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Lucia’s mind raced over the details that had been discussed with Rich the previous day. Unbeknownst to her, the people she had performed her miraculous blowjob in front of had been film producers, of the pornographic variety. Based on her performance, they were prepared to make her a 10 picture deal, paying $5000 per picture, and Rich had added, with a smile, “Your net amount, before taxes, is $4500, because, as your agent, my cut is 10%. I hope you don’t mind.”

“A little monetary reward is always fine, but helping make you a star will be the second best reward for me.” Rich explained.

“O.K.,” Lucia had asked, “If making me a star isn’t number one and the money is number three, then what is number one?”

“Well”, Rich had replied sheepishly, “I just LOVE to watch you suck cock, because nobody gets into it the way you do “

Lucia blushed again at the memory of his compliment, and recalled how speechless she had been upon receiving the compliment at the time. Just the thought that her abilities could motivate Rich to such acts of generosity shocked her, as well as aroused her. Here was a man who clearly truly both enjoyed and appreciated her talents, despite having never even sampled them himself That would have to change over the next few days, Lucia vowed.

With Rich planning to pick her up to head out to Lake Tahoe the next morning, Lucia spent her evening plotting just how and when she would drop to her knees and service him. She wanted to catch him off-guard as much as possible, at a time and place where he would least expect her to lunge for his member. The moment they had on the beach days before, when both were clearly in the same frame of mind, was not her goal. She wanted to use shock and awe tactics to make the blowjob she gave Rich he most memorable of his life.

She toyed bursa escort with several ideas. First she thought she might convince him to go out for a fancy lunch, somewhere with a nice long tablecloth, that would hide her as she slipped under the table to kneel between his legs, sucking and stroking him until he came in her mouth. She would then crawl back to her seat, a smug grin on her face, and leaning over her meal, let the semen slide from her lips to give added flavour to the food, all while looking Rich in the eye. The idea was eventually discarded, when she realized that he would not be able to watch her at work in that position, thus not leaving him with the sight of her sucking his cock burned in his mind’s eye forever.

Her second idea was to arrive at his hotel and suck his cock the moment she stepped through the door, assaulting him like a mugger bent on emptying the contents of his ‘meat wallet’ rather than the one in his pocket. Again though, Lucia thought he might actually expect that, and not be caught completely off guard. And then it struck her. The perfect plan to give him both the blowjob of his life, and the surprise of a lifetime.

Lucia met Rich downstairs in the hotel, and watched as he paid her bill as she checked out. The thought of his generosity got her motor running, and she nearly drooled at the thought of slathering his cock in the near future. Taking his hand, Lucia led Rich out the main door, smiling back over he shoulder at him, meeting his eyes before turning back to let them drift up and down her hourglass form, barely encased in her skin tight dress. She swayed her hips as she pushed through the door, sashaying out into the street, leaving Rich to nod sheepishly to the doorman as he followed in her wake.

They stopped short at the curb, and Rich motioned to hail a cab. bursa escort bayan With a sudden start, he became away of Lucia’s hands on his fly, and looked down to see her planted firmly on her knees before him, looking up with the widest grin he had ever seen. Looking left and right, and realizing just how exposed they both were, Rich nervously began to mutter about restraint, and glanced warily at the doorman. The doorman stared back in awe as Lucia unzipped, unbuttoned and unleashed Rich’s cock in one deft move, leaving his pants around his ankles.

Rich shuddered as he looked down into her eyes, meeting them as she darted her lips forward to plant a wet kiss on the head of his cock. A quick swirl of her tongue, and without notice Lucia jutted her head forward, taking 3/4 of his girth down in one fell swoop. Rich gasped as she pushed deeper, gagging slightly as he head forced its way into her throat. Rich spared a glance away from her to survey his surroundings, seeing the doorman, among other onlookers, gawking at the show Lucia had suddenly decided to put on. Drawn as if by some magnetism, Rich found himself forgetting about the rest of the world as Lucia began to pulsate her throat around his cock head, bobbing her head up and down slightly while keeping his cock firmly jammed in her throat.

Rich felt as if his entire world was spinning as Lucia began to draw back further with each thrust, now fucking the entire length of his cock with her mouth and throat, her lips alternately pressing against his pelvis and just touching the end of his cock. He stared, jaw dropped, as she slurped and slobbered, leaving a trail of saliva that leaked off his balls, and onto the sidewalk. Rich moaned with pleasure, and closed his eyes momentarily, unable to bear the sight and feel of Lucia’s sexy assault on his senses.

Through escort bursa sheer force of will, Rich opened his eyes once more, and witnessed Lucia sucking cock in all her glory. Now using her hand and mouth in unison, Lucia began to work in earnest, using her entire arsenal of tricks to bring Rich quickly to orgasm. She licked as she sucked, bobbed and stroked, juggled his balls and flickered her tongue round his head. She was poetry in motion, a work of art, and he found himself mesmerized as he felt the pressure building in his loins. Lucia moaned as she felt him twitch, redoubling her efforts and locking her eyes on his, burning her image into his soul.

With an explosion groan, Rich began to unload a torrent of semen into Lucia’s mouth. She swallowed and maintained eye contact the entire time, pausing only when her mouth was so full she needed to close her lips to force his cum down. Rich felt his entire body begin to weaken and give out as he orgasm subsided, as he went from blasting to spurting to leaking cum into Lucia’s hungry mouth. Lucia moaned with joy and closed her eyes, savouring the last mouthful of his manly load. With a toss of her hair, she stood, bringing Rich’s pants up with her, meeting his eye as she did them back up, planting a kiss lightly on his lips. Rich nearly fell over from the light brush of her lips, and was shocked and relieved to see a cab pull up right beside them.

Rich nervously and pointedly avoided making eye contact with what he imagined must be hundreds of observers as he clambered into the cab. Lucia unabashedly hopped in after him, plunking down contentedly beside him and resting her head on his shoulder. Smiling up at him as the cab pulled away, Lucia commented:

“I bet you’ll never forget THAT “

Rich, unable to muster even a feeble response, merely groaned and sagged into her contentedly, sighing as he reached out to absentmindedly play with one of her tits. Smiling back at her, Rich just wondered what the rest of the trip to Lake Tahoe would bring…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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