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Many thanks to VyFrisk for capable edits!

Let me know if you enjoy. It can end here or continue on. JRR



The ringing brought Jillian from her sleep state back to an almost wakeful condition.

“G’ morning Jill…am I calling too early?”

She really enjoyed this English accent.

“Mmmm, not at all,” she purred, sure John would hear her tone.

“Listen, I’ve got some errands to run this morning and wanted to get a fix on the time to pick you up. What works for you?”

She thought for a moment. It was a late matinee performance.

“3-ish would be fine. Is this your cell number?” She stretched as she asked the question. John could hear it in her voice.

“Indeed. If you can text me your address, I’ll see you at 3 sharp. I’ve got to run Jillian so bye for now” and the call ended.

Jill looked at her clock as she heard the backdoor open. It was 8. John HAD called early.

“Josh, is that you,” she called down.

“Good morning, Miss J. I’m feeding the cat,” he yelled back.

“Thanks, Josh. I’ll be down in a minute”

She got up, closed her bedroom door, walked to the bathroom, peed, grabbed her shorty robe from the back of the door and put it on, tying it loosely around her waist. Looking in the mirror, she ran a brush through her hair and did a quick brush of her teeth.

On the way down, she slipped on a fresh panty as it was Josh and she wanted to be a bit on guard. Since their incident some months back, neither had mentioned the episode. Jill had researched the issue and discovered that boys and men wearing panties were not all that uncommon. A majority of this group was hetero and many shared the fun with spouses and girlfriends. From what she could tell, it was harmless and while she did not necessarily condone his actions in her house, she also felt he was safe in her home and if he occasionally borrowed some of her panties, she was okay with it.

“Morning, Josh,” as she scampered into the kitchen and set about to make coffee.

She economically moved about the kitchen to hasten the time for her coffee. She took no notice as her robe teased open depending on her position. Josh’s eyes never strayed from Jill or the robe constantly seeking her image at every opportunity.

With cup in hand, she sat down at the table and crossed her legs at the same time Josh finished feeding Sylvester. Had she noticed, she would have seen the obviously white swell of her breast because it was not tanned as the rest of her chest. It peeked auspiciously at Josh from moment to moment. He worked hard to not notice or at least to not be caught noticing.

“Come sit with me for awhile. We haven’t spoken is some time…would you like some orange juice perhaps?” She patted the seat next to her.

“I’d like that…thank you, Miss J.”

But before he could sit, she rose from the bench, grabbed a glass and bent to fetch the pitcher from the refrigerator. Josh followed with his eyes from behind and as she bent, he saw a bright yellow plaid cupping round the bottom of her buns. “That lucky panty,” he lamented to himself.

She returned and set the glass in front of Josh and poured. He took a draft that consumed half with emphasis, and then set the glass back on the table. She scooted in next to him.

She began, “We haven’t spoken since the ladder incident.” She looked in his eyes to see what they conveyed. “I just want you to know I am as fond of you as ever, Josh. In fact, you are one of my favorite people…you know that, right?”

“Yes, ma’am, I always suspected so.”

They discussed school and his getting a learner’s permit for driving. Their talk was as that of a big sister to a little brother.

As the talk was drawing to a close, she asked, “So, do you still like panties?”

It seemed a reasonable question, since they were close.

“Yes, ma’am, as much as ever.”

“Are you borrowing mine?” she asked as she looked him in the eye.

Looking back at her, he simply said, “Yes, ma’am, but I only use the ones in the clothes hamper.” His face reddened as he gave this confession and now he looked down at the table after noting her breasts.

As his words registered, it was now her turn to redden.

“So you are borrowing my dirty panties then?”

“Yes, ma’am, since you didn’t want me to go into your drawers, I thought using the ones from the hamper would be okay. Actually, I like them better. They smell like you and I like that.”

His honesty in no way lessened her crimson color as she thought through what he was divulging. Here this young man was sniffing her scent from her soiled panties, probably wearing her panties and anything else he might like. Inside she was cringing but she maintained a poker face.

“Is that all you wear?”

“Yes, ma’am, it’s all I really like….do you mind?”

