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This story is based upon an actual incident in my post-graduate education at a major southern university. There were two young women who did share a dorm space but maybe not as I describe it in this story. We all had entered the same teacher-training program. To my certain knowledge neither of them completed the program, but I did. Thus all persons in this story are in their early 20’s. And finally, as it used to be said on the TV show Dragnet, the names have been changed to protect the innocent (me and the women).


Mark and Alice and Paula

This story takes place in June 1966. I had just graduated from a major state university in the Midwest. I had wanted to be a teacher but had only taken History of Education and Educational Psychology at my alma mater. So I needed a graduate school education program to qualify. I found the program I needed at a major university in a large southern capital city.

The day after the program began I was approached by a classmate, a woman named Alice Stevens, who asked me to help her and her dorm suite-mate with a light bulb cover that they couldn’t open themselves. Alice’s suite-mate, Paula Peterson, was also a classmate. I agreed to come to their dorm suite later that afternoon to try to help them.

Now, if you know me, you know that I am not a top physical specimen. In fact I was, and am, physically inept (can you say “klutz?”). What I am, as my mother taught me to be, is a gentleman. So even though I suspected I would not be able to help Alice and Paula, I showed up and gave it my best effort, which was, of course, totally ineffective. I apologized to them and suggested they try one of the other young men in their dorm.

As I turned to leave and walk across the campus to my own dorm, Alice stopped me, pulled my head down (I was about five inches taller than she was) and kissed me. At that point Paula left Alice’s room and I asked Alice to sit down and talk with me. I made it clear to her that I was engaged, and would be getting married at the end of August. Alice said that it was only a thank you kiss.

“Alice, I don’t wish to offend you. But to me the kiss was unnecessary because I did nothing that could justify it. Please let me leave,” I said.

“But Mark,” Alice replied, “you came over when you did not have to. I’m just thanking you for trying. I respect you for wanting to be loyal to your fiancee, because no guy has ever treated me that way.”

“Oh give me a break, Alice. You are very beautiful, and I have heard that you are an amazing artist. With all that going for you, and as sweet as you are, guys should be falling all over themselves to make you happy. If I wasn’t engaged I’d be trying my best to convince you that I’m your man,” I said, trying to change the mood.

“Mark, you have just made my day, my week and possibly my year,” Alice said. And once again she put her arms around me and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth.

Now my little head started to do the thinking for my illegal bahis big head, and I started kissing Alice back. I shoved the guilty feelings into the back of my mind and gave myself over to the woman in my arms. I would live with guilt for the rest of my life, but this woman knew how to pull me in, and she did.

We had wrapped our arms around each other and held on until we came up for air. I looked at Alice, moved my face up and proceeded to kiss her from her forehead, down her nose to its tip. Then I kissed her eyelids, her cheeks and her chin. Then I blew in her right ear, sucked on her earlobe, and licked and nibbled down the side of her neck until I reached her collarbone. Then I repeated my efforts on her left ear and the left side of her neck.

Now it was Alice’s turn. She did not kiss my face as I had done hers. But she blew in my ears, sucked my earlobes, and nibbled her way down my neck. When she reached my collarbones she began to unbutton my shirt and to caress my chest. Finally when my shirt was unbuttoned and pulled out of my trousers she pulled it off and then removed my undershirt.

I reached in back of the sundress that she was wearing and unzipped it down to her waist. Then pulling it off her arms one by one I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was not wearing a bra under the dress. I looked at her beautiful B-cup breasts and then started to caress each one in turn, staying away from her nipples as long as I could.

Alice’s areolae and nipples were reddish-brown. The areolae were half-inch circles around the nipples. Already stimulated by my fingers and hands, her nipples stood out about three-quarters of an inch from the areolae. I eagerly stroked those nipples, tugged on then gently, and then sucked each one in my mouth for some serious licking and nibbling.

Alice’s breathing was becoming erratic as her body built towards the first orgasm that I was giving her. While my mouth worked on her tits, my hands were stroking her neck, shoulders, arms and upper back. When I licked the sensitive underside of her boobs she moaned, froze up, and relaxed from her orgasm.

Alice had not been idle while I played with her body and gave her an orgasm. She had been massaging my neck, shoulders, arms and chest with her artist’s hands. As her orgasm approached she held my head to her tits.

Then she pulled away, after her orgasm was finished. Alice grinned up at me and said, “Thank you for that amazing orgasm. But if you think you are finished, guess again, mister.”

With that she unbuckled my belt and unfastened, unzipped and lowered my trousers to the floor, where I kicked them to the side. Now I was standing only in my boxer briefs, while she was staring at the bulge of my totally stiff rod. Alice then smiled up at me again, and then worked my underwear down over my cock, which jutted straight at her mouth.

Alice then pushed her lips over the head of my rampant pole, licking around it for a minute or so. Then she slid the rest illegal bahis siteleri of my tool into her willing mouth, licking her way down and sucking her way back up. Then she pulled off of my cock to suck on my balls, putting each one into her mouth for some vigorous licking.

