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Looking up through my window the first beams of light coming from the moon are beginning to shine down through the clouds. The cool rain has slowed to a very light sprinkle with a just faint pitter patter falling across my window now. The crickets seem louder but it’s a welcome sound to my ears after the thunderous roar of the downpour earlier. I might get to wake up to the sun shining in across my face tomorrow morning and feel the warmth on my skin again. The only warmth I feel right now comes from my blanket, wrapped across and around me. Bringing me deeper into my most intimate and relaxing on places – my own bed. I still can’t shake the cool daggers of ice grabbing at my feet no matter how hard I try. It’s been like that for as long as I can remember.

And I do know of one way to keep them warm without fail – being wrapped up next to you. Holding your body tight against my skin. Arm draped down your side and across your stomach, feeling your silky smooth skin against mine brings true warmth and comfort. The way your legs feel pushed against mine and your feet pressed into mine. They’ll keep me warm for sure, the cozy embrace we share to chase away the vicious cold, filling the air with warmth and inner tranquility.

Bringing my face closer in towards your neck, I soak in your intoxicating smell. A combination of that new body wash you’ve tried along with a faint hint of something more – a smell that has always told me you’re feeling aroused. It’s an almost primal urge when I can pick up that faint smell coming from deep within you. I yearn for it, crave it and need it as I need you here next to me.

I relish in the way your hair brushes against my nose as I move in closer and gently kiss the back of your neck. As a faint moan escapes your lips, I can feel your body loosen up and relax even more – almost as if you’re melting into my arms. I love the feeling of control, knowing that my actions can decide your mood and have the power to bring you to higher levels of pleasure than you will allow anyone else to. Bringing my hand up, letting my fingers gently ripple up your stomach finding their way to your forearm and snake up towards your neck I gently part your hair away from your face to expose my favorite part of you – that beautiful spot where your neck and shoulders meet in a smooth embrace.

Planting a kiss onto that amazing patch of skin instantly brings my mind to a new place – one where you and I exist freely, away from the problems and issues of the waking world. I feel happy and loved when I’m with you knowing that you feel the same. Your body begins to turn towards me. Our legs still entwined together you turn your back so we can look into each other’s eyes. Those beautifully brown eyes – the ones I could just drown in forever are my truest weakness. I could never help but fall in love with them each time they lock into mine.

“You’re looking amazingly beautiful tonight, sweetheart. Shame it’s still raining outside.” I say before planting a kiss on your collarbone and caressing your chest with my hand as I move it slowly back towards your stomach.

“I guess we’ll have to find some other way to entertain ourselves then” you say with a slight shiver in your voice as I kiss back up your shoulder. My lips tracing the way up your neck towards the spot where your jaw meets the neck.

“Mmm, I’m not sure that will be a problem tonight,” I whisper into your ear before giving you a kiss on the cheek, teasing my way towards your lips. Soft gentle kisses are my favorite. Placing one here and another there as I work my way around your lips. I can see the want in your eyes as I slowly move in to give you that kiss you want and then almost pull back at the last moment. I want to make you yearn for my lips pressed against yours – to heighten your senses and make my touch that much more powerful when I give in to your body. Slowly kissing your chin and making my way back towards your lips I begin to place them just on the edge of your lips. I’m not sure I can hold myself back much longer. The velvety skin on your lips is near too much for me – their softness is unsurpassed by any other I’ve known before. I need to taste them. In the ultimate tease, I swiftly and softly run my tongue across your lips – feeling them gently part ways as I moisten them for you. I can feel the excitement and anticipation reach a tipping point in you and I give in to it.

Planting my lips against yours, feeling that soft kiss and filling my mouth with your taste ankara escort I know tonight will be one worth remembering for a long time to come.

It’s just the way you feel in my arms. The way we touch each other in all the right places without the other needing to tell us what to do. The way you smell and taste. Everything about us is perfect together and perfect for us. I make you mine so that you can make me yours.

I can feel you melting into my arms as we kiss and slip into that deep sense of bliss. My lips pressing against yours and our tongues meeting in the middle ask our lips part sends chills down my spine and I can feel the goosebumps start to rise up on your arms as I run my fingers across them. The taste of your sweet lips entering my mouth as my tongue presses in and runs across your teeth – then pushing back and feeling your warm soft tongue pressed against mine as I reach up and lick the roof of your mouth stopping at the back of your teeth. It’s such a wonderful sensation for me. So warm and slick, firm yet vulnerable at the same time. The dance of our tongues is more erotic than any dance of the body we’ve ever had.

