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My pleading ends in a small whimper as you press your body down on my back. Your arm around my neck, your dick grinding into my cunt, as your press your lips against my ear.

Growling deep in your chest, “I said don’t fucking move, Kelly. Oh god, little girl, didn’t you hear me? Didn’t I warn you what would happen if you screamed like that again?” Your hand reaches into my hair yanking my head around to look at your face pressed so close. You give my head a bit of a shake and your voice drops even lower “What did I tell you, little girl? What did I say?”

“You… You said…. ” I lose my thoughts as you thrust hard into my pussy. You start fucking me your arm around my neck and hand in my hair pulling me back while your body rides me hard against the bed.


I gasp and whisper “You told me not to scream, you said you would lose control and…. and that you might hurt me.” I struggle beneath you as I feel my pussy creaming even more from this rough treatment.

“Jesus Christ!” You thrust hard into me once, twice, on the third thrust you hold it deep inside me enjoying the tremors running through my body, enjoying hearing me gasping for air beneath you. “So is that what you want, me to lose control or for me to hurt you?”

Your lips kiss down the side of my neck as you whisper that question over and over to me. You know I have a submissive steak. You know my fantasies about being forced. I am panting beneath you trying to get my brain to work again. My back starts to ache from having my hips pressed tight against the bed with your weight on my back while you pull me back with your arm around my neck so you can look at my face, bite my jaw line, whisper darkly in my ear.

“Please, Rob…. ” I am whimpering beneath you but you wait, patiently wait for my answer. I rub my face against your rough jaw like a cat. You feel me tremble as you bite my neck right beneath my jaw. I moan deeply. “I want you to lose control, I want you to take what you want. Anything eryaman escort you want. Please…”

“Oh little girl, you should never say things like that to me. You have no idea all the things I want.” You tongue my ear growling into it. I shiver and suddenly you are sliding out of me, rising up off of my body. You tell me to get on my knees and your hands are on my hips pulling me up.

I look back at you over my shoulder you are glaring down at me. You rub your hands up over the backs of my thighs, over my ass, my back and shoulders. Your hands are rough, gripping, tight on my body. You are on your knees behind me. I rise up to my knees so that instead of being on all fours I am in front of you with the line of my body pressed back against you. Your dick is lying in the crack of my ass and I rub my butt against you. You groan and I reach up and pull your head down to kiss your mouth.

Your hands slide around my waist one hand sliding down between my thighs sliding over my parted wet pussy lips and stroking my clit hard and slow. I groan into your mouth as I try to suck gently on your tongue.

Your other hand slides up my body gripping my breast as you grind your dick into the crack of my round ass. Your hand slides even farther up and wraps around the front of my throat. I moan into your mouth as you fuck my mouth with your tongue. Your hands are holding me against you.

You pull back just enough to break the kiss. You whisper low and roughly, “Baby, are you sure? You have to be sure because I won’t be able to stop?”

You words are offering a way out. A way for me to call all this off, but your hands are gripping me tight. Your hand around my throat is tight, not hurting, but possessive. I wonder what will really happen if I change my mind. Your voice says one thing but your hands are so tight on my body.

“Rob, please, take me, I will do anything…”

You shut me up by crushing my mouth, devouring me. I feel your body dip down as your hand on my throat pulls sincan escort me up raising me higher on my knees. Your dick drags along the crack of my ass. Then I feel you pressing closer. You are sliding your hard thick dick up my slit looking for that entrance. You are so thick baby. I love it. You push up still holding me tight and I feel your dick force itself into my cunt.

“Aghhh, baby!” I am gripping your forearm. You feed me another inch of your dick.

Then you tell me “Hold still.” You slide your hand around to the front of my pussy then you simultaneously use your hand on my pussy to lift me up and back onto your dick while you thrust forward. You raise me off my knees. I am speared on your dick my legs straddling your thighs but not finding purchase on the bed. I am held against you by your arms around me, one hand fingering my clit, the other still at my throat, your thighs beneath me, and your dick as you start to thrust up into me.

I love this, the sensation of being completely possessed by you. I am trying to hold still but it is just to good. My pussy is clamping down hard on your dick, milking it over and over. I have my head thrown back on your shoulder. I am gripping your forearm my nails biting into you skin while you pump in and out of me enjoying having total control of my body.

“God damnit, YES! This is what I want little girl, this is what I want!” You fuck me harder hearing me whimpering and moaning. “This is what I want, Kelly! You belong to ME, you are MINE, always mine! My little toy, mine!”

You groan and tighten your grip, almost cutting off my air but not quite. I am saying your name over and over. You tell me “I want to cum in your sweet mouth, Kelly. Get ready for it”

I have a second to catch my breath before you are pulling out of me. I slide down to my knees gasping for air when you move in front of me. You are standing on the bed, towering over me. I look up at you and your grab me by the back of the head and guide batıkent escort my mouth to your cock all thick and wet with my pussy.

“Take it, girl. That’s it, that’s so fucking good.”

You slide your dick into my mouth and I suck deep. I moan around all that dick enjoying the taste of my pussy and your dick. MMMM sooo good baby. You know how I love tasting your dick and my pussy together.

“YES, that’s it. Fuck, Kelly, fucking take it.”

I hear you groaning deep in your chest as you start to cum. Mmmmm I suck deeper pressing my face closer to you looking up at you wanting to please you soooo much. Your dick is sliding down my throat and you start to cum. I feel that cum splash against the back of my throat and almost gag but you hold my head down. I hear you whispering to me to swallow and I look up at you while my throat swallows around the head of your dick. You throw your head back and grin while I take every last drop.

I run my tongue around the head of your dick licking you clean. I lean my forehead against your hard thigh panting for air as you stroke my hair. I am shivering in the cold. You kneel down in front of me and wrapping your arm around me you lower us back to the bed and cover us up with a blanket.

I snuggle close to you while your hand strokes my back slowly. I am drifting off to sleep when I feel you suddenly shift beside me, rolling me onto my back your thigh forcing my legs apart. As I wake up you are climbing on top of me. I place my hands on your chest pushing against you slightly. “Wait Rob, what… what are you doing? No, please……”

You muffle my protest with a hard rough kiss, pinning me down to the bed while you slide your dick up and down my slit. I am sore and not ready but you start forcing your dick back inside my pussy. I whimper into your mouth and that seems to excite you more. You push deeper then pull all the way out. I have a second to panic before you take my cunt all the way to the balls in one hard thrust. I scream into your mouth causing you to shove your tongue into my mouth and groan as you ride me.

Your hand comes down over my mouth as you break the kiss and whisper roughly to me “You said anything I want, remember?”

To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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