I then pushed myself back into Alice’s talented mouth where she proceeded to lick and suck me into my first orgasm. After she had swallowed all the gism that I was feeding her, she then cleaned my package thoroughly. When I could take no more of her ministrations, I pulled her to her feet and pulled her sundress the rest of the way down her gorgeous body. Since she had worn no bra under the sundress, I expected to find that she was not wearing panties either.

However, Alice was wearing panties with a large, fragrant stain in her crotch from her arousal fluids. The aroma hit my nose and I immediately hardened again. I gently pulled her panties down, laid her back down on her bed, and pulled her thighs apart. The sight of her glistening pussy lips still dripping from her orgasm attracted me to her sex like a magnet.

“Mark, please be gentle when you lap my cunt,” Alice pleaded. Accordingly I stuck out my tongue and gently stroked her labia majora until they swelled and opened. I then moved my tongue inside her labia minora and breached the entrance to her vagina. I probed that opening as gently as I could, sucking up all the juices that her responses created.

Now I licked up to Alice’s clitoris, which was already extended from its hood. Meanwhile I inserted my middle finger into her chamber. Stroking until her walls had loosened enough to accept my ring finger as well, I pushed in and pulled out of her love tunnel until she moaned loudly and spasmed in her second orgasm.

“Okay, Mark, it’s time for you to fuck me with that impressive cock,” Alice begged. Birth control pills not yet being widely available, I reached for my trousers and pulled out my wallet. “Wait,” Alice grinned. “If you are reaching for a condom, I have several in my desk drawer.”

So I got up, went to her desk, opened the desk drawer, and started to pull one out. “Bring several,” Alice demanded. So I brought a small handful of condoms to her. She took one, opened the package, and rolled it down over my erect cock.

Just I was about to penetrate Alice’s pussy, I noticed a now nude Paula approaching us with a tube of spermicidal foam. Alice took it and sprayed her insides with it, saying, “This way if the condom should leak or break, I’ll have extra protection against getting pregnant.”

As I inserted myself into Alice’s cunt and began stroking, Paula said to her, “I watched you two pleasuring each other and decided that I didn’t want to be left out of the action. So I want Mark to fuck me when he finishes fucking you.”

Alice nodded her consent as I was kissing her mouth while we fucked. I felt the walls of her pussy tighten around me as we both reached for another climax. When we had finished canlı bahis siteleri I pulled out of her pussy and Paula shoved me aside to lick Alice clean.

I went into their shared bathroom to dispose of the used condom and clean myself off. Upon returning to Alice’s room, I found them engaged in eating each other in a classic sixty-nine, with dark-haired Alice lying upon red-haired Paula’s slightly larger body.

As shaving their pussies was not de rigueur as it seems to be today, I noticed that both women had trimmed their pubic hair so that nothing would stick out of their underwear or a swimsuit. If I hadn’t noticed Alice’s dark bush when I was lapping her cunt earlier, it was only because my field of vision had narrowed to her vagina.

When the ladies had finished each other with a strong orgasm, Alice went to her bathroom to clean up. Paula gestured to me to join her in Alice’s bed where we kissed for several minutes. Then she sucked my cock into full rigidity, placed a condom on it, and then sprayed the spermicidal foam into herself. I then moved to get on top of her, but Paula said, “Mark, I want to ride your lovely cock.”

So I laid myself on my back on Alice’s bed and Paula wrapped her cunt around the tip of my cock, and slowly slid down its length until our pubic bones ground on each other. She then rose up and down on my cock while twisting from side to side. After only five minutes of this intense stimulation I fired my load into the condom inside her. It took another five minutes of fucking before Paula screamed out her orgasm. She slumped onto my chest and we kissed and cuddled.

Paula pulled off of my cock, which was now deflating rapidly. But she sat her dripping pussy on my chest and placed my hands on her C cup tits. She had no visible areolae around her pale pink nipples. She pulled my head to replace one hand on one tit, while I used my hand on the other. She moaned appreciatively, then climbed off of me and went to their bathroom to clean up.

Alice had watched Paula and me as Paula had previously watched Alice and me. Paula came out of the bathroom and I went in to dispose of the condom and clean up once more.

When I returned both women gestured me to sit between them on the bed. Now they got up, knelt down on either side of me, and proceeded to jointly suck my cock. When Alice sucked the cock by her self, Paula was fondling and sucking my balls. Then they switched activities. When they observed my balls tightening up towards the base of my cock, they went back to jointly sucking my cock. I shot my wad down Paula’s throat, while Alice cleaned us both up afterwards.

I now staggered to Alice’s desk chair where I found my clothes piled nearby. I dressed and walked over to the both of them, pulling them into standing positions where I was able to hug and kiss them goodbye.

As I walked towards the outside door I turned and said, “Ladies, that was some kind of a thank you.”

“You are welcome, Mark. Maybe we’ll need to thank you again before the summer trimester is finished.” And with that I floated out their door and made my way across campus. To this day my first wife was not aware of what happened that June day. And my present wife will never know about it either.

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