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As an 18-year-old college freshman, Mary was ill-prepared for the world of sex and ended up pregnant. Mary understood the mistakes she had made and vowed she’d prepare her daughter Kim better.

At 36 Mary was very attractive. She had been blessed with firm full breasts, slender waist and supply hips. Her long reddish-brown hair shined along with her deep green eyes. Her daughter Kim looked dramatically different. Kim’s hair was a honey-blonde and her eyes were blue. Where Mary had pale skin, Kim had taken on her father’s darker complexion. Aside from having similar d-cup breasts, no one ever thought they were mother and daughter.

Mary had raised her daughter to be open about sex. Kim knew at a young age that while sex was best saved for marriage, if she were to have it, use protection. When Kim told her mom that she was going to have sex with her boyfriend, Mary talked to her and realized Kim was going to do it no matter what. Mary took Kim to the doctor to have a check up and get the pill. Mary told Kim sternly that the pill only protected against pregnancy and not against disease, so condoms had to be mandatory.

Their lives were healthy and happy, becoming best friends. When Kim applied for colleges, Mary spent a lot of time crying. Kim had chosen mainly out-of-state schools, the local schools just weren’t very good. Mary understood this, but she really didn’t want to lose her best friend. It was a trying time for both of them.

One night, Kim walked into the living room where Mary was reading. “Mom?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Don’t think I’m crazy, but when I go to college, well. . .”

“Spit it out, Kimmy,” Mary urged.

Kim mulled over her words for a moment, “Why don’t you go back to school? You never finished because of me, right?”

Mary put her book down and looked at her daughter. “Don’t say it like that. I didn’t finish because I lacked proper judgment, got married because I felt I had to, got divorced because it was the right thing to do. None of these things were your fault.”

“Well, whatever, the point is you are still young, you can go back to school,” Kim said, making it sound almost like an order.

“Oh, I’m too old, too out-of-the-game to go to college now.”

Kim shook her head and handed her Mom a brochure from the college Kim really wanted to go to. “See, they have a whole program devoted to Older-Than-Average students. Think about it, Mom. You can apply for a student loan and come to college with me. We can move and we can still be together.” It was an impassioned plea.

Mary had spent so much of the past few months feeling sorry about losing her best friend she hadn’t contemplated how Kim felt. Kim was also losing a friend and confidant. Mary also realized that if she didn’t try, then Kim may not attend the college of her choice, choosing a closer school instead. Mary stood up and hugged Kim. “I’ll do it. I’ll do it.”

After both having been accepted, the two of them found an apartment near the campus and their relationship changed slightly from Mother/Daughter to Roommates. Mary had enrolled under her maiden name and promised Kim she wouldn’t ‘mother’ her at college unless Kim needed her Mom.

They took some of the same classes together and lived together, but they had their own separate lives. Kim had taken to college life whole heartedly and had become much more sexually active than she was in high school.

Mary fretted kartal escort about it a bit, but Kim assured her all the proper precautions were always, for the most part, taken. It was the ‘for the most part’ that worried Mary the most. Mary worried about Kim’s devotion to school and her own studies. The two of them did share a class together, which they both despised. It was an English 101 class required by all incoming freshmen and the professor was a mean man in his forties. While not ugly, he was quite rough looking, heavy-set, slightly balding, and he wore these out of date brown suits with black shoes. Dr. Henry Reed was more than a stickler, he went out of his way to make people feel dumb, humiliating them in the classroom. Mary had been subjected to more than one of his treatments. Having come from the real world, she could only stifle a smile realizing that this is all this man had, but to the young girls, his treatment usually sent them running out of the room crying.

As the end of the first semester was coming to a close, both Mary and Kim were not doing very well and approached Dr. Reed regarding extra credit or ways in which they could boost their grades. Reed looked both of them over as he mindlessly shuffled papers on his podium and pursed his lips a few times before answering.

“I think there is something you can do. There is a seminar next Monday night at the Marriot downtown. Attend and I’m sure you’ll find your grades improved.”

