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Cum On

Dedicated to CJ – the lady that rocks my boat!


And She came – she really did, but more of that a little later.

There really is more than a bit of ‘will she, won’t she?’ – ‘did she, didn’t she?’ in all of this little tale – so bear, or maybe even bare with me as I step back a bit and start a little while ago.

It all started a little while ago following a comment on a story that had been posted. One short note led to another, to a full blown correspondence. Sometimes these things take on a life of their own, coy changes to chat, changes to comfortably saucy. Believe me when I say saucy; and that’s where it might all have stayed. We each knew where the other lived and while not at opposite ends of the country it was far enough away to have have been just that.

Then in a telephone chat – did I mention the telephone chats? Sorry – I should have done – comfortable – damn! I’ve used that word again, but they really were comfortable chats – any subject, laughter, tears, sorrow, anger – all the normal emotions we all go through, except we had never met. Lord how we decided what we would do if we ever met… But I digress, in a chat we suddenly realised that a member of her family had an apartment just down the road from me. We were both silent as we took in the ramifications. Would it work? Could it work? Could we make it work? In the end we decided we would see what might happen. Planning would be everything – on both sides. I think that we both decided that it would be a once only thing, a one time meeting, affair, call it what you would.

Unfortunately I drive a fairly distinctive car, which would not help matters. So it couldn’t be left about the place, the estate the apartment was part of was close enough to my home district for it to be quite possible for it to be recognised. That difficulty was solved when it was discovered that there was a garage built in, so the car could be driven in in the dark and ‘lost’.

Then the timing of the visit needed to be organised – difficult didn’t even begin to describe that! If she could get away I couldn’t, and vice versa. In the end we had all but given up – there had been one or two ‘almosts’ but the apartment wasn’t available. We came to the conclusion that if it was to be – then it would happen, nothing we tried to organise was working.

Then I mentioned I was going to a car show, too far away to drive there and back in a single day, it would need a motel stop with an early start next day, and a drive back home that evening. She would illegal bahis be in the same locale on business…. The hell with the apartment – it looked like the meeting up was on. Then my partner decided she wanted to come with me – meeting off! Then it was realised she had an appointment that couldn’t be changed – meeting on!

Then it was tonight and we knew it was really going to happen.

My text message was succinct – 217.

A tap on the door. A glance through the spy hole. A click and open the door and she came in.

The lights were down low.

We had rehearsed this moment in our heads, in e-mails, on the phone, now it was here.

Two tongue-tied fully grown adults – rooted to the spot.

“At last…” – we stumbled as the words came out together and the same.

We giggled as it struck home that this was not quite what we had planned….

I kissed her – gently, then as she held my head in both hands, more urgently.

We came up for air, then kissed again, more passionately, more urgently.

I slid my hand down and cupped her bottom pulling her into me. She groaned as she felt my hardness against her. Now she turned and leant back against me, again working her rear against me as I cupped her breasts through the light sweater she was wearing. Both of us were delighting in her decision not to wear a bra.

I eased her sweater over her head and revelled in the sight as she turned back towards me. I leaned forward, fussing her breasts – kissing and nibbling them as she held them up to me. Then our passion began to take over. She pulled my sweatshirt off over my head and discarded it before undoing my belt and the top snap of my jeans – she grabbed pants and shorts and didn’_t so much ease them down as yank them off complete with my socks and slip-on shoes. He sprang up and bounced in front of her face as she stood back up grabbing him as a handle on our way to the bed.

If the atmosphere in the room had been hot to start with, now it was positively boiling.

The senses were overloaded: me being overcome by the delicious aroma of musky, sexy, hot woman and she by the sight and handful she had of obviously aroused rampant male.

She lay back on the bed as I landed beside her – nipples hard in the centre of her dark areolas, excitement or the air conditioning? It didn_’t matter which – they were sensational. In the same way that men worry about size I guess women do too as during our chats she had been worried about being small up top. Whatever the bra size illegal bahis siteleri might have been I haven_’t a clue; these just looked absolutely right.

