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This story continues the story of “A Parent’s Incest”; it is highly recommended that you read Part 1 before continuing.

This story re-introduces the characters from an earlier story entitled “Susan and Diane.” It is not essential to read the story “Susan and Diane” but in this story, the relationships and prior events are assumed to be known to the reader.



Collin, panting, said, “Jess this is…” but Jess placed a finger over his mouth, stopping him speaking, and said, “I am now Mistress Jessica, my pet!”

Jess recognised the hesitation in her father’s face, and she added, “Get undressed it is time for my pet to fuck his mistress!”

Collin no longer hesitated and said, “Please, Mistress Jessica, I need you! I am yours forever!”

As Collin quickly undressed, Jess got on all fours, her cunt invitingly positioned in front of her father. Collin fell to his knees and as he placed his cock at the entry to his daughter’s cunt, Jess said, “Now remember pet slaves must ask their mistress for permission before they may cum!”

As Collin pushed his prick into his daughter’s cunt, somehow he registered the fact that he had to ask permission to cum. Collin began to pump his daughter’s cunt, his sexual arousal overpowering his senses, as he frantically rammed his prick in and out of his daughter, his prick quickly began to feel the first sensations of orgasm and he yelled, “Mistress Jessica may I cum?” Collin ejaculated into his daughter’s cunt as Jess smiled at her brother and her mother stood in the hall doorway.

As Jess lifted herself off her hands and knelt upright, Collin’s prick, first bent and then flicked out of her cunt, leaving a globule of jism on her clit. David, taking hold of his mother’s arm guided her across the room and laying her down, he positioned his mother’s mouth beneath her daughter’s cunt. Jess fell on top of her mother and as she pulled her mother’s tight skirt up to her waist, she said, “Daddy slave, fuck my arse and don’t you dare cum until I have!” As Judy and then Jess began to suck and tongue each other’s cunts, David lifted Judy’s arse and pushed his prick into his mother’s anus, just as his father began to fuck his daughter’s arse.

Within seconds, Collin ejaculated and withdrew his flaccid prick from his daughter’s arse. Collin staggered away from the threesome and gazed in disbelief as Judy screamed in ecstasy as the combination of her daughter sucking her clit and her son fucking her arse brought her to a gigantic orgasm. David watched as his mother trembled with orgasm, his prick continuing to slam into her butt and Jess’s tongue frantically moving in and around her mother’s cunt. As Judy, slowly relaxed from her orgasm, David withdrew his prick, moved around to his sister and forced his prick into her anus. Judy feverishly licked and sucked her daughter’s vagina as David began to fuck her arse and Jess began to experience stabs of pleasure, but soon a tidal wave engulfed Jess and she screamed with the ecstasy of her orgasm.

The participants in the threesome lay exhausted on the floor as Collin said, “I think it is time for bed.” After a long pause, Collin added, “Come on Judy, we need to go to bed.” David, Jess and Judy all stared at Collin in disbelief, before the astonished Judy, said, “Get fucked you pillock, I am sleeping with David!” she paused, and then looking at David, she added, “If that is my master’s wish?”

David smiled at his mother and nodded.

Jess turned to her father and said, “You will be in my room” as she imagined her father sleeping on the floor at the foot of her bed.

Collin was sexually spent and his ego had taken control of his emotions, he seemed to swell with anger, as his son and his wife left the room, arms around each other and disappeared into David’s bedroom. Collin looked angrily at Jess before Jess quickly grabbed his nose, and squeezing hard and twisting, she whispered, “Come my pet, you have fucked my holes, it is time to pay the price!”

Jess laughed and yelled, “Remember you are my insignificant turd now!” Smiling Jess pulled her father by the nose towards her bedroom.

The dawn was a very long time coming for Collin, as first he was obliged to suck the jism from Jess’s arse and cunt before he slept fitfully and alone on the floor besides Jess’s bed. As dawn broke, Jess stirred and slid off the bed, positioning her cunt directly over her father’s mouth. As her father reached up and licked her clit, she started to piss into her father’s face, she said, “Spill a drop, my pet, and you will be punished!” Collin tried to drink his daughter’s piss but much of the golden fluid ran on to the floor. Jess smiled and said, “You disobeyed your Mistress. You will not fuck any of my holes until you can drink my piss without spilling a drop! Now bend over my knees!” As Jess picked up one of her slippers she began to spank her father’s arse, her only thought was to buy a paddle so she could cause her father kartal escort even more pain. However, Collin’s hard prick was held between Jess’s thighs and rubbed on his daughter’s legs with each whack of Jess’s slipper. Soon Collin ejaculated between Jess’s thighs, jism shooting onto the floor from his ejaculating prick. Jess screamed and pushed her father on to the floor.