Our bodies grow hot with arousal and my hands take on minds of their own. Caressing and exploring your perfect stomach. Gently grabbing and massaging all those perfectly shaped spots along your side. Reaching up and feeling the soft mounds of your breasts, feeling the soft red lace stretched up against your skin. My hands finding that sweet spot right in the middle of your chest as I run my fingers up towards your shoulder giving a gentle squeeze on it. You let out a soft moan as my hands firm up around you and begin their slow descent back towards your breasts. I can see your breathing deepen and your nipples gently poking through with ever more force through the lace that I love so much on your body. Slowly circles are made surrounding them, moving ever closer to the center of your gorgeous breast and I can see your nipples firm up in an attempt to break free of their restraint and be touched, pulled and squeezed.

My hands moving in closer, gently massaging and squeezing your breasts I can see your chest rise up – pushing them wholly into my hand I give a firm squeeze. Releasing after a few seconds I trace the outline of your beautifully shaped nipple – now quite firm and longing for my mouth pressed up around it.

Lifting my head up out of the wonderful corner of your neck with one last passionate kiss I bend around so your breasts fill my vision. Your hand rises up and runs through my hair lovingly as I cup your breast and lover my head in towards them. As I let out a slow, deep breath less than an inch away from your skin you can feel the hot air sneaking through your sexy red lace and gracing your skin with a feeling you’ve earned for all day.

I’m definitely a breast man. I love everything about them. Especially teasing, and more so pleasing them. The way they perk up as I gently place my lips against your top right over your rock hard nipples and let loose another slow breath – giving them a little squeeze at the same time. I look up towards those perfect eyes and see the sweetest look of pleasure and desire fill them. I also can’t help but notice the goosebumps across your chest and want to caress every one of them with my tongue.

Giving your nipple a gentle bite a sharp moan slips through your lips and I know I’m playing my part well. Moving myself up back towards your face, I cover your chest in soft kisses. Sometimes stopping to pay a bit more attention to one spot and letting my tongue escape from my mouth to give a gentle lick onto that spot – particularly that line where your breasts become your chest again. I have to taste your lips again. Working my way back up, I creep up your neck towards your ear – giving a gentle nibble or two before I work down your jawline and press my lips against yours. I can taste the desire on your breath now. That primal urge fills the air and I know how badly you need me right now – but I’m a man who loves his foreplay. It’s incredibly empowering and fun building you up so much to what’s getting ready to go down tonight.

And so begins the loss of your clothing. I love the sight of you in lingerie, but I’ve got to get under your skin sometimes and there’s only one way to do that. I plant one final kiss on your lips and begin making a line of kisses down your chin to your neck and further down your chest as my hands reach up and gently pull back the straps elvankent escort on your top. The way your top has loosened up now allows me to grab a hold of it in my teeth and little by little pull it down – placing a tender kiss behind each inch of freshly exposed skin.

“God I love when you take your time, you know just how to get me going in all the right ways, no other guy has even had me so aroused,” you whisper to me with a few soft moans in between words.

My mouth is full but I manage to let out an “Mmm” of acknowledgement as my tongue begins to circle your nipple like a shark following its next meal. Gently running my tongue along that beautiful line where your breast becomes the nipple as I watch it pucker up and reach out for my warm mouth around it. I need to fill my mouth with you now and with one slight of tongue you are surrounded by me. My lips providing a seal for me to give you a gentle suck as my tongue runs circles around your beautiful nipple. I can feel it growing even firmer and I pull back – taking it gently in my teeth for a couple seconds before letting it go. I could stay like this for hours. The thrill of bringing you to new heights of arousal would never let me grow tired of this.

Yet my hands can’t help but wander as I bring some much needed attention to your perfect breasts. They’ve been massaging your chest and arms but have begun to slowly wander down. Running down your sides and across your stomach just a little bit lower each time – but never too low. I’m not giving myself away that easily tonight.

They work their way out towards your sides, reaching your hips and feeling the strong, womanly bones within. I give a firm squeeze, feeling the way they expand outward and grow away from your waist. Your beautiful butt is pushed slightly out from the position you are laying in and the extra skin feels wonderful in my hands as I hook my thumb into the side of your lace thong and peel it out from your sides – watching the way it slightly tightens around your velvety mound.

My mouth is beginning to catch up with my hands now – kissing a soft path down from your chest and across your stomach. I love attention to detail and take my time exploring your stomach with my tongue. Some kisses right in the middle, others moving out towards the sides, others finding their place in all the areas in between and of course a couple right on your belly button. My hands massaging your hips and moving slowly through and into your thighs – feeling them fill my hands and working all the tension right on out of them.

With a gentle hand running through your inner thighs now and again your moans are beginning to grow from deeper within – filling my head with all sorts of amazing feelings and that feeling of power begins to take over again as your legs gently spread as if guided by an unseen hand begging for my touch between them.

My lips are right on the hem of your thong, feeling that soft red lace on my lips and the smell of you filling my nose. It’s like being on a high no drug could ever give, pure the only thing separating it from my mouth now is that beautifully soaked lace you wear. Almost instantly your blushing face is flushed again as all the blood in your head rushes back into your crotch and a deep, satisfying moan leaves your mouth – chest rising and back arching slightly.

