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Hi everyone! I haven’t posted in a while, but I definitely have been having a lot of experiences. Best news is that I found a new adult bookstore to hang out in! I found out about if from a guy who I gave a blow job to in SECRETS in Jack London Square in Oakland. He asked me if I’d ever been there, and I told him I’d never even heard of it. It’s a place called Corey’s Adult Books and it’s located in a very ghetto area right off of San Pablo, on Telegraph. When he left it was about 7:30 P.M. so I decided to check this place out.

Corey’s is located only a few blocks from SECRETS, but it’s like a whole nother world. I drove around and found it – it was just a small hole in the wall – you’d almost miss it if you didn’t know it was there. Then I drove back to San Pablo and parked. I had on a pair of butt baring ripped jeans short shorts, a black see through blouse, tied up above my navel, 4 inch high heel pumps, and was carrying a black clutch purse. I walked quickly to where Corey’s was and went inside.

There were a few black guys looking at the fuck mgazines, and behind the counter was a big black woman with really short hair. She was fat, but more big than fat. I went up to the counter and bought five dollars worth of paper tokens. She raised her eyebrows erotik film izle when she saw me, obviously surprised to see a white person anywhere near that neighborhood. I took the tokens and headed for the arcade.

The front area of Corey’s is long and narrow. The arcade area was medium size. There were 8 booths – all good size. I went all the way down to the end and took a booth. Once inside I locked the door and stripped completely naked to just my high heels, teased up my hair, applied some red lipstick, and unlocked the door. I put a few tokens in, just to make sure the video was working properly, before feeding in a twenty. I hadn’t seen anyone in the arcade, but the guy at Secrets had said there was plenty of action here. I looked at my watch, it was almost 8:30. Then, sure enough I got action. Between then and 10 P.M. I took care of 7 guys – all of them black – 3 of them fucked me.

A little after 10 a guy opened the door and looked at me. I smiled and waved my fingers at him, but he closed the door and left. Afew minutes later I heard voices – a man and a womans’. The door opened and it was the big woman from the front desk. She smiled when she saw me. “Oh, girl, you done beautified yo self, dint you?”

I smiled and said, “Yes film izle I did.” She looked at me for a minute.

“Y’all been ho-in’ back here?” she asked me.

I shook my head. “No, I’m just here to have fun, I lied, but she wasn’t smiling now.

“Why not? You pretty enough. I tell you what, I’ma fix it so we can both make a little money, that coo witchu?”

“I don’t know”, I said. “I really don’t want no prostitution bust, namean?”

She laughed. “Ain’t no po-po comin’ up in here, I can tell you that’s fo damn sho.” She was smiling again. “What’s you name, girl?”

“Terilyn”, I answered her.

“Aiight, Terilyn”, she said. “My name Shaniqua. From now on anyone come back here wantin’ a blow job or anythin’ else, an’ they say Shaniqua sent ’em, that mean they already paid up front. I split it 50/50 witchu at the end of the night, aiight?”

I nodded, excited about whoring back there. “An, anyone come back wantin’ anythin’ from you an they ain’t mention my name, you tell ’em to come an see me first – you got that?”

Everything was cool until about 2 A.M. I was giving this one guy a bareback blow job and he wanted to fuck me with no rubber. I told him no way was I fucking without a rubber. He didn’t say anything, just pulled seks filmi izle up his pants and left.

A few minutes later the door to my booth flew open. It was Shaniqua – and she was pissed. She came into the booth and just started kicking the shit out of me. I’m only 5-6, and weigh maybe a buck 30; Shaniqua was close to 6 feet and weight 200 easy. I’d never had my ass kicked by a woman before, but she did a job on me. I tried to explain that the guy had tried to fuck me without a rubber.

“Muthafucka! That nigga PAID fo’ yo’ ass – BAREBACK! That’s what he PAID fo, bitch! An if a nigga PAYS for somethin’, he GETS it. Is that clear, bitch!”I was on the floor up in a corner, sniveling. She raised her hand. “I SAID, is that clear, bitch?!”

I nodded, “yes – it’s clear.”

“Now I’ma send that man back in here, an you gone give him what he done PAID fo. An what he paid for was yo cracka ass – BAREBACK.

The black guy came back in after Shaniqua left. He saw me and laughed. “Whooo, MAN! She done beat yo ass GOOD!”

He took off all of his clothes and sat on the vinyl bench. “I want my dick sucked, my balls sucked, my ass ate, then I’ma fuck you ass.”

When he fucked me he took me bareback – a long slow fuck – and when he came he came deep in my ass. “MmmMMM! That some tight pussy”, he said.

I’ve been going to Corey’s every night for 3 weeks now. I get fucked more than I ever got fucked in any other adult bookstore – AND I’m getting some money now too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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