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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Many thanks to Bluechick1976 for her support, not to mention the wonderful job editing my work!

As always, comments welcome and please remember to vote.


My name is Sandra, and candidly I’m not sure why I am sharing this story with you. I guess it’s because deep down I feel I’ve behaved terribly and this is an attempt to get things off my chest and clear my conscience. You see, for the last few months I’ve been sleeping with my son, Brad. The sad part is that although I am emotionally conflicted, I just can’t help myself and have no intention of stopping.

Maybe I should backtrack a bit to explain how I found myself in this predicament. The real story begins just about 11 months ago. At the time, I was a pretty typical career woman of 43, divorced for nine years. My job as a junior executive kept me busy and, as a result, I did not have much time for dating. In fact, I had not been on a date in almost two years–not that I didn’t long for male companionship, mind you.

Brad was home from college for Christmas break and had picked up some odd hours working at a local hardware megastore. I had been keeping crazy hours myself on an assignment, so I didn’t get to spend as much time with his as I would have liked. My team and I finally wrapped up the project and made our presentation to senior management, which could not have gone any better. My boss was very pleased by the outcome, and since he knew how many hours I’d been putting in, told me to go home early and relax for a change. I had been so nervous about the meeting, I barely slept the evening before, and so getting released at one o’clock on a Friday was just what the doctor ordered.

I drove home with the top down, one of the perks of living in Arizona during the winter. I was feeling somewhat giddy, pleased with myself, and couldn’t wait to tell Brad about his mom’s success. I also made a mental note to call my daughter, Julie, as I knew she’d want to know. Julie was a year older than Brad, and had married her high school sweetheart only a year after graduation. Her husband Rich took a job in another state, so I rarely saw her and missed her greatly.

When I arrived home, I saw another car in my spot on the driveway, and realized it belonged to my son’s girlfriend, April. I parked on the street and headed in to share the good news. I walked around the house and didn’t see anyone, so I looked out the kitchen window towards our pool. To say I was shocked by what I saw would be a huge understatement! April was lying on her back on a chaise lounge, her legs spread wide, completely naked. My equally bare son was on his knees between her legs, obviously licking her sex.

Brad was 21 at the time and I had long assumed he was no virgin, but I guess I just never imagined him doing something like that in my own backyard. April had her hands on top of my son’s head and I could just make out whimpering sounds through the open window. Brad’s arm was moving and it looked like he was fingering her as he worked his tongue. As shocked as I was, I couldn’t turn my eyes away. Part of me wanted to run outside and put a stop the lewd display and part of me wanted to turn my heels and run away, yet there I stood.

I moved to the side a bit to hide myself as best I could, but I watched with rapt attention. Even though I had enjoyed a decent sex life, I would not have called it remotely adventurous. On a couple of occasions, I may have done some heavy petting outdoors, but nothing like what my son and his girlfriend were doing so openly. I had never even viewed a porn video, so this was the first time I’d ever actually seen someone make love. As weird as it was to watch my son and his girlfriend, a titillating thrill ran though my body at my overt voyeurism.

April’s groans began to get louder and her hips began rolling back and forth, pressing into Brad’s face. Under other circumstances, I would have been worried about the neighbors overhearing, but at that moment, I was getting desperate to see more so I really didn’t care. My son’s arm moved faster as I’m sure he sensed her urgency. I stood rooted to the ground, knowing I was actually about to see another woman cum for the first time.

I hate to admit it, but at that moment my blood was flowing like never before and my pussy was getting warm and wet. The sight was so intoxicating; April’s taut young body was glistening with sweat as she rode Bradley’s face. It had been ages since I’d been licked and I so missed it. I found myself feeling jealous of April and the attention she was obviously enjoying.

I couldn’t help but grasp my skirt and drag it up my legs. An instant later, my right palm was pressed between my legs, as I began diddling my sex. Truth be told, I did masturbate fairly regularly, but I had never done it in the kitchen, and certainly never while watching something like that.