Mary furrowed her brow, “What kind of seminar?”

“Not too eager to improve your grade are you Ms. Ewing? And you Ms. Baxter, how eager are you to improve your grade?” Mr. Reed asked Kim who had been silent.

“I guess a seminar is a seminar. One dead poet is just like all the others,” Kim finally said, not willing to go through Reed’s treatment.

“Good, I’ll see both of you are on the guest list. It is a formal affair, so please do dress appropriately.”

Kim and Mary left Reed with the chills. The man was plain creepy, but getting good grades was a key factor on why they were at college and collegiate experiences were part of the fun.

It didn’t take them long to decide what to wear as neither had a large selection of formal clothes. On the night of the seminar they helped each other get ready. Mary slid on a pair of white stockings while Kim opted for he bare leg. Both wore mid length dresses that unintentionally highlighted their massive breasts. At the last minute they put on their lipstick and finishing touches to their make up before grabbing their bookbags with their notebooks.

They had little difficulty finding the Marriot but did have difficulty finding the seminar. The main bulletin board listed all the groups having meetings throughout the week and all of them were designated with letters: MDKR, OH-ABA, etc. Finally Mary asked if there was a English seminar or symposium, something like that. The only thing she saw scheduled was a group listed as OHS. The desk clerk assured Mary that that was the only meeting going on.

“Well, Ms. Baxter, Ms. Ewing, so glad to see both of you made it,” Dr. Reed said to them from behind. Kim and Mary turned around to see a different Dr. Reed than they were used to. He was far more casual looking, dressed in a sweater and slacks.

“Hello, Dr. Reed,” Mary said. “Where is the seminar or is the OHS it?”

Dr. Reed smiled. “That is it, alright. Let’s take the elevator maltepe escort bayan and I’ll explain.”

He ushered the two stunning women to the elevator and as the door closed he turned to them and got real serious like he does when he is about to give someone the treatment.

“You have 10 floors to come to a decision. This seminar is a meeting of liberated people. It is a sexual seminar. Here is your choice. Attend and be willing participants and get an A. Don’t attend and suffer with the grades you’ve both earned, and trust me, I don’t think either of you have what it takes to pass my final.”

Mary slapped him. He barely reacted and noted they had five floors to decide.

Kim shrugged. “Oh, who cares. So we have sex with some old fogeys and get an A.”

Mary was shocked. “What do you mean? That is whoring, that is . . . degrading!”

“Two floors,” Reed chimed.

“I’m doing it, you can choose differently.”

Mary was caught. She couldn’t allow her beloved daughter face this experience by herself. As the elevator door opened, Reed looked to her for an answer. “Okay, it can’t be that bad.”

Reed led both women into a room where there were several other people waiting. Kim and Mary recognized some other professors there and several other students. Lounge chairs were spread about the room, the lights were low, and a topless woman was serving drinks. In one corner a woman was on her knees giving a man a blow job as another man stood to the side watching and masturbating.

Mary almost turned to leave but Reed grabbed her arm. “Have a drink and loosen up.”

Kim was in awe as she moved through the room slowly noting that most people were just talking, while others masturbated. Few were directly engaged in any sexual activity. She heard a voice behind her begin talking to Dr. Reed.

“Henry, good to see you. I see you brought two beauties tonight. Do they know the rules?”

“No, Jeff, not yet. They just recently made the decision to come with me. Kim, Mary, this is Jeff Rearden, the Master of Ceremonies if you will. Jeff will inform you of the rules. Pay attention, failure to comply means you won’t get credit.”

Kim turned to look at Jeff, a tall dark haired man in his early fifties.

“As newcomers you have a special privilege. All newcomers must put on a show, a show the crowd asks for. You are our only two newcomers so you get to be the center of attention.”

Mary look worried. “Show? You mean, sexually perform for them?”

“Yes, do whatever they ask of you. You aren’t forced, but if you don’t comply you will not be allowed to stay.”

