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I gently slapped her on her butt and asked her what did she think?

She took my gesture as a yes.

Oddly enough the little slap on her butt would be a pre-cursor of things to cum.

She gave my cock one last very wet licking before mounting me again. She impaled herself on my cock, burying me to the hilt. I marveled at her ability to swallow my cock like that, and she just smiled.

She continued to ride me, rocking back and forth, and I played with her swaying tits and nipples.

Her pussy caressed my cock. I felt as if I was sinking into a velvet lined glove. Her folds wrapped around my shaft, inviting me deeper. When impaled fully, her pubic bone pressing mine. As she gently moved back and forth, her slick matted hairs rubbing through mine. My balls imprisoned between our thighs, pressing against her warm buns.

After riding my cock for several minutes she asked me again if I was good for one more round.

I asked her if she thought my cock was up to it.

That was all it took.

With a wicked grin she said that she had enjoyed my cock in her pussy and then her mouth. And now it was time to see if we would enjoy another place.

I could only wonder.

And then she pulled up and my cock slipped out of her inviting pussy.

She leaned over me and whispered that I was about to take her virginity. That she had heard about what we were about to try from friends, but never had the opportunity to try until now. The stimulation from earlier was all that she needed to fuel her current smoldering desire.

And then she whispered that “I want you to fuck me in my ass.” She evidently got her answer as I bucked and groaned.

I pushed her off me. She had removed something from her night stand, but I had my own ideas. I was on fire. She was the gasoline.

I pushed her on her stomach. And told her to get into a kneeling position. With a questioning look in her eyes, she yielded.

I knelt on the floor, and pulled her hips toward me.

As I buried my face in the warmth of her.

Her cheeks pressed tightly against mine.

My lips pressed firmly against the small brown ring of her rosebud.

I lapped at it.

And she exhaled sharply.

I pulled her tightly against me, inhaling the musky fragrance of her rose.

The taste was tangy.

Her rosebud yielding slowly to my thrusting tongue.

The tip just slipping past her rear gate.

Into the warm satiny portal.

She began to move involuntarily, thrusting backwards.

Her buns pressing more tightly against me.

Her rosebud fluttering.

My tongue pressing forward.

A canlı bahis deep sigh escapes her as she pulls away, my arms releasing her. She lays motionless, her limbs askew. Her breathing raspy. Her body quivering.

Her buns flushed from pressing against me.

Her rosebud glistening. Wet. Like a flower in the early morning, covered with dew. The satiny ridges shiny. The petals unfolded slightly. A flower ready to be plucked and enjoyed for its beauty.

The tigeress within her aroused. A passion awakened. A desire needing fulfillment.

She beckons me off my knees. Climb back onto the bed. It is her turn to push me.

Onto my back.

She engulfs my steel rod in her mouth, and coats my cock with a generous portion of saliva. My cock glistens as she is now ready to have her way with me. She straddles me, and with a sexy smile, slowly lowered herself on to me. She reached back and positioned the head of my cock at the smaller saliva coated opening.

She pressed down slightly, trying to allow her rosebud to relax.

The pressure of my cock against her continued, until we both felt a sudden push.


The head of my cock had gained access.

Her rosebud was opening up.

It felt tight.

And warm.

She held still for a few moments.

She looked down at me and said that it was a bit painful, but that she had been told that the pain soon gave way to pleasure.

I didn’t feel any pain, just a type of pressure that I hadn’t felt when we made love up to now.

It was very arousing when I heard and felt the “Pop”.

I was glad that she was on top, so that she would be in control.

I found out that I enjoy having the woman on top at times. There is something special about knowing that whatever they are doing, they are doing because it feels good to them. And I enjoy knowing that making love is pleasuring them.

After a few moments, she looked at me and slowly began to sit down.

I could feel my cock slowly sliding deeper into her.

It was a slow ride, and she stopped several times, eyes closed, and teeth cinched.

And then, I felt her buns pressed against my thighs and her pussy rubbing me.

She had me buried inside her.

Her eyes opened and the smile told me that she was happy.

It was time for me to close my eyes.

It was so different.

It hit me suddenly that she was sharing with me something that she hadn’t shared with anyone else. She was giving me a piece of herself in a way that no one else had shared with her.

Was this her ultimate gift to me?

I knew then that she would forever bahis siteleri be a one and only.