“Lick that spunk up you worthless piece of shit!” Jess yelled and after a short pause she added, “And lick my piss up as well!”

Jess watched as her father licked the floor until she was satisfied it was clean, laughing she instructed her father to put on a garter belt and stockings. She then told him to bend over and she rammed an anal butt plug into his arse, before forcing a pair of frilly knickers on to her father. As Collin stood in front of Jess in women’s underwear, Jess was delighted at what she considered the ultimate humiliation of her father.

Collin left for work wearing women’s underwear and a butt plug in his arse beneath his business suit. As Collin closed the front door behind him, he heard the unmistakeable sounds of a threesome fucking in David’s bedroom and he began to contemplate his new reality. As he drove to work he was confused, the thought of his daughter dominating him, hardened his prick like nothing else he had ever experienced, but he also yearned for days past. He asked himself, “Should I wrest control of the family from my son and daughter and reinstate myself as head of the family?” Slowly he began to devise a plan, to dominate the two sluts, his wife and his daughter but, then again, he was unsure what he really wanted.

An hour later, David, Judy and Jess all entered the shower together and the girls concentrated on washing David and David’s jism from their cunts and arses. Judy was amused, she had to wash her vagina several times, as David repeatedly fucked her, but the task was not as arduous as expected, as Jess gleefully removed most of the jism with her tongue. Finally, after they had all experience several more orgasms, the trio left the bathroom and headed for breakfast.

As they ate breakfast they talked animatedly about their new relationships, Judy was surprised when Jess insisted that she was actually a lesbian submissive. “Subs” she said “have a lot more fun, and much less responsibility. It is up to their mistress to keep them entertained! It is only dad that I really wanted to humiliate, hurt!” Judy was laughing as she wondered how to define herself. She enjoyed being fucked by her son, yet she enjoyed toying with her daughter and she realised that most of the fantasies she had masturbated on over the years, were having sex with female students, black female students.

David stood suddenly, took Judy’s hand and led his mother back to the bedroom. Looking over his shoulder, he said, “Come on, Jess!”

As David sat Judy on the edge of the bed, Jess entered the room. David was watching intently as Jess tore open a packet of lace-topped stockings and said, “Remember slut, you do not orgasm without your master’s permission!” Jess gathered one stocking into a roll and ordered her mother to lift her leg. Jess fell to her knees and started to place the stocking over her mother’s toes. Judy’s sexual arousal increased as her daughter’s gentle fingers and the silk stockings caressed her leg. By the time, Jess had reached her mother’s thigh, Judy was finding it difficult to control herself; her cunt was saturated with her juices, an orgasm hovering just below the surface. As Jess pulled the stocking into its final position, her hand brushed her mother’s cunt lips, and Judy, had to fight very hard to control herself. Judy clenched her teeth; she tightened every muscle in her body and held her breath, and only just managed to suppress the gathering orgasm teasing her loins. Judy watched as Jess took the second stocking and as she placed it over Judy’s toes, Judy’s cunt began again to feel the pleasure of a growing orgasm. It seemed to take Jess much longer to fit the second stocking, every touch was a torment of pleasure to Judy and as Jess finally reached up to pull the stocking up, Jess slipped her finger’s between her mother’s cunt lips. Judy began shaking and stared at her smiling son, her cunt was ready to explode but she battled to stop her orgasm. Judy’s battle only intensified the feelings of sexual pleasure and her orgasm exploded, a scream of ecstasy emanating from her lips.

Judy finally stopped shaking and lay quiescent on the bed looking at her son. Jess picked up high-heeled shoes and placing them on her mother’s feet, she locked them on to her mother’s ankles.

David looked down at his mother, then he turned and searched through their shopping of the previous day; he picked out a skirt and handed it to his mother. His mother obediently stood and put the skirt on, “My god” she thought, “This is short!” but David was already searching through the packages again. This time he handed his mother maltepe escort bayan a top and as she put it on, she thought, “No panties or bra, that figures.” The top, she had to admit displayed her breasts to perfection and was neither too low nor too revealing, but as her nipples hardened with her arousal they were clearly outline in the material. As she stood looking at herself in the mirror, she was very pleased with what she saw.

