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Big Dick

After more then two and a half hours of thrilling the crowd with his high-energy showmanship, Rick Hunter walked off the stage amid the roar of the thunderous applause and the raucous screams of his fans. Rick’s hair dripped with sweat, his leather pants clung to his hot flesh and his muscles would soon begin to tighten up after the long aerobic workout. But now Rick was euphoric, he felt fabulous. Performing had always been Rich Hunter’s drug of choice. As soon as the band was back stage they began to strip to change into their outfits for the encore. The building shook as the throng rhythmically clapped and chanted for Rick and the band to return. The chant of course was unnecessary. Anyone, who was familiar with the play list, knew that the show was not scheduled to end for another 45 minutes. Rick was going on vacation and then into the studio. It would be a long time before he felt the rush of standing before thousands of writhing, screaming fans. He would make this night last a long time.

The band returned to the stage, wearing costumes reminiscent of Rick’s early days as a rock idol. The outfits looked ridiculous and dated, but Rick knew a large portion of the crowd remembered his days as the front man for Hunter’s Rage, and expected to see the outlandish garb that went with that era. The crowd went wild when the band broke into their signature rock anthem extolling the virtues of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. The fans were a mass of sweating, swaying humanity at this point. The air in the arena was heavy with the smell of marijuana smoke, spilled beer, sweat and animal lust. Rick’s energy surged to new levels as the powerful spotlights panned the writhing crowd, exposing the undulating sea of humanity to the band. The band played on, the lights danced around the arena and the crowd grew ever wilder.

Bill, the crew manager was practically spitting nails as the encore went into full swing. Randy was supposed to be doing the show wrap check and rounding up the special guests. Bill thought Randy was mostly worthless and unneeded, but since Randy was the only one who knew who had the golden passes it was easier if he was around at show’s end. Randy meanwhile was sound asleep in the security office.

Bill, shouted to no one in particular, “Where the fuck is that cock-sucking, dip-shit of a road manager?”

People were so used to the stream of obscenities that spewed from Bill’s mouth that they hardly took notice when the big man ran around back-stage ranting. When Bill burst into the office and saw Randy snoring away on the ratty sofa, he looked like he was about to kill someone with his bare hands.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, ass-hole? The fucking encore is half over and you are fucking sleeping! God damn cock sucking guests should be back fucking stage by now!” Bill screamed.

Randy jumped and stared Bill down. “Plenty of fucking time. Untwist you damn pantyhose and come help me, jerk-off”

“Hey piss ant, you fucking push me tonight and I might just shove a damn tree trunk up that pussy ass of yours!”

Bill was in a foul mood and knew in an hour Randy no longer had a purpose. He was sure Rick wouldn’t really mind if Randy met with an incapacitating accident. The serious look in Bill’s eyes told Randy that he had better shut up. Randy pushed past Bill without a word and headed for the floor to get the 20 lucky fans that were wearing the special new necklaces. As Randy began to round up the lucky few who would be special guests at tonights wrap party and brought them back stage, canlı bahis the band moved toward the final number.

As was the custom at Rick’s shows, the front of the stage was littered with undergarments. Mostly feminine, however, there was also a smattering of male garments as well. Rick made no secret of his bisexuality and many of his male fans had as strong of a sexual reaction to him as the female ones did. As the band started into a long instrumental break, Rick strutted to the front of the stage. As he moved rhythmically to the music he bent and picked up a pair of lacy red panties. The crowd roared as Rick raised the sexy undies to his face and pantomimed inhaling deeply. Rick kissed the panties and tossed them into the front row. They landed almost unnoticed in Steve’s lap.

All his attention was now on Christie. Her rock n’ roll induced lust had transformed her from her usual reserved uninterested prissy persona into a sex-craved wild woman. Christie and Steve’s lips were locked and their tongues fought each other in a violent dance. Their hands roamed over each other’s bodies. They were nearly oblivious to anything but the music and their teenage lust. Neither of them cared that the person in their arms was not the main object of their desires. Jenny punched Steve’s shoulder to get his attention.

