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Big Tits

I met Oliver, or Ollie, roughly 8 years ago, although I had never really met Ollie, not in person anyway. We met in a chatroom online and connected instantly. Over the years we have wandered in and out of each others lives, always there for the other when called up on but with no permanent attachment.

Even so, it was always more than just a friendship, we both felt a kind of attachment to the other, an intimacy rarely found between two people, especially over the internet. At first we just texted for hours, about everything and nothing. Eventually the texts started to probe a little, exploring each others sexual likes and dislikes, fantasies and desires which led to us no longer talking about “I’d like to try…” but “I’d like us to try…” I could talk to Ollie about my deepest secrets, my fears, my wants and never felt any judgement. I could share every intimate thought with him. Then words became images, pictures of where we were, what we were doing, leading to pictures of what we were or were not wearing.

I think we both always had a desire to meet in person, to see if the spark was real, but the timings never worked out. Maybe that was the truth or maybe it was an excuse. Ollie was the ultimate fantasy for me and I didn’t want to ruin that.

Recently we hadn’t been in contact for months, but I decided to still send him the obligatory Happy Birthday message we traded every year though, a small, simple gesture to tell him he’s on my mind. The response came a day later, a topless photo in a darkened room with the caption “Hi beautiful, I’m thinking about you too x” The flirting continued, mingled with general conversation, as we begun to approach my birthday, exactly 2 months after his. This was how we always were with each other.

Then the conversation led down a different path, which all started with the text “I know its your birthday soon, I would love to buy something sexy for you. Something you can wear and think of me.” This was a new step in our relationship. He started sending me pictures of things he thought I’d look good in and between us we chose a midnight blue set which was more string than material. The bra all lacy with no padding or underwire and string harness detailing to accentuate the shape of the your breasts. The thong was also lacy, with matching string detailing over the hips.

The parcel arrived a few days later and I quickly sent a picture of the packaging to Ollie.

“God, you are going to look so sexy in that, it’s already turning me on to know you will be wearing something I chosen and bought for you.”

“Well if you’re lucky I’ll let you see me in it too.”

“Of course you have to share my purchase with me, it’s only fair!”

Just the thought of receiving such a sexy gift from Ollie stirred an aching feeling below as I became increasingly turned on, as I told him this, I wanted to know what he would do to me if he were here in person.

“I hope it fits, I can’t wait to see you in it. I haven’t looked forward to something this much in a long time…If it fits do you promise to wear it for me when we meet?” Meet? We hadn’t seriously talking about meeting up in a couple of years. “Imagine wearing that underwear, and having me there kissing your neck.”

“This underwear?” I sent Ollie a teasing photo of my in the bra.

“Oh wow! I love how your boobs look in that.”

“Tell me more about kissing my neck…”

“You’re stood in front of me as I kiss you, and kiss down your neck to your chest, running my lips over the thin material covering your perfect breasts.”

“Just thinking about that is getting me wet babe, keep going.”

“I tease your nipples through the bra until I feel them getting erect then continue to work my way down your silky smooth skin to your naval. I hear your breath catch, and slowly start to work my tongue back up your body, leaving you wanting more from me.”

“You illegal bahis can’t stop there!”

“Don’t worry, I’m not finished with you. I slowly work my way around your body, taking in the sight of your toned bum framed in blue lace. I lower on to my knees, trailing up your legs with light kisses and nibbles until I hear a quiet moan escape your lips just as I reach your thighs. I know what you want from me, but not yet.”

“Please?” I pleaded, as I sent a second photo, this time of my bum wearing my new thong.

“Before you get your release I want to know what you would do to me.”

“Mmm OK,” I say. It was difficult to think as I’d just unbuttoned my jeans and slipped a hand into my wet panties. I’d hoped he would keeping going and that I could play with myself as I enjoyed his sexts. I’d have to wait until he started going again. “I run my hands through your hair, gently tugging you to stand up. When you do I lead you to the bed and sit you on the edge and pull your top up over your head. You lean forward to kiss me again but I don’t let you, making you want it just a little bit more. Instead I trace my lips along your collarbone, biting your skin as I go, distracting you from my hands working on undoing your belt.”

“Oh babe, that sounds good, I’m getting so hard over you.”