David, smiling, said, “Go and put your makeup on. I am going to display you to my friends. I might even let one or two fuck you, a couple of my closest friends think you the sexiest milf and have masturbated on photos I gave them.” He laughed and said, “There is so much jism on Daniel’s, I am surprised he can make out your face!”

Judy spent a long time getting her make up just right and as she entered the dining area David said loudly, “I have had a better idea; I’m going to fuck you in front of your sister!”

“Karen?” Judy replied looking traumatised.

David replied, “Yes and if we go now, we should get there in an hour and we can stay the night, if necessary. You never know I might get to fuck your sister as well!”

David drove; the journey seemed tedious and the conversation was minimal, each of the occupants of the car was deep in his or her own thoughts. Judy, sat in the backseat with Jess, smiling to herself, at the thought of David passing her around all his friends, she giggled as she hoped that there were some girls on David’s list. Suddenly she realised that her longing to please her son, although important amongst her current sexual desires was neither her only aspiration nor a ’till death do us part’ kind of thing. Subconsciously Judy whispered aloud, “I want to be wild, outrageous and sexually insatiable!”

Jess leaned over and as she put her hand on her mother’s thigh, she said, “Me too!” She laughed and said, “I want to experience every sexual deviation known to mankind and I don’t want to get stuck in a marriage just to watch a dream lover turn into a boring old fart, I’d much rather remember them fucking the arse off me.” She paused and added “I downloaded a comprehensive list of sexual variations and deviations, and I am going to tick them off as I experience them, and the last one I will try, when I’m ninety is vanilla sex!”

Judy roared with laughter and said, “Go for it girl! And you better give me a copy of that list; we can tick them off together.” Judy agreed with Jess, she thought it would have been better to remember Collin as the virile school stud who fucked her senseless, and several other girls, behind the sports’ sheds, rather than a possessive boring husband.

David asked, “What are you two on about?”

Jess, confident that her brother was different to every other man, asked, “Sexually what do you want to do with your life?”

“Fuck!” he said, “Fuck arses, cunts and mouths of every one I can get my hands on! The thought of having a harem really turns me on!” Jess smiled, but then David added, “But, as master, I would demand exclusive rights to my sluts. I would tell them which men to fuck and when!”

There was silence as Jess scowled and David asked, “Well?”

“I was OK until you started crapping on about your possessive male chauvinistic shit!” Jess replied.

Judy was shocked by David’s ambitions and she was determined not to be forced to follow anyone else’s dream; she thought, “From now on I follow my own dream.” She sat back thinking, “It is not my dream to be passed around, to be publically displayed! Yes, I want sex, deviant sex, fetish sex, but with groups of likeminded people.”

Sometime later David pulled the four-wheeled drive into his aunt’s driveway; he had forgotten just how long the driveway was and just how palatial the house was. He came to a halt in front of the house and Jess and Judy hopped out. Judy had made up her mind she was not going to display her incestuous relationship with her son to her sister. She turned to David and told him to behave as a son in the presence of her sister’s family.

David shook his head, smiling, as Jess tapped on the door. There was no answer. Jess knocked more loudly but still there was no answer.

Judy said, “Maybe they are in the swimming pool around the back” and Jess immediately ran around to the back of the house, but Judy turned to her son and said, “You can think again, I am NOT doing it!”

As Jess pushed the gate open, she stopped; and gazed open mouthed at the scene before her.

Two very attractive black girls where sat on poolside lounges, lying back, their legs open, sprawled either side of the lounges. Two white women, her Aunt Karen and her cousin Joanne, each had their face buried in a cunt, tonguing and licking furiously. Jess, her cunt instantly starting to moisten stood mesmerized as one of the black girls looked up at her. Diane swung her leg over her Aunt Karen’s head and walked towards Jess. As she reached Jess, escort pendik Diane walked around her, letting her hand trail across her arse. Diane moved to face Jess, her hand hooked beneath Jess’s skirt and her fingers moved across Jess’s naked wet cunt lips. Diane paused and let her hands fall down Jess’s thighs. Jess moved to open her legs as Diane pushed her hand between her thighs. Slowly Diane raised her hand to Jess’s vagina and gently caressed her clit.

