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Josh’s lonely reverie blended quickly into sleep, filled with nightmares he didn’t remember in the morning. Every bone in his body ached when he pulled himself out of bed early on Tuesday. He moved his head from side to side and heard his neck crack twice. He felt awful and certainly in no shape to go to school – but the alternative…

He made his way, as per usual, down the hall and into the bathroom, where he ran the hottest shower he could tolerate and stood perfectly still underneath the water for half an hour before he was shivering from the cold. He stepped out, dripping water all over the floor, and reached for a towel.

He shied away from green towel on the rack, as he had seen Jacquie wrapped in it once before. He chose instead a black one, worn and coarse, like his mood. He barely registered the complete disappearance of his acne in the mirror, which went against everything he knew – he was supposed to celebrate like there would be no tomorrow once it cleared up completely. Now, however, he only wished there was no tomorrow.

She was there, in the kitchen when he went down. No one else was, and so he kept his distance, skirting the edge of the room with an apprehensive disposition. Jacquie saw him.

“Hey,” she said, a little dispiritedly, but with perfect civility.

Josh didn’t reply, or even nod. He said, “I’m going to school.”

“What about breakfast?” Jacquie asked him.

“I’m not hungry.”

Jacquie looked hurt. “Oh. Well, OK…I’ll see you later.”

Josh fumbled for the strap of his school bag. He caught it, swung it over his shoulder and walked quickly to the door. When he was outside, he sagged against it and sighed repentantly.

* * *

School that day was a disastrous affair; one of those days where nothing seems to go right, and nothing seems to go left, and so everyone just walks straight into you. Josh’s friends either didn’t notice his despondent mood, or didn’t care. Either way suited him. He didn’t care that they didn’t notice and he didn’t care that they didn’t care.

It was around lunchtime, when Josh was sitting a little outside his circle of friends, staring across the courtyard at Valerie, that he realised what a complete and utter ass he was.

He began to see things from Jacquie’s point of view, to comprehend her reasons for suggesting what she had. Really, she was only trying to help. Of course she wouldn’t be doing it only for Josh’s benefit, but then she probably didn’t want or need it as badly as he did. Not that he needed it; he just wanted it. Desperately.

He wasn’t so upset about running away last night – he had been extremely nervous and he had simply acted on an impulse; he was more upset about the way he had treated Jacquie this morning. He had ignored her, like a stubborn little boy. He hadn’t intended to – and really, if he didn’t have Jacquie, who did he have? She was always there for him, always there to help him and joke with him and cheer him up when he felt like absolute crap. And he had abandoned her when she was probably feeling rejected or at least a little foolish.

Josh nearly slapped him self on the forehead. Instead, he stood and took off for his locker, ignoring the calls of his friends, asking him where he was going. He reached his locker, opened it with a few spins of the combination lock and grabbed his bag. He ran home as fast as he could, and thought, to hell with chemistry.

When he arrived home, he paused outside the door for a moment to hold his breath and gather his thoughts. Realising there wasn’t really much to gather, he opened the door and went inside.

He threw his bag and let it skid across the floor until it hitched up against the bench. Where was she? Not in the kitchen; not in the living room; not in the study. Josh mounted the stairs and peaked inside her room. She was sitting on the bed, clipping her toenails. Perhaps not the most elegant way to appear for a sibling reunion, but Josh would take what he could. He took a step forward and Jacquie looked up.

“Josh,” she said, shocked. “What are you doing here?”

Words failed him, at the cruellest of moments. He wracked his brain for something to say and came up with a good old traditional,

“I’m sorry.”

Jacquie stared. “For what?”

“Uh…for not having sex with you,” Josh said awkwardly. Jacquie’s lips began to curl. “But mostly for running away and ignoring you. I was a real jerk.”

Jacquie smiled genuinely, her face coming alive and strengthening Josh’s resolve. She stood and approached him. “No you weren’t,” she said, two feet away. “You were just scared. I shouldn’t have brought it up so casually. I know it’s a big thing for you and I guess I just forgot that.”

Josh returned her smile, closed the gap and put his arms around his sister. They hugged tightly for a long while, both of them unmoving.

“So, uh…” Josh said at length, “is your offer still available?”

Jacquie broke the embrace and looked into her brother’s eyes. “Only kartal escort if you’re interested.”

“Oh, I am,” said Josh. “Very interested.”