Reed added, “and if you don’t stay, well, we know what happens then don’t we.”

Kim was already aroused from the sexually charged air and winked at her mom. “We can do it. Cock sucking, fucking, masturbating…whatever.”

Jeff smiled, “Good, I will announce it to the group.”

He walked away and clapped his hands a few time, “Ladies, Gentleman can I have your attention please? Yes, yes, please stop for a moment, you’ll have all night. I want you to direct your attentions to Mary and Kim our two new comers.”

Most everyone turned at looked at the two women who meekly waved and smiled.

“As you all know, the rules are clear on what must happen with newcomers, so let’s see a consensus – what kind of show should they do?”

The voices began calling out all sorts escort pendik of things. “Dildos!” “Two men” “Facials!” “Lesbian”

The last one became the chant. Mary felt flustered. She’d never been with a woman before. She began looking around the room and wondering who she would be forced to be with.

Jeff spoke again, “So we have it, they shall provide us a show of lesbianism.”

“With who?” Mary asked.

“Each other of course.”

“What!? We can’t . . .” Mary protested.

“Why can’t you, Ms. Ewing?” Dr. Reed asked.

Mary grabbed Kim’s hand and held it tightly. “She’s my daughter.” Mary paused expecting a sound of sympathy from the group. Finally Jeff broke the short silence.

“Well, Mary, that really doesn’t matter to us. Incest is just part of the experience. Look at your daughter, Mary. Look at Kim. Look how excited she is.”

Mary took a good look at Kim and realized the girl was lost in lust.

“She’ll accept anything right now, look how beautiful she is, she is yours, Mary, all yours.”

Kim looked back at her mother and smiled slightly. “I’m willing to do it, Mom. I’d love to have you.”

Before they could discuss it further, many hand pushed them towards a couch. Kim took the lead and began kissing her mother’s cheek and then moved to her lips. Mary was hesitant and tense, very aware of all the eyes that were watching them.

“Relax, Mom, enjoy it,” Kim advised as she gently massaged Mary’s breast through the thin dress. Mary leaned back and started to enjoy the feeling. Kim continued to kiss her and they eventually fell into a passionate embrace. Hands groping and pawing, tearing at their dresses. Kim finally lifted Mary’s dress to expose her white satin panties. Kim lowered herself and began licking at Mary’s panties.

The people closed in around them to watch the two. Kim explored her Mom’s pussy with her fingers before pressing her tongue against the hairy bush. Mary was slow to arouse but feeling the gentle ministrations of her daughter’s fingers on her soft folds of skin was bringing her along to the point where soft moans were escaping from her. “Oh, yes, just like that.”

Kim went to work sucking and licking at her mom’s throbbing clit as her hand worked its way to her own swollen clit. “You taste wonderful.”

Mary opened her eyes to see several men standing close by pulling at their cocks. Without really thinking she reached out and started fondling one of them. Mary closed her eyes again just as the one of the men reached an orgasm and splashed his cum across her face, which was followed by another splash. She pulled the cock in her hand closer to her face and wrapped her lips around it as it released its seminal fluid, spurting into her mouth and down her cheek.

Her own orgasm was building as Kim kept licking and finger fucking her now very wet pussy. Moments after swallowing the last bit of cum in her mouth, she cried out in pure ecstasy and let her orgasm flow over her, waves of pleasure cascading through her body as she uncontrollably bucked against her daughter’s face.

Kim lifter her head from her mom’s pussy and cried out as her own orgasm came upon her. Her fingers moved rapidly across her tender cunt, still covered by her panties. As the orgasm slowly passed the crowd began to clap politely.

Jeff walked to the two and smiled, “Well, well, I think mother and daughter have found a new hobby to share.”

Dr. Reed just smiled, “And it looks like they get to pass English 101 after all.”

Mary and Kim held each other and smiled sheepishly before Kim quietly asked, “Is it my turn?”


If you enjoyed this story, I would appreciate hearing about it.

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