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Months passed briskly. The three of us had settled into our daily routines and the sex was awesome. I was with two beautiful ladies ever ready to please and get pleasured. The relationship we three shared was growing stronger every passing day. But then all good things have to come to an end.

Shamim had gone to Kashmir for a family wedding.

So after a long time I was alone with Shree. I was lazing around on a Saturday afternoon. Shree was going around the house completing her chores and cooking lunch. But she was unusually quiet. I was admiring her curves from afar as our rule of being naked around the house was strictly adhered too. I noiselessly tiptoed into the kitchen and gathered Shree’s firm body into my hands. Shree looked back but there was something in those eyes. A tinge of sadness perhaps reflected in them.

“Ashu, I am sorry!!”

“For what?”

“I have fallen in love with one of my colleagues.”

“Shree, that’s great news.”

What about us? Said Shree and looked at me pensively.

Are you not mad at me? Are you not jealous?

I reminded her of the chat we had after we met for the first time and landed in bed. We knew that this was not going to last forever from day one. So why should I be angry or jealous I reasoned with her. And was she not waiting for Mr. Right all these years. That bought a smile to her face. I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her. She knew I was genuinely happy for her.

I was unsure about how would the sexual relationship between us shape up now. But Shree put to rest my doubts. The moment we finished lunch Shree pounced on me like a tigress. Grabbing her dupatta (part of an Indian dress); she tied both my hands. Her manicured nails began to trace patterns on my body. She began to kiss me all over the body. Leaving bite marks all across. Nor did her hands relent in the frenzy her nails had scarred me at some places too.

Today it was me who was squirming at her onslaught. Shree moved around and offered me the honeypot to drink as she found my throbbing dick. She began a gentle assault with her tongue tracing patterns all over my tool. Rolling the foreskin back she engulfed my dick in her warm mouth. Realizing she had tied my hands, that same moment she pushed back a little for me to suck her pussy. My teeth grabbed her engorged clit and Shree let out a muffled moan. My tongue began to dart in her warm pussy folds occasionally flicking her clit.

Shree was on a different planet today. escort kartal She swiftly got up and changed directions and in one single motion impaled herself on my erect pole. Doing so her cunt walls gripped my shaft while going down. A moan escaped from both our lips. With my hands tied I was at her mercy. Bending forward Shree began to rub her body against me. Her taut nipples grazing against my body were also sending spasm of pleasure across her. Her pace of pumping me was leisurely and both of us were building up towards a climax. But she had something else in her mind today. Suddenly she disengaged and went off towards the kitchen.

Coming back with a tray of ice cubes standing next to the bed she inserted a couple into her cunt and closed her legs. The remaining ones were on my tummy and chest. The fire and ice effect was amazing. Keeping the cubes inside, she mounted me again. The chill of the ice and heat of her pussy was tingling my glans. She then laid her body against me and began to pump vigorously. The cubes melted within no time but Shree’s nipples had become tauter and were standing out over the marvelous globes. With each downward push her moans were increasing. She began to scream my name in ecstasy as I too began thrusting back harder. We climaxed at the same time and Shree collapsed on me.

We lay there for quite some time and finally Shree freed my hands. Caressing her body I told her that her new found love would be a lucky guy. Shree laughed and said we haven’t yet got a chance to test it out. I had decided that I will bring the sexual part of the relationship to an end. But Shree was not ready for it at all. She confronted me saying that I was the only one who stood by her during the lean period of her life. We decided to go to my Alibaug sea front house since there were two more holidays on Monday and Tuesday. We were packing when Shamim called saying she is at the airport come and pick her up.

We were a bit surprised as she too was expected to come back on Tuesday evening. We left home and picked her up and drove to Alibaug. Shamim got bored at her home; wearing the burka for four days was too much for her now that she had tasted her freedom in Mumbai. And all the wedding rituals were over on the second day of her leave. She was so desperate for the change that she changed her clothes within moments of getting into the car. On the way we narrated the new developments. She too was happy for Shree and said more so that Ashu maltepe escort will be for her alone. Shree gave her a glaring look and I laughed.