Jacquie giggled and shut the door. She sashayed around the bed and retrieved the condom from the drawer, throwing it to Josh.

“We’ve got,” she checked her watch, “an hour before Alice comes home. So it’ll have to be a quickie.”

“A quickie?” Josh inquired.

“Well, not too much foreplay, is what I mean.”

She lay down on the bed and began unbuttoning her blouse. Josh leapt onto the bed beside her and kissed her as she giggled. He yanked his own shirt off, then sidled closer to his sister and kissed her again. Her lips parted eagerly beneath the onslaught of his tongue. Josh felt her sucking on it and couldn’t explain the feeling if he tried.

He took his tongue out of Jacquie’s mouth and used it to tickle her ear lobes. He planted a row of butterfly kisses along her jaw line and nibbled on her collarbone. She was loving the attention, letting her brother do as he would and hoping she could make him feel this good. As it was his first time with a woman, and as she was his sister, she was pretty confident she could make him feel ecstatic. Not to mention she hadn’t had sex in quite some time, which would make it great for her too.

Josh had moved on to her breasts, paying them the same curtsey as her face and coating them in saliva. He had to steady himself when he saw Jacquie start to unfasten the buttons on her jeans. He told himself again, that this was what he wanted, and hoped that the tiny little voice of guilt in his head – which was now only a whisper – vanished completely.

Her crotch unbuttoned, Jacquie started to work on Josh’s, which was only a zip, and thus came apart much faster. She grabbed hold of her jeans and snaked her hips out of them. Josh realised he had been right on the money concerning her panties; they were lace and black. He wished briefly that she was wearing the matching bra, but then discarded the wish when he looked at her breasts again.

Jacquie leaned forward to help her brother remove his pants, which ended with Josh having to stand up and pull them down. Nevertheless, he was back on the bed within a few seconds, wearing his…

“Jocks. Guess that answers the question.” Jacquie smiled.

“I don’t wear boxers because my erections are really visible when I do. I mean…it makes a tent.”

Jacquie’s eyes sparkled with amusement. “Ooh, I can’t wait to see how big that monster is.”

“It’s not,” said Josh. “…big. It’s only average.”

Jacquie took her brother by the hands and drew him to the top of the bed. “You know that saying about how it doesn’t matter what you’ve got, it’s how you use it?”

Josh nodded.

“It’s true,” said Jacquie. “For this girl at least.”

Josh smiled at her, feeling a large knot in his stomach unfurl. That, he thought, was a relief.

Jacquie lifted up the covers and ushered him under. “We’ll do it under the sheets this time,” she said.

Josh crawled under. “Does that mean there’ll be other times?”

Jacquie leaned her face close to his, touching her nose to his nose. “You’ll just have to wait and see.” She wiggled her nose from side to side.

Soon, Jacquie had joined her brother beneath the sheets and was shifting around into a comfortable position. “I know it’s always embarrassing to be naked in front of someone the first time you do it, when you have enough things to worry about.” She smiled reassuringly. “You be on top.”

Josh marvelled at the casual way in which she was saying all this, as though having passionate sex with your sister was something akin to buying a carton of milk from the supermarket. Josh realised he had never bought a carton of milk from a supermarket before, and wondered which would be harder.

From the way she was wriggling about, Josh could tell Jacquie was pulling her panties off. Sure enough, a moment later her arm emerged carrying the skimpy little garment and tossed it to the floor. She was naked beneath him now, and there was only one piece of clothing left. He fumbled blindly underneath the sheets, pulling his jocks off his legs and dropping them on top of Jacquie’s panties.

“Here,” Jacquie said, ripping the condom wrapper open and handing it to him. Josh dropped the small rubber circle into his palm and then paused. He looked up at Jacquie.

“Just put it on the tip of your cock and roll it down,” she said.

Josh did as he was told, and quickly decided he didn’t like condoms. It felt tight and uncomfortable, but it was bearable; then again, lying on a bed of needles would have been bearable with his sister lying naked below him.

Jacquie grabbed his arms and positioned them so that his hands were resting on the pillow on either side of her head. She grabbed his hips and moved him into the centre, then flicked her hair out of her eyes and adjusted her own hips.