“I guess I don’t really know, Josh. Let me think about it. Do you ever have any…accidents in them?”

“Sometimes, ma’am, as I rub them on me, it feels so good that I get a rush of fluid kızılay escort that soaks them and I get out of breath. But I always clean them up before I put ’em back. Is that okay, Miss J? “

He was describing his orgasms she knew. Inside she smiled at his boyish candor, but her face remained passive.

“Josh, that is a perfectly normal response from your body as you get excited. You don’t need to clean them, just return them, okay? I’ll wash them up with my other things.”

“Okay, Miss J.”

“One more thing, call me Jillian or Jill from now on. Okay?” She gave him a big smile leaned over and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He saw down the channel between her boobs and felt a throb below.

He smiled and said, “Yes, Miss Jillian…I mean Jill.”

“I’ve got to run now, Josh. Tell your folks I said ‘hi.'” She rubbed his hair with her fingertips as he took to his feet.

He left then and left her sitting. As she pondered his latest confession, the blood flooded to her cheeks as she realized that this next door boy was beginning to know her on a very personal level. She shuttered as she thought about what might have been in her panties and that he may be visiting her hamper on a daily basis. He was masturbating with them (in her bedroom?). On a lighter note, she wondered if he liked her new sets of lingerie? She remained conflicted. Regardless, she loved him so. She stood and got moving placing the empty cup in the sink.

She could not think this through right now as she had other priorities. Still she wondered what Becka might say if she knew.


From the closet she emerged with Mica’s next recommendation. It was an off white dress, very short but covered her all the way to her neck showing absolutely no skin until one ventured to the hem line. Its sexiness was that as conservative as it was on top, its shortness dictated just the opposite. The puffy long sleeves combine with the bodice to morph into a skirt that consisted of micro pleats all the way around with the lay of the material such that it swung as she walked almost to a rhythm of its own. She had no doubt that if a breeze should blow, or should she twirl around too quickly, she would be fully compromised. She thought that something dangling from her earlobes was all the extra adornment she would consider as well as just a splash of perfume on ears, breasts and below. Finally, she would add very high heels to give shape to her legs and add inches to her height. She had learned years ago how men loved long legs and pumps to go along with them. She was confident that this outfit would be great for the play and still better for John. But to get to this stage, she still had to get through the waxing maven.

She laid out her outfit and added a lace thong, and an underwire matching bra. She thought it best to dress for success thinking John may have his own agenda. Putting it off no longer, it was time for the waxing palace.

There was no way to ever consider waxing in any positive light while undergoing the process. But she could not argue with the results. For a week or more, she would feel buttery smooth. Everything simply glided across her mons and what remained was trimmed to a nice soft length.

It was time to hustle.

She emerged from the bathroom at 2PM all shaven, lotioned and ready to dress. As usual, her skin was particularly sensitive now that a sharp razor had exfoliated her to the point where her nerve endings were at the surface. Any touch was amplified.

To her face, she applied just light mascara relying on the sun’s effort from yesterday to convey her color and an evening lipstick. Flower Bomb was her designated scent for tonight. She decided on golden hoop earrings. She felt she could carry them as the only glint.

With an hour yet, she knew she could dress and still relax and so she began her sartorial process.

With fifteen minutes to spare, she was ready and looking in her full length mirror. She spun and confirmed the dress fought against gravity with just a slight input of energy. “Keep this in mind,” she reminded herself as she had on just a thong below relying on the dress lining to keep her modest from a back lit setting or anything else really.

She poured wine and sipped. She also placed a glass for John on the counter.

At a few minutes before three, she heard the purr of a car pulling up outside. It was John in what looked like a very clean TR6, top down.

She waited until he knocked, gave it 30 seconds, and then opened the door.

As she stood there with her smile radiating her joy at seeing him, he was speechless. He simply drank her in from top to bottom and back up saying nothing; eyes wide open.

“Lovely,” was all he could muster; his eyes saying far more than his mouth.

“Do come in, John.” She took his arm and led him in.

Once inside, she made for the kitchen where she sat him down and poured her guest a glass of wine.

“Did you have any trouble finding the address?”