Just ankara escort seconds after I started touching myself, April arched her back and thrust her crotch into Brad’s face as she came with a roar. I had never before even contemplated another woman’s orgasm, but she really looked lovely in the throes of passion. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes had rolled back in her head, clearly basking in the sensations.

My fingers quickened as I stroked my pussy with a fever I never would have expected. I wondered if the show was over or if there was an act two I could take in. It probably makes me sound sick, but the display was driving me crazy with desire.

After April relaxed back onto the lounge, Brad got to his feet and stood next to her. His left side was towards me, and instantly my eyes were drawn to his groin. My son’s cock was fully erect, standing almost directly upright from his crotch. I had not seen him naked since he was a boy, and never like that, but Bradley certainly was no little boy anymore. He was clearly larger than my ex-husband, and even bigger than the other three men I had been with in my life. It was not obscenely large, but appeared to be at least eight inches from where I stood. I instantly wondered what it would feel like buried inside me.

Brad said something to April which I could not make out, and then he reached his strong arms under her legs and back and easily lifted her off the lounge. A moment later he tossed her shrieking into the pool. April landed with a splash and I wondered if I should run before being found out.

Brad moved to the edge of the pool and sat down facing me. His feet dangled in the water, and his legs were spread wide, opening his crotch to my gaze. He had a big smile on his face, and I could see his penis was still hard as a rock. I heard him say, “Get over here bitch, time to suck my cock.”

I was shocked by my son’s boldness, but also felt a shiver run through my body. For years I had fantasized about being taken by a demanding man, being forced to submit to his every whim. My pussy was literally flowing and my little panties were soaking wet.

April paddled her way toward my son until she stood before him in waist-deep water. Her body blocked my view of Brad’s proud cock, but when she leaned over it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she was doing. I could see her head moving up and down, and knew she must have taken him in her mouth.

My son had one arm on the deck for balance while the other rubbed the back of his girlfriend’s head. He began mouthing encouragement to her. I could barely make out what he was saying, so I moved closer to the window.

“That’s it baby, suck my cock you little slut,” he told her, and I felt my knees go weak. All of my previous lovers had treated me with such kid gloves, and I was ashamed to tell them I longed to be treated like a dirty girl, just how Brad was treating April.

I had never fantasized about my son before that moment, but I wondered what it would be like to be in her place. The idea of having Bradley’s large cock in my mouth, sucking him hard as he called me names, made me amazingly hot. I had never really enjoyed giving head, but I was filled with great desire, almost a need, to do just that. My tongue circled my lips as I imagined running it across his hard shaft, my hand still moving against the folds of my sex. Within seconds I was in the throes of an orgasm, and I had to grab the countertop to keep from falling over.

As my head cleared a bit post-climax, I felt guilt, but not enough to look away. In for a penny, in for a pound, I figured, and desperately wanted to know what, if anything would happen next.

Brad grabbed a fistful of April’s hair and began thrusting his hips towards her. He was mumbling something I could not make out, but imagined he was telling her what a little slut she was. In spite of my orgasm, my fingers slowly moved across my overheated sex as I reveled in the show the young lovers were putting on.

I couldn’t help but stare at my son’s handsome face. I had long known he was a beautiful boy, but until that time had never really seen what a powerful looking man he had become. With his dark hair and eyes, the high cheek bones, he looked like a Greek god. I could see his muscular arms holding his girlfriend’s head while his solid chest glistened with sweat or cocoa butter.

Lord help me, but Brad was turning me on like I had never been before. I was literally praying I’d see his orgasm, wanting him to enjoy the moment as much as I was myself. Any mother wants her children to be happy, but this was new territory for me completely.

Before long my son removed his arm from the deck and engulfed April’s head in both palms. From their movements, he appeared to be fucking her face. The look on Brad’s face was one I’d never seen before. His head was back and he was gritting his teeth, obviously enjoying what she was doing escort ankara to him. Only moments later I heard him grunting as his body convulsed, and I instantly knew he was emptying into her mouth.

