, some nudist were there mixing with the general campers by the swimming beach area but that’s not why we were there. A lot of families camped there and were always clothed along with about 80% of the people there (at this time of year anyway).

It usually only seemed to be singles and some couples that got around nude. We made ourselves out to be a couple. We always had clothes on, not many because it was so hot. It was just an amazingly vibrant and nice place to be during our summer holidays.

The day we got there was the last day of 2002 and was very hot and humid. So we set up our tent, a small 3 person mountaineering tunnel tent with a double size foam rubber mattress on the floor in a nice big grassy meadow with a few large trees around to provide some shade from the intense afternoon sun. Camping next to your car has the benefit of bringing a few extra home comforts to make it a more comfortable experience. The closest other tents were about 60 to 80 meters or more away and you just picked a spot where you wanted to go.

Heaps of room but also heaps of people, self contained units and caravans were packed more closely together because they were all on powered sites. There would have been at least 500 or more campers here, a lot of families with larger tents and caravans, couples with smaller tents like ours scattered a bit further out from the facilities. The place was full of life and happy people.

Mapua sits on quite a nice tidal waterfront so we went down there where people were swimming by the beach teen porno mid tide, some nude most not, and had a couple of drinks at the bar. It was a lovely sunny day, a really nice setup back then.

By about 2pm some ominous looking clouds started to come over and you could hear some distant thunder rumbling slowly creeping closer. We finished our drink and walked back to our tent, it started to cool off and get a bit windy. By the time we got to the tent it had just started lightly raining. We went inside, dressed just in shorts and a tee-shirt and sandals, lay down on the bed steering at the roof and listened to wind, rain and thunder getting louder by the minute. Our little tent held the heat in really well and was still at least 10 deg C warmer in there than outside. After a few more minutes it started raining a lot harder and the thunder became much louder, it got quite a lot darker and you could see the occasional flash of lightening followed by very loud thunder through the thin yellow nylon tent fly.

We thought we could be in here for a while so we took the opportunity, I think we read each other’s mind, without saying anything we both stripped off completely nude and got into a 69 with me on top, sucking on my sisters clit and licking between her labia with my tongue while she started sucking my cock and tickling my balls. Her pussy was recently short shaven and not hairy. Very nice to look at.

Her vaginal juices really started flowing and tasted so sweet, my mouth was getting quite wet around the outside. After a few more minutes it started hailing lightly then suddenly got heavier and heavier until the noise was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think.

The noise on the tent got almost deafening, the hail hitting a thin nylon fly, we had really got into the moment, hailing really intense now and lightning and thunder very frequent and loud. After about 5 more minutes we changed position with me on my back and my sister squatting over my mouth sucking on her clit, tasting her juices and eating out her pussy. She was really wet and delicious and her juices tasted like sweet nectar.

After a few minutes the urge of wanting to fuck got the better of her, she changed position again, moving down and straddling me, her hand reached down and inserted my cock into her very wet pussy, she let her hips slide all the way down to my pelvis. Fucking me while I was sucking her nipples and caressing her breasts. She started getting quite noisy as she was getting close to orgasm but I was pretty confident nobody else could hear us over the racket.

Maybe some of them were doing the same thing, though probably not with their little brother or big sister! She had this wicked orgasm with her vaginal travesti porno muscles squeezing tightly around my cock and her really noisy but hardly being heard over the sound of the hail on the tent and almost constant thunder, she kept at it and had at least 3 more orgasms over the next few minutes and my cock and balls were saturated in her juices. I was getting a bit worried that my sleeping bag might be getting a bit wet so put a towel under my bum to protect it from her juices that were running down my bottom between my legs.

After about 20 minutes the hail started to ease off and turned to rain again, the noise from outside started to quiet down, we lay side by side in a 69 position sucking and licking each other’s bits and pleasuring each other using our hands. My erection didn’t subside, my cock still wanting more so she finished me off again with a nice long slow blowjob mixed with a sensational hand job with me laying on my back. After a couple more minutes I exploded cum all over my tummy with some of it hitting the low ceiling fabric in the tent and her catching some on her face as she enjoyed the close up view.

She turned around so we were both lying next to each other naked side by side on our backs, fully satisfied from the amazing release we had both just had, the thunder started growing more distant, the rain started easing off and about 45 minutes after it started the sun came back out. It was worth coming all this way just for that one amazing experience.

We lay naked on our backs next to each other, my arm over her pussy with my finger lightly massaging her anus, her arm next to my cock with her hand over my balls and her middle finger lightly massaging my anus, just the two of us with the rain slowly easing off and the thunder dyeing away. One of those magical moments you wouldn’t swap for the world. After about 30 minutes the sun started shinning back on our tent and warming it up.

We wiped each other down, pulled our shorts and tee shirts back on, hopped out of the tent and the ground was covered in hail about 1 inch deep. It quickly got really warm and humid again and by 4pm just about all of the hail had melted. We took our towels and went to the swimming pool, there seemed to be a lot more nudist couples in this area already swimming and sunbathing around the pool. That night there was a big party for New Years, one of the best camping ground party’s I have been too. We drank way too much to worry about sex after we got back to the tent at 3am. New Years day was uncomfortable, hot and tired and we spent most of it sleeping off our hangover in our hot little tent.

The 2nd Jan was raining lightly all day. We got up, had much needed shower to freshen tricky masseur porno up, had a bit of breakfast and went back to the tent to look at a map to decide where we would go for the day. Lying in our small tent with my sister facing away from me, I couldn’t help unbuttoning her shorts and sliding my hand down between her ass checks until my middle finger got to her pussy. We didn’t realise how much our bodies had really missed each other over the years or how sexually starved we both were.

Surprisingly she was already wet, she lifted her hips to help remove her shorts and knickers still looking at the map. I removed my shorts and had a raging hard on by this time, entering her from behind. She was so wet I could feel her juices moving down my hip. It turned out we spent the entire day in our little tent just making love, pleasuring each other and snoozing the day away to repeat this cycle every couple of hours. Like newly wed couple on their honeymoon. Fucking and sucking in every possible position that our low roofed tent would allow. The next day we headed back home.

By the time packed up and gone home on the 3rd of Jan, we had done almost no exploring around Golden Bay that we had planned to do. After we got home my mum rang me to ask how our exploring trip went? ‘Uhh, yeah, good thanks mum, we saw a lot of interesting new things and had a fantastic time even though the weather wasn’t the best, we got a bit wet sometimes …………….’

That was my first experience at that camp ground and it left a lasting impression on both of us. My sis and I never did anything like that again. We are both married now with kids and have both moved on, sometimes when we still see each other she brings it up when we are alone. Happy memories mainly that we are both fond of keeping and don’t want them to fade.

I went back there in January this year with my wife and two kids for a few days with those memories but the setup was nothing like I remember. Change of ownership somewhere, the bar on the beach was permanently closed and the building looked really run down, the nudist season was now Feb til Mach (didn’t bother me anyway but they did help contribute to adding a lot more life to the place), the ground was a yellow/brown, scorched, more weeds than grass and bone dry from lack of shade and no irrigation, and the worst part was just about all of the trees had been cut down leaving just tree stumps dotted all over the place as a sad reminder of what a lovely vibrant place it once was.

After they cut the trees down there was almost nowhere left really for people to put up their tent where they could get a bit of shade and shelter during the day, and considering it was the peak of our summer holiday season there was only about 30 or so other campers dotted around the whole camping ground. The first experience is usually always the best. Though I did get to do a lot more exploring around Golden Bay this time, took kids swimming at Kaiteriteri, pretty amazingly scenic place really.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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