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This is an older story and does not contain all the details of the sexual encounter. Its focus is on events leading up to the encounter and the tension mounting. Read it with that in mind 🙂


He’d been away for several days already on business. This happened on rare occasions, but never more than a night at a time. This time, an entire week. Chloe knew the week would be a lonely one, but she’d underestimated how much she’d miss hearing his voice and cuddling with him every evening. She’d washed the dishes and laundry, mopped all the floors, and vacuumed the basement… twice. No matter how busy she made herself, the time continued to crawl.

Ken was in Chicago for training – a five day seminar. He’d left Sunday afternoon and wouldn’t return until late Friday night. It was only Wednesday, but it seemed like he’d been gone for weeks. Chloe also had underestimated how badly she wanted her husband sexually.

Having laid down for a brief late-afternoon nap, Chloe was slowly waking up in her warm bed. She stretched her arms and arched her back, then stuck her legs and toes straight out. It always felt wonderful to stretch after a good nap. As she stretched her arms, the tank top she’d been wearing for more comfortable housework came untucked, exposing her belly button and part of her stomach. As she relaxed her muscles, she placed her hands on her bare stomach. Her cool hands actually felt good against her skin.

Without thinking, she closed her eyes again and started pulling her fingertips gently up her stomach, pulling her tank top along. Since no one was around, she had abandoned her bra for the day, perhaps even for the week. Her hands slowly made it all the way up to her finely-shaped breasts, which she cupped softly. She smiled at the thought of her husband’s hands cupping her breasts. She loved the way his hands felt against her chest – he was so tender but oh so sensual!

The thought immediately hardened her nipples, which she slowly rolled between her thumbs and forefingers, imagining not her hands but Ken’s. No, not his hands, his lips. She squeezed her breasts firmly and let out a small moan, before relaxing her body. After a brief sigh, Chloe slowly pulled the tank top back down and tucked it into her jeans. As she finished the front, though, she unbuttoned and unzipped her pants to tuck the top in the rest of the way. Pushing the top down, her fingers wound up covering her underwear. She pushed her fingers down a little further until she could curl her fingers around her labia. Her underwear had definitely grown damp. “Oh that Ken was here right now! He should be grabbing me like this, not me.” The thought sat in her head, tinted with frustration. Squeezing her labia gently, she canlı bahis pushed her palm against her clitoris and moaned again, deeper this time.

Chloe finished tucking her shirt in and then buttoned and zipped up her jeans again. She needed her husband and knew that he wanted her just as badly. She was going to do something that he would never forget, and the idea drove her quickly out of bed. She put a few essential items into a suitcase and then threw the suitcase in the car. The late August day was perfect – mid-seventies, barely a cloud in the sky. It was already four-o-clock, so she would have to act quickly.

Her first stop was the store. Hopefully the local Walmart would have everything she needed. After a little searching around, she was back in the car, GPS up and running, on her way to Chicago. If traffic went well, she could be in Chicago by 8pm or so, and Ken would just be getting back to his hotel room. She was a little nervous about driving in Chicago, but Ken had already provided the address of the hotel, and it was right off the exit from the highway, so the trip seemed pretty straightforward.

The drive lasted almost three hours, but felt much more like three days. Sure enough, the hotel was just off the highway, even visible before Chloe reached the exit. Pulling into a parking spot, Chloe took a deep breath and turned off the car. Putting everything she brought into the mid-sized suitcase, she hopped out of the car and headed for the main entrance of the hotel. Once inside, a large grandfather clock in the corner showed very clearly, 8:36 Chicago time. Perfect. Ken was most likely unwinding in his room, wondering why his wife wasn’t online to greet him.

Sure enough, that’s exactly where Ken was at. After a long day of classes, completed by a rigorous exam, he was absolutely exhausted. Since he was traveling alone, Ken had exchanged his khakis for a pair of athletic shorts, and hung his dress shirt in the closet. He found this far more comfortable attire for sitting around the hotel room. His laptop, sitting on the desk, was booting up and would soon provide his Google Talk connection to his beautiful wife. Or so he thought. Sitting down on the king-sized bed, he sat the laptop next to him and waited for it to finish loading.

Meanwhile, Chloe went from “sorta nervous” to “wicked nervous”. So many things could go very wrong in this plan. But she shoved that thought to the back of her mind and pushed ahead. Not wanting to be caught by the front desk, she simply walked through the main lobby and headed for the restroom, suitcase in hand. Fortunately, there was one young lady at the desk, and she was completely focused on a book in her lap. Chloe chuckled quietly.