My second orgasm in only minutes washed over me as I watched my only son cum. I had never seen anything remotely that erotic, and I was driven over the edge. Never would I have imagined being so turned on by viewing my boy get off, yet turned on I was. I found myself gasping to catch my breath, my fingers soaked in my juices and my legs weak.

I was conflicted, partially wanting to stay to see if something else might happen between my son and his girl, and partially needing to get away before being found in such a compromising position. My levelheaded side won out and I removed my hand from my overheated sex. The kids had not moved, so I quickly rinsed off my hands in the sink and made a beeline for my car.

I drove away literally numb, almost as if I’d had too much to drink. I had no idea where I was going; I just had to get away. Somehow I ended up in the parking lot of our local mall, but was too afraid to go inside as it was filled with holiday shoppers. My panties were so wet I was sure I probably had a stain on my skirt, plus I suspected that I smelled like a whorehouse.

As I sat there in silence, I could not get the images of Brad and April out of my head. I felt ashamed that I’d intruded on an intimate moment between them, yet much more so for what I had done. I had actually rubbed myself off to not one but two orgasms as I watched my son make love with his girlfriend. Depraved does not do justice to how I felt about myself, yet the more I thought about what I had witnessed, the more turned on I became. I wondered what they did after I left. Did Brad fuck April? Did he pound her petite body with his hard cock? Try as I may, I could not get the pictures out of my mind.

I found myself scanning the parking lot to see if anyone was near. Looking back now, I tell myself that it must have been momentary insanity, but I lifted my skirt up a bit and eased my legs open. Trying to appear as inconspicuous as possible, I snaked my hand under my skirt and once again touched my womanhood.

My mind replayed a nonstop highlight reel of not only what I had seen, but of other things they may have done since I’d left. I saw Brad’s tongue inside April’s pussy, and I wondered how she felt. To my own shock, I also wondered how she tasted. Would she taste differently than I did? I was in such a state of sexual bliss, I didn’t even realize it when I brought my sticky fingers up to my mouth to lick them. Is this what my baby tasted when he loved her? And what did he taste like, I mused, my only son? My fingers ran in and out of my mouth like I was sucking a hard cock.

I was lost in the moment. My mind and body had entered a place I had never been before, and I felt yet another climax coming on. My fingers returned to my pussy and I began stroking furiously, not caring that I was in a public parking lot. The orgasm that hit me was even greater than those I had experienced in my kitchen earlier. For the first time in my life, I felt like a complete slut, and I loved it.

After I regained a measure of composure, I left the mall and went on a long drive. I found it hard to shake the images troubling my mind, but after an hour of wandering, turned my car towards home. It was almost five o’clock, so I assumed Brad and April would have finished their interlude and would be respectful, if they were even home at all.

When I finally arrived back home, I was relieved to find the driveway empty of both cars. The thought of facing my son was daunting as I was just sure my face would somehow portray either guilt or lust. I almost ran inside to get out of my clothes and into the shower to wash away all signs of my sins. My body tingled all over as the water cascaded over me and I caressed my sensitive skin.

After drying myself off, I slipped into a silky pair of pajamas and made my way downstairs. I found a note from Brad on the kitchen counter, very close to where I had watched the earlier display, stating that he was working the late shift that evening. After I read it, I put it down and stared out the window at the empty chaise lounge. I found it impossible to forget what I had seen, and had to turn away before I felt the need to get myself off again.

I had to relax so I opened a bottle of wine and poured myself a glass. I knew Brad would not be home until late, so I fixed dinner and reluctantly ate alone. After the events of the day, I longed for company, but given how wantonly I had behaved, I consoled myself with the thought that I was better off alone.

I probably had one drink too many while I watched a romantic comedy on TV that night, but decided to head to bed rather than face my son feeling tipsy. With my mind addled by alcohol and my nerves on edge, I was unsure just what I might do or say when I saw ankara escort bayan him.

