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XXIV – Family Ties, Pt. 2

We were stumped. We simply didn’t know what to make of the relationship — and by “relationship,” I mean “sex” — between Shana and Eddie. And we certainly didn’t know what we should do about it — if anything.

Well, Ted and I talked about it. And we talked. And we talked. And we went to Lauren and Matt and talked with them about it. And as far as we could tell, we established the following:

One, no one was being hurt (yet).

Two, Eddie and Shana had to act responsibly about this, and that meant a thorough discussion of — and insistence on — birth control.

Three, they had to be absolutely discreet — they couldn’t talk to anyone outside our “family” about it, and others must never find out.

Four, … we didn’t know what four was.

As for the matter of sex between brother and sister — well, as Matthew pointed out, “I’m not sure anyone in this family is going to get too bent-out-of-shape or moralistic about relatives having sex with each other.”

On the other hand, we were all uncomfortable with the fact that they were so young. Not in the sense that they were “too young to be having sex.” But we were all concerned about people so early on in their lives making commitments and closing doors to experiencing a wider array of other people.

So, although we didn’t come up with any “answers,” we did agree that we needed to have this discussion with Shana and Eddie and share our concerns with them.


Ted and I had agreed that it would be best to talk to them together — that talking to them separately would quickly be viewed as an attempt to divide-and-conquer, and we didn’t want to start out on that wrong foot. We also agreed that, to start, Ted would talk to Eddie and I would talk with Shana.

I began, to both, “We know that you both care very much for each other, and that you don’t want anything to ever hurt each other. And we know that you’re going to be responsible about birth control. But your Dad and I, and Aunt Lauren and Uncle Matt, too, are concerned that you might be making some serious commitments before you’ve really had a chance to meet other people and learn what they’re like, and to learn more about yourselves and what you want in life and in other people and …” And I kind of stalled out at that point.

Ted picked up, “Like Mom said, we know that your both are smart, and maybe more mature than many of your friends, but … you really haven’t had the chance to know many people, and to see what they have to offer … ” And then he ran out of talking points.

“Yeah, we know about all these things. We’ve talked a lot about ’em before.”

Eddie and Shana were sitting side-by-side on the couch, not touching, but not far apart, either. They looked at each other, and apparently agreed that Eddie should talk first.

“I know there’s lots of girls in the world, and a lot of ’em are nice and stuff.”

Ted interrupted, “How about Robby McCune’s sisters? You know them, and I thought you kind of liked them?”

Eddie responded, “Yeah, they’re nice, and kinda pretty — especially Beth …”

Shana punched him hard in the arm — but not too hard, if you know what I mean.

“… but Shane’s more interesting than all of ’em.”

That one stopped us. Because “interesting” — that can be the basis for a very solid relationship.

Then Shana spoke up. “You’ve tried to tell me that kindness and character are the most important things to look for in a person. And I kinda got the same feeling from Aunt Lauren when she was talking about Uncle Matt. And honestly — do you think I’m ever going to meet a boy — or a man — who’s kinder than Eddie? And, like, with character — well, you raised him the same way you did me. Really — do you really think I’m gonna find someone who’s a better person than Eddie?”

All right, maybe they have thought about … things more than we gave them credit for.

“Well, let your father and I think about it some more. But thank you both for listening to us and for telling us what you’re thinking. You know how much we love you, and we just want to make sure you’re not setting yourselves up for unhappiness or disappointment in the future.”

Eddie: “We know you love us. We won’t let you down, honest.”

Ted and I went to where they were sitting and kissed them. Then we went to our room to try to figure out what the hell had just happened.

“Ted, what are we going to do?”

“Well, the words weren’t too eloquent, but it seems like they’ve given this a lot of thought, and the points they brought up were important — maybe even the most important ones.” Then he paused, like he was trying to organize his thoughts. “I just can’t get over the feeling that it’s wrong. Not ‘wrong’ like morally wrong. More like ‘not regular,’ like not the way the world’s supposed to work. But then I look around at our family and I see a whole lot of things that are not the way the rest of the world does them, and anime porno I see only incredibly happy and well-adjusted people. I don’t know, Georgia.”