“I kneel between your feet and tug at your jeans until I can pull them off you. I look up at you, trying to make my big brown eyes look innocent, but curious, then as a bite my lip I run my fingers from your knee up your thigh to the bottom of your boxer leg. I lean forward to kiss your other thigh, removing my eyes from yours as my lips and tongue tease your skin.”

“I’m so hard now, keep going…”

“I keep kissing you as my hands work their way up to your waist band and tug at your boxers, I feel your thighs tighten as you raise yourself slightly to allow me to pull them off, and can’t help but watch as you hard cock is freed from the material. I glance upwards at you to find you gazing back down at me, watching my every move.”

“…” was the only response Ollie seemed able to muster at this point.

“My fingers, gently pinched at your skins as they made their way to your cock and balls, one gently tickling and caressing your balls as the other ran a finger up and down the length of your shaft, pausing to circle the head. I watched as you involuntarily twitched when I found each new sensitive spot unable to hide the smile spreading across my face.”

“I want those gorgeous lips of yours to take me in your mouth!”

“Mmmmm, how much?”

“Give me what I want and I’ll reward you after.”

“In time,” I teased, I’d have to delay that part now. “I lean forward, licking my lips and hear your breath quicken, but instead of giving you what you want, i run my tongue over the tops of your thighs, barely missing your balls. I repeat this motion, listening to the change in your breathing each time I get close to putting my lips on your member.” Ollie didn’t respond so I continued, “With each rotation, I moved slightly closer until my lips grazed your sack. My hand moved back to stroke your gooch as my mouth moved to take its place, gently licking and sucking your balls. My other hand wraps around your cock as it continues to work its way up and down.”

“I’m so close to cumming babe”

“Slowly my tongue begin to work its way upwards, licking back and forth across your shaft as it nears the head. I can’t wait to take your hard 8 inches into my mouth. As my tongue reaches the head, I lap up your precum, touch my lips to the head but the lick my way back down your shaft. I felt you trying not to push yourself into my mouth, but I could feel you wanted too.” I was soaking wet at this point, I needed to finish this part of the story so that we could swap places. “As I worked back up your shaft, my lips took your head into my mouth lightly sucking illegal bahis siteleri while my hand caressed the base of your erection. As my hand built up more rhythm, so did my mouth, taking more of you in each time my lips moved up and down. Teasingly I stop momentarily and graze my teeth lightly up the front your cock making you let out a small moan, then I continue to suck on you, occasionally flicking my tongue across your head.”

“Fuck babe, I am so close now. I want to cum all over your gorgeous tits in that new bra.”

“Feeling your cock fill my mouth has made my new thong soaked with my wetness, I am hungry for you now and build up speed sucking and licking every inch of you as stifled moans escape my lips. I feel your body tighten as you get ready to release your load, and after one last flick of the tongue, I kiss your head and position myself ready to let you cum over me, all the while continuing to stroke your erection with my hand. Moments later I gasp as I feel your hot sticky load cover my boobs and bra. I can’t wait for my turn.”

“Oh god, You don’t know how good that was! So your turn again… Once I catch my breath, I leave you standing at the foot of the bed with my load across your chest. I can’t describe how good you look like that. I grab my belt and gently secure your wrists behind your back, then I grab my t-shirt to cover your eyes. I position you to stand facing me with the bed directly behind and lower myself to my knees.”

“That’s not fair, you got to watch me.”

“I know babe, but remember you told me how much blindfolds turn you on, I want you to enjoy this… although a final picture might help your cause.”

I obliged and respond with a full body shot of me in my new lingerie before I let my hand creep it’s way back down into knickers, dying to release the intense pressure already built up inside me.

“I gently touch my lips to different spots on your legs slowly working my way upwards, I can see your moisture glistening through the thin lace covering your pussy which makes me want you again, but I force myself to take my time.”

“You don’t have to take your time…” I realised at that moment how much I wanted Ollie to fuck me, not in sexts but in person. He couldn’t though, he was over 250 miles away and we’d never met. That did stop my finger from slowly rubbing my clit as I read Ollie’s words.

“I’m not giving you what you want just yet, It will be better this way. I peel away your thong leaving your bare shaven pussy shivering before my eyes. I run my fingers up the backs of your thighs and over you tight ass where my hands rest to hold you steady. I can’t resist spanking your cheeks and hearing the gasps escape your lips. I love hearing that you’re enjoying us.”

“Keep going gorgeous, I’m touching myself for you.”

