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Play with me……

Three simple words. And yet they had the most amazing affect. Michael stared at his cell phone.

Play with me…..

The moment he got her text, he felt his body respond. His heart rate sped up and his cock hardened.

Play with me…..

Michael quickly scanned the area for some where private he could pull off so they could have some privacy.

Play with me…..

Michael wanted to do that and so much more. She had come to mean a lot to him in the short time they had been communicating. He swung his black Tahoe into an empty commuter parking lot, found a corner and parked. He flipped open his phone and dialed the ten digits that would connect him to her.

“Play with me Michael.”

“God baby, you have no idea how badly I want too.” His deep voice rumbled across the states separating them.

“I’ve missed you.” Her voice was low and sultry, sending shivers down his back.

“What are you doing Rebecca?”

“Playing with my cunt Michael.”

He groaned. His cock lengthening even more as he pictured her in his mind.

“Are you naked?”


“Fuck Rebecca, I want canlı bahis you so bad.”

“Take your cock out Michael.”

“It is baby. I’m so fucking hard for you.”

“Hmmmmmm…tell me Michael, where would you like to fuck me first.” Her voice hitched and he knew she was rubbing her clit.

“Your mouth baby. I want to fuck your mouth.”

She laughed, a throaty sound that sent tingles down to his heavy balls.

“Close you eyes baby. See me there, between your legs. Feel my tongue as I lick your smooth balls. Do you like that?”

“Fuck yes. Suck on my balls baby.”

“Hmmmmm….feel me take them into my mouth. Oh, they taste so good. I love sucking on your balls Michael.”

“Oh fuck Rebecca.” He moaned, his hand squeezing his sack.

“Do you want to know what I like more than that Michael?”

“What?” He croaked out.

“Sucking your thick cock.”

Michael hissed. With his eyes closed he could almost see her. Her green eyes looking up at him as she took his meat into her mouth. The feel of her tongue licking the hard length of him.

“Suck my cock Rebecca.”

“Oh yes Michael.” She purred. “Feel how bahis siteleri wet my mouth is on you. I’m sucking on just the tip of your cock. Feel my tongue flicking over your tiny hole, licking up your pre-cum.”

“Shit baby.”

“Look down Michael. Watch me swallow your cock. Feel my chin on your balls.”

Michael growled. His hand was wrapped tight around his throbbing dick. He moved it slowly up and down, imagining her there.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth Michael?”

“You know I do baby.”

“Do you want me to swallow your hot cum?”

“You know what I want Rebecca.”

She laughed again, deep and husky.

“Do you want me to feed it to you Michael?”

“God yes baby! Feed me my cum!”

“Then cum for me baby. Stroke your cock and fill my mouth up.”

Michael stroked faster. The thought of eating his own cum out of her mouth had him almost on edge.

“Come with me.”

“Oh, I will baby.” She said a bit breathlessly.

“Play with your clit for me. Stick two fingers deep inside your bald cunt.”

“Yes Michael.” She moaned, her breathing becoming ragged.

“God I want to taste your bahis şirketleri pussy. I want to sixty-nine with you. I want to feel your body tight against mine.”

He could hear her moans getting deeper. Her breathing faster.

“Please.” She begged.

“Come on baby. Come for me Rebecca.”

“Come with me Michael.”

“Oh yes. Here it comes baby.”


“Now Rebecca!”

“Yes!…..Yes!” She cried, her cry triggering his orgasm.

“Damn you! God damn you Rebecca!” Michael roared, his cock jerking in his hand, his hot cum erupting from his cock.

“Fuck baby, what a load I have for you.” He growled, watching it slide over his hand.

“MMmmmm……Michael.” She purred.

Michael sighed, loving how she sounded so content. Wishing they could be together right at that moment.

“You make me insane, do you know that?” He rasped out, his hand searching out and finding a handful of napkins he kept in the console.

“I don’t mean too.” She answer, not sounding the least bit sorry.

“Yes you do.”

She laughed.

“Ok, maybe I do.”

Michael laughed. “I have to clean up. I’m supposed to be at my clients.”

“Then I will let you go. Thank you for playing with me.”

“You are most welcome, young lady.”


“Yes Rebecca.”

“Play with me again tomorrow?”

“Yes baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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