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As you feel the stranger get off the bike, you wonder why the motorcycle doesn’t move or topple. You feel around with your hands and realise that your seat spreads out behind you.

“It’s a Trike, a three wheeler.” You hear the stranger say, “That’s why it stays upright.” Then you feel his strong arm wrapping around your waist again, gently pulling you back until you rest against his chest. You can feel his hot breath on your neck as he whispers in your ear, “Now the fun starts.”

You feel yourself being turned around in the seat, until you know you’re facing the other way. He takes your hands and lets you slowly lay back on the seat, with your legs hanging over the back of the Trike. Then one by one, you feel the buttons of your blouse being undone, until finally you feel it fall open. Then slowly his hand starts at the waist of your skirt and slides it’s way up your stomach to your breasts. “We’ll sincan escort have to get rid of this,” he says as he touches your bra. You reach behind yourself to undo the clasp, when you hear “SNAP! SNAP!” and you realise that you’re hands have been cuffed. “You don’t do anything,” he says, “just lie back and enjoy.”

You lie back down again with your hands behind your back and get comfortable. Suddenly you feel something cold on your stomach, slowly tracing a line up and between your breasts. “A KNIFE!” you exclaim loudly.

“Ssshh, I’m not going to hurt you,” he says as you feel the blade slide between your breasts, then pull suddenly as it cuts through your bra. Your breasts spill free, a cool breeze blow across them and instantly your nipples become hard.

“Mmmm, that’s nice, very nice indeed.” you hear him say as he slowly and gently traces lines over and around your breasts with the cold ankara escort steel tip of the knife. The danger of the knife, the mystery of the man you can’t see, the handcuffs and the suspense as the stranger continues to tease you, still not really touching you, but still managing to arouse you. The cold blade is removed, only to return straight away, but this time tracing a line along your thigh. Slowly it continues up until you catch your breath when you feel it slide along the gusset of your wet panties. You’re so wet now, you know he can see the outline of your lips through the material, as he gently runs the blade along them. “These will have to go too.” you hear him say, as you feel the blade slide under and across the strap on one side. You feel a sharp tug as he cuts through the material. Then you feel the blade slowly move across the top of your mound and under the strap on the other side, cutting through etimegut escort it also. The gusset of your panties stays where it his, stuck there by your own juices.

“Hehehe.” he chuckles, “We’ll have to do something about this I think.”

The cold blade slides under the waistband of your panties, flipping the gusset away from you. You gasp as you feel the cool rush of air against your soaked pussy. Then you feel his hot breath, his mouth mere centimetres from your pussy. “Mmmm, we definitely have to do something about this.”

His hot breath turns to cool wind as he purses his lips and blows gently between your legs. Instinctively you draw up your knees to provide him better access. You feel the cool breeze as he gently blows from your ass, then up to and over your soaked pussy. The cool air blowing against your hot pussy sends tingles through you and up to your breasts, making your nipples harder than ever. You wish your hands were free so you could play with them, or use them to hold yourself open to him. You realise that this can’t be, so you simply have to give in to his exquisite torture.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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