“Now,” she said, in a husky voice, “just take it maltepe escort bayan slowly and don’t worry about whether you’re doing it right or not. OK?” Josh nodded, feeling like a teacher was telling him how to complete a maths problem, though he never shook this much or felt this nervous when that happened. Except for that substitute teacher they’d had last year – that was an unproductive two weeks…academically speaking. “Just relax and have fun,” Jacquie added. She dropped her eyes to where their crotches were located beneath the sheets, and waited expectantly.

Josh eased his hips forward and felt a soft, cotton-like material on the head of his cock. Shit, I missed. He pulled back, moved slightly to the right and moved forward again. This time, the head of his cock came to rest against a fleshy strip of skin that Josh knew well from pictures. He took a deep breath and felt Jacquie’s reassuring hand on his elbow.

“Nice and slow,” she said.

Josh eased his cock forward and felt the lips part in front of it, emitting his dick into a moist cavern of magic and wonder. OK, he scolded himself; it’s not a fucking candy store! Although, he thought, I bet it tastes sweet.

Josh felt himself smile, and met a similar expression on Jacquie’s face, whose eyes were moving back and forth between their crotches (still concealed) and Josh’s face. He hoped to God she wasn’t sitting there and thinking, when is he going to put it in?

Over half his length was inside his sister’s cunt now, and it felt soaked to the core. He had never imagined quite how warm and moist it would be inside a vagina. Now, he didn’t need to imagine.

“That’s it,” said Jacquie encouragingly, “a bit further.”

Josh slid it in a bit further and then stopped. He found he could only get approximately three quarters of his cock inside, which astounded him, and for once, made him pity all the poor bastards with ten-inch beasts who were forced to carry mobile phones in case they wanted to say something to their partner. He would rather have an average sized cock any day, than trade the feeling of his and Jacquie’s bellies pressed together, their pubic hair (if she had any) mingling together.

“That’s it,” gasped Jacquie, showing her first sign of pleasure. Her eyes flickered, but she kept them open and looked up at Josh. She smiled, as though all the work had been done. “How does it feel?”

“Great,” Josh replied, a notable hitch in his voice.

Jacquie’s smile broadened. She brought her hands up and ran them along her brother’s arms, creating the sensuous shhhhh sound of skin rubbing other skin. She ran them around his back, and moved them up and down on either side of his spine. She could tell he liked being touched. And she was receiving considerable thrill from being in control – a feeling she hadn’t experienced before.

She was hit once more by the shocking thought that this boy – this man – inside her, was her little Josh who had clung to her legs when he was a toddler while she helped her mother in the kitchen. She could hardly believe it, but it sent waves of wicked pleasure through her body.

“You ready to go, cowboy?” Jacquie asked.

Josh nodded. He pulled out of Jacquie’s pussy – felt like a stray cat left outside – and pushed back in – and felt like he had come home again to a dish of warm milk. He had done it too slowly to produce any sort of real sensation, but it was a start, and already he loved it. He tried it again, faster, and then again, faster still.

Jacquie was making long, drawn-out sounds that soon melted into deep moans. Josh braced himself on his knees and lifted a hand to squeeze Jacquie’s breast. In response, her tongue slithered out over her lips and her hands came up to her breasts, the left one closing over Josh’s right, which was still on her left breast.

“I like to squeeze them together,” she explained, and proceeded to do exactly that. Josh removed his hand to watch. The two large orbs mashed together and then bounced away again. He watched the motion several times before he decided it was time to kiss her again. He leaned forward, shifting his weight onto his hands, and sealed his sister’s mouth with a kiss, a long, soul-searching kiss that he hoped would communicate all of his love and gratitude.

Jacquie opened her mouth wide and kissed Josh back vigorously, using her tongue to touch every part of his mouth. She was pleased when he began thrusting again, without her having to prompt him. He could do two things at once then, which placed him above most of the guys she had been intimate with.

His pace didn’t really match hers, and sometimes left her pushing forward as he pulled back and pulling back as he pushed forward. She didn’t mind though, and she found that if she kept her hips still and let him do most of the thrusting, it worked out fine.

By the time Josh had worked up a consistent rhythm, Jacquie was in ecstasy. She was having her first sex in months, with a younger man, who also escort pendik happened to be her brother. Oh, how deliciously naughty. She could only imagine how Josh felt, having his very first time on top of all that.

As it turned out, Jacquie couldn’t possibly imagine how Josh was feeling, as he was out of his mind with pleasure. He delved into her yet again and felt the first warning twinge, reverberating along his shaft. This is gonna be big, he thought.