It was late in the night when we reached my home. I had already asked my caretaker to take the next few days off. So everything was laid on for us and there was complete privacy. My dad had constructed this house as his weekend home. A 3 hours’ drive from the maddening rush of Mumbai and you are transferred into a quaint, undisturbed locale. Surrounded by local trees for a few hundred meters on either side it was completely isolated from the village and afforded utmost privacy. I picked up our bags as the ladies headed to the pool. I came back to the pool to find my lovelies already stripped to their birthday suits and frolicking in the water.

Shamim made her way towards me as I entered the pool. She grabbed my dick and began shag me. My member slowly sprang to life on her ministrations. I lifted Shamim up and guided her on to my throbbing member. Her pussy was one of the tightest I had ever encountered. As she eased downwards both of us moaned in pleasure. Shamim was a bit more vocal and grunted as my tool was engulfed by her cunt. Shree too made her way towards us. She came up behind Shamim and held her globes with nipples crushed between two of her fingers. Using the buoyancy of the water I began to pump Shamim in a fast pace. Shree too was continuing to maul Shamim’s breasts and was kissing and licking her all over the back.

Shamim climaxed pretty fast by the double attack and I eased my pace a bit. She regrouped as I was still pounding her pussy and now began to exert more at each thrust. At the same time she grabbed Shree’s head and lip locked with her. Her cunt walls were gripping my pole and I was about to reach my peak. Shree was kissing me and Shamim alternately and in a few moments I let loose a torrent of cum in Shamim’s pussy. As we eased up Shamim declared that she would want to sleep as she was already tired from the long journey today. Shree went to the house and came back with a bottle of rum, our favorite drink.

We sat there long into the night nursing our drinks, naked and in each other’s arms with nothing but the gentle sea breeze and the roar of the waves. Shree had eased up into my lap and I was running my hands through her flowing locks. The drinks were long finished; I noticed a tear running down Shree’s face. Wiping it off I raised Shree’s face to mine and began planting kisses pendik escort bayan all over her eyes, forehead and those luscious lips. Shree responded in kind and our lips locked drinking the sweet nectar from each other. The tongues fought to establish their supremacy. The hands acted with a mind of their own; snaking around each other’s bodies, caressing the skin and igniting the passions.

Shree took matters into her own hands and dragged me into the pool; the cool waters sent shivers up her body. But that had no effect on her. Pushing me towards the pool walls, Shree raised herself upwards and began to guide my tool inside her throbbing cunt. Her legs gripped me at the waist and the buoyancy helped her to ease quick downward strokes. Shree was ravishing me with bites all across the body and her nails raking my back. She showed no signs of slowing down. But she was fast reaching her climax.

Her breathing was heavy and the moans of pleasure with occasional shouts of Ashu, keep fucking me harder, don’t’ you stop now were buzzing in my ears. Shree kept on pumping and as our strokes matched a rhythm I could feel the tip of my dick hitting the walls of her cervix. Alternately gripping my tool and relaxing her vaginal muscles she was milking me dry. Though the waters and flowing juices kept us lubricated, Shree’s intensity was ravaging my tool.

She moved forwards to brush her hardened nipples against me and the lips connected once again. Her tongue was trying to replicate the pounding in her cunt by my tool. I was to reaching closer to climax and at that moment multiple orgasms rocked Shree and she stiffened in my arms. That very moment I too released hot streams in her ever hungry pussy. I held her in the same position till her fervor subsided and she released the legs from my waist.

As I helped her out of the pool Shree collapsed on the nearby chair due to exhaustion. I got a can of chilled beer to help her recover a bit. Dragging me on to her we slept in each other’s arms till the rising sun began to shower his hot blessings on us. Both of us carried the marks of last night’s encounter with hickeys and bite marks strewn all over our torso. At some places the skin color had turned a deep shade of red.

Shamim walked up to us covered in a bed sheet which was promptly disposed by Shree; poor thing could not do anything as she had dutifully carried a tray of tea and breakfast to feed us hungry souls. But Shree would have none of it. And for a few hundred meters around closely surrounded by dense trees we had no one to see us unless someone comes from the air. We sat down on the lawns to finish the hearty breakfast before diving back into the pool for a good swim.

Concluding part in next installment…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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