When my body touched the soft sheets, I was enveloped by an erotic feeling of warmth and contentment. The silky pjs felt so good against my skin and the buzz in my head made me feel more alive than sleepy. I closed my eyes and imagined Brad throwing me into the pool, both of us just as naked as jaybirds. Much like he had done with April, he then looked me right in the eye and demanded, “Get over here and suck my cock, mom.”

I found myself whimpering as the thoughts raced through my head. My own son was commanding me to give him a blow job, and I was only too ready to comply. In my mind it was me between Brad’s legs, taking his hardness in my mouth as April had done. I wanted to taste him, smell him and love him like only a mother can.

I could almost taste his pre-cum as I began to frig myself for the fourth time that day. The silk pajamas felt so soft against my sex as I caressed my special place. In my entire life, I don’t think I’d ever come more than twice in a single day, yet there I was ready for number four ,and at that point, I would not have bet against more.

My thoughts also turned to April. She really was a lovely girl, the former high school cheerleader who obviously had not lost her figure. In my mind’s eye, I saw her once again on the lounge chair, her small but perky breasts rising and falling as she fought to catch her breath from what Brad had done to her with his tongue. Her nipples were pink and small, yet looked perfectly placed atop her tender young breasts. Her blonde hair tossed about as she lost herself in orgasmic delight at the hands of my loving son, and I could not have been more jealous of her.

God, my body was on fire as I frantically stroked myself. And not to some anonymous fantasy male like I had done in the past, but thinking of my own son and his lovely girlfriend. I closed my eyes and rubbed rapidly, my hips rocking into my hand as hard as I could. Within minutes I had successfully brought myself off to two strong orgasms. I was sweating profusely and my sheets were damp, but I was too spent to take another shower. Exhausted, I rolled to the other side of the bed and finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke feeling tired and a bit lightheaded, and instantly recalled the events from the previous day. I felt guilty for having invaded Brad’s privacy, and also by my actions. Masturbating in the kitchen was bad, but remembering that I did it in a mall parking lot was horrifying. What if I’d been caught and my friends and work colleagues found out?

Yet even as I lay there I felt my pulse quickening as blood flowed to my crotch. I kept seeing image after image of my son and April going at each other and I was getting warmer by the moment. I spread my legs and began rubbing myself once more. I felt really naughty knowing Brad was probably in his bed just down the hall as I fingered my wet slit. I had to muffle moans as I caressed myself to a shuddering climax.

After a long rest I rolled out of bed and made my way to the shower. A wicked part of me wanted to bring Brad breakfast in bed wearing only a skimpy teddy, smelling of sex, yet I thought better of it. The warm water felt wonderful as I cleansed my body. Too bad I could not cleanse my dirty mind.

Brad came downstairs about 30 minutes after I did, dressed only in a pair of athletic shorts. I had not seen him since I had watched him cum, and a shiver ran down my spine. My eyes wandered his body as he poured himself a cup of coffee, and I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at his bulge.

My son sat across from me and I tried my best to appear normal. He asked about the presentation and I excitedly filled him in on the details. I was thrilled that he had big smile on his face as he listened to every word intently. I felt a bit self-conscious with him looking at me with such loving eyes, so I stood up to put my mug in the dish washer. Brad got up right after me and pulled me into his arms in a big bear hug. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I’m so proud of you, Mom.” It was no wonder April was crazy about him!

Over the following few days before Brad left for school, I found myself thinking of him all the time, and toyed with my pussy in bed every evening. It was hard to see him as simply my son after what I’d witnessed and my nerves felt on edge every minute I was around him.

I hate to admit this, but on more than one occasion I ducked out of work early in the hopes of sneaking another illicit show between Brad and April. I also found myself walking past his bedroom in the hopes of catching him undressed so I could once again see his perfect penis. All attempts were for naught, however, so I was left to the images in my mind as I rubbed myself off night after night.

When Brad left for school in early January, I cried myself to sleep, feeling like something precious had been stolen from me. Since he was attending a university several states away, I knew I likely would not see him until Spring Break at the earliest. I had become drunk with my son’s presence and masculinity, and his being so far away left me empty.

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