“I can’t help myself, and dive straight in, my tongue urgently exploring your labia looking for the sweet spots that make you whisper my name. Your legs part a little wider and I inch closer to you, ensuring they can’t close again. “Ah Ollie,” you mutter, and I know I’ve found the spot as my tongue moves away before darting back to tease you over and over. With one last hard spank, I move my left hand to the small of your back as my right hand pushes one, then two fingers inside you.”

As I read that, I mimic him and pushed two fingers inside me whilst my other hand played the part of his tongue darting back and forth over my ever sensitive clit.

“Two fingers? I can use two if you wish.”

“I’m hard again for you Sophia! Let me see.”

Our photos have never gone that far before, but I’m controlled by my desires right now and quickly snap a suggestive photo showing my knickers pushed to one side and my hand covering my pussy as I hold 2 fingers inside it.

“Oh fuck, You are sexy as hell,” came the response along with a return photo of himself “I continue canlı bahis siteleri to tease your clit with my tongue focusing more intently on the spots that make you shudder with pleasure, switching between light and hard strokes. My fingers thrust inside you and I feel your body rocking to meet my rhythm. As your moans get louder and more frequent, I gently push you on to the bed so you can lay down for the finale. I continue moving my fingers inside you working to bring you to the edge of your orgasm.”

“Keep going, I’m so close now,” my fingers thrust inside me over and over whilst I replied, then I returned my hand to rubbing myself, bringing myself ever closer to cumming for Ollie. The beep of my phone was bittersweet as I had to pause my physical pleasures to read Ollies next message.

“My lips suck at your clit and I feel your legs tighten either side of me. I know you are close now. My fingers leave your pussy to spread your lips wider for my mouth. I blow cool air over your throbbing nub before working you back up to the edge of an orgasm. Only this time I don’t stop, I bury my mouth into you urgently sucking and licking and teasing you as your body starts to buck from the pleasure rising in you. Suddenly your moans turn to screams and my finger replaces my tongue so that my mouth can surround your opening to suck out every drop of cum as you let go and release your orgasm.”

“Oh yes,” I sent after a few minutes of silence as I brought myself to climax “That was amazing babe.”

“Was? I’m not done with you yet. I want to fuck your tight little pussy until your screaming my name. I roughly turn you over, and release your hands so you can support yourself. I push you further forward on the bed so I can join you then without warning push my hard cock against you, forcing my way into your still quivering lips from behind. They part easily and I push deeply inside you before pulling out and repeating the motion. I love to hear your little gasp each time the head penetrates you. I lean into you so I can grab your tits, pulling one of them out of your bra so I can pinch your nipple.”

By this point I knew I’d never orgasm again without assistance so I grabbed my vibrator, urgent to further satisfy my needs and pushed it deeply inside me.

“Make me scream Ollie, I’m using my vibrator and I wish it was you.” I changed positions until I’m on my knees leaning forward, just like in the messages. One hand supporting my weight whilst the other controlled the dildo pulsing inside me, even deeper now.

“I thrust as deep as possible into you, over and over until your moans become more regular. My hand leaves your bare nipple and works it way to your clit, still sensitive from moments ago. I inch you forward until your head rests against the headboard, meaning you can’t buck away from me as I begin to rub your clit furiously whilst continuing to pound you with my cock. Your moans turn to small screams of pleasure which urge me on, faster.”

“I love the thought of you fucking me.”

“Your lips begin to clench around me and I feel your body tensing, trying to escape me with nowhere to go, as your second orgasm quickly builds inside you. I can feel mine building too and suddenly want us to cum together. “Ollie… oh that’s good,” you murmur, not loud enough for me. I change tact, pressing lightly flicking my finger over your clit then slowly apply more pressure which each move before returning to light touches again. As I return to the light touch, I feel you pressing yourself into my hand, wanting more. “Don’t tease me now, I want you to make me cum” you plead.”

“God, I do want you to make me cum, please!”

“I build the pressure again, and keep it steady as I feel your whole body start to shake, “Ollie… ohhhhh…OLLIE” you scream as you give into me again. Hearing my name tips me over the edge and I quickly pull out, shooting my load over your perfect buttocks as they quiver before me.”

My own orgasm burst forth, leaving me weak and breathless.

“You are amazing babe, that was so hot.”

“I know babe. Next time is for real,” said Ollie before leaving me to recoup.

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