“Maybe we should just let things go and hope that this attraction to each other fades with time — and other people. Or maybe they’re right, and that this is the right thing for them — both of them. What do you think?”

“I think they’re lucky to have you as their mother.” Then, “Now, do you think we should get into bed and find out for ourselves what all this fuss is about?”


So we just waited and watched, alert for any signs of trouble.

And we didn’t see any. What we saw were a brother and sister who were very considerate to each other and who helped each other a lot — with chores, and with homework (strangely, Shana — Shane — seems to have a way of explaining history and geography to Eddie so that he really understands what’s going on). And they touch each other a lot. Not in a sexual manner, but just — touches — that seem to convey communication and affection.

Okay, sometimes we didn’t see either of them for a while, and then when they appeared, they’d look a little flushed, and they were usually holding hands.

And usually these absences were quiet and discreet. But, sometimes, things got a little loud, and you could hear a “damn,” or “oh, shit,” or “fuck.” And one or two times, we heard what had to be the sound of a bed banging against a wall. But, usually, they were quiet and discreet.

Eddie’s college grades had gone from B/B+ to mostly B+, with the occasional A- . And Shana’s teachers reported that, for some reason, her overall attitude had improved and, as one teacher put it, “she’s not as argumentative” as she used to be. “I think it might be because she’s spending so much time with her brother. Eddie’s such a nice boy, and I think that it’s rubbing off on her.” (She has no idea the amount of “rubbing” that’s going on!)

And other than Shana’s improved attitude, there were no outward signs of the unconventional relationship between them. No one appeared to notice, and no one seemed to be suspicious.

So, … as I said — no signs of trouble. And in one sense, this made things more difficult for Ted and me. Because now we were facing the prospect that Eddie and Shana might be right — and what happens then?

* * * * * * * *

But in spite of his relationship with his sister, Eddie is still my loving “cuddle bunny.” He often comes up to me, from the front or from behind, and hugs me, and he’s grown tall enough that now he can rest his chin on the top of my head, and tells me that he loves me.

But one time — we were alone in the house and things were kind of quiet — he came up behind me and put his arms around me and tucked my head in under his chin, as he often does, and quietly began talking.

“Y’know, when our Mom died, Cay and I were scared. We didn’t know what it’d be like without a Mommy, and who would take care of us. But then you came, and you took care of us, and you loved us as much as any mom could ever love her children, and we knew that everything would be all right.

“And it must have been scary for you, too. Someone that you loved very much died, and you changed your whole life to come up and take the responsibility for her three children, and you probably wondered if you could do it. But you did, and you did it better than anyone else in the world could have.

“And you saved Dad. Cay and I were just kids, and we were worried about ourselves, but we could also see that Dad was … just — lost. And you saved him. And every day, Cay and I remember how much you loved us, and how you saved all of us.” And he held me just a little tighter.

And at that moment, amidst the tears that were streaming down my cheeks, I knew that I had made the right decisions, and that my life was exactly where it was meant to be.

* * * * * * * *

It was a few weeks later, and I was in the kitchen, making the sauce for tonight’s rigatoni. Shana came in and immediately, with her customary, no-nonsense approach to things, said,

“Do you and Dad have anal sex?”

Well, when it’s stated that forthrightly and unambiguously, there’s not much room for evasiveness, so I didn’t even try.

“Yes, dear, we do.”

Shana’s face immediately assumed an expression of triumph. She turned toward the bedroom hallway and hollered, “See — I told you they did, too!”


* * * * *

It turns out that Shane’s interest was not merely theoretical, or to win an argument.

Once again, I was walking past Eddie’s room, and the never-fixed door (Ted!!) had swung half-way open, as usual, and I could see Shane, on her hands and knees, with Eddie on his knees behind her, and he was obviously screwing her. And I didn’t have a clear view, but from the angle, Eddie was up way too high to be in her pussy.

