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This is part two of my story. If you have not read Part I I suggest you read it. This will be easier to understand. This is purely fiction. Any similarities to real people is purely coincidental. As always I welcome your constructive criticism. To those who comments on Part 1, Thank you for you kind comments.

When I woke up the house was quiet. I looked out my window and noticed my sister’s car was gone. Good, I thought. Maybe I can get a shower and get out of the house before she gets back and wants to fuck again.

I quickly showered, dressed and ate a quick breakfast. I packed a lunch in my backpack and got in my car and started to drive. There is a State park about an hour from our house. I figured I could go there, be along, and try to sort out my thoughts. I couldn’t believe I had taken my sister’s virginity and then had sex with her two more times. I guess the final time she raped me.

I got to the park. It was a nice sunny spring Saturday. There were a lot of people at the park but not many were hiking so I could go out on the trails and be alone.

I spent all day leisurely hiking taking numerous breaks and enjoying my solitude. When it started to get dark I knew I had to go home. I had to try to get to my room and lock the door before Carla caught me.

When I got home Carla’s car was in the driveway and the light was on in her room. I removed my boots and slowly quietly walked towards my room. I could her two different voices coming from Carla’s room. Good, I thought. She won’t try to have sex with me while someone else is with her.

I tried to be quiet but accidentally stepped on a squeaky board in the hall. Carla was out of her room like a flash and grabbed me fake taxi porno by the arm and pulled me towards her room. “Look who’s here,” she said. Setting on the edge of her bed was my girl friend Julie. “I told her all about last night.” Carla said.

“What!” I exclaimed. “You promised not to tell anyone.”

“Julie won’t ell anyone,” Carla said. “We thought it would be fun to have a threesome.”

I tried to back away and said “No way.”

Carla and Julie overpowered me and drug me over to Carla’s bed. I tried to think of away to get away from them. “I’m all hot a sweaty,” I said. “I need a shower first.” I though if I could get them to let me take a shower I could escape into my room and lock the door.

Julie then said, “Hey lets all take a shower together. The shower in the Master Bedroom is big enough for all three of us.”

Carla joined in, “That Sounds like fun.”

The girls must have know I want to try to escape because they walked me into the Master bath. They each had a hold of one arm as we walked in. It was no use. They had me.

The girls stripped me and had me get in the shower to adjust the water. When the water was ready they joined me in the shower. They each had a big fluffy washcloth and Carla had a bar of soap.

Carla soaped up her cloth first and started washing my back. Julie soaped up her cloth and the started washing my chest down to may waist. She then went to her knees and starts washing on leg starting at the foot. Carla did the same and started washing my other leg. They worked their way up over my calf and onto my thighs. When they got to my crotch Carla wrapped her soapy cloth around my balls while Julie started family stroke porno stroking my cock with her washcloth. My cock was soon rock hard. The girls stopped washing me and used the shower to rinse me off. Julie said we need to get all the soap of your cock before we take it in our mouths.

My mind, which had been telling me all along, this is wrong. You shouldn’t be doing this. Was starting to stop resisting. Finally I decided to just enjoy this although I knew it was wrong.

With the warm water steaming over my shoulders Julie went back to her knees in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. Carla hands went to my balls. She then said. “Hey don’t hog the cock, Let me have some.” Julie slowly took her mouth from my cock and Carla took over playing with it in her mouth and Julie took over massaging my balls. I know I wouldn’t last long. They continued switching positions, which gave me, a few second to try top recover to try to last a little longer. Finally I couldn’t hold out any longer. I announced I was coming. Julie who had my cock in her mouth at the time pulled off quickly and continued stroking my cock as she and Carla got in position to catch my cum. I shot several jets of cum. The girls got some in their mouths but most of it shot on their faces. I leaned back against the wall of the shower, spent while the girls washed the cum off their faces.

They then shut off the shower. They led me from the shower stall and dried me off with big fluffy towels. They then blocked my way from leaving while they dried off.

When we were dry both girls took and arms and led me to Carla’s bed and make me lie on my back. They played with my cock and stroked female agent porno it back to life.

Carla then straddled my head and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I started lapping at her pussy and felt her jerk a bit when I touched her clit. I then felt something tight and warm around my cock. Julie was impaling herself on my cock. She started riding me while I tried to lick Carla’s pussy. Carla was moving and moaning but still along way from cuming when I felt the churning starting in my balls.

Julie had been fingering her clit while riding me and was on the brink of orgasm. When I started shooting my cum inside her, her pussy began contracting with her orgasm.

I completely forgot about Carla’s pussy just over my face. When she realized our orgasms were over she made Julie get off my cock before I went soft.

Carla then started riding my cock while Julie lay beside me. She told me she wasn’t going to ask me to lick her pussy because along with being filled with my cum she was still on her period. I’m glad she didn’t straddle my face because the idea of eating her pussy during her period didn’t appeal to me.

Carla was riding my cock hard trying to bring herself to orgasm. I reached up for her small tits and massaged them while Julie started rubbing Julie’s clit.

I don’t know how I managed to cum again but my cock started twitching in Carla’s pussy filling it with my cum. This was enough to push her over the edge and her pussy started squeezing my cock as her orgasm controlled her body.

When her orgasm subsided she rolled off me and my flaccid cock slipped from her dripping pussy.

The three of us lay in bed recovering from the sex we had been having.

Carla was the first to speak. She said, “Lets all go take another shower and then sleep in Chuck’s bed because mine is all messy.

We showered together without trying anything sexual on each other. We then went to my bed and I slept nude with a sexy nude lady on each side of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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