“You fucking idiot, “Jenny yelled over the wailing guitars, “Biggest goddamn gift you ever got falls in your fucking lap and you are too busy thinking about putting your dick in slutty Christie to notice. What a fucking tard!”

As Jenny finished her tirade the song ended and Rick looked right at her. He had heard just a bit of the foul-mouthed put downs and was thinking damn what a fucking whore she must be. The thought didn’t last long; it was time for the grand finale to begin.

As the lights continued to pan over the sweaty throng, Rick grabbed his mic and began to shout, “Ok ladies! Time to show us your tits!

Suddenly the big screen behind the band was filled with shots of various female audience members flashing the stage. Kelly and Jenny both jumped up and whipped off the their tee shirts. Jenny who was braless, jumped up and down and her backstage pass bounced around over her pert tits. Kelly was still wearing the lacey pushup bra she thought Rick would like. The bra’s D cups barely contained her large heaving breasts. As Rick strutted across the front of the stage surveying all the tits being shaken at him, he notice Kelly and pointed to one of the stagehands stationed at the front of the crowd.

Jack who had worked for Rick for a long time knew exactly what Rick wanted. He walked over to Kelly and asked her if she would like to join Rick on stage. Kelly squealed at the invitation and Jack told her she should take her bra off and deliver it personally to Rick. Kelly turned to Grant and ordered him to help her out of her bra. Grant unhooked Kelly’s bra and Jack took her hand and lead her to the stage stairs. Rick met her at the top of the stairs, accepted the bra and led her to center stage. Then Rick stood behind the nearly hysterical young woman and pressed himself against her as he hefted her tits from behind displaying her to the crowd.

Grant was nearly fuming as he watched Kelly let a stranger play with her tits in public when she hadn’t even so much as let him see them. Jenny cursed her small tits. She just knew if she had tits like her big sister she would be the one in Rick’s arms right now. The crowd roared as Rick kissed Kelly deeply. Then he told her to stay on stage bahis siteleri for the last song and join them when they exited. With one last squeeze of Kelly’s tits, Rick ran back grabbed his guitar and the final song started. Through the entire ten minute finale, Kelly danced and shook her tits for the audience

The band took their final bows and waved and shouted good night to the raucous crowd. Then Rick took Kelly’s hand and helped her bow to the crowd. Kelly felt her pussy flood her panties as the crowd roared for her. As Rick walked her off stage, Randy sent two security guards to help her friends get back stage. No way was Randy going to try to get to the front of the stage through the frenzied crowd. That is what the burly idiots were paid to do as far as he was concerned. By this time the rest for the guest were already back stage. Kelly was having trouble walking. Being half naked and hand in hand with Rick Hunter was too much for her. Her body was spasming. She realized she was in the throws of her first multiple orgasm and Rick hadn’t even touch her pussy yet.

As soon as they were back stage Rick wrapped her in his arms and pulled her body tight to his. He kissed Kelly deeply as her pussy continued to convulse. She screamed into Rick’s mouth as he ground his growing cock into her body.
He broke the kiss and picked Kelly up.

As he headed for his dressing room, Rick turned to the band and said, “I will see you at the party. This little gal’s cunt needs a good hard fucking!”

Kelly didn’t care that she was being treated like a cheap slut in public. All she knew was she was going to be fucked by Rick Hunter and that she had just had the most amazing orgasm of her young life. Grant and the others arrived just in time to see Rick walk off with Kelly in his arms. Grant was pissed off at Kelly. He decided he was going to fuck anybody and everybody he could that night. On top of that he was going to fuck Kelly at some point too, even if he had to rape her. She just proved she was a fucking cock slut and he had damn well paid his dues and now she was going to pay hers.

Rick carried Kelly into his dressing room and dropped her on the day bed. As he stripped he asked Kelly what her name was. She told him in a trembling voice as she watched with rapt attention as Rick revealed his sexy body to her. Once naked, Rick stood proudly displaying himself to her for a moment. His cock was fully erect and twitching slightly. He was in his usual after show lust. He needed a good hard fuck and he was staring lustfully at tonight’s slut. Kelly squealed when Rick walked over to her and pulled off her tight skirt and panties in one motion. Kelly lay there squirming not sure what to do.