Then I heard Shane say, “Now,” asyalı porno and Eddie got off her and, in what appeared to be a well-practiced move, lay down on his back, his still-firm cock pointing up, and Shane lifted her leg over him, facing toward his feet, and lowered herself onto Eddie. And I got to watch my son’s cock steadily, smoothly, sliding into his sister’s anus. And I stood there, mesmerized, watching my younger daughter sodomize herself, reverse-cowgirl style, on her brother’s cock.

Actually, I wasn’t completely “mesmerized” — I was clutching my pussy and working it as hard as I could through my slacks. I was most of the way to an orgasm — standing right there in the hallway, watching through the half-open door, when Shane leaned backward onto Eddie and cried, “Now, Eddie — now! Cum for me, Baby — cum for Shane!”

… and that’s when Eddie began to buck his hips, then went rigid, obviously climaxing right into his sisters asshole. And when I heard Shana say those words, that’s when I lost it and gave-in to a colossal orgasm. I think I may have let out a groan — I certainly felt like groaning — but I’m pretty sure they were too lost in their own thing to hear anything else. But they weren’t done. Eddie and Shana both reached down to her pussy, and together they rubbed until Shane had a hip-shaking orgasm of her own.

I stood there for a moment — I didn’t want them to catch me watching them, but I was still a bit “incapacitated” by my own orgasm — before tip-toeing away from their door. But then I saw Eddie move his hand from Shane’s pussy and, in one of those tender gestures that seem so typical for them, he wrapped his arms gently around his sister, and she freed one arm and reached back to caress Eddie’s hair. And every time I see them doing something like that, I start to wonder if they’re right — that they’re a couple, and maybe they do belong together.

I did manage to get back to Ted’s and my room, where I closed the door — tight — and yanked down my slacks and whipped-off another orgasm thinking about the performance I had just seen.

After I came down from my own orgasm, I had a wicked thought. Tonight I would tell Ted about what I had witnessed this afternoon, and then, after getting him good and turned-on, seeing if he’d like to be “Eddie” to his own little reverse-cowgirl “Shana.”

Well, as it turned out, he did!


Lest we forget, we have another child, too. Caleen isn’t so much of a child anymore, but, still …

And that’s why we were taken by surprise one evening (this is going back several years) as Ted and I were sitting in the living room, reading, when Caleen and Paul walked in — Caleen, curly and blond and petite and cute, and Paul, tall, and with Lauren’s darker hair and features, looking two or three years older than his 18, and announced, “Paul and I have decided that it’s time, so we’re going to spend tonight together.”

Ted and I figured this was going to happen. In fact, all the “grownups” would have bet that it was going to happen. They’d always been the closest of buddies, and since the time that Caleen was six and Paul was three, they’d pretty much been together — partners in … well, in just about everything.

From the time they became “aware” of each other, they were best friends. At first, he was like a little brother to Caleen, and she was his big sister. But as they grew, it became apparent that their developing personalities were on the same wavelength; and any difference in their ages quickly became imperceptible to them. They were constant companions.

Paul had inherited his mother’s and great-grandfather’s “tall” genes, so even when they were younger, they were about the same height. Also, he’d acquired Matthew’s calm demeanor and his mother’s sound judgement. Caleen, on the other hand, was petite, like her mother, and had Candace’s good heart and perpetual enthusiasm. Anytime you saw them going somewhere, they would be holding hands. If something good happened, the other had to know about it — immediately! If one hurt, the other comforted.

So, while we all expected it to happen, we weren’t expecting it to happen NOW, or in this way.

Consequently, we had nothing to say.

Finally, Ted asked, “Are you sure now is the time?”

Caleen: “We’re sure.”

Finally, I asked, “And this is the way you want to do it?”

My grandson spoke up, “We’ve talked about it — a lot of times — and we think this is the way.”

“And your mom and dad know about … that you’ll be spending the night here?”

“Yes, we’ve told them.”

Well, with those questions answered, I had one last thought. I asked, almost hesitantly, “Is there anything you’d like to know?”

They both smiled gently at us. “No, we’ll figure it out — thanks.”

Caleen took Paul’s — my great-grandson’s — hand, and they walked to her bedroom. “We love you guys.”

“We love you both, Sweetheart.”

And Ted and I looked babes porno at each other. And we sighed, and we smiled. Something that had been a decade in the making was finally happening.

