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That night, the warden’s voice came over the speakers as soft music played in the background. He read a poem from Longfellow and then began a murmuring conversation with some female inmate. Drinks were poured and she undressed, shortly after, there came sounds of sexual pleasure and groping and then the passionate grunts of intercourse.

Sarah was on her back, one hand under her head and the other down her pajamas. She fingered herself slowly as she listened to the sounds over the speakers and wondered how many other women were doing the same thing. She thought about her past sexual encounters and if she would ever get to be satisfied again. She remembered the day in the shower- how exciting that was and was hopeful for the next day, when Velvet had promised her it would be her turn. She couldn’t wait!

She didn’t notice falling to sleep, but when she woke up, she knew she’d not been satisfied.

Stretching, she got out of bed and grabbed her day clothes as the doors were opened, and she followed the silent groggy inmates as they formed up for the showers.

By the time she reached the showers, and saw the steam bellowing up from the double doors, there was a spring in her step. She was going to have her pussy licked, and she was going to be fingered and played with until she was satisfied- just as she had satisfied Velvet. But, at the shower pole was only Ruth, “Hola!” the Spanish woman said as she was already washing her back, lather formed rivers down her breasts.

Sarah watched her for a second before starting her wash, obvious disappointment painted bursa escort across her face. “Where’s Velvet?”

Ruth shrugged, “Don’t know.”

Sarah shook with disgust. Had she been played? “Me first, than you!” she said as she began to scrub her body in the lukewarm water. She’d missed the hot water by pouting.

It was about noon, and she was walking around in the yard, when she realized that she hadn’t seen Velvet all day. There was a guard, Ruth had spoke of, who was keen on giving out information and cigarettes in return for certain things. So it was to her that Sarah went.

The female guard eyed Sarah as a drunken sailor might a whore, “You wanna know what?” she asked running her pudgy hand through her butch hair.

“What could have happened to Velvet. She isn’t in trouble is she?”

“I tell you what.” the woman said looking over her shoulder and stepping with Sarah to the side of the walking field, near a stairwell that only the guards were allowed to use. “I only know you girls by your numbers… so uh…”

“C’mon you know who I mean, the Black tall woman.” she crossed her arms over her chest, nervously adding, “Who I made out with in the shower.”

“Don’t recall that!” the guard smiled and put a hand on Sarah’s shoulder, “Now I remember you eating that girl’s pussy, but I don’t remember no making out!”

Sarah turned slightly red, “Well her then, that is Velvet, what happened to her?”

The guard eyed Sarah from the side for a long moment. When she spoke she spoke slowly: “It will cost you.”

“Whatever.” Sarah flipped bursa escort bayan as only a blond can.

The butch guard grinned, “I get paid first.”

Sarah frowned, “That seems to be how things go around here.”

“You’ll get used to it.” the guard said.

Sarah wasn’t paying attention to her but turned around to see if anyone else had seen them talking. No one seemed to notice. When she turned back, the guard was unbuckling her pants and stepped back under the cement stairs.

“Are you CRAZY?” Sarah said aghast, looking around nervously, “We’re in the open here!”

“No one notices what happens in this place- I assure you.” the guard winked and pointed at her graying pubic hairs, “And if you want any info… get down on it.”

Sarah was never one to double take her actions or reconsider her motives, maybe that was why she landed in prison, a convicted felon. Without further hesitation she dropped to her knees and darted her tongue out over the woman’s autumn mound. It was bushy and the hairs were not soft but as she licked and sucked at the woman’s crotch she found the taste pleasant and the aroma not nearly as repugnant as the men she had deep throated before. She licked the woman, inside and out. at times fucking her with her tongue as she massaged her strong thighs.

“Oh you’re good… you’re a good girl!” the guard cooed, “Eat me yes… eat me hmph!” she grabbed Sarah’s head with her hands and forced the prisoner’s face into her mound.

Sarah didn’t fight it but used the guard’s effort to bring her own tongue around to the woman’s escort bursa anus.

“Oh that’s the spot!” the guard giggled, “Yes!”

Sarah ran quick circles around the woman’s sphincter before nibbling at the sides, the tante, and the pussy again. This time around she finger fucked the woman’s ass while she ate her out.

“Oh!” the guard began to shake, “I am coming!”

Sarah didn’t withdraw but locked her mouth around the guards pussy as the juices began to flow and squirt. Her mouth warmed with them and they oozed down the back of her throat.

“You’re fantastic!” the guard breathed, “My name is Delilah, any time you need me- just ask.” she shivered as she patted Sarah on the head and gestured for her to stand as she pulled up her pants.

“Can you tell me what happened to Velvet?”

“She was taken to the warden… that was her you were listening to last night.” Delilah stroked Sarah’s hair and cupped her neck, drawing her close for a long and whet tongue kiss. “I don’t taste half bad.”

Sarah smiled, “Actually you taste fine to me.” she followed the guard out from under the stairs, wiping her face off with her sleeve as she followed her. “Can I see the warden?”

The guard stopped in her tracks. “Why would you want to do that?”

Sarah shrugged, “It sounds like she had a good time last night.”

The Guard shook her head, “You do NOT mean that.”

‘Angry lesbian’, Sarah thought, “I like both women and men…” Sarah explained.

“Believe me, the warden is NO man.”

“C’mon.” Sarah insisted as she followed Delilah.

“I tell you what. Why don’t you wait and talk to Velvet about it when she comes back.”

“Fair enough.”

But it wasn’t fair because the guard knew, just like all the others before- Velvet would never return. No one ever did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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