She lay back and waited as I moved in, kissing the inside of her left knee and then trailing kisses up to her smooth, hairless, soaking wet, aromatic centre. Folds open like the petals of a coral pink flower showing up the dark wet interior. She shivered as I took those lips in mine, drawing them gently through my own lips and savouring the taste, the heat and the incredible texture. Then I caressed up that luscious opening to her throbbing, hard pink bud. Just touching it with the tip of my tongue was like setting off a firecracker. I went deaf as her thighs clamped round my ears and I shuddered with her as she came noisily and very wetly on my face. Juices leaking and spraying in a beautiful shower as I drank them in. Now I rolled her over so that she was half lying, half sitting on top of me – liquid honey dripping on me as she tried to get her breath back. I held her cheeks in both hands and pulled her back down to me all the better to use my tongue to lick that wonderful juice. She shuddered and came again, again dripping her own juicy come onto my face and open mouth.

Then she rolled off and lay back recovering, her breath coming in gasps as she came down, back to earth. Then she raised herself up on one elbow and pushed me onto my back, muttering, “Your turn…!”

And then she started. I’m uncut – and she ran her tongue in and around my foreskin, making me want to buck my hips as the sensations started growing as I got, almost impossibly, harder and redder than before. Now she gently pulled the skin back over the precum soaked tip and then with slicked wet lips slid her mouth over until the corona was being slurped with lips and tongue – dear God! Though we had never done this before we each seemed to know what the other loved and this was mind blowing.

She looked me full in the eye as she slid her mouth down over my length, somehow taking me all in, deep throating me – no gagging. No hesitation. No one else has ever managed that!

Christ what a sensation. Then a slow slide back up to the tip.

“If you do that any more….!”

So she let me go, and slid her body up mine, trapping him between us – that was a sensation all of it_s own – to kiss me again. Tongue licking her own juices off my face and then offering her tongue into my mouth, fencing gently and sexily with my own. Big, sloppy, wet, sexy hard kisses – canlı bahis siteleri her belly rubbing him wetly between us. Then moving her knees up either side of my hips she positioned herself with those coral folds just round him and trapped his length between her folds and lips. Sliding herself up and down him, wanking me with her pussy lips, bringing me dangerously close all over again. Then sensing the rising tide between us- she moved up further letting his tip engage her pussy then easing down on him _’til we slid together for the first time merging and becoming one.




We just lay there soaking each others bodies up until she contracted her inner muscles – Lord what bliss. So I did the same, making him twitch and watched as she caught her breath with pleasure. Then she moved up me until only his very tip was inside and the sensations grew to the point of no return.

To the point where I rolled her over, grabbed her ankles and split the ‘Y’ driving hard into her again and again. Feeling the electric surge as the sap rose and we exploded, if not together as near as made no odds. Gasping, rigid, locked together. Trying to pierce her very soul with my own stiffness, spraying deep into her womb, her cervix having been long penetrated.

He shrank and slowly slipped out as I rolled off and lay along side. She closed her knees tight to keep the juices inside, both lips now squeezed thin and inflexible as a white pearl-drop of liquid appeared against the fiery red of her totally aroused sex. She offered it to me having wiped it onto her finger tip and I sucked it off. Now I wanted the cream pie and I raised her still tight-closed legs up and dived underneath before she spread them apart to let me reach her. I took it. At first closing my my mouth over her mound then as her legs spread further swiping my tongue up her now reopened lips. Again she orgasmed hard, going first rigid at the touch and then coming again in another mini earthquake as I licked and cleaned her up.

Now she knelt over me and moving up me, sat on me holding herself just above me fingers of one hand holding her lips apart as she squeezed her muscles to expel any remaining cum onto my waiting tongue drip, by beautiful, sliding drip. Finally I once again used my tongue to lick any last remaining amount clean.

Now she moved down and took my wilted organ in her own lips and mouth, lovingly cleaning him up, doing a semi-revival job at the same time.

Such bliss, but finally unable to take any more I pulled her back up along side me. Wrapping her beautiful wet centre half over one hip, we lay together. Dozing in the afterglow of a long-awaited coupling of such intensity as to be unforgettable.

(c) Sven (tE) Oct _06

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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