* * * * *

The next morning, Ted and I could barely restrain ourselves. Finally, about 8:30, I knocked on Caleen’s door. “You guys up yet?”

Caleen’s voice: “Yup, we’re up — give us a sec.” A pause and some scuffling noises, then “Come on in.”

We opened the door. They were both sitting up against the headboard, Paul, bare-chested, and Caleen with a T-shirt on — probably that was the reason for the delay and the sounds we heard. I went over to Caleen and hugged her and said, “How are you, Sweetheart?”

She just gave me a huge smile, and that told me everything. “How about you, Darling?”, I said to my great-grandson.

He smiled. “Like she said.”

That got him a big hug from me as well.

Ted went over to hug his — our — daughter, then said, “How’d you guys like some breakfast?”

We went out and came back a few minutes later with coffee and juice and muffins. But before we could deliver breakfast, Shana and Eddie discovered the extra person in their sister’s bed. Their instant reaction: they both rushed in and jumped on the bed and started hugging and poking and tickling their sister and their cousin, and they started laughing and poking and tickling back, and it was a scene straight out of the old days — except this time, there was a new participant.

We left them all alone for a while, the coffee cooling in the mugs. I turned to Ted and hugged him, and with a couple of tears in my eyes, said “We’re so lucky, aren’t we, Ted.”

Caleen and Paul didn’t spend every night together, and they didn’t seem to want to. They were happy keeping sex a special thing. On the other hand, it seemed to be “special” fairly often. The grownups — all right, we older folks — are all happy that they’ve finally come together in this way, too. After all, they’d been together in almost every other way for ten years now.

*** NOTE: Some of this content has been edited to comply with editorial policies. It may be possible to find more complete versions of this chapter elsewhere on the Web. ***

Then one evening, during dinner, Eddie declared, matter-of-factly, “Shane and I have decided that I’m gonna live at home and go to community college for two years, and then when Shane graduates, we’ll both go to college — either State or the U.”


Okay, admittedly, they’d been regular sexual companions for … several … years now. And it was obvious that there’s a very deep attachment — emotional, as well as the sexual one — between the two of them. But this was a whole new step. This was looking like the kind of decision that could determine the direction of the rest of their lives. Was this something they were really prepared to do?

I stopped to take a look at “the children.” Eddie was in college now He had grown, so he was now almost as tall as his father, and his body had filled in a lot from when we used to think of him as being “bony.” His once-blond hair was now more of a sandy blond. In other words, he looked a lot like Ted.

Shana had grown, too. While Caleen had her mother’s face and features, Shana’s were somewhere in between, so that from certain angles, she resembled Ted a lot, and she still had a bit of the same “tomboy” look she had when she was a kid. She had beautiful skin, with just a light smattering of pale freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her straight, shaggy light-brown hair fell to a few inches above her shoulders, and overall, the effect was the wholesome “girl next door” look that often appears on the covers of teen-oriented magazines.

She had grown taller, of course, and it was apparent that she was going to have the kind of body that looks long and lean and athletic. And she still had the narrow hips and the tight round butt that was so obvious even when she was young.

And then, out of nowhere, a curious, perverse thought came to me — I thought about Eddie’s cock, which now fills out the front of his Speedos quite nicely, finding its way between those nice round butt-cheeks. After the little twinge in my pussy, I quickly chastised myself for having such an inappropriate thought. On the other hand, my mind paused long enough to hope that they were getting as much joy from their sex as their mom and dad and their aunts and uncles do.

Ted and I looked at each other, and it was obvious he was having the same kinds of concerns that I was (although probably without the pornographic detour).

Ted spoke first. “I guess you already know what your Mom and I are going to say, but we have to say it anyway. You realize that you’re making some plans here that will affect your futures? And not just for the few years you’re in college. It might not seem like it today, but if you make this choice, you’re going to be closing some doors that might make a big difference later on in your lives.”

I think Ted realized that he was about to get bogged down in generalities and platitudes, so he simply stopped.

Before I could say anything — although I didn’t have very much meaningful to add — Eddie spoke up.

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