Once in the bahis siteleri bathroom stall, Chloe’s plan finally took off. She sat the suitcase on the floor and opened it up. Inside were only a few items: a barely existent black negligee, a trench coat, a pair of red high heels, a package of KY Intense, and a condom. Chloe quickly began taking her clothes off and replacing the contents of the suitcase. First her tank top, then she squeezed out of her jeans. As she pulled her panties down her legs, she was struck for just a moment that she was standing in the bathroom of a hotel in Chicago, three hours from home, wearing absolutely nothing, and hoping to goodness she’d remembered Ken’s room number correctly.

She pulled up the sheer black thong and then dropped the teddy down over her shoulders. The outfit left something to the imagination, but very little. She then stepped into the high heels and instantly felt very, very out of place. Lastly she put on the trench coat and tied the belt tightly around her waist. Thankfully, no one had come into the bathroom, and it sounded like the lobby had remained pretty quiet. On her way out, Chloe looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. With the coat, it simply looked like she was wearing a short skirt and heels. It took a moment for her to convince herself this looked perfectly acceptable. She then pulled out a brush and fixed her hair just a bit, and lastly, spread some wet’n’wild on her lips. “Mmm, cherry,” she thought. “Ken’s going to suck all this right off my lips.”

The elevator was just down the hall from the bathrooms, a fact for which Chloe was very thankful. As the elevator door closed, Chloe breathed a sigh of relief and pressed the big number 2. Ken’s room was 218… she hoped!

Ken was a bit disappointed that his wife wasn’t around for their normal rendezvous. “Maybe she headed out for a shopping run or something,” he thought. Turning on the TV, he quickly found the local news and then opened up his email to try and get caught up. He was surprised to hear a gentle knock at the door. Thinking it may have been across the hall, he quickly returned to his work. But the next knock was clearer and couldn’t be ignored. “Be right there!” he yelled, quickly rushing for his jeans and shirt. He assumed it must have been room service of some sort, unsure who else would be visiting him at this time of night.

Ken had come to the training with a female coworker, but he was pretty sure she’d had plans to join some friends for dinner since she was in the area. He finally made his way to the door and pulled it opened, and was absolutely shocked at what he found.

Chloe found an aggressiveness she’d never known was in her. Perhaps it was the drive all the way bahis şirketleri to Chicago – something she never thought she’d do on her own. Maybe it was the unbelievable desires for her husband that she’d been fighting off all week which had already left her practically dripping between her legs. But whatever the cause, she had come all this way for something she wasn’t going to be denied.

Ken opened the door and found his wife standing before him with a black trench coat and red stiletto heels, and he wasn’t sure she was wearing much more than that. Her arm rested against the door jamb and she was staring at the floor between them. She slowly raised her head and he noticed she was wearing sparkly red lip gloss. “What are you-” was all he could manage to say before Chloe put her finger across his lips. She pulled her finger down slowly, resting it on Ken’s chest.

“Shhh…” was all she said. He could smell the cherry of her wet’n’wild as their eyes locked. She pushed her finger into his chest and started walking toward him, pushing him back into the room. As they took a few more slow steps, her hips swaying beautifully, the door closed slowly behind her. But she didn’t stop. She continued pushing him backward, one slow step at a time, until he stumbled backward, sitting down on the bed.

Chloe took a step backward herself and put her finger to her own lips. “Shh…” she said one more time. As she ever so slowly began untying her belt, she whispered softly, “I’ve heard men who are away on business trips frequently receive… services… while they’re away.” She added pauses between words for added effect. “I’m here to provide you some very basic services, and I’m sure you will enjoy them.”

At this point, the belt fell at Chloe’s sides, and she very slowly pulled the trench coat off, dropping it on the floor behind her. She stood before her husband wearing only a black negligee and her red high heels. His mouth hung open and he had absolutely nothing to say. His eyes slowly scanned up and down her body, taking in the beauty before him. She noticed his eyes stopped at her shoes, came very slowly up her finely toned legs, studied her thong, her stomach, her breasts and nipples, her long neck. Before his eyes met hers, she closed them, slowly tilted her head back, and ran her hands up her body. She started at her hips and slowly went up her sides, her fingers brushed under her breasts and she then brought her hands to cup them through the sheer fabric. She continued up her throat and neck, then her cheeks, and then she finished running her fingers through her hair as she tilted her head back. She then tilted her head forward and very slowly opened her eyes, looking deeply into her husband’s deep brown eyes.

The only thing stronger right now than her desire for her husband was her husband’s desire for her. The room was electrified and they both knew it. This was certainly going to be a night they would both remember forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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