“None at all, actually,” he stated etlik escort as his composure returned. “I have to say, Jillian, you look absolutely ravishiung…truly!”

There was a mild blush that may not have sufficient gravitas to be seen, but she could feel it nonetheless.

John sipped his wine and continued his recovery. They made small talk for a spell after which Jill spoke up. She was leaning back against the counter facing John. Her dress was so short that John remained slightly intoxicated at her obvious beauty.

“I feel I owe you an apology for my unladylike behavior yesterday.”

John looked puzzled.

“I’m sorry?”

“I feel my behavior was less than lady like when I gave you a parting gift.”

“Ahhh, I see,” responded John. He thought for a minute before replying.

“I’m afraid I don’t see it that way at all.” He continued…

“If you think about it, we have managed to squeeze quite a bit of intimacy into a very short amount of time. Consider we have known each other for just over a day, yet in this span we’ve been almost entirely nude save for our loin cloths, we’ve stripped naked, granted it was in the water, but at any time I could have gone under, I have intimately lathered your back side.”

“Back,” Jill corrected.

“We’ve peed together in some sort of communal fashion, not once but at least twice (I suspect you may have done so whilst not giving adequate warning), I’ve strapped on your brazier whilst you paraded in your whiteys, I’ve given you a rather intimate and perhaps too public massage and as I recall, you even went so far as to show me your long, white and completely wet one. Had you not surrendered a personal token of your undying devotion I should have been positively crest fallen.”

John listed all these and as he did so, his accent and smile became all the stronger. His eyes closed to a wickedly playful grin with an upturned, close mouth smile.

“Oh John, you make me sound frightful. Did we really do all these things?” Her voice went high on ‘frightful’ as she acted more embarrassed than she felt.

“My Dear, as I’ve said, there are few secrets on a sail boat. I think you performed rather splendidly both as a sailor and woman. So here we are to see if we can function on dry land. I, for one, would prefer to continue to let things happen rather than apply an ounce of judgment to what was for me, and what I hope for you as well, a perfectly splendid day.”

He looked in her eyes to read her thoughts.

She uncrossed her arms and looked into his smiling eyes and realized he was right. She closed the distance between them, sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around him. He did the same as well. His arms moved up and down her back while hers remained static. Although he knew her naked bottom was now on his lap, he had absolutely no way to visually enjoy the moment He knew he had to get her up before she felt his growing concern.

“Right.” He pushed her to her feet and rose as sell. “My only real concern is this play and the pirates. Promise me that if it is a poor effort we can leave early?…Promise?”

“Let’s go,” she beckoned and agreed in principle. Grabbing a small clutch, she went to the door with John in pursuit, locked it and they were off.

She had not seen such a nice example of a TR6 for some time.

“’72? Electric overdrive?”

“Well done, my dear. No and yes. ’71 actually, but you are good.”

He held open the door as Jill first sat and then swung her legs inside as one unit. John marveled at how her skirt rode up. There was little that could be done really. There simply wasn’t too much material to work with. The contrast of her tanned legs and the cream material was a delight.

As he came around and got in, he looked over. Jill sat, shoes flat and legs together. The pumps caused her legs to rise as one approached the knee and allowed just a shadow to appear as they could no longer touch the seat. “Brilliant,” he thought.

He raised the top with a quick flip and two latches. No need to muss her hair. He fired up the straight six and it purred to life.

“No idea where I am going,” he opened.

“We’re heading to City Center. It’s probably best to get on the Interstate southbound and off at Central.”

“Right,” was all he said.

As he negotiated traffic, he put the little car thought it’s paces. She loved how this engine purred as it wound up. John’s shifts and clutch work were first rate as she could barely discern any interruption of flow as his shifter snicked into the next gear.

Once on the interstate, John pushed the lever on the column that would engage the electric overdrive. The engine dropped several octaves as it settled into a high speed cruise. Rather that leave his hand on the shifter, he placed it onto Jill’s thigh, open handed. Her response was to relax a bit to give him room. Rather than leave his hand idle, it slowly roamed about opening and closing and nicely moving up and down her thigh and knee. She watched his hand as it drew demetevler escort her in. Oblivious now, she wondered if as his hand moved upwards, were she to open up a bit more, would he understand her meaning and move still higher? She did not wish to be obvious, but the feeling was permeating her mind and simply staring at his movement, at his long fingers was hypnotic.