He found that the most comfortable position put him only inches away from Jacquie’s face, which made for an extremely personal and intimate experience, as he looked deep into her eyes while he fucked her. The second, third and fourth twinges came in quick succession and he knew he wasn’t far off.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” he warned her.

“OK,” Jacquie replied, managing a smile. She abandoned her own hopes at orgasm and instead applied her energy to making this the best possible feeling Josh would ever have. She knew the touching would make it better, and so ran her hands up and down his back. She knew also that, most of all, looking into his sister’s eyes from only inches away while he shot his load would multiply the orgasm by many, many times. She kept up both efforts, and let him continue his quickening thrusts into her vagina.

The end came soon, very soon. Josh felt it build inside his balls like a fire, spreading through his entire body and then rebounding into his shaft. His sister’s hands felt amazing on his back, and her unblinking gaze was exhilarating…and too much. He shut his eyes hard and felt the heat explode out of his cock and fill the condom. He cried out and felt all his senses blur. He was only dimly aware of Jacquie’s hands caressing his back, and of her knees knocking against his hips. He could smell her, not her perfume but her, and he could hear her, vaguely, saying his name and things like, “That’s it, Josh. Good boy.”

Suddenly, his eyes snapped open and his hearing returned to normal. His knees grew weak and he collapsed against his sister’s chest, his head resting between her breasts. She rubbed the back of his head and caressed his neck with a finger, soothing him with soft words.

“Way to go, cowboy,” she said. “You did really good. Just rest for a minute.”

Josh thought that was the most sensible thing he had ever heard anyone say – apart from “Don’t feed the bears.” He felt physically drained, of his strength and of his cum, which had poured out of his cock as though it were being sucked out by a vacuum. He was panting against Jacquie’s breasts, his muscles gone to jelly and his cock something even wobblier than jelly.

They sat like that for a long while, Jacquie nursing her younger brother back to full strength. He had started to stir now, and was even running a finger around her belly.

“That,” he said, “was amazing!”

Jacquie kissed the top of his head. “Glad you liked it.”

Josh raised his face and kissed her deeply. “Thank you,” he said.

“Thank you,” Jacquie replied.

“Did you…?” Josh asked tentatively.

“No,” said Jacquie. “But it doesn’t matter; this wasn’t for me.” She smoothed his hair out and rubbed his shoulder. “Do you feel weird?”

“A little,” Josh replied. “Not as much as I thought I would though. I thought I’d feel really guilty about it.”

“Are you?” Jacquie asked. “Guilty?

“No,” answered Josh.

“Good,” Jacquie replied, smiling.

They spent another few minutes in silence, until Josh started to move and became conscious of the condom around his limp cock. He peeked under the sheets but couldn’t see anything.

“Should I…”

“Wrap the sheet around your waist,” Jacquie suggested, “and go to the bathroom.”

Josh collected the sheet and held it together around his waist. He took his clothes with him and entered the bathroom. Once he had shut the door, he dropped the sheet and pulled the condom off his cock. He couldn’t resist looking inside.

The thing was absolutely bulging with cum. Josh marvelled at the amount; never had he cum that much before – not even half of that. He started towards the bin but heard a knock on the door.

“Don’t throw the condom in the bin in there,” Jacquie said. “We have to throw it away somewhere else.”

Josh paused. “What do I do with it?” he asked, feeling foolish.

“Tie it up at the end,” Jacquie replied. Josh began tying the open end into a knot. “Oh, and Josh,” Jacquie’s voice again, “check if it’s broken.”

Josh felt his heart plummet to somewhere around his feet. Oh shit, he thought. Oh shit, Oh shit, Oh shit. Jacquie’s voice, too, sounded anxious. He held the condom up to the light and felt around the cum-filled end. He sighed in relief.

“No, it’s not broken.”

“Are you sure?”

“I think so.”

There was a pause.

“Let me see it when you’re finished.”

Josh felt wickedly amused at the idea of handing a cum-filled condom to his sister, saying, “Here you are.”

Nevertheless, after wiping his cock off with a tissue and putting his clothes back on, he opened the door and handed Jacquie the bulging rubber tube. She, too, was fully dressed, looking as casual as ever and not at all like someone who had just been fucked by their sibling.

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