Diane moved to the side of Jess and with her other hand, began to play with Jess’s anal rose. Jess was in ecstasy and collapsed forward, clinging on to Diane’s arm for support. Diane let her arm slide across Jess’s stomach dragging Jess’s top up past her breasts. Diane’s hand started fondling Jess’s exposed breasts and the hand toying with her anus moved towards Jess’s vagina. Jess began to pant as Diane skilfully teased the sensitive nub of her cunt while she pulled and twisted her nipples. Jess, moaning with pleasure, stared at her aunt and her cousin as her aunt watched her submit. Jess watched as her Aunt Karen drop her hand to her cunt and began vigorously rubbing her clit.

As Judy opened the gate, she too looked at the scene before her. Her niece was tonguing the cunt of a tall beautiful Negress, her daughter was clinging on to the arm of a petite but muscular Negress as the girl expertly manipulated her daughter’s cunt and nipples. While her sister Karen was energetically rubbing her own cunt as she watched, her niece succumb to an orgasm. Judy watched as Susan moved away from her niece, and as the tall slender Negress approached her, Judy knew that this woman would be a stern mistress, but her libido was screaming for her to surrender to whatever demands she may make.

Susan stopped so close to Judy, she could feel her warm breath on her face, and Judy jumped as Susan called to Karen, “Who are my new white sluts?”

Karen immediately replied, “Mistress Susan they are Judy, my sister and Jessica, my niece.”

Susan smiled at Judy and, stroking Judy’s nipples with a single finger, she asked, “Anymore of you?”

Judy could not help herself; her nipples seemed to be growing uncontrollably, stretching her top, poking out towards Susan. The sensuality in the playful stroking of that single fingernail was driving Judy wild and she replied, “My son, Mistress Susan.”

Susan smiled and asked, “Are you the fuck toy of your son or your daughter?”

Judy hesitated and then said, “Mistress Susan, I enjoy sex with both my son and daughter, but my son believes I am his personal property to fuck whenever and however he wants!”

Susan dropped her hand to Judy’s thigh and as she lifted Judy’s skirt, Judy spread her legs. Susan stuck two and then three fingers deep in Judy’s vagina and Judy moaned with pleasure as Susan’s stern voice said, “Well you are my property now!”

Judy replied “Yes Mistress Susan”, but jumped again as Susan called “Come!” to Karen. As Karen stood, Judy saw Karen was wearing high-heels, stockings and a short skirt, which was little more than a wide belt. Judy stared at her sister’s cunt, even at this distance, she could tell her cunt juices were dripping from her. Karen hurried to her mistress’s side and was directed to sit on a chair close to her mistress. Karen spread her legs and reaching down; she separated her cunt lips, the vivid colour of her inner cunt lips exposed. Susan smiled and said simply, “Suck your sister’s cunt!” Judy could not believe the compelling authority in Susan’s voice and immediately she moved to squat between her sister’s legs.

“No slut!” Susan barked, “Stand, spread your legs wide, and bend to suck your sister’s twat!”

Judy stretched her legs wide and bent down clinging to the arms of the chair as she started to lick her sister’s cunt. Judy sensed rather than saw, her niece crawl beneath her and jumped with surprise as she felt Joanne spread her cunt lips an instant before Joanne’s tongue began to caress her clit, willingly Judy surrendered to the pleasure of cunnilingus with her sister and her niece. She knew deep within her, Susan had enslaved her.

Susan moved toward her sister Diane just as Diane stopped toying with Jess’s vagina and moved to stand within inches of Jess’s mouth; Diane lifted her skirt and simply said, “Suck your mistress’s cunt.” Jess steadied herself and began to lick Diane’s cunt. Jess was astonished at the taste of her mistress, it was nectar from heaven and Jess greedily tongued and sucked Diane’s vagina. Susan smiled as she fitted a large strap on dildo to her loins, then moved behind Jess and slowly pushed the dildo into the girl’s cunt. Jess gasped as the dildo penetrated her, but as pleasure began to cascade through her vagina, she became almost frenzied as she sucked and licked Diane’s delicious cunt.

As David pushed open the gate, the scene before him astounded him and his prick almost forced its way out of his trousers. Susan smiled at him and said, “Fuck your mother’s arse!” It was not that David obeyed Susan’s command, it was more that he wanted to fuck something, anything and as he looked around, his mother’s arse was the only hole available. David dropped his trousers and wildly thrust his penis into his mother’s arse.

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