She watched his hand move down towards her knee. As his fingers turned and rose to mid-thigh, she opened up an inch or so and watched what would happen next. Her anticipation mounted.

“Ah, City Center is coming up,” he exclaimed. With this, his hand returned to the shifter after if dabbed the car out of overdrive.

She could feel the disappointment in her loins. She cursed that she had not experimented sooner and found that she missed this small, but intimate contact. She enjoyed the ease with which he touched her. She felt she would like to reciprocate in such a way that he knew she was both interested and open.

“John, that little rubbing was right up there with my foot massage” she purred. “Keep that up and I will have to stay in the car.”

He looked at her and smiled.

“Can you reach behind the seat?” he inquired.

“I can, but don’t look,” she responded. “I don’t know you that well,” her voice conveying levity.

She twisted around knowing that she was exposed, found a bag and resettled into her seat; adjusted her skirt.

“What’s this?”

“After yesterday, some form of reciprocity only seemed reasonable so I bought you a little something…”

She opened the bag and extracted a beautifully wrapped package.

“John, what have you done?” Her eyes glowed as a smile developed.

She tossed the bag behind her and set the package on her lap. Before even beginning to open it, she leaned over to kiss his cheek.

It wasn’t big and it wasn’t heavy. Clothing she thought as she studied it.

The paper gave way to her efforts and soon there was just the box. She set it squarely on her lap, lifted the lid and opened the tissue. There she saw an exquisite set of lingerie, deep red and sexy. She squealed as she held it up.

“They’re beautiful!” was all she could muster.

She rubbed her hands over the silk of both the panty and bra.

“It’s my size too.”

“They should be, Jill. After yesterday, your measurements were one of the few things I absolutely knew having strapped you in and all. I thought about giving you a pair of my undies, but somehow it didn’t seem at all appealing. So I bought you something equal to your gift.”

“So sweet,” and intimate. She beamed at the message he was sending. She held them up at the corners and turned them front to back. Medium. She did the same for the bra.

“34C…you remembered…” And she rubbed them against her cheek and then did the same to John. “Have you ever felt anything softer? I am going to change into these when we get to the theater.”

She leaned in to place still another kiss on his cheek and at the same time, left her hand in his lap as he drove. While she couldn’t bring herself to move up and down his thigh, her fingers touched and tickled as best they could while still projecting restraint.


In the theater lobby and with a couple G&Ts, they clinked glasses and hoped for a good show. As they both surveyed the crowd, they commented on couples and snickered at those who seemed too pretentious and those who were there for other reasons.

“Twelve o’clock, guy in the blue shirt. He’s here because his wife is making him. She’s a meter in front of him and walking with purpose.”

“Three o’clock, guy in the suit and tie. He is on the make.”

“How do you know?” Jill asked.

“Because every time I look away and back, his eyes are all over you.”

“Stop it,” she said. And with glasses now empty she said, “Let’s go find our seats.”

Jillian was a member in long standing at the theater with season tickets for five years running. Over the years, her seats had been consistently upgraded such that now she enjoyed seats in the orchestra section. She knew many of her fellow patrons.

As they walked with Jill holding John’s arm, she smiled and said hello to many couples. They were both glad and surprised to see Jill with a man. Universally she was liked and respected with most if not all glad she was finally with someone. On occasion, she would introduce John to persons with whom she was particularly close. After they moved along, the couples would look after Jill to see her and this stranger moving through the crowd.

Finally in their seats, Jill looked about and said hello to still many more. Other seats were now filling in earnest. Smiles were the order of the moment and each did their part.

“Back in five,” she said as she stood and shook the little box she carried along with her clutch. “Don’t let the show start without me.” She smiled, scootched in front of him and made her way down the aisle. John watched as she retreated and felt many eyes upon him but only after they watched Jillian in the hope of a better view.

Jill knew her way to the upstairs powder room where she knew she could find a stall with floor to ceiling partitions. It was an old trick she had learned in her early days of patronage.

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