Rick pulled her to a sitting position and shoved his throbbing cock in her face. His cum slit glistened with a drop of precum. Kelly’s breath came in gasps and she feared for a second she would stop breathing. Rick took hold of her head gently and pressed his fat, twitching, cock-head to her quivering lips. Kelly stuck her tongue out. She caressed the bottom of Rick’s sensual shaft as he slowly slid his cock into her mouth. Kelly’s moans of shear joy caused her lips to vibrate on Rick’s rock hard shaft as his spongy glans found the back of her throat. Just before she gagged, Rick pulled back and gently fucked her willing mouth. He took Kelly’s hand and guided it to his balls. She was like a doll with no will of her own needing to be lead to each move. Kelly fondled his soft, warm sack like a miser handles his precious gold coins. bahis şirketleri She was sucking him hard at this point. His free flowing precum feeding her hunger and making her crave his cum. But she was not to be rewarded with a taste of Rick’s seed tonight. Rick wanted her tight cunt wrapped around his cock.

Rick pulled away from Kelly and shoved her down on her back. He then grabbed her ankles and raised her ass high in the air causing her pussy to open up for him. Rick was practically salivating in his lust for the young slut he had plucked from the audience. The pink inner folds of her cunt lips glistened with the juices of lust and multiple orgasms. Rick wanted to taste her hot, wet, hairless cunt before pounding her like a rag doll. He dropped to his knees and pressed his face into her twitching sex. His tongue snaked out and invaded her quivering hole. His teeth raked her pussy lips as he worked to delve deep into her hot cunt. Kelly screamed as her body was ripped by a long intense orgasm. She felt as if she would pass out if Rick did not stop eating her cunt. Then for the first time Kelly squirted. Rick drank in the girl cum with abandon. He lapped up her juice like it was a reward for a job well done.

“Oh fuck, Rick!!!!!!!! Please fuck me now! I need your cock in my pussy, please!” Kelly managed to cry out between her moans and screams of carnal ecstasy.

Rick stood, pulled her legs around his waist and plunged his rock hard tool deep into her hungry cunt. Kelly wrapped her legs around Rick tight, pulling him tight to her. She felt like he was reaching into her soul with his throbbing cock. Rick wanting more, needing to give this wanton cum slut a hard rough fucking, pulled Kelly’s legs apart and began thrusting in and out of her. Rick savagely fucked Kelly’s dripping cunt impaling her repeatedly with his aching cock. With each thrust he buried himself ball deep in pussy. Rick was now moaning and cursing.

“You like being fucked good and hard, don’t you slut? God, you are a hot fucking cunt, bitch!” He yelled at Kelly as his balls drew up against his body.

Kelly was completely oblivious to his words. She was lost in a series of mind-blowing orgasms. He convulsing body was covered in sweat as Rick continued to pound her like a cheap whore. With one final powerful thrust, Rick exploded deep inside Kelly. His thick cum flooded her cunt as if someone had suddenly turned on a spigot. His jism combined with Kelly’s hot flowing juices and began streaming out of her pussy and over his balls. As he continued his frantic fucking, his cock made plunging sounds against the tight wet walls of Kelly’s cunt. When the last of Rick’s cum had oozed into Kelly’s cunt, he withdrew form her and laid his semi-erect dick across her lips. Kelly hungrily licked her cunt juice from Rick’s fabulous cock.

Rick pulled Kelly to her feet, kissed her hard and told her to get dressed and join the party. Rick needed a few minutes to take a shower and collect himself. He had no further use for Kelly. Kelly had the mistaken impression she was his date for the night. She would soon find out she was just another piece of ass to be passed around later. When Rick again told her to go, this time not as nicely, Kelly quickly put on what clothes she had and moved toward the dressing room door. She could feel her juices and Rick’s cum oozing out of her pussy into her panties. Rick tossed her a tour tee shirt to cover her tits with. Kelly had left her own shirt with Grant and Rick now owned her bra. Kelly was glad Rick didn’t make her go out topless. Rick headed for the shower as Kelly closed the door behind her. Rick’s lips curled into a kind of evil grin as he thought about what Kelly’s boy friend was going to say when she returned to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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