As they work on your thighs, slowly inward my hands can feel just how much you’ve loosened up. Your body is like molten wax, ready to be molded into my own creation. My hand reaches up onto your beautiful mound, feeling it’s warm and the heat emanating from deep within your body. I give you a gentle squeeze loving the way the lace tightens up against your skin. I can almost see your wetness soak through even more as I do this and am enthralled by just how hot I’ve gotten you.

Kissing your mound all up and down through the lace is a wonderful sensation that I can’t get enough of. Each breath I let out warms you even more and I can hear your breathing quicken as I move down again. Kissing your lips and getting a taste of your sweet nectar on mine is amazing. Such a sweet taste resting on my lips I give them a lick and am amazed by the way a string of it connects me to you when I pull away.

I need to taste you, unobstructed. My hand gently pulls back on your thong, exposing your smooth lips in all their glory. Marveling at the sight, your lips filled with a rosy hue, glistening with all the tension I’ve filled otele gelen escort out with. I move in and purse my lips blowing a cool jet of air across them – watching you shiver and tremble before me.

Taking one last look at what I’ve done to you I move forward into you. Gently kissing the outermost folds of your lips, licking and caressing your most intimate parts. The sweet taste of you is all over and I can feel your juices dripping out and onto my chin – I’m holding back as long as I can before I go for the real prize.

Your moans are now almost constant, each kiss and lick sends another out from deep within you as my hands continue massaging your hips – slowly working up towards your stomach where they can feel your quickened breathing as your body trembles all under the work of my tongue.

I pull back and notice the way your lips have spread themselves for me, exposing your swollen, red clit begging for the embrace of my mouth against it. I’ve find it hard to hold back anymore when exposed to such an erotic sight and I move right back in. Just a little closer this time, using my tongue to spread your juices across your lips. Ensuring they’re as completely soaked as my chin has become from you.

Your clit brushes up again my cheek and I can feel a burning warmth within it as I slowly lick just along the shroud of skin which protects and covers it.

“Oh my god, please don’t make me wait any longer baby, I don’t think I can take anymore,” are the words which fill my ears. I can hear the desperation in your voice which instantly turns to pleasure as my tongue makes a quick look around your clit and I give it a series of soft kisses. These kisses continue to deepen as I slowly engulf the tip of your loving core in my mouth. With lips locked around it, I give a good suck and feel your clit swelling even more as it’s pulled deep into my mouth. My tongue running across it, then around in circles and back across it as a deep moan is freed from you and your entire body shudders with delight.

Such a sensitive clit can only take so much at one time now so I change my focus back to your labia. Gently pulling on them and nibbling them gently with my lips pulled back over my teeth. A single hand making its way back from your stomach and towards the inside of your thighs – gently massaging and rubbing on them – working closer towards their end. Finding your clit like it was a part of my own body and gently rubbing it in circles as my tongue reaches inside, parting your folds and exposing that beautiful hole in between. It fills with your wetness in such a way that it looks like it was meant only for me.

I gently push my tongue in towards the epicenter of this sweet torture. I can feel your muscles grabbing at my tongue as I dance around the outskirts of your love tunnel – trying to pull at me, bring me in deeper. The thick feel to your wetness on my tongue is like no other I’ve ever experienced, even with you. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you this aroused. If I were to pull my head back, I’m sure I’d see you dripping out and onto our bed.

As my tongue continues reaching further inside you, I can feel the tender folds of your insides around me. Quivering and spasming as I continue to rhythmically circle your clit with soaking wet fingers.

Switching off now, I know you can take my tongue right against your clit again. In one smooth, slow motion I pull my tongue from within you up and across your lips and onto your clit – taking as much of your sweet nectar with me as I can. My fingers now feeling and exploring your sweet insides.

Paying the utmost attention to your breathing and moans, I time they strokes of my tongue to match up with your body – bringing us more in sync than before – and bringing you up to that special edge where I try to keep you for as long as possible.

As another sharp moan lets loose – this one from even deeper within than before – I can feel a slow rhythmic contraction begin to fill you insides. Your hands reach down and pull my head in closer, running through my hair and filling me with a desire to satisfy you in every way I can. I look up and our eyes lock for a moment as you beg me, “Please let me cum for you!”

My fingers instinctively reach deeper, curving slightly around and feeling you stretch with my entry. Keeping the same motions against your clit with my tongue, I slow down a little – just enough to keep you riding that wave of pleasure and ecstasy. I send a free hand up towards those beautiful breasts of yours again, running my fingers up your stomach along the way. Another spasm erupts through your body just as I brush past your nipple before slowly moving back on to them – grabbing one and giving it a nice tight pinch as I move onto the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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