And then I felt her begin to rock back and forth.

And I trembled.

As my cock slid in and out of her.

In and out of her hot, tight ass.

She gradually increased the tempo until she was rocking back and forth rapidly. My cock sliding in and out, the sensation incredible.

And then she whispered that it was time to change positions.

That she wanted to feel me fucking her.

Fucking her in her ass!

I shuddered as she said this to me.

Here was this goddess, taking a boy, and making him a man. Sharing herself fully and in a way that she hasn’t shared with anyone else. Before today all I had were wet dreams of what it might be like. And now, I was experiencing making love, love with a beautiful, sensual, sexy woman, a woman I could only dream of, and now, we are doing something I never had dreamed of. And enjoying an experience that I knew would be special forever.

Ah, the innocence of youth. And the resilience. To be able to be up for all of this.

She slid up until my cock slipped out of her completely.

But before she got up, she looked at me and winked as she lowered herself once again.

This time, filling her pussy.

I closed my eyes and moaned.

As her pussy swallowed me.


She sensed that I might be close and reluctantly pulled back.

My cock slipped out of her, and she got off of me.

She told me to stand up and she got on her hands and knees on the bed.

She thrust her ass back over the edge of the bed. Her ass was still shiny from the lube.

I placed the tip of my cock at her winking starfish and easily slipped back inside her hot tight ass.

I gripped her hips and began to fuck her. This was the first time that I was doing the fucking, and it felt different. As I said, I have come to enjoy the woman being on top. I enjoy it when they control it. It is arousing to me to know that she is doing things to pleasure her, and that my pleasure comes from seeing her pleasured.

She rocked back and forth in synch with my thrusting.

At times my cock was buried to the hilt in her, and at times the tip of my cock was all that was in her. Once in a while, my cock slipped out completely, and she wiggled her buns and told me to get my cock back inside her ass.

The last time this happened, I was close.

As my cock slipped back inside, I could feel my balls begin to tighten.

Ms. “A” felt my cock begin to throb, and she began to rub her clit. Evidently bahis şirketleri her fingers were doing their magic as I felt her plundered rosebud begin to quiver. That was it.

My cock throbbed and the first jet of cum exploded deep into her ass, followed by several additional blasts. My cock felt bathed in my own juices and slipped in and out of her churning ass easily. I continued to fuck her pulsating ass until her own orgasm subsided.

She continued to rock back and forth, fucking my cock with her now very lubricated ass. I finally began to soften, and she continue to ride my cock until it slipped out on it’s own accord.

I flopped down on the bed and she curled up next to me.

She whispered how she felt rather sexy and naughty. She could feel my cum oozing out of her freshly fucked ass, and now knew what her friends said about anal sex to be true. Would she confide in them? She wasn’t sure. If she did, it probably would be on a girls night out at a pub. It would take some libations to lower the guard and share this.

And we kissed. And snuggled. And basked in the afterglow.

Her fingers slowly working their way down.

Rubbing the wetness.


One final gesture.

She slides down.

Lips grazing my nipples.

Sucking gently.

My eyes closed.

A moan rolling forth from me.

Her fingers softly stroking my slick cock.

And then –

Her lips graze the tip of my cock.

The tip of her tongue flicks at me.

Another flick, slower.

And then a lick.

Warm breath.

And lips opening.


The warmth of her mouth comforting.

Until she has me wholly engulfed.

I shudder thinking about what she is doing.

What she is offering.

And my cock twitches.

And swells.

And fills her mouth.

She nibbles and bites gently as she makes love to my cock again.

Is there another round left in me? I don’t know.

Her head bobs up and down gently.

Her fingers cradle my sticky balls.

I ask her to turn around.

This time she doesn’t ask.

Her thighs straddle me.

Her recently stuffed rosebud glistens.

I pull her closer to me.

Her pussy meets my lips.

I begin to savor her once again.

In time we both shiver, tense up, release.

And cuddle, spent, and breathless.

We drift off to sleep together, the wet spots drying, becoming just memories.

Thank you Ms. “A”

As we find out, our relationship doesn’t end here, but flourishes. We have found a kindred spirit within us.

Other gifts were freely given. Other times shared. She may have been older by some peoples standards, but in my eyes, she was and is “ageless”. Forever beautiful. Always sexy. And sensual. A lover. And a